Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Israel (and the U.S.) is manufacturing lies over lies – with poster campaigns and “selective marketing” to justify the murders of Palestinian women and children, in shifting the blame to the so called “HAMAS terror”. May these real terrorists themselves go to hell. It only fuels more hatred against them, and this becomes an excuse to annihilate the entire Islamic population; a Christian agenda?

Abby Martin RT News exposes the deception concocted by United States and Israel on the latest violence against Muslims in Palestine, including Israeli airstrikes on civilian targets in Gaza. Their media is vigorously framing Palestine, yet again another plot of the U.S. to bomb Middle East to stone age and the world population are actually supporting it.

[Click here if video does not play : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdQ6QP6jja8]

The saying is if you control the media, you control the world. Deep down at the subconscious level everything we see today are the manifestation of our minds. Our minds being the most powerful thing, is being used as a tool by the corrupted regime and twisted religious institution. Give an idle mind an idea, an intention and it develops them into a desire, feelings, cravings etc. and soon enough it will manifest them into a reality.

Thanks to TV (Newspapers), our mind has been distracted and kept occupied by the power crazy cabals from manifesting what we really really want - peace. The media (Government) has taken over our “manifesting rights”, using our minds as their playing field to manifest an outcome that they desire. They use selective videos, photos and stories to customize how we should feel about something. And we constantly focus our attention on what they throw at us, and we in unison unintentionally help manifest them. Basically, we are a dynamic, eating, breathing, living zombies.

Can you imagine, that the 1% have mastered a way to control the 99%? Through TV and Newspapers they have engineered our ego and paradigm to react a certain way. Our mind and feeling are being manipulated by a third party – corrupted governments like United States, Israel and their allies.

Try staying away from their TV and newspapers for a while and you would understand that life is actually wonderful without them.

Examples of U.S. Israel campaign materials

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  1. Muslims are fully capable of killing each other. Already in year 630ad, after Muhammeds death, the muslims "divorced" into several groups, which became two main groups, sunni and shiite. They have killed each other since then. That muslim kill muslim is an old story.

    Was it USA and Israel that was behind the killing of the third Kalif ?
    Was it USA and Israel which was behind the suicide bomber in Afghan today? Is USA and Israel behind the war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan to mention some examples?

    Who are the Palestine ? Can you name one Palestine King, Emporer, President, Primeminister which has ruled the Independent state of Palestine with Jerusalem as the Capital ? (prior 1948)

    From 1949 to 1967 Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem was occupied by Jordan. Why did not any "Palestinian" leader form a Palestinian state?

  2. What proof do you or Abby Martin have? None-"We say it and believe it, so it must be true." Just keep saying it over and over, but it is still a delusion you speak.

    1. Have you and the entire Western media ever gave it a thought, of why the hell Hamas fires rockets at the civilians of its "kind" and "considerate" militarily powerful neighbor - who so happens to have the world’s super power on its feet?

  3. It's about time we have an INDEPENDENT count/audit of the number of rockets and shells fired by both Hamas and Israel at each other over the past 5 years.
    This will yield VERY interesting insights on who actually the aggressors are and who actually cares for the safety of their own civilians.

  4. Well said and clearly logical. Unfortunately most people do not think, they react from their preconceived biases based largely upon their freely chosen attitude toward God and truth. The heart has reasons the mind knows not of!

  5. "Israel has legitimate security concerns, and we condemn the indiscriminate rocket fire from Gaza into Israel. But we are alarmed by Israel's heavy response," - Obama Bin Laden

  6. “…we will leave no stone unturned” – El-Munafiqi De ‘Songlapkei.

    Another rethoric, just like the cases of Altantunyaa, Teoh Beng Hock, Sodomy II, Pulau Batu Putih, UiTM and NFC, just to name a few successful investigations.

  7. Why doesn't the media not care about dead palestinians? Simple, because they are just animals who thought they could kill a Lion while they are just a few ants...Who likes anyway losers,i.e. hate beards and walking tents women?