Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Good Tausug is a dead Tausug

The last couple of weeks, I have read and participated in many social networks on the Sulu uprising. Having done with the tongue lashing, whether it’s the “Rent” or “Cessions”, “Chicken” or “the Egg”, I came to appreciate the patriotism of both camps in defending their version of the story. Less the brainless trolls, loud social network folks represent probably around 0.2% of the entire population of both countries. I’m envious to think that 99.8% peace loving, tolerant, highly intellectual people are just out and about living their lives with gratitude. The quote “Empty drums make more noise” seems to fit well that prompted me to refrain from further tongue lashings.

It also occurred to me that there is some truth about the allegations lodged against Malaysian government. 70% of Malaysians are aware that we have a corrupted, deceptive and racist ruling party whom in the last 42 years have embezzled about a trillion in nation’s wealth. The claims made by the Kiram III and his followers about this particular government (not Sabah) cannot be disqualified as UMNO/BN is certainly well capable of such a scam.

Then again, with the nearing General Election, the opposition’s strong showing and the mere coincidence of the near perfect timing Kiram III call for war of Muslims against Muslims, gives me the creeps. The Sulu leaders have been photographed together during the last UMNO general assembly. What are they doing in UMNO’s private annual assembly? I’m beginning to think that UMNO/BN is in cahoots’ with Kiram III to put a show, instil fear through a “false flag” operation in Sabah. Kiram III gets his cut to fund another war elsewhere and UMNO/BN to continue looting from Sabah, Sarawak for another 5 years. After all what is the death of 40 or more from either side compared to the trillions they are to pocket.

Unfortunately on a Global perspective, Kiram’s incursion has little sympathy, other than in their minds. Not from the Malaysian government and the Malaysian people, not from the Philippine government and the Filipino people, not even from the Sabah people who they imagine have been clamouring for their return (damn a lost terrorist was beaten to death by angry villagers) whilst the orchestrator sneaks out scot free. Call yourselves “Royal Security Forces of the Sultanate of Sulu”, Al-Qaeda, MILF, BDSM, SULU ROYAL, CASINO ROYAL or anything you want. Trespass with lethal weapon means terrorists. The repercussion to terrorists is to “drop the weapon or die”. Only then after can we listen to the grandmother story.

“The near-universal recoil at the murders of the Malaysian cops makes it the hardest thing to restrain the impulse of the Malaysian government to react the way the US reacted to 9/11, which is to vow to bomb the oppressors to the Stone Age” - Conrado de Quiros, Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Despite the fact that Malaysia is well capable of it, and the international forces will applaud such a move,  it took UMNO controlled government 3 damn weeks playing hide and seek with the terrorists. Maybe it’s a good thing, that a group of damn fool smacked the hornets’ nest killing the first two cops as a wrench the works.

Anyway, my message to our good Filipinos (the 99.8%) is that, knowing about our outgoing corrupted government, it is highly like they f@#$ed-up big time with Sabah. On behalf of fellow Malaysians, I sincerely apologize to the Suluks in particular and Filipinos in general for the screw-ups.

For the 0.2%, Malaysia is where it is now is because of our grandfather, fathers and us; worked our butts out and with will power build this great nation. Regret however if Philippine AFP do not intervene now, this war will go on for 50 years. The United States and its coalition forces will be more than happy to support a “War Against Terror”. The economy of Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia and Singapore will come to a standstill. S.E.A. will become another Middle East.

What else can we say, we can’t just give away the home that we build. So if Philippine Government lets the 10,000/100,000 Tausung invade Sabah or anywhere near, we will welcome them with open arms (and explosives). Perhaps after 100 years, we will build this country all over again. We have done it before and we can do it again. But until then, a good Tausug is a dead Tausug.

Therefore, the ASEAN countries particularly the 5 member military packs must walk-the-talk. Made through Defence Industry Collaboration (ADIC) and ASEAN Militaries Analyst-to-Analyst Intelligence Exchange [AMAAIE], the must come together to end terrorism in this region as a single force. Emulating the U.S. policy on terrorism since 9/11, the 5 member countries should bomb every single terrorist population to stone age. Help clean up Philippine from Tausug, MNLF, MILF or BDSM infested nation.

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  1. Righ on bro, these scums who dont appreciate life must be instead wiped out from the face of the earth.

    1. malysia must be charge with genocide for killing civilian and human right violation.

    2. Philippine must be charged for harboring half a dozen terrorist groups of genocide killing civilian and human right violation all over Asia.

  2. The self-proclaimed Philippine sultan whose followers launched a deadly incursion into Malaysia must pay with his life.
    Roy Mambasa

  3. Papaano iyan Sultan Kiram at MISUARI ang dami nilang Filipino na nakikinabang sa mataas na sahod sa Sabah na ngayon ay nawala na . TAMA ba ang ginawa ninyo na paglusub sa Sabah ? Nagdurusa ngayon ang mga pamilya ng mga Muslim na pinauwi sa Pilipinas.. Ang isa po sa kanila ay kausap po namin at mga 7 taon na sya na nagtratrabaho sa sandakan , na ang taglaynya ay SULAT BARANAK , pero dahil sa nangyari napakahigpit na daw ang SABAHANs sa mga papeles nila at ISA nga sya sa pinauwi….

    Segon sa kanila kung magbobotohan daw ngayon para piliin kung kanino nila gusto na ang mamumuno ay ang Pilipinas o Malaysia , ang sabi po nila sa amin, kahit daw po ang mga kamag anak ninyo na nakatirang permanente sa Sabah ay gugustuhin nilang mapasailalim ng Malaysia…

    To those who instigated the armed PICNIC/INVASION of Sabah especially KIRAM , MISUARI and others we hope that you have enough contingencies for those hundreds of our Muslims Brothers who were now deported from Sabah.

  4. One uses violence only when reason fails to prevail.


  5. There is absolutely no indication that the people of Sabah wants to be governed by Kiram III or by the Philippines. So to me, that's that.

  6. The joining of Sabah in the formation of Malaysia in 1963 eliminates any claim on the state, previously known as North Borneo, said a professor from International Court of Justice, Assoc Professor Dr Bilcher Bala.

    Therefore, any claims made on Sabah today was invalid.

    "The formation of Malaysia in 1963 eliminates any claim on Sabah.In 1888 Sabah became a British protectorate and under a 1903 protocol, the Philippines came under the control of the United States, but without Sabah included.

  7. The Lahat Datu episode is another lesson for Malaysians, to rudely awakened by the deceptive, manipulative and ill hearted Pynoy’s. I only hope the entire Filipinos are not like this, to throw the stone and hide the hands, blame others by twisting facts, creating jargons, false evidences, smearing, swearing, photo-shops and trolling. Such a deeply disturbed and ill hearted people. Their terrorist intrude into our country, killed our officers then mutilated them while we were trying to reason. Now they want to dictate terms? In Sabah they say “Palui Kau Ini". They have aroused the feelings of compassionate tolerant Malaysians to curse them.

    Philippine must be charged for harbouring half a dozen terrorist groups for genocide, killing, mutilation of civilians and officers against human right violation all over the world. The Philippines' terrorist organizations, located amongst the country's southern islands have long held ties to Al Qaeda and receive funding and support from Saudi Arabia.

    AFP reported in their 2010 article, WikiLeaks: US suspected Saudi ambassador to the Philippines of terror link, that: “The United States suspected a Saudi Arabian ambassador to the Philippines of potential involvement in funding terrorists, according to US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks”. Western countries, Australia have refrained their citizens going to Philippine particularly Mindanao, the hub of terrorist activities in South East Asia.

  8. Rent, Lease or Cession?

    In the PNoy social media, the word “rent” is widely used in their argument to defend Kiram’s claim. Not that I subscribe to every word that comes out of a Filipino, but is it “Rent”, “Lease” or “Cession”?

    A “rent” is a tenant's regular payment to a landlord for the use of property or land. Pay someone for the use of something, typically property, land, or a car. A “lease” is a contract by which one party conveys land, property, services, etc., to another for a specified time, usually in return for “money” for a given period, while “cession” on the other hand is the formal giving up of rights, property, or territory, esp. by a state. In other words, surrender - transfer – assignment. A ceding or surrendering, as of territory to another country by treaty.

    Tun Dr. Mahathir in an NST article explained that the eastern part of Sabah was “ceded” to the Sultan of Sulu by the Sultan of Brunei in 1658 for the former helping a victory over Brunei enemies. By the late 19th century, both territories previously owned by Sultan of Brunei and Sultan of Sulu was granted to British syndicate.

    On September 16, 1963, Sabah merged with Malaya, Sarawak and Singapore (which left in 1965) to form the Federation of Malaysia. And after the Cobbold Commission, a survey done showed that most of the Sabahans were in favour to the new formation of Malaysia.

    Every year ever since, the Malaysian Embassy in the Philippines issues a cheque of RM5,300 (77,000 Philippine pesos) to the legal counsel of the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu as the “annual cession” payment, said Tun.

  9. First, is that a Lease Agreement or a Cession Agreement? The Jesselton Court hearing the claim on Sabah by 'Sultan' Ombra Amilbangsa, another of the many purported heirs to the Sulu Sultanate decided it was a cession and the Sulu Sultans were entitled to the cession moneys. Malaysia had wanted to pay one lump-sum but the parties thereto could not agree on the amount.

    Second, if truly a lease, is there a provision in the Lease Agreement for an increase in rent? If there is, come in nicely and ask for it. As a person claiming to be the landlord, you don't come into the tenant's residence with a machine gun to ask for an increase in rent! If you did that, that is what you would get!

    Third, this is not a simple landlord-to-tenant house renting case. It involves the question of sovereignty over a vast tract of now-developed territory. Best for the Filipinos to look at what is provided in modern international law as regard determining sovereignty over a territory. In the case of Timor Timor, self-determination was the basis and the people had decided to be in Malaysia as affirmed by the Cobbold Commission and reaffirmed by the UN thou' not through a referendum for some reasons long-explained by the UN Fact Finding Mission and the UN Sec Gen.

    Next, come the ICJ Sipadan & Ligitan and Pedra Branca cases wherein the ICJ awarded the 2 islands to Malaysia and Pedra Branca to Spore based on "effectivities". For the last 140 years, neither the Sulu Sultanate nor the colonised or free Philippines has ever exercised their authority and control over North Borneo whereas Britain and Malaysia had put up effectivities on the territory since the 19th century.

    So it is best that the Philippines realise the folly of its claim on Sabah, stop making use of the armed intrusion to revive and promote its claim, follow the example set by Indonesia, and drop its claim immediately without much due rather than run the risk of Malaysia backing out on its help achieve peace in and develop the southern islands or worst still, reviving its support of the Moros. Forget the ICJ because either side wins, bet it won't end there besides being non-expeditious, contentious and costly against the spirit as envisaged by the Manila Accord. And you Filipinos, stop being hypocrites! In the first place, the armed intrusion was a direct result of GPR's neglect and side-lining of the inhabitants of the southern islands. Where were you then? Gleefully clapping the Philippine Army's annihilation of the Moros?

  10. i know a little english,,,dont generalize my people dont try to unite us,,we dont care the fake sultan, our old sultan was no heir to the throne since 1900s,,,, dont trigger us into warrior cloth again we just want to live peace..dont discriminate my people who just want to work in sabbah,,,please dont try to unite us again and fight till the last man standing... i dont want sabbah to grateful to us even we LOST 100,000 tausug warriors just to protect sabbah from philippines.....we just want to work and live peacefully.. we are cowards now please dont make us NO FEAR AGAIN...