Monday, September 1, 2014


I used to refer to only religious leaders handpicked by politicians as “Enlightened Beings” (EB’s) because with a PhD in Islamic Law from Qatar they comeback, sit in their comfy chairs and pluck “Fatwas” like plucking “Rambutan” from their backyard every time a politician have an “opinion”. Benighted and demagogue have they become because on the streets, procuring Islamic way of life has just become a routine rhetoric.

But of late, many others have joined this bandwagon on the social network particularly Facebook. In all honesty, I can’t seem to get around the fact that despite the learned, matured adults, some with good credentials (doctors/lawyers) seems to have a very - one sided, narrow view of things. Posturing themselves as learned, with impressive writing skills and commentaries of high moral standing - continue to harp on the apparent clues – the “cookies” laid in front of them by any media instead of looking beyond it, at a wider, bigger and pertinent issues or at least verifying its credibility. Like a lab Guinea pig, responding exactly to the master’s (CIA/Israel/Saudi) treatments.

Or something is wrong with my sensitivity, a Muslim’s perspective - because our paradigm keeps pointing us to the bigger, behind the scene to a more sinister agenda . Which is not new and has been happening all over the world in almost every government for ages. The elaborate agenda of the 1% using media with BS stories that Guinea pigs respond to so well to the cabal’s treatment. It has been so effective that the code to get these EB's to bezerk, all worked up is  simply use the words “Islam”, "Allah'u Akbar" or ISIS; and the self activating mental program of Islam bashing kicks in right on cue.

Because what I do see is lots of garbage being propagated on the social network. Even CNN’s report has been debunked. Photos of killings in Syria, Gaza, Libya, Egypt or anywhere else, going back to the 70’s are being recycled over and over by the media. Day by day more garbage’s are spewed into social media where one can’t tell anymore the difference between the genuine news and propaganda.

Pro American Syrian Militant beheading a civilian observed by a U.S. Soldier

The U.S. is driving their citizens into a phobia preparing the masses for some undertaking that does not seem to be in the interest of the people, but to the 1% in control. They are subliminally programming their citizens, UK and even some other parts of the world in fear of this mythical Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Using the media to use the masses as Guinea pigs to believe that Al-Qaeda or ISIS will be a threat. The Police force in U.S. are being equipped with military grade equipment’s and governments of the world seems to be deliberately pissing their citizens. The U.S. is preparing their people for car bombings and put the blame on Al-Qaeda or ISIS. Despite all this, the Russia Ukraine conflict, the Iran threat, Israel – Palestine BS, now the Pakistan BS, the shooting of MH17, missing MH370 does not seem to wake the general masses of Guinea pigs, aka “Enlightened Beings”, aka moral experts, religious experts, theologians and professors of the grand undertaking?

Still have your heads head stuck on Islam bashing EB's? Amazing.

One Bruce Fenton (an American wrote):

The article about Iraqi's "systematically beheading Christian children" has been published by over 10,000 news sources and shared over 2,500,000 times on social media.

The source? ONE guy in San Diego named Mark Arabo who said this in a CNN interview.

He had no firsthand knowledge, no evidence and no eyewitnesses or journalists have been able to corroborate the story.

Arabo (standing next to Obama) is active in several vocal Christian groups and is an advocate of continued war in Iraq.

Why does one dubious source get shared so much? Because people want it to be true. They want it to be true so badly that they will criticize this post, criticize the fact checkers who have debunked this and claim that anyone questioning this is siding with the enemy. People will take unrelated stories and photos from entirely different countries and claim them to be relevant just to prove the point they wish to make which is exactly what the government has told them what to believe.

All this serves to distract us from the truth which is that we funded ISIS and provided them with many of the weapons they use. We did the same thing with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan who ended up morphing into today's Taliban. Years before that we gave support to the Mujahidin when they fought the Soviets and they later became Al Qaida. We've done this many times.

It's odd that so many who distrust the government or current administration take what government says without question.

Does pointing out this bullshit mean I support ISIS? No, those guys generally seem to be world class assholes, but they are assholes who would not exist without our broken foreign policy. The proposed solution of bombing more people and repeating the mistakes we've made before doesn't seem to be a solution at all.

Stop wasting the lives of American troops and the money of American taxpayers on propaganda.

-              Bruce Fenton

Irrespective whether ISIS/ISIL/Al-Qaeda are Mythical, Evil, Barbaric or otherwise, here’s in a nutshell why the U.S. (and Israel) have history of sending agents (E.g. John McCain, Dick Cheney) to Middle East, shopping for ancient, dead and gone cults and giving them a new lease of life by funding them, supplying artillery and training them. 

Compliments of Alex Jones. Whether or not he is a conspiracy theories, he has more knowledge on the issue than any of us keyboard warriors.

Dana Saur (an Israeli) wrote:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these monkeys (Israelis) , those are Israeli settlers. They live in illegal settlements on undisputed territory between Israel and Palestine for the purpose of annexing that land. They are granted a sum of money from the Israeli government in order to squat in these settlements and the more they breed the higher their allowance. 

They are also heavily armed with a range of weaponry from knives to M16s.
3 days ago they kidnapped Mohammad Abu Khdeir, a 16 year old boy from Jerusalem, amputated him, tortured him and burnt him alive. They then burnt down his father's business in Shu'fat.

Yesterday morning they kidnapped a man from Nablus, tortured him, struck him in the ankle with an axe and left him half dead. These are just the recent stories, there have been thousands over the years. They have the freedom to roam the streets of Palestine flaunting their weapons and harassing and assaulting anything that moves. If you fight back when they're beating you or say something back when they're harassing you, you will have guaranteed your death.

Of course the Israeli army is always there to back them up if ever they get themselves in a pickle. They also shoot at point blank for no reason. They are inexplicably violent and hateful, have killed in abundance, gone in Palestinian homes kicked out the original inhabitants and decided the house was now theirs, they have ran over young girls with cars, destroyed shops, homes, streets... Their whole existence is for the purpose of torturing Palestinians, plain and simple. No one abroad knows about them and no one here prosecutes them.

Dear settlers, I wish you all a very long and well-deserved life full of haunting feelings of discontent, constant unsettling feelings of fear, and all the physical, mental, and emotional outcomes of harboring such feelings.


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  1. Check out the racism, the mental state of one James Narasimman Naidu.

    1. And he keep saying that he is a doctor in ausie...

  2. Statement by Prime Minister of Malaysia on ISIS/IS/ISIL
    Najib Razak
    27 August 2014

    Muslims around the world have watched in horror as a new conflict tears into Syria and Iraq. As reports of mass executions and killing of civilians surface, and graphic evidence of brutality emerges, we have been appalled.

    When states fail, or are broken by war, extremists see opportunity. They prey on the differences between people, using faith as a cover for atrocities. But they do not speak for us.

    The actions of the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq are counter to our faith, our culture, and our common humanity. They are against the teachings of the Prophet, a man of peace and moderation; and against Islamic law, which prizes the protection of life above all.

    Around the world, the majority of Muslims seek to live their lives free from violence. We do not recognise the vision of our faith being forced on innocent civilians – whether Sunni, Shia, or Christian – over the barrel of a gun.

    Malaysia strongly condemns the actions of the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq. We are deeply saddened by the crimes committed in the name of Islam, a religion of peace. We deplore those responsible, and call on the international community to act in concert to prevent further violence. We must fight extremism with moderation, and work to rebuild the bonds between communities shattered by war.