Friday, January 19, 2018


      Very likely you found this because you are suffering from one. If so, I shall not waste your time and straight to the cure. No medicine is required.

      The following should be practiced religiously and you should see the results in 3 days, totally free from anxiety within 10 – 30 days. 
  1. Self-Therapy (Technique required* – click here)
  2. Stop Coffee – NOW!
  3. Have early breakfast – the first thing after waking
  4. Have balanced lunch
  5. Vegetarian dinner
  6. Exercise (and Yoga)
  7. Have Sex (Masturbation works as well)
  8. Go out, laugh out loud
  9. Flood the body with Vitamin C (1000 -3000mg p/day)
  10. Sleep on time (6-7 hours a day)
  Now the story. I suffered for 3 months until I did only all the above. I was diagnosed to be suffering from “Adjustment Disorder”. The same as “Anxiety Disorder”. For almost a year I was under stress with work, targets, deadline, compliance etc. My subordinates are hopeless and I had to do their job just to meet the latter. I was skipping breakfast and lunch and was running only on Coffee, about 6 – 8 cups a day. I cracked about 9 month later with panic attacks in the morning. Ironically I’m back to my normal self in the late evening.

      I have cried several times dreading to go to work, not knowing what was going on. Was I going mad or would I commit suicide. An intense uncomfortable feeling in the gut and chest, of fear, apprehension, worry that something bad is going to happen although common sense says there nothing to worry. The mind keep looking for stuff to worry about, just to feed the feelings to be more powerful the next day.

      Meditation to severe the thinking and feeling is fine. But suppressing the feeling is wrong. It does not go away. Until I found this great technique by Reid Reichardt – Self TherapyI did not take the doctor’s recommended pills like Pristiq 50 or Zyprexa where by just reading the warnings on the prescribing label and user testimonies were causing greater anxiety.
      Another advice would be while doing all the 10 things stated above, is to keep a journal of daily progress. I decided to rate my feelings and chart them throughout the day.

      At the scale of 0 – 10, I rate my feelings daily every hour. The scale I used;

   10        Suicidal thoughts
   9          Crying, panic attack
   7-8       Fear, Worry, feeling threatened
   5-6       Depressed, thinking, worrying
   3-4       Feeling heavy hearted, sensation
   1-2       Normal
      We can’t achieve “0”. This is if we are a Monk, living in a Monastery up in the Himalayas. Rating 2- 3 is about the normal rating for Managers of large organization, business man or College student waiting for final results.

      So there you go, give it a try and I wish you the very best. Thanks to Reid Reichardt, there is hope – without medication and faster recovery. 

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  1. May God bless you for all your effort and kindness in helping us solving this problem..