Sunday, April 9, 2017


No matter who you put up there in the U.S. of A, nothing can stop their cravings for War. They create new excuses all the time. In general, America love violent competition, 
they are addicted to it.

Right from the word go, when they invaded native Indian lands, of no gun control, in entertainment (movies e.g.) to the on going Landscaping project in the Middle East. 
Fcuk with the Petrodollar and your dead.

It goes back to the 1st Century Christianity, covering their hypocrissy with that of 6th Century Islam being the culprit. New science had found that life on earth evolved far longer than 5000 years ago. Evidence from ancient ruins and artifacts shows no weapons, no war, violence, killings or mutilation, homes without doors, barricades or fences - people lived working together in peace and in abundance. We lived in Caves and on the Trees, but we were happy. We took only what we need - until various Christian sects between 30AD - 400AD came with their "barbaric rituals", invaded others, colonized, massacred, looted, raped and institutionalized their rule.

It took another 6 century for the Gnostics to undo the damages with the introduction of the "All New" Revised Edition of "How to Live your Shit Owner's Handbook", the Al-Quran and its still in process to rectify and amend the barbaric nature.

Muslim lives in Middle East

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  1. In order to placate his critics, in the media and in politics, Trump has given a blank check to his generals. So they are having a grand time right now, and they are testing all the weapons they've been wanting to test, but not been able to. After Syria , Afghanistan which apparently those tunnels bombed were built by the CIA.