Saturday, May 17, 2014


First things first, this decease with bow & arrow exists all over the world. As much as it hurts to see animal being hurt, tortured and killed; about 10% of the sick Global population do it. Some are accepted some are not – like fishing and game hunting. Although it becomes food on our table, is painful to watch these living creates being taken out of their lives. Sick people exists everywhere, the magnitude of their sickness is measured by the type of animal they kill – ironically. Its all in the nature and nurture, the education system, culture and regulations.

As for the above individual, is a perfect bi-product of 26 years of UMPORNO 1988 new religion. How so? Well it’s a spill off the new religion of deception and deceit, at the expenses of Malays and Islam. It started some 26 years ago, UMPORNO 1988 have handpicked and awarded a select benighted “Enlightened Beings” to procure Islam in a new paradigm, politically inclined - plucking new Fatwas they fancy every now and then, that would give the advantage to their employers. Using these EB through half a dozen half-baked institutions like Jakim, Jakun, Jais, Jawi, Jawa to brainwash Muslims through Friday Khutbah, over demagogue, twisted, fear, ridicule and tuned sermons over 500,000 Mosques in Malaysia, to some 6 million Muslims, once a week, every month of every year in the last 26 years; they have successfully produced loyal morons like in the above photo, to have little or no mind by themselves and to regard the EB’s and politicians as masters of the Universe. Spitting at the sight of a Pig, beating Dogs and going ape shit over the use of “Allah” etc. without having the slightest idea of Islam’s way of life as stated in the Quran or the feeling of guilt for others. Only to be the cause of Islamaphobea. What other better name can we give them if not morons - Jihadist? If so, what in the world has our “Enlightened Beings” achieved in the last 26 years with regards to eliminating child dumping, sexual harassments, rape, khalwat, divorce rates, etc.? In fact they watch in joy of their Mon Squad displaying explicit gestures of anyone they dislike and excused from any prosecution.

Having learned of the increasing awareness  people, the liberation of Muslim’s mental faculties through Syiah or Syariah, the corrupted Governments are threatened of their rice bowl. So they orchestrate new agenda, new fatwa to push back the Muslims into the holes they came from.

Islam is not under attack in Malaysia, and extremist Islamist groups that constantly warn of alleged Christianization are only shaming their own religion, says prominent Islamic scholar Dr Asri Zainul Abidin.

The former mufti of Perlis said efforts by any religious community to spread their teaching was a natural phenomenon in all countries, and it did not merit knee-jerk reactions from Muslims in Malaysia‎. "I want to remind Muslims not to be shocked if there are people who invite them to join Christianity. Of course religious leaders will feel that theirs' is the true religion, and would want to invite others to join them.

This man and like many others “kampong mari” imbeciles are the perfect tools UMPORNO/Barisan Pengsonglap needs to continue having racial tensions, keep us apart so that they can be left alone to loot the wealth of the country. – APANAMA

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  1. There is no wonder, that despite the claim of UMNO/BN of what they have done to the country. more and more people hate them by the day. The more they open their mouth, the number increases.