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Now why in the world did I arrive to this totally untimely subject you may ask. Well I just have this funny feeling, that many “Enlightened Beings” (EB) in Facebook will have this burning question every time a Muslim tries to become an attorney to Islam. Common questions, “Why does Islam resorts to inhumane method like beheading as a punishment for murder?” I figured I will just post them here and direct a link every time an EB has a question on it.

Of course they won’t question the Japanese beheading, Hara-kiri, Seppuku or the early Christian practices in the 1st Century but will be dying to shoot down Islam.

Beheading or decapitation is the separation of the head from the body. This form of injury invariably results in death, as severing the head deprives all other organs of the involuntary functions that are essential for the body to function while the brain itself is deprived of oxygenated blood.

Beheading or decapitation is killing another human is already a basic fact today is an inhuman act. I can’t comprehend if there is a “humane” way to justify taking another human’s life. To me one human taking another human life is “inhumane” no matter what the reasons are although it has been written as mandatory punishment for murder and Islam includes “fitnah” (defamation). However some are accepted by the very humans whom made it a law and legal to do so.

If so, what difference does it make in the man-made (or God made) laws of what method is used to take one’s life, of which is acceptable? Are the EB’s referring to the humane way of Thomas Jefferson, A Life, the British punishment for treason was hanging until almost dead, lowered & disemboweled, and hanged again until dead? Whether its Jefferson style, old cowboy style shoot first ask later, push him off the cliff, disembowelment, lethal injection, firing squad, hanging, electrocution or beheading - history has shown man takes another’s life using “inhumane” method to create fear and remorse. Most of which “legalized” via Supreme Court, Appeals Court, Magistrate Court, Syariah Court either Barbaric laws, Roman, British laws, Islamic, Catholic, Hudud, California or Mississippi state whatsoever.

Contrary the ignorant EB’s, cutting the head from the body has long been used as a means of execution, whether extrajudicial or state-sanctioned. For example, in the 1st Century Biblical Apocrypha, a widow named Judith famously cuts off the head of an Assyrian general named Holofernes, who had been laying siege to her town [source: Vatican]. Civilizations throughout history have used beheadings as a means of punishment. The Romans considered it a more “honorable means” of execution and decidedly “less painful” than crucifixion, which it used to execute non-citizens [source: Clark]. In Medieval Europe, beheading was used by the ruling class to dispatch nobles and peasants alike. Eventually, most of the world abandoned beheading as a form of capital punishment, viewing it as barbaric and inhumane. That said, judicial beheading followed in the 6th century Islam is legal today in the Middle Eastern states of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iran [source: Weinberg].

The factors that have always made beheading so brutal are the tools used in beheadings and the people who use those tools. The axe and the sword have always been the favored implements of beheading, but they can go blunt and are subject to the physical force exerted by the executioner. Today, only Saudi Arabia uses the law and the headsman (executioners) are highly trained in their jobs (some historical cultures allowed unskilled workers to act as headsmen who performed beheadings). The result was that it often took a number of blows to the neck and spine to sever the head from the body, meaning a painful and torturous death.

The guillotine was introduced in the late 18th century as a humane alternative to beheading. Contrary to popular belief, the instrument doesn't get its name from its inventor; in actuality, surgeon Antoine Louis invented the guillotine. The machine's namesake, Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, was a physician who called for a humane means of dispatching the convicted and championed the device that now bears his name. With the invention of the guillotine, executions could be carried out more efficiently and post-Revolutionary France officially adopted the contraption in 1792. This major increase in efficiency led to the Reign of Terror in France, in which more than 30,000 people suffered the guillotine in one year alone [source: McCannon]. France used the guillotine for state-sanctioned executions until it removed the last head in 1977.

Saudi Arabia however uses a high strength steel curved sword. The sword is a symbol of serious craftsmanship and is owned by the headsman (executioner) himself. It is extremely sharp and the headsman makes a quick stroke from shoulder high to induce a clean swift severe. Contrary to the image of the procedure, it leaves a profound impact on others to even think about committing murder and “fitnah”. If the headsman's sword was sharp and his aim was precise, decapitation was quick it will be relatively painless form of death and suffering.

To apply a humane or inhumane method, the answer to the EB’s can best be purged out from their own ego, when their loved ones, daughters are raped and brutally murdered, would they be able to plug their head out of their @$$ of hypocrisy and arrive to a conclusion of what humane punishment would it be “justifiable” to them to choose hanging, lethal injection or beheading.
Apart from the Hudud law practiced by Saudi Arabia, two versus in the Quran does mention method of killing referring to the Battle of Batr, circa 650AD,

So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [the enemy] necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bonds, and either [confer] favor afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens. That [is the command]. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken vengeance upon them [Himself], but [He ordered armed struggle] to test some of you by means of others. And those who are killed in the cause of Allah - never will He waste their deeds”. – QS 47:4

Pro American Syrian Militant beheading a Syrian civilian watched by U.S. Soldier.

I have mentioned that in Islam that “fitnah” (defamation) is considered worse than murder and the punishment is beheading. This punishment however is not practiced in any nation today. There has been unverified reports that the ISIS was carrying beheading of Syrian militants turncoats working with U.S. in defaming Syrian military for using chemical weapons. The photos of the beheading was later circulated by Christian extremists to be the beheading of Christian Iraqis. They later changed the report to say it was the beheading of Yazidis. The reports has yet to be verified, or having heard from someone with firsthand knowledge and no evidence and no eyewitnesses or journalists have been able to corroborate the story.

“Fitnah” or defamation has become a norm nowadays with political parties and racist Malaysians like Zulkifli Nordin, Ibrahim Ali, Ridzuan Tee, Ahmad Rizal Merican,  James Narasimman Naidu, Joseph Jesudasan (Dr. Joe), Justice Thevar, Sonny Rajah, Benja Pakee, Letchumana Raman; to name a few who spew relentless vitriol against Muslims, Islam and the teachings of the Quran on Facebook that can ruin things, create racial tensions or even start up conflict. The law enforcement authorities should arrest these individuals under the Sedition Act.

It is also stated in the Quran, in reference to the same battle that;

And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.” QS 2:191

Despite having the mental faculties to look at the big picture, EB’s particularly the Malaysian “Mat Salleh celups”, racist dumb fcks continue to harp on the religion factor, as if they have a birth right having moral high ground for just being American speaking Christian to be eligible as a “moral prosecutor” of Islam. Not realizing they are the exact morons the CIA needs to propagate their agenda.

NOTE: For EB’s whom are not satisfied, whom seek further clarification on the 72 Virgins, “Allah’u Ahkbar” or Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) marriage to a 9 year old Aisha, please click here.

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