Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Coming Golden Age for Malaysia

If only Malaysians know, how close we are to break the 56 years reign of the dark cabals, to be free from the virtual imprisonment and claim back our lost time; with a bang. The only one who can change Malaysia is Malaysians themselves, for a truly free and independent nation.

Pakatan Rakyat upon taking over the government, upon rapid indictment of the cabals followed immediately by a successful death sentence to at least one (or two) purveyor of corruption, deception and deceits, will send a shock wave around the globe. The event will overshadow all other iconic development ever attempted to put Malaysia on the map. It would snowball to the highly tensed, steam cooker countries and pop a series of disclosures and mass arrests around the world. And we are just votes away to initiate the golden age for Malaysia, to be recognized a country of true Malaysians.

In November 2011, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad lambasted the west as the purveyor of war in a speech laced with heavy sarcasm simply titled "War" delivered at an international conference.

The same can be said about Tun on his motive to award IC’s to millions of illegal immigrants, to be used in General Elections so that he can cling on to power and loot all the wealth there is. For Tun, corruption is good for business. Making people work harder for money is good for business. So reject peace. Reject negotiations. Reject Opposition Parties. Reject courts of law. Reject BERSIH. Turn, twist, spin, cover-up, murder, defame. Bribe, bribe, bribe. That’s the way to stay in power and solve the escalating socio economic problems.

Besides discriminating the people, corruption could also bankrupt countries. But corruption, deception and deceit in UMNO/BN cannot be abolished or made into a crime against humanity. It's too profitable and it is what gives power to the powerful cabals.

With reference to the U.S. campaign on “Warn against Terror”, Dr Mahathir concluded that the irony was that the same people who indulged in mass killings were the ones who were critical of Malaysia's capital punishment reserved for those trafficking drugs as well as murderers.

Ironic indeed, the same person who has been preaching about “money politics” used corrupted means to rig elections and cling on to power for 22 years, looting wealth for himself, his family and his cronies at the expense of the taxpayers.

What then would be the suitable punishment, for hypocrites who sold out millions of citizenship to illegals with the intention to rig election?

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  1. Irrespective to the rampant corruption in BN, the Malays in particular and Muslims in general needs BN. Only BN can ensure some level of respect and control. Don’t forget that it was Tun who changed our fate since the 80’s compared to what Hussein Onn and Abdul Razak have done. Brought IT literacy and voice of people closer and louder. The fact that we are being loud is because of the opportunities that he provided. If there is evidence to support that he rigged elections, took bribes and meddled with awards than punish him by the prevailing laws. To expect a death sentence for such a person is too harsh. I don’t like UMNO/BN, only because of the current top layer. UMNO/BN I hope will regain its composure of the saviour of Malays and Islam by 2018.

    1. Sheik, hope you can read Bahasa. Below a quote from another blogger.

      “Dr Mahathir juga membuat tuduhan jahat kononnya nasib orang Melayu akan tergadai jika pembangkang memerintah Selangor. Mahathir perlu tahu Umno adalah pembangkang di Selangor; melatah dan tersasul sememangnya sifat seorang mantan 10 tahun yang gagal menerima hakikat bahawa kuasa sudah bukan miliknya lagi” – Faekah Husin.


  2. Why a double standards laws for this Mahathir the worst political tyrant Malaysia ever had in history? Why no charge is laid against him for treason for giving out citizenships to illegal foreigners in Sabah for votes? Why Mahathir is charged for his role in the Lingam scandal? Is he a demigod under evil demon BN/UMNO regime and cannot be prosecuted for crime committed by him blatantly as an ex-PM? Is he is, then voters must wake up to vote out evil demon BN/UMNO in GE 13 to get justice restored to serve justice on Mahathir for Malaysians!

  3. There is an agenda that he wants to be fulfilled before his time is up just as he had one after he was thrown out of his party by the Tunku : to be in his position so he could do the same as his former boss did and better. So no matter what anyone says he will go on his tirade, never mind hurting anyone's feelings, be it even his own fellowmen and country. Vengeful he is as a woman who lost her lover to another. Good people like us have to pray there isn't another in the making or is there one?