Monday, April 16, 2012


Highlights from Kauilapele’s Blog

  • …the one undeniable fact is the whole world is going thru a remarkable change and best thing for people to do, is go with the flow, as there is no human that can stop it.
  • Even people that are most ignorant of global stuff, sense something is going on, though they can’t explain it.
  • If you were paying attention to what Iceland did this week, you’d get a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen in the west. Out with old garbage; enter a new day for its people.
  • There are massive coordination activities going on between the east and west, as that moment for the great historical flip arrives.
  • …there’s a tsunami coming, of epic proportions… Make sure your surf boards are waxed.
  • If conditions are right and you’ve been warned, ‘something this way comes’, act like you know, otherwise, you’ll have nothing to say when you find yourself upside down… Pay attention.
  • I know what these clowns have been up to, with their ‘secret societies’ and things. The murders that have been committed to keep themselves in power.
  • It will be very interesting to watch how people act when there’s plenty to go around, no need or want to steal.
  • Nasty behavior is being evolved out of the human being and all without, killing anyone.
  • Everyone has been sufficiently warned about the change hitting the world, I’m ready for what’s coming and I hope something in your gut has you ready, too.
  • This is arriving at your door like a lightning bolt on a clear day. The time is now…
  • The sun is rising in the east; balance is being restored in the world…

Asia is not left alone in all of this, as the old saying if the U.S. sneezes, the rest of the world catch a cold. Not confined to economic circumstances but many other areas as well.

In Malaysia, the temperature of the coming general election is increasing. The making of an uprising is eminent, as it mutates in multiple folds every time the ruling party opens their mouth. The same is in Indonesia and Thailand. Singapore is not out of the equation, while Singaporeans live in a “virtually perfect life”, their grievances are suppressed in a steam cooker - waiting to explode. It will, soon after Malaysia pops its bubble.

There has been massive looting and syphoning of wealth amongst the ruling party and their major corporate cronies. At the rate it is going, it seems this is their last bid “survival plan” as their fate has been sealed even before the Parliament is dissolved.

Hard earned cash investors are drawing out all their savings from various financial institutions and transferring them to life saving funds or back into employee provident fund. Public Mutual and CWA both felt the spike in the last six months of investors pulling out.

Worldwide, the official mass resignations of banksters is about to reach the 600 mark in the last six months. Some are switching employer; some are running away with their ill earned wealth whilst others simply can’t hang around to take the heat.

Whichever the case, we are fortunate to live through the changes prophesied by the ancient Mayans thousands of years ago. From Extraterrestrial intervention, through solar adjustments, climate change and direct intervention into the plans of corrupted Governments (as nicely portrait in the movie The Adjustment Bureau) is actively taking place. Nothing to worry about, other than the fact that some earth lives will perish in any catastrophe, but all will be well for humanity. With reference to my last post “WRITE-OFF THE DEBTS!?” the results are coming - “Iceland Forgives the Mortgage Debt of its Population". In fact everything about 2012 is falling in place and all we the 99% population can do is to, buckle up, roll with the punches and enjoy the ride. As for the 1%, - go ahead and ‘Jump’!




  1. Not bad Ali, not bad at all. Your analysis of possible debt write-off as posted on 1st April did come through.

    Last week Iceland forgives mortgage debt of its population. Iceland is making way for more of the same all over the world.

  2. Hannah Yeoh: In Selangor, BN Are Hopeless As Government, They Are Hopeless As Opposition Too


  4. "There has been massive looting and syphoning of wealth amongst the ruling party and their major corporate cronies".

    You mean the Anandan fellow? If so, you sure have a good nose. Yes we heard, he and Mujahideen Jasin was trying to stash some lootings somewhere where the opposition cant touch. And with another powderful Singaporean businessman tried to swindle the Collateral Accounts from Indonesia. They had their hacks fly in and offer bribes to Edy Seno, to sever the relationship between Keenan/Scott and Seno or some shit like that.

  5. Abang Ali, sama sama kita jatuhkan UMNO/BN PRU nanti. Semoga negara yang tercinta diBersih kan dari kotoran.

  6. “The mass arrests are very close to happening. Many figures in banking and finance have already resigned from a wide range of institutions throughout the world, and now these barely reported events include the upper management of some major international corporations....These arrests form the initial thrust of a vast undertaking to remake your reality”. - Sheldon Needle

  7. UMNO putras hired gangsters