Saturday, April 28, 2012

Occupy Dataran; The Malaysian 'Tahrir Square'

April 28th 2012 will go down in history as Malaysia’s first uprising since UMNO/BN helmed the country. An all time event for Malaysia, the largest turn-out any ocassion. An estimated 300,000 people (600,000 worldwide) took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to pass the power crazy government a message; that their time is up.

I enjoyed the march with thousands from KTM KL station to Lebuh Ampang. It was a festive atmosphere, like it was ‘Independence Day’ all over again. Police helicopters were flying low and every road leading to the ‘Dataran’ was blocked by Police in armed chain.

I surveyed the crowed samples after samples from Lebuh Pasar, J. Medan Pasar, Lebuh Ampang, Jalan Benteng, J. Tun Perak was filled with thousands of people, as if a World Cup  soccer match is about to kick-off at “Stadium Dataran”. Each time I got an estimated 300,000 people in just these areas. The real reason why everyone was there is to “kick-off” Barisan Nasional from power.

I did not get to take crowd samples at J. Melaka, J. Melayu, J. Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Lorong Gombak, J. Raja Laut, Lebuh Pudu, J. Tun Tan Cheng Lock and J. Sultan Hishamuddin - where easily there could be another 300,000 people gathered there. Still this does not include the gatherings in other towns and states which when totaled should be around 600,000.

We heard news that some 25,000 young brave youth had breached the barricade, received assaults tear-gas trying to occupy Dataran. I could not see as I was blocked out amongst some 100,000 supporters along Lebuh Ampang.

In another area, a Police car rammed down 3 people. Angered supporters was reported to have damaged and turned turtle the Police car. They (the Police) can only intimidate us so much. When we retaliate (if we want to), we could have hand-cuffed them with their own %^&* cable-ties.

All in all, it was the greatest showing. Well done Malaysians, with the exception of “Occupy Dataran” it was near “Tahrir Square”. But be prepared, the government controlled media will report something else, more lies and deception.

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2nd Edition

On Sunday April 29th 2012, HBO Malaysia airs two programmes back to back. The first was the “Inside Job” and followed by “Too Big to Fail”. A day after an uprising in the city capital, someone decides to leak the deceptions of governments. As the saying goes, if United States sneezes, the rest of the world will catch a cold and the timing to air these were just perfect. Unfortunately I can’t subscribe to the theme of the second movie that portrait the banksters as heroes in saving the economy. As a matter of fact, they should be arrested and charged for fooling around with people’s lives.

Likewise, with the election around the corner the lootings of the likely outgoing government need to be exposed. Contracts after contracts are being signed out in a hurry with corporate cronies that will take care of the livelihood of the 1% for the next 10 years. Setting up yet another trap with sweet talks to suppress the 99% to bare the debts.

The much anticipated mass arrest speculated in cyberspace better come now, before things are signed and sealed amongst these goons. During the ‘Occupy Dataran’ rally on Saturday, a guesstimated 600,000 people took to the streets nationwide. The crowed from 12 main roads leading to ‘Dataran’ (Lebuh Pasar, J. Medan Pasar, Lebuh Ampang, Jalan Benteng, J. Tun Perak, J. Melaka, J. Melayu, J. Tuanku Abdul Rahman,  Lorong Gombak, J. Raja Laut, Lebuh Pudu, J. Tun Tan Cheng Lock and J. Sultan Hishamuddin) alone could have totaled 300,000. 

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  1. Al-Jazeera camera smashed to the ground by Police

  2. Malaysian riot police have fired tear gas and used water cannon on a crowd of demonstrators who staged one of the country's largest street rallies in years, demanding fair rules for national elections expected soon.






    1. Princess perkara yang paling baik dan mulia menunjukkan sikap sebenarnya..perserta bersih telah meluahkan apa sebenarnya berlaku dalam pilihanraya selama ini..pendapat anda adalah mewakili keseluruhan majoriti rakyat malaysia yang ingin kepada keadilan disebalik menipu dalam pilihanraya..rakyat malaysia semua tahu..cuma apabila ada bersih berdemo maka terserlah lagi keberanian ...kini rakyat malaysia telah bangun dari lamunan..sybas perserta bersih..

    2. 28 April patut dikenang sebagai tarikh sebenar kemerdekaan kita semua sebagai rakyat malaysia...hari ni penyanggak2 demokrasi terkedu dan panik tak tau buat apa...hari ini juga rakyat beri notis terakhir kpd umno dan pecacai2 mereka dlm perkhidmatan awam bahawa tarikh luput anda sudah sampai dan baik berambus cepat2...

