Saturday, August 22, 2015

Malaysian police most accommodating in the world

"Malaysian police most accommodating in the world" 
- Nur Jazlan

I think Malaysians or most Malaysians will agree with Nur Jazlan that our Police is most accommodating in the world particularly with breaches in East Malaysia, Human Traficking, Ah Long activities, Snatch Thieves, White Collar criminals, Money Laundering, Election rigging, the hospitality extended to the Sulu's in Lahat Datu, letting a convicted murderer like Saiful free travel to Australia, AmBank CEO murderer's travel rights, open airport access to prime suspects of 1Mdb scandal like Jho Low, Arul Kanda, the "taiko" etc. just to name a few.

But every Malaysian will not agree with Jazlan's rhetoric especially now that he has been promoted by ministerial position. It may be that Police has been most accommodating to UMNO/BN in intimidating anyone whom speak, print or act against the regime. In other words, being a "barua Umno".

Following are pictures of how the Police accommodated in BERSIH's peaceful assemblies. Apart from having agent provocateurs, they were seen protecting the grass on Dataran Merdeka with their lives. The grass in Dataran Merdeka was nursed with UMNO's blood 58 years ago or there are trillions of diamonds hidden underneath.

Btw., the police was also very accommodating to EC when they offered their services to transfer boxes after boxes of ballots by air and ground to various counting stations.

I now come to appreciate Nur Jazlan's true intelligence and he is truly a well deserving incumbent to in the new ministerial cabinet.

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