Sunday, April 28, 2013


Salvation is not in unison, but in the unity of each individual doing what he knows is right from within– Semjase

A paradigm shift, from the orthodox to paradox delivered from light years of the heavens, only the open minded, the neutral ego can comprehend.

Who the heck is Semjase? Well by now I believe about 70% of the world’s population, atheist or otherwise would have come to terms with the existence ET. The universe being a massive space of matter and anti-matter, which would be a no brainer to assume that, we are the only one. Like it or not when we check our history, each school of thought of spirituality have suggested of revelations from the sky. Semjase is a female humanoid from a Pleiades constellation whom has been assigned to search and establish contact with potential human beings on earth. Semjase is only one of many scouts, whose last and most credible contact being Billy Meier of Switzerland.

 No matter from which sector of the universe they come from, or from which constellation, colony or tribe; the basic message they bring to human beings is nothing other than to change. To break the bondage with religions and political institutions and dogma, an ever proliferation of more and more laws, all of which serve to further hold the people in ever greater slavery than we have ever known.

Isn’t that ironic? Because we are actually living in this hell. Our religious institutions is confused and have confused others of the teachings of our prophets thousands of years ago and politicians have turned into power greedy zombies to loot the nation’s wealth. We, by unintentionally giving them the powers, have imprisoned ourselves in our “institutionalized” fears of restrictions, confinement, everlasting hell and death.  To a point that we are now indebted to them, pay to live in the very soil we were born onto, deliberately planning our own suicide and the destruction of the entire world.

He have forgotten who we are and our purpose in life, here and now. Stand back and take a good look of what have we accomplished. This paradox of spirituality is bad news for the 1% of the world’s fundamentalists and their bureaucratic system which only exist to blind and keep control of the masses for their benefit.

The danger is that the masses will soon come to realize (if not already) the truth of this paradox and will refuse to accept the bondage any longer and find that they are really free after all.

This phenomenon can best be appreciated by Malaysians in the run up to the coming general election when the masses are rallying for the ruling party (UMNO/BN) to be dead and gone forever. Their 56 years reign has seen mega looting, discrimination, defamation and twisting religious institutions to their advantage to stay in power.

We have now served our purpose in this plan, for which we also, in a way   were selected to be the participants. On the flip side, the conscious awareness of the masses seems to be naturally enlightened over recent years. Wave of enlightened religious fundamentals is sweeping the land.

We are much aware of the global paradoxical political and religious fundamentalists, each preaching peace and brotherhood yet each give blessing to their great armies marching off to kill in the name of their God, peace or humanity; are the ones destined to bring great bloodshed upon their world and even its ultimate destination.

I am a Muslim, born as one and studied some and try to practice as much as possible about it. It is disclosed in Islam that there are many of such ET of both good and bad. It is after all a religion from light years away, procured and deliberated wide by our prophets in the best way they could, more than 1500 years ago. As a Muslim its my duty to learn, understand, appreciate, practice and procure Islam to my best of ability but never to research it. Perhaps the last underlined is the reason why most politician’s hand-picked religious leaders in Malaysia are dumb and numb when confronted with critical thinking matter. To escape it, they simply shove down our throat a new law.

These fundamentalist have successfully conditioned Muslims to live by their engineered philosophies and believes, so much they have become religious extremists and hypocrites. Many of times fail to stretch their mental faculties to think beyond the orthodox, just pray five times a day in the right composure in performing their solat, technically. Confined only to the rules set of “halal” and “haram” and/or the do’s and don’ts in Islam in preparation for life thereafter.

With the emergence of PAS (Islamic Political Party) and Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Party), people are breaking off from old school and beginning to explore and match the 1500 year old teachings to current circumstances. Questions arise on our purpose and duty as Muslims to make the world a better place to live. Still trap are solutions to handle paedophiles, sexual abuses, sexual relationships, close-proximities and alike. Religious education along is not enough to address man’s instinct, created by God to sense, seek out, mate and multiply. Whether you are a priest, a PhD or a Politician, one can’t tame this auto programming that god has left behind. For example; from the picture on the right; 

- did you notice only her lips or something else as well. What rushed in your body the moment you see the picture? Why did that happen and why couldn't you control it? I would consider to be a hypocrite as a male with reproductive organ to say I paid no attention to the photo, felt nothing and agree with the man-made law that its wrong to have those feelings.

Pending which, Semjase’ s advice to human beings will take effect sooner or later. The ones who will be left behind are those still trapped in the religious fundamentals. I agree that there is god. There is only one God, one spec of energy that manifested everything else in the universe. Semjase may know more than us, far advanced than us, may have had a hand in our existence but certainly is not our creator because someone or something else created them; to create us.


1. The Future of Mankind
2. Meier Material
3. UFO Conatct from the Pleiades
5. Dr. Steven Grere


  1. You are right, I wasnt looking at her lips :-)

  2. Read the material and then some. I’ve been following the DRAKE updates, and have just read Charlie Miller site: , and I’m convinced that that, he, David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Drake, and others are working together, yet casitagating each other in a play borrowed from corporate oligarchy.

    It can be summed-up so: “Pepsi is Coke’s competition, and ARCO competes with Exxon” As we all know, the “monopolypus” is just ONE THING at the top, and I’m thinking that whether it is conscious or not, all the “Patridiots” as Charlie denegrates them, are in league on the right side. Disunity serves as cover in this case, and is becoming less important as things move forward to “Illuminati Beatdown Day” here on the ground.

    I also think the “Liberation Forces” are US, Humanity, (and friends) but are coming from off-world break-away race activities so advanced from what Earthians think of as “current level of technology”, that to ease the adjustment, they took the “Freindly ET’s/ED’s liberators approach.”

    We’ve had anti-gravity since Marconi gathered all the great scientific minds in Europe and sailed to South America on his fabulous yacht, “Electra” in 1936.


  4. This disk fly acros my body and later by 4 people kill.This must by some Satna forces.Because I move to the deep corn feild and this disk fly around my and I am still live and my best frend by kill from this stupid disk.
    I have several implantats.