Thursday, July 24, 2014


First some basic data. There are 7 billion people on planet earth. Out of which 2 billion are Muslims. 50% of of them are in the African continents and another 30% are in Asia. On the overall, earth is inhabited by human beings with various religion where 33% are Christians, Muslims 21%, Hindus 13%, Chinese Folk 6.4%, Sikhs 0.3%, Jews 0.2%, and others.

Christian growth has stagnated globally while Islam's numbers have almost doubled, according to one researcher. In a report by Dick Slikker, of the Christian mission consultancy group Project Care, information from the World Christian Database reveals that; Christians made up 34.5 per cent of the world's population in 1900, while in 2010 they were 32.9 per cent.

This is contrasted with Islam's growth over the same period, at 12.3 per cent of the population in 1900, rising to 22.5 per cent by 2010. The data shows that the number of Muslims exceeded the number of Roman Catholics in the early 1980s.

Growth and decline in the Christian churches has been divided across various regions, but the general pattern has been that more 'western' industrialized countries have seen their Christian population’s decline, while developing countries are seeing increased growth, reasons of which will become apparent in the following paragraphs..

Ironically, since 9/11, there has been chain of events relating to religious beliefs. As a result of one Osman Bin laden and some Arab’s with box cutters, Islam has taken center stage and have been receiving massive media coverage, mostly of the negative aspects and circumstances. Simultaneous to the Western Media’s indirect subliminal messages that Islam is bad and not a religion of peace as proclaimed, has been manifesting the worse out of any given religion.

Loud, extreme Islamic practices, benighted laws and arrogance procured by demagogue Islamic leaders around the world had made it an easy picking for the Muslim haters to propagate Islamaphobea. The Muslims themselves are finding it hard and stressful to remain as a Muslim, particularly in countries like Pakistan, Iran, Saudi, Afghanistan, Africa and Malaysia – where hypocrisy and political tyranny overshadows Islam as the religion of peace.

I have learned that during the peak of U.S. Campaign “War Against Terror”, a German scholar Pierre Vogel responded to public forum on links between Islam and terrorism and he replied them with questions:
  1. Who started the First World War?
  2. Who started the Second World War?
  3. Who is trying to start a Third World War?
  4. Who has killed 20 million Australian members?
  5. Who throw a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
  6. Who has killed more than 100 million Indians in North America?
  7. Who has killed more than 50 million Indians in South America?
  8. Who was caught with 180 million Africans, of which 88% died and were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean?
First of all you need to know the exact definition of terrorism. When a non-Muslim makes a crime you consider it a criminal, when a Muslim makes the same crime he then called a terrorist or barbaric. But your mind completely ignores the term barbaric that you often lodge against a Muslim criminals/terrorist. Are the Barbarians you chose as an example; Muslims? Always look the same and you will see that who is a terrorist (!?) said Vogel. If a Muslim subscribe to this idea, he/she will be considered an "Extremist" and if otherwise, is a Liberal thingking Muslim.

In the most resent, apart from political figures within, we have seen groups of other religion (Christians, Buddhist, Hindus, Tom, Dick and Harry), atheist or otherwise are all at once jumping into the bandwagon of Islam bashing, at any given opportunity. Absurd critism against Islam is being launched to a point amplifying that Prophet Muhammad is a pedophile, or every crime committed by an individual with a Muslim name is alleged to be motivated by martyrism and the 72 houris in the life thereafter. It is sickening, exhausting for the general, liberal minded Muslims having to persistently read such attacks and often take up positions as an attorney of Islam. I can’t help to take notice that such persistent vitriol are mainly coming from the 13% Hindus and the 0.3% Sikhs. Small groups throwing stones from a glass house. Perhaps their declining positions and the tyranny of Islamic extremist behaviors are burning them inside out. If only their far fetch theories and vitriol has any tangible basis, they won’t be around with 2 billion terrorist surrounding them. Their attacks seems they never had a Muslim friend or neighbor. But their wish might come through. With more Muslim haters, gullible and react to every bit of a second hand, customized, doctored media reports, dwelling in on daily basis, trying to be the superior judge of which religion is better than the other.

It is apparent today, that despite planet earth is populated by 7 billion people, from a cocktail of religious, cultural and political beliefs, about 1% are in control of the 89% by using the 10% of the retards from the sick and demagogues committing murders, torture, rape, terrorism, child molestation, human trafficking, human mutilation and more unthinkable crimes for any reasons out of their twisted mind. They go by many names like Tamil Elam, French Revo, Sicarii Zealots, Ku Klux Klan, Russian Tsar, NAZI, Khalistan, Fenian Brotherhood, Irish Republic, Hezbollah, HAMAS, Mikhail Bakumin, Eric Moletata, Mafia, RAF Columbia, Kurdistan, Ba’ath Party, Abu Sayyaf, Sulu, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Alpha 66 and Omega 7, Army of God, Aryan Nations, Black Liberation Army, The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, Earth Liberation Front, Jewish Defense League, May 19th Communist Organization, The Order, Phineas Priesthood, Tausug, Symbionese Liberation Army, United Freedom Front, Weathermen and not to forget the “CIA”; the Muslim haters propagated by Western media will help to handpick, dust off, the crimes committed by a scumbag with a Muslim and sensationalize it whilst crimes committed by non-Muslims will not hit the newsstand.

However, this is not in the minds of the Muslims (with an exception to Pakistan). Islamic leaders need to re-engineer their mental faculties in understanding the current times. Greed for money and power must be removed from any role or contribution to religion. To the contrary, with the increasing Islamic population by 1.5% per year is a worrying trend for the West against the declining Christian population. This may deprived the west from economic monopoly and will never able to control the world.

