Saturday, June 14, 2014


In the country known as the cradle of Islam, where religion gives legitimacy to the government and state-appointed clerics set rules for social behavior, a growing number of Saudis are privately declaring themselves atheists.

The evidence is anecdotal, but persistent. “I know at least six atheists who confirmed that to me,” said Fahad Al-Fahad, 31, a marketing consultant and human rights activist. “Six or seven years ago, I wouldn’t even have heard one person say that. Not even a best friend would confess that to me.”

A Saudi journalist in Riyadh has observed the same trend. “The idea of being irreligious and even atheist is spreading because of the contradiction between what Islamists say and what they do,” he said.

Almost the same in Malaysia, due to the persistent “harassments” of religious authorities by procuring and enforcing benighted laws and demagogue “Fatwas”, renouncements are escalating, despite Malaysia having the highest number of religious institutions amongst Islamic countries.

In the last 26 years, we have multiplied in the mass constructions of mosques in the country, appointments of various religious institutions and experts. That being, our country should be in the forefront in Islamic way of life and spiritual enlightenment. In other words, Malaysia - often proclaimed as peaceful and prosperous nation by our “Enlightened Beings” in Italian suit, should be the preferred destination for Extraterrestrials scouting our galaxy.

But instead, the opposite seems more apparent. We have been branded as the top corrupted country in the world, highest in illicit outflows, a cocktail of social illness, tyranny of religious and racial bigots, flawed law and order, mudslinging political environment, embezzlement in just about every damn thing and last but not least, I doubtful Election Commission working for the corrupted regime.

In 1988 due to a brilliant strategy to industrialize our nation, the floodgates was opened for foreign workers. The economy did bubble until it was popped by George Soros in 1997. Since then we hear mostly rhetoric’s. Our National Bank Governor must have a script in her drawer that she reads out to the press all the time of how good and resilient our economy is. To the contrary, the surplus of foreign workers has only been keeping the corrupted regime in power and more social illnesses.

The authorities are powerless to take control over the rampant social injustices, busy taking care of the welfare of the regime. Added with a Prime Munafiq whom have a dire need to leach on to power (to stay alive), the tyrant’s take control – from NGO’s, Police, Ah Long, Corporates, Tauke Ayam and even tow truck operators.

Politicians in power seems to be in a race to who can loot as much as possible while still in power. They flood the media with sensational news one after another to “hypnotize” and deceive the general population to look the other way while they loot. That seems more evident, that religion has been used as a deception by the governments for the government.

On a global scale, because of the personal ideology procured by these "Enlightened Beings", Islam has become a target of critism. Politicians and their handpicked Enlightened Beings have made the religion look stupid, archaic and a joke. To an extent, that although there are 7 billion people on earth, from a cocktail of religious, cultural and political beliefs – roughly about 10% of them fall in the category of retards, sick and demagogues committing murders, torture, rape, terrorism, child molestation, human trafficking, human mutilation and more unthinkable crimes for any reasons out of their twisted mind. They go by many names like Tamil Elam, French Revo, Sicarii Zealots, Ku Klux Klan, Russian Tsar, NAZI, Khalistan, Fenian Brotherhood, Irish Republic, Hezbollah, HAMAS, Mikhail Bakumin, Eric Moletata, Mafia, RAF Columbia, Kurdistan, Ba’ath Party, Abu Sayyaf, Sulu, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Alpha 66 and Omega 7, Army of God, Aryan Nations, Black Liberation Army, The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, Earth Liberation Front, Jewish Defense League, May 19th Communist Organization, The Order, Phineas Priesthood, Tausug, Symbionese Liberation Army, United Freedom Front, Weathermen and the “CIA” (whom have plotted with the “World Police” - whom to date may have taken more lives than all of the latter put together), the “Hypocritical” population continue to handpick, dust off the crimes committed by any scumbag with a Muslim name and preach their grandmother’s philosophies of the good and bad. The hypocrites will never paint Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or Sikhism as a poor example of religion if anyone except a Muslim commits a crime.

As a result, renouncement and atheism is no longer a taboo subject — at least two Gulf-produced television talk shows recently discussed it — may explain why the government has made talk of atheism a terrorist offense. The March 7 decree from the Saudi Ministry of Interior prohibited, among other things, “calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.” -  Caryle Murphy, Global Post.

The number of people willing to admit to friends to being atheist or to declare themselves atheist online, usually under aliases, is certainly not big enough to be a movement or threaten the government. A 2012 poll by WIN-Gallup International of about 500 Saudis found that 5 percent described themselves as “convinced atheist.” This was well below the global average of 13 percent.

But the greater willingness to privately admit to being atheist reflects a general disillusionment with religion and what one Saudi called “a growing notion” that religion is being misused by authorities to control the population. This disillusionment is seen in a number of ways, ranging from ignoring clerical pronouncements to challenging and even mocking religious leaders on social media.

Perhaps there is a way out of this mess. As Tun Dr. Mahathir former Prime Minister of Malaysia suggested, a mega uprising is paramount to get rid of these leaches.


  1. Life is full of coincedences and things don't happen for "a reason."

    Things just happen. It's all random. Haven't you lived long enough to figure that out?

  2. "persistent “harassment's” of religious authorities by procuring and enforcing benighted laws and demagogue “Fatwas”, Yes, this exactly the reason of murtads in Malaysia.

    1. Other than that, restriction to alcohol, fasting in ramadhan and restriction to free skin contact with the opposite gender seems to be more the reason.