  4. I just realised something here: with all the Police brutality the PDRM is actually helping Pakatan Rakyat in achieving its goal of reaching Putrajaya faster. Their hostility, aggressive and intimidating acts will fuel even more hatred against BN and motivate more people to vote against them in the coming GE. Blessing in disguise indeed.

  5. Prominent Indian journalist Mobashar Jawad Akhbar, who is the member of the group, opined that the police might have provoked the protestors, with the intention of turning things violent.

    “The crowd has been building overnight, they have ample time to be violent if they wanted to. It was very peaceful until the very end.

    “I do believe that the provocation was perhaps done in order to create images that will play well in the official media,” said Mobashar, who observed the rally for five hours.

    He said that this provoking the victims in order to blame them later, was “one of the oldest tricks” employed by various authorities.

    Mobashar, the editorial director of India Today, noted that the crucial essence of democracy is the freedom from fear, which he said is “non-negotiable”.

    “Democracy does not function when ppl do not have right to assembly,” he said, praising the protestors for rising above fear.


      I was almost in tears listening to their views. Our government for the last 50 years thinks that we the “Rakyat are not matured enough for freedom”? And to learn from the IOG that the Government used the oldest tactics to “provoke the victim in order to apportion blame” is downright disturbing. And the third that the “media coverage is biased” just simply tops it all, what a corrupted, manipulative Government we have.

      I salute each and every fellow Malaysians whom stepped out of the comfort of their home on a good Saturday afternoon to challenge the shadow of fear. Thank you my fellow Malaysians.

  6. Sebenarnya perhimpunan Bersih 3.0 ini aman hanya duduk dan bantah di Dataran Merdeka...Ini semua terjadi disebabkan BN/DBKL/Pdrm, jika Dataran Merdeka di benarkan oleh DBKL, PDRM membenarkan seperti yg dicakap oleh Hisyamuddin, penyokong2 Bersih hanya hendak berkumpul di Dataran selam 2 jam....Lihat perhimpunan ditempat2 lain (seluruh dunia) semuanya aman.....Ini semua kesalahan Najib, jikalau SPR telus dan adil semua kejadian tak diingini tak akan berlaku....iaitu pilihan raya yg bersih dan adil tanpa sebarang penipuan dan kekotoran.

  7. This must be a fuck in da face for TDM and a slap in the ass for RPK. Both ass holes said an Egypt style uprising will never happen in Malaysia. Well I hope these ass holes dont wait for Bersih 4 to change their freaking minds.

  8. Once the dust settles, we can see much better what went wrong. Whilst the Police have over reacted to safeguard the empty Dataran Merdeka (in the name of National Security), it is apparent now that there has been a breach at the gates. From one of the many video, we can see that the PKR deputy president Y.B. Mohamad Azmin Ali gesturing with Anwar Ibrahim. Soon after, he gives thumbs up to another man in the ground who removes one of the barriers. The crowed got excited and start lauding “Masuk” and it was like a flood gate just busted.

    This was seen as God’s “gift” by PDRM. The God in this case was suspected to be Hishamuddin Hussein our Home Minister. The frontline Police retrieved and unleashed the wrath of water cannons and tear gas to start off the festival. Amongst the protesters, there were also instigators. Plain cloth Policeman with yellow bands on their arms tossed tear-gas canisters back at PDRM. Some jobless gangsters elsewhere had a field day throwing things at the Police. Panicked; an inexperienced constable drives his Patrol car into a crowed.

    Who is to blame? Of course the Government, for instructing DBKL to close Merdeka Square (which at that time must have housed the entire South East Asia’s gold reserve).

  9. The prevailing theme these days seems to be chaos in the West but what we are really witnessing is the controlled implosion of the criminal cabal that took over the Western financial system and nearly destroyed Western civilization. Among the events associated with this collapse were: a fake missile launch in North Korea, the ongoing cover-up of a botched assassination attempt against Obama, multiple liens being placed on cabal-controlled central banks, a trilateral commission meeting in Tokyo, unprecedented military maneuvers, the uprising in middle east, far east, south east and more.

    We are entering a very dangerous period as the cornered cabalists are certainly planning a massive new terrorist attack (possible tagets : Tokyo, Rome, London) in an attempt to stay in power.

    Military, police and other action against cabal power centers is also picking up pace.

  10. In the last couple of days we saw the BN government disoriented, launching one after another counter smear campaign to throw the weight of the problem on Bersih.

  11. James Maniam Ingram KarupiahTuesday, May 8, 2012 at 9:25:00 PM GMT+8