Thursday, August 21, 2014


The world acknowledge (including Muslims) that the atrocities against the innocents taking place in the Middle East and in any other part of the world is utterly wrong, irrespective if they were initiated by the Arab League, U.S. or Israel, for territory, land, oil, power or whatever and to use religion is a sick excuse to achieve their objectives. The scriptures and versus of killings in the 1st Century Christianity of the “Old Testament” and the 6th Century Quran “The Spoils of War”, “Their Repentance” remains only as history and has no weight in today’s circumstances. We in most parts of the world are literally in peace time and come to live in respect of each other’s beliefs and do not subscribe to any of the deceptions by ISIS, ISIL, Syiah, Zionist, Al-Qaeda, Mossad, Illuminati, CIA, United States, Israel or whatever.

Leaders (of third world especially) have been a great example in using religion as a tool to cling on to power and to loot all there is. Deceptive institutions and Medias are setup, procure false “fatwas” (ruling) to keep the gullible masses in toe, generating more control to themselves. The loss of lives seems negligible to them either shot point blank, firing squad, electrocuted, hanged, gassed, burnt, bombed, mutilated or beheaded does not seem to stop them from their ultimate goal. They have no feelings when they see people like James Foley being killed, throat slit. 

Al-Qaeda militant beheading an Iraqi POW, observed by U.S. Military personnel.

Apart from that, we are aware of the stained hands of the U.S. and Israel’s relentless attempts in destabilizing Middle East (and Islam) since ages. Sending agents (e.g. John McCain, Dick Cheney) into Middle East to search and resurface ancient, dead and gone cults, beliefs, brands and giving them a new lease of life. Funding, supplying them with artilleries (rather than education), training them, initiating Coupe D’état and False Flags to dismantle the Islamic countries. 

This video of Carol Rosin’s disclosure has been the single most compelling evidence to support the latter theory.

In the resent killing of an American journalist by ISIS, it’s a Déjà vu. Shortly after the "world premier" video of the killing aired in HD via multiple camera angle (just like the Twin Towers), Obama (just like Bush) calls for world support and vows to fight IS 'cancer' to the end. I have listened to the comments of that terrorist, his English is superb, I could swear he sounded ... British. Then again, ISIS members are multi-national right? What is difficult to comprehend is that what in tar-nation are these ISIS thinking? A small rag tag army wants to threaten the United States? The U.S. thrives on war, why didn’t the ISIS and Al-Qaeda take sides with HAMAS and go after Israel?

In Malaysia (and Turkey) however, “the regime” uses religious institutions, NGO and Mosques to push their agenda, with selective quotes and verse to shift people’s perspectives, create racial or religious tension, or both. Divide and rule for eternity. They won’t let us die and they won’t let us live. Because they need us to sustain an equilibrium as a money producing machines.

However, despite all that, Islam in Europe and Asia is growing from 22%, at the rate of 1.23% a year, whilst Christianity in the west is dropping from 33% at the rate of 3.01% a year. Islam growth is not because of ISIS “convert or die” method but through Europe and Asia observation and self-education. Whereas the drop in Christianity in the west are not because of the Twin Towers, but as result of the increasing atheism, that breaks the barrier to free sex, same gender marriage – for an unlimited social freedom. Note that the U.S. has the highest report on rape (followed by India). Where a rape takes place every 30 seconds in the U.S. whilst in India rape takes place every 25 minutes. Therefore, people should pipe down from being a moral Prosecutor or expect the Muslims to be the Defendant (although the Islamic countries should get loud). “It's no longer about religion... it's madness hiding behind the veil of religion” ~ Jason Lee.

Wars procured in the name of a religion or Genocide are just a convenient deception created by power greedy leaders to amaze wealth. I urge people to utilize all of their mental faculties, leave behind their ego and religious hypocrisy and instead focus the energy and attention to procure peace and the betterment of humanity. The more we share and dwell on these images and reports, the more our thoughts manifests. 

Work the inner world and the outer world will fix itself.


  1. ISIS brand of extremism and atrocities against fellow Muslims in the name of Islam has only been condemned by two Muslim leaders, Dr Mahathir and Indonesian president Susilo Bambang. - Reuters.

    But El-Munafiqi De' Songlapkei praise ISIS.

  2. The apparent beheading of American journalist James Foley by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a stark reminder of the group’s terrible brutality and the seriousness required to counter them. Unfortunately, much of the political discourse about the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is counterproductive to good policy. Many of the basic facts are wrong and the arguments—whatever the merits of the policies they prescribe—tend to be political, overly personal, and hyperbolized. President Obama’s policies in the Middle East have failed in numerous ways, but he is right that the paucity of our political debate is the greatest threat to our global standing. – Brian Fishmen

  3. Obama Administration: Foley’s Execution “Attack On Our Country” -

  4. Of ISIS and their ilk’s whom have no compunctions whatsoever of killing and maiming fellow humans in the name of Allah. The basis of Islam is in its spiritualism or Tauhid that holds the belief on the oneness of Allah supreme. Allah has myriad divine attributes in the form of names that, among other things, include being almighty, omnipresent, and omniscient and not having needs for no one. In this, it can be logically surmised that God does not have the need for no foot soldiers or executioners to fight and maim in his name. Doesn't he?

    1. Muslims are murdurers. You vill py for james foley

    2. Lol, you gotta love hollywood and their acting. Its funny how people think Foley is real. I.e gas attacks in syria, the boston marathon, weapons of mass destruction in I raq, brutal dictator in Libya etc...dont these people ever learn or do you have short memories?

    3. The ISIS was after Syrian militant turncoats who carried out mass killings against their own people, before the U.S. intervened to back the Syrian militants. The beheaded men and heads displayed on fences are 17th Division Syrian Militants and not Christians as reported by dubious U.S./Jews propaganda blogs. The Christians was only told to convert or pay tax. The beheading, raping, Christian’s women, children’s and vitriol’s by Indian Christians are also false.