Sunday, September 22, 2013


I hang out with many "Klan", except the Ku Klux Klan. When I’m with one particular, I often hear how smart and cunning the Kerala Klan’s are. Similar to Germans and Kelantanese, they flock together, motivate (or mutate) to move up (or down) the food chain. These recollection prompted me to write a story that can be implied close at home.

As an example, I take the story of our very own son of Kutty. Who used his Malay like appearance to deceive quit a number of Malaysian’s didn’t he? So good that he also used his “cunningness” and appearance to infiltrate the then illegal UMNO into the now UMPORNO Baru. Like a snake he stripped his Indian Muslim profile and proclaimed as a Malay. He enticed the Malay’s with many things and devised the term “Bumiputra” to jack himself into support. So good that he hung on for 22 years. He got other Indian Muslims to follow his suit and the slimy ones took it without remorse. Can be forgiven though as the Portuguese and Mamaks had a great advantage (read All About Mamak).But despite the posturing, I respect son of Kutty, fantastic leader Malaysia ever had or will ever have. Not until Nurul Izzah becomes our next PM. Azmin Ali? Forget it – he is a scum in the making.

But son of Kutty never really “let go” his true blood. He must have loved Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru so much that he tried to emulate him in many ways – clothing’s being one of it. Son of Kutty love the Nehru Jacket and many times he have been photographed in jackets with Nehru collar. The Nehru collar (see photo below) was said to have originate from the Chinese mandarin collar with a touch of achkan or sherwani.

Anyway I’m not writing about the 40’s or 50’s fashion but about the “cunningness” of the Kerala Klan. Son of Kutty of the Kerala Klan infiltrated UMPORNO in the 70’s, while the intention was to amaze wealth at the expense of the Malays, he played out well to “use” the dumb UMNO’s. He backstabbed Tunku, most likely had a hand in LKY’s departure and help El-Munafiq’s father with the May 13 False Flag - as disclosed by Tamrin. He waited like a Vulture over Tun’s head until his turn came.

Son of Kutty did spearhead development but there was a second agenda. In order to amass wealth, you have to give some and take some. Not sure if his dad told him so or he read it in any of Nehru’s philosophies. Son of Kutty reengineered history and practically let them (the UMPORNO Dumb @$$) into looting spree, have a “taste of the blood”, documented them and later trapped them in ransom - until today. Chicken feed like El-Munafiq and Batu Api is nothing to him in ensuring his “songlap” legacy continues with his offspring’s.

He and the rest of UMPORNO took the liberty to twist history and the meaning of patriotism to a different ball game and the newer, younger, dumber, UMPORNO leaders – simply can’t tell the difference even if they had that two little things down there in a sack.

Great man he is, son of Kutty from Kerala to have helmed Tanah Melayu for 22 years and speculated to have secured wealth over USD 44 billion, to date. He probably plans to drive a Maserati to meet God in his afterlife.


  1. An indian muslim of Tamil heritage is referred to as 2mamak” in malaysia whereas one of kerala/malabar/malayalee origin is referred to as “kaka”

  2. in all probability, the Malay Dillemma" was written so that Mahathir could ingratiate himself into the Malay psyche as indisputably one of "them".Stemming from the insecurity of being labelled as a person of mixed parentage, therefore not a true blue Malay.SO what better way than to champion the plight of the poor Malays back then.

    1. Mahathir is NO Mandela....more Mugabe....NOT Mahatma....more Machiavellian.....Tamilians say this...he must drink the urine of Honourable Abdul Kalam or Mandela first before he is to be regarded as statesman.

  3. Mahathir Kutty said he was an "Indian" when he applied to study medicine in Singapore. He only changed his race much later. Or did he. He could have been a Malay who passed himself off as an Indian because that was better.

    So why? I can only suggest that people change their identity if they are ashamed of who they are.

  4. Excerpt

    "Dear Dr. Mahathir,

    The Malaysian public in general and in specific the Indians must be glad to hear that you have left UMNO.

    You would deny your Indian ancestry. You would cast yourself as a Malay in desperation to win their acceptance.

    You did not acknowledge your birth being born to a man of Indian descent who was a Muslim as a result of colonial Muslim power. You must have felt ashamed of your Indian bloodline.

    You painted yourself as a perfect Malay, a super Malay and became one of the most vociferous proponents of Ketuanan Melayu along with the likes of Tun Abdul Razak.

    In the process, you turned the peaceful and friendly Malays into religious bigots, lazy and greedy.

    In your haste to transform them from a rural mindset, by your actions, you taught them that the taking the money from the Non-Muslims and amassing the wealth in ill-gotten ways and spending it lavishly is the fastest and easiest way towards bliss.

    Hurting the non-Malay progress is the way towards enhancing the progress of Malay. Unsupported by research data, you just prided yourself in seeing Malays are positioned everywhere.

    You failed to inculcate in Malays about the fundamental time honored principles that call for sound knowledge, tolerance, and skills and putting them to good use. It might take the form of and courageous to be able to stand on own feet despite what may come, and seek out peaceful and harmonious living with others in the country and around the world.

    You destroyed the education system in turning out morons as graduates who are ill fit to do anything meaningful. You have let brilliant minds among them not to flourish on account of race and religion.

    That resulted in an adverse cycle causing almost irreparable damage to Malaysian public especially the Malays.

    You tampered with the judiciary, you tampered with the rights of Sultans, you tampered with the goings on in other country on account of religion and you made many countries hate Malaysia and Malaysians.

    For a change, you can be an Indian for a while so that you can appreciate how it feels like to be an Indian living under the legacy of your government.

    Be a Chinese for a while, and try to understand how the Chinese are treated by the legacy of your government.


    Sathia "

  5. Funny that you mentioned german having a klan. I met a german women on holidays and really began a good conversation and having a good dinner. Unfortunately had to fly out the next day but manage to get a business address. I followed up with an email and flowers to thank her for the lovely dinner (Dutch treat by the way). I then received a cold email it was not what she expected. Overwhelmed...I explained that in North America we do nurture friendship by many ways. Here is where i really got confused. On the email back she said Friendship is earned over many years. I thought we had began our friendship that night over dinner. I don't know if its a polite brush -off or is this tradition? Now she would not respond on my emails. I really liked her and was willing to take the long route but It seems I got shut out.

    1. I went to Germany for a visit some 10 years ago. My friend who works there said "welcome to the most impolite country of the world". During my two weeks stay there, I found out he was right.

      Here in Malaysia when they flock with their feathers, all they do is joke about Malaysians. But when they are alone with us, their mind is always scanning for women and beer.

      With all the Globalization, I’m not sure how they are now.