Two things must happen quick, religious leaders need to unplug their heads from the mud and remove politicians from religion and money. Failing which, all religious institutions will become redundant and chaotic and the master of terrorist gets his wish.

When these two are attended, the media spinning will stop, the overall population will have less negativity to radiate, use their mental faculties more on peace, while subconsciously and superconsciously we will start to manifest peace, love and happiness.


  1. Very true. Also, Who subsequently killed 1 million people in Middle East to avenge the death of 3000 in WTC on 9/11?

  2. THE JEWS (Part 1)
    By Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
    Extracted from Chedet

    1.The Jews claim they are the “chosen” people of God. Despite being persecuted by the European Christians who accused them of the crucifixion of Christ; despite being forced to live in ghettoes in Europe, despite having to endure periodical massacres (pogroms) by Europeans, the Jews never ceased to believe that they are superior beings who are the chosen people of God.

    2.The Jews are Semitic people. So are the Arabs. But today the Jews behave as if they are the only Semitic people. They accused everyone of being anti-Semitic if they criticised the Jews or accuses them of wrong doings. For whatever they do, however criminal it may be they would accuse their detractors as being anti-Semitic.

    3.In this free world we can accuse anyone of anything and it is tolerated because it is part of freedom of speech. But the Jews may not be a criticised in any way without the critic being labelled “anti-Semitic”. And many European countries support this view to the extent of jailing anyone accused of being anti-Semitic.

    4.Clearly the Jews think of themselves as special beings who are privileged to the point of being above condemnation or even criticism.

    5.Their present behaviour confirms this arrogance. They do what they wish even when the world considers their deeds as criminal, inhuman even. Currently they are engaged in killing hundreds of the people in Gaza and razing their cities to the ground. Hospitals, schools and private dwellings have been bombed and rocketed.

    6. The world may condemn this inhuman acts but the Jews don’t care. They announce their intention to kill more people and devastate the Gaza strip.

    7.When the Europeans took Palestinian land to create the state of Israel, they clearly stated that the rights of the Arab people within the new state must be respected.

    8.The Jews just ignored this injunction and simply seized all Arab land and properties in Israel including houses and farms. Through violent attacks and massacres e.g. at Deir Yassin, they forced the Palestinian Arabs to flee their land. They then claim the Arabs left freely.

    9.For more than 60 years these refugees have been forced to live in refugee settlements. No compensations have been paid for the expropriation of their property. They are not allowed to return and live in the Jewish State. This is racism at its worse.

    10.Not satisfied with the seized Palestinian land which the UN made into the state of Israel, the Israelis occupied Palestinian land outside Israel. They built fortified settlements exclusively for themselves; another act unprecedented in the history of the nations of the world.

  3. THE JEWS (Part 2)
    By Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
    Extracted from Chedet

    11.They built roads through Palestinian lands which no Palestinian may use. They built high walls through Palestinians villages, breaking them up so that the Palestinians cannot visit their own friends and relatives living on the other side of the wall. They did not allow the Palestinians to have a Palestinian nation. They can only be a Palestinian Authority. And the Europeans endorse this overbearing arrogance.

    12.They laid siege to the Gaza strip so that food and medicines and building materials cannot be sent to the aid of the Gaza people after the bombings and rocketing by the Israel military forces. Ships trying to supply Gaza with their needs are seized in International waters and forced to sail to Israel where their cargo is confiscated. Frequently the ships are attacked by the Israelis navy outside Israeli waters and aid workers are shot and killed.

    13.Israel has more than ten thousand Palestinians in custody at any time for alleged anti-Israel activities. No charges and no trial have been instituted. The length of the detention is not stated.

    14.Periodically should the Palestinians capture an Israel soldier, Israel would offer to release a few hundred of these detainees in exchange for the Israel soldier. But very quickly new Palestinians are arrested so that they can be used in exchange for captured soldiers.

    15.If in frustration the Palestinian send in suicide bombers or fire rockets to retaliate against Israeli atrocities, they would ensure the Palestinians pay a high price. They would send in their military forces to destroy Palestinian villagers and kill hundreds of innocent Palestinians, men, women, children the old and the sick.

    16.Currently after the alleged killing of three Israeli students by unknown persons, Israel bombarded the Gaza strip with aerial bombs and rockets. Hospitals, schools and private houses are destroyed. More than 500 people have been killed and thousands injured. The hospitals where the injured are taken to are rocketed by Israel without any consideration for the sick who cannot flee.

    17.The message for the world seems to be that Israel and Israelis are sacred and anyone touching them would have to pay a price a hundred times more than that inflicted on Israelis.

    18.All these things the Israeli are doing are against International law, against morality, against human rights. They are criminals in every law of the civilised world.

    19.But the Israeli Jews do this with impunity. They have the whole of America and Europe behind them. They are the chosen people of God and they are above any laws, any moral code, any human values.

    20.When Jews were persecuted by the Nazis in Germany they seek the sympathy and support of the world. But their sufferings have taught them nothing, have not made them understand the pain of suffering. Instead they are now behaving worse than Nazis, not caring at all for the sufferings and deaths they inflict upon others.

    21.The Europeans and the Americans created this monster and they care not for the atrocities committed by it. They will continue to support Israel even if the Israelis commit genocide, kill all the Arabs. This is their way to atone for all their treatment of the Jews in the past.

    The Jews should really be venting their spite on the Germans and other Europeans. But they are too smart. Killing Arabs is easier and more fun.

    - Tun Dr. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad