Sunday, April 1, 2012


I hope, that this will not become an April fool’s post, that the month of March has been the most “happening” month of 2012. At least in the cyberspace with the turmoil the whole world is going through. The financial tyranny*, impending war on Iran, with China and Russia posturing to give Israel and United States a wiping if there is a war - is all too overwhelming for the receptive truth seekers.

The Nostradamus and Mayan’s prophecies seems to be manifesting right on the dot as we drift further into 2012. The media is not reporting any of it. The international uprisings are not reported - the general population is outdated of how things are in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, France, China, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Yemen, etc. Instead we are kept preoccupied with insignificant news, crimes, violence, missing children, abused women, traffic accidents  “day-in-day-out” or with some cheap mudslinging news between one dumb politician with another. It is very obvious that the media has become the Governments tools.

In the last couple of month, there has been more than 400 hundred resignation of top officials from various financial instituitions including Malaysian top CEO’s. They are carting away their loots and going on vacation. Due to the strange absence of news reports, a blogger name American Kabuki took the trouble to investigate and list down the resignations on his blog.

It seems the resignation has something to do with what Benjamin Fulford disclosure last year and Terrance McKenna’s and David Wilcock’ s jaw dropping information of the Financial Tyranny.

On the 29th of March ’12, David interviewed another Whistleblower Drake. In the interview, Drake brought forth supporting argument to that of Fulford that there will be a mass arrest of these cabals in the United States and Europe. He promptly warns people on Freedom Reigns US of this event to possible take place this April.

I sure hope that this is not another April fool’s joke, that this arrests to ripple out to Malaysia and Indonesia as there are more such Cabals and Illuminates running the Government here. It gives us great pleasure to see the head roll of those who have been keeping us suppressed as their money producing machine, their slaves.

This is not just in United States, Europe or Middle East; it’s all over the world. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore are no exception as we are all trapped in the same social chains orchestrated by the greedy Governments and their Corporate Cronies. Of our very own home grown illuminates and hypocrites.

Apart from the joy of seeing the leaders of deception and deceit behind bars, I was wondering how is this going to liberate the people. If it is true that over 6 trillion of stolen U.S. dollar is to be returned to the people, I guess it would mean writing-off all debts. If so, would we not be liberated?


"What do you do when you are the heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune and you have spent years surrounding yourself with new age thinking and conspiracy theories?  You make a film like ‘Thrive‘, the latest conspiracy theory movie that is popping up all over the place.  I’ve lost count of the number of people who have asked me “have you seen ‘Thrive’?”  Well I have now, and, to be frank, it’s dangerous tosh which deserves little other than our derision.  It is also a very useful opportunity to look at a worldview which, according to Georgia Kelly writing at Huffington Post, masks “a reactionary, libertarian political agenda that stands in jarring contrast with the soothing tone of the presentation”.  - Transition Culture


THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

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  2. Menteri Bengap dari Jabatan Perdana Bengap hari ini berkata;

    "M'sia dapat pendidikan lebih baik dari Barat"

    Cam'ne lah bengap macam ni boleh jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri

  3. “It’s Over”… “History is going thru a reboot…and the Matrix is assuring it”… “Hang on to your Hats!” - Kauilapele

    • The revaluations of 195 currencies around the world are going live.
    • Many countries threw their money into the big global pool to keep the us from going down, turning this place into a 3rd world nation.
    • Many countries threw their money into the big global pool to keep the us from going down, turning this place into a 3rd world nation.
    • As people are talking more openly in public about what Is changing in this world, the politicians are ramping up the rhetoric on the status quo. It really doesn't matter the politics because the whole thing is changing.
    • It's the emergence of new species...homo intelligensious and the young ones are leading the old who are stuck on how it 'used to be'.
    • That vault door is opening right now, the pressure release valves have much dust in the air right now.
    • ...hang onto your hats, the flip is underway.
    • Remember to keep your mouths shut and don't act like a lottery winner. Have fun.

  4. All that was hidden is being revealed. We encourage you to share your findings with each other. You will not see mention of this on mainstream television as yet. The media is not allowed to give you the full picture of what is actually happening. Those with eyes to see, can see for themselves that the Cabal is in trouble. They are in shock; they cannot believe that their plans for 2012 will not now be realised. Greater forces than theirs are preventing them from starting World War 3. They are having to accept the fact that they are not invincible, after all. To save face, they now want you to believe that they have changed their plans, that they now plan to attack Iran in the Spring. Well . . . we shall see what transpires in the Spring, shall we? They failed to recognise that when intelligent people wake up and see clearly what is being done to them, they come together and call for help. Their request has been heeded and help has been forthcoming from all directions. Just because you do not see it on your TVs, does not mean that you are not being rescued from the terrible fate that the Cabal had planned for you.

  5. OK everyone, I am here, however, I waiting for a VERY important document to be sent to me.... this is the holdup. Without it you may think its a joke and its not. .... I am waiting with you... any minute.... promise>>>> the second I get it I will release all of it to you... and know this..... there will be MUCH more to come!!!!

  6. It looks like, all the hype about mass arrest, free energy etc., is another April Fool joke. Its 10th April and the same promises are being recycled from blog to blog, loosing any remaining credibility of the matter.

  7. Your analysis was spot on, last week Iceland forgives mortgage debt of its population. Iceland is making way for more of the same all over the world.

    “The government of Iceland has forgiven the mortgage debt for much of its population. This nation chose a very different way of stopping the crisis from the rest of European countries. It decided to hear the requests of the population and to put politicians and bankers on the bench of the accused three years after their financial excesses would sank one of the most prosperous economies in 2008”

  8. More from Kauilapele.

    - The battle for control of the global financial system and thus the future of the planet has reached a temporary deadlock...
    - The situation has reached the point where physical action against the committee (mainly in the form of mass arrests) has become the only possible recourse
    - There is no M1 [a single individual [that] has ultimate control over the creation and distribution of money] now according to the Swiss government and other sources
    - The committee of 300 tried to cash $600 trillion worth of bonds... - They claimed to represent the Dragon Family Royal Society...but... it turns out to have been an attempt by the committee of 300 to pretend they represented Asia.
    - ...Neil Keenan and Keith Scott issued a cease and desist against UBS Chairman Kaspar Villiger and a Singaporean agent... who were caught trying to get their hand on the real dragon family’s funds.
    Shortly after that UK Prime Minister David Cameron also tried to get his hands on the money but was rebuffed.
    ...the situation in Cabal controlled economies is getting progressively worse by the day.
    - Put in simple terms, the European cabal controlled banking system is bankrupt. What this means is that the European people are about to be freed from debt slavery.
    - There were also reports from three different sources from three separate intelligence agencies (MI6, CIA and NSA) that the Bushes, Clintons and other cabal leaders had prepared a hideaway in the Bahamas.
    - ...sources in the Pentagon make it clear the cabalists will not be allowed to leave the United States until they have faced the justice system.
    - These same sources say 800 bankers have already resigned and many arrests have already taken place.
    - In China as well, there are signs of major change... Clearly some sort of coup d’etat can now be confirmed to have taken place there even though the Western corporate news corps is still only focused on Bo Xilai.
    - Major historical changes are becoming increasingly obvious.
    - In Japan, the yakuza and right wing forces allied with the White Dragon Society... are making plans to detain key cabal operatives for questioning.

    It is time to take the ring of power to mount doom
    by Benjamin Fulford, April 17, 2012

    The battle for control of the global financial system and thus the future of the planet has reached a temporary deadlock as the committee of 300 struggles to maintain power even as the rest of the world continues to push for a fair, free and open financial system controlled by the people of the planet. The situation has reached the point where physical action against the committee (mainly in the form of mass arrests) has become the only possible recourse.