Wednesday, July 8, 2015


A ’Salam Tun:

We hope this letter finds you well.

Malaysians of all walks of life appeal for your last favour to the nation. To clean the Government of Malaysia from the current, corrupted and contaminated incumbents.

They are driving our country into oblivion if not to an unmistakable debt ridden slump. The regime have corrupted and contaminated almost every other Ministers, Judiciary, Financial Institutions (Legal & Illegal), Telco’s, law enforcement agencies, religious institutions and almost all other government agencies. The Judiciary, MACC and Police has become hopeless - no different than thugs, Ah Longs and “samsengs”. Not a single person, body, group, department or ministry have the integrity, courage nor the brain to muscle down the queen termite. To a point they subconsciously believe that they have a birth right to loot all the wealth there is and that we the rakyat are their ATM machines, to fund their extravagant lifestyle because they are ministers, backed by the morbidly obese Termite Queen.

In direct comparison to the current leadership, I forgive whatever sins Tun M may have committed during your tenure. For me, I appreciate your efforts to bring Malaysia out of agricultural slump to a world recognized, modernized industrial nation. You created opportunities to everyone at every level. You introduced and propagated IT literacy. You had the “balls” and spoke your mind.

We are aware that your children did not inherit all the wealth they have now. Like all fathers, you may have a hand in getting them started and taught them well. Your boys went on to build companies, expanded their business and created jobs and more opportunities for hundreds and thousands of rakyat.

Unlike for the current Wolves, wealth for them seems to drop on their lap from the sky. They make porn movies, party like rock stars (or Lady Diana), embezzle from bumiputra farmer’s allocation so and so forth, pages after pages.
On religious views, contrary to the critism of certain extremist group, I find Tun’s perspective as simple and logical.

There are more Pro-Government NGO’s (acting by proxy) today than the opposite. Instead of speaking for the rakyat, they speak for the Government. Almost trillions of Malaysia’s wealth has been lost since you left office, never has the graph spiked so high since this “Wasatiyyah” and “Maqasid Syaria” administration.

We urge you to help us one more time. To find the energy and support – work with the Opposition intellects and give one more shot to kill the queen termite and its colony.

Thank you,

The Rakyat

Save Malaysia from the Termites

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