Sunday, March 18, 2012


There is no compulsion in Islam or any other religion. Many are born into it and some embrace it. Once out of their parental care it is up to the individual what he/she wants to believe as a result of their nature and nurture. If a Muslim wants to renounce, it’s their business for whatever reason they choose. Who the heck are we to go ape shit about it. Was it not our fault they leave in the first place?

The size of Muslim population maybe increasing globally, but it is decreasing in Malaysia. Recently, a Parliamentary “comedian” urged the Federal Government to come up with an Apostasy Act to address an alleged rise in apostasy among Muslims. Every now and this comedian will snip something to the press and start a roar.  He himself does not understand the teaching of Islam as many times he had used profanity against the Chinese community, which is against the teachings of Islam. These are the kind of imbeciles we have who think an Act should curb the problem, instead of finding the root cause.

Ironic, we Muslims pray 5 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, all our lives. Frankly, we have more hours of wisdom from the heavens; yet we practice none of them in our daily lives. From the way we drive a vehicle to conducting business, interaction with others and having “limited” perspective indicates that those prayers has been just a ritual or compliance. Our good politicians and religious leaders once or twice a year put on some fancy costume and recite versus to us as if they know it, yet set an example exactly the opposite.

A Muslim political leader here once named the opposition party as “Ghosts & Demons”. Are these the mentality of a Muslim leader to be used as an example? And these are the type hypocrites who want to run the country. It’s frightening, more the reason to renounce the religion and/or the citizenship quick.

These illuminati’s - residing in half a dozen institutions over the last 50 years, must have been doing absolutely the wrong things for the people. Despite their so called policies to procure moral values amongst Muslims, they have only victimized their fellow Muslims with criticism, ridicules, controls, new rules and regulations. And thanks to the media, problems in our own backyard like incest, child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, pedophile, ‘khalwat’ (seclusion), baby dumping, child out of wedlock etc. are being sensationalized every day. Putting pressure on Muslims to “shut-the-hell-up”. Well it may be a worldwide decease but in Malaysia our press bombards us with such news all the time, keeping us suppressed from liberating our mind to tackle the real issues - like the power greedy politicians.

The way I see it these religious leaders were elected by politician - to assist in keeping the Muslims in check. They established numerous religious institutions to flood the Muslims with irrelevant unconstructive issues like how to stand during a solat or what waits thereafter if we failed to fast etc. It was for political mileage more than institutionalizing moral values where during Friday sermons, ‘hadiths’ are elaborated in contrast to government’s political stands.

Having no intelligence at all to use the Quran to liberate the Muslims, and guide the people to success (or moderacy) and live in peaceful life with all life on this planet, these imbeciles’ aka religious leaders aka “enlightened beings” spend most of their office time hiding in the bushes peeping at couples, watching pons/pictures of half nude artists etc., ban concerts and shove down out throat some funny laws to fence down (lock down) Muslims. The mosque is not used to gather youths for healthy activity, but just a meeting point for the likeminded, carry out the rituals and to reinforce government’s messages. Other than that the Mosque is free for all Muslims to patron for their solat (duties). Knowing our weakness, for 50 years the government has kept our heads stuck in the mud; using Islam and the media the primary tool.

For example, if one does not fast in the month of Ramadan, what business is theirs? Isn’t it our business with God in the thereafter. We are answerable to the One and only the One. Did we elect or ask for these leaders to stand in as our prophet, ambassador or some shit? NO sir, no "Tuan Haji, Datuk, YB, Tan Sri", NO...we don’t need you or your Syaria law thank you, just run the country with honesty. We have seen your records that you are no better than just another weak mortal, sometimes imbecilic, benighted and demagogue. Just because you can memorize the Islamic Law, does not give you the right to assume as our prophet, never was a never will as you don’t qualify even to be their ass wipe. But if you continue to “harass” us, in the manner mentioned above, then what choice do we have other than to renounce our beloved faith?

Until then, anticipate renouncement to escalate. The solution? In my opinion to put Islam’s reputation on track, is if all the "Enlightened Beings" submit a mass resignation.  Then I assure you, a more competent leader will emerge to take their place and Islam in Malaysia will be back to its glory.

Therefore, these hypocrites in my opinion are putting only another show to elude the Muslims or they actually think that by doing so, they have reserved a seat in heaven. 


  1. darn right ali bro.
    I am not a Muslim, BUT there once was a Muslim guy who ask me why one Muslim colleague didn't fast during the Ramadan month.

    His pressing question came with a catalyst:"Aren't we Muslims suppose to follow what was required of us?"

    I wasn't in any position to answer him, except to console him in this way:"Haven't you heard of people who called themselves Muslims commit crimes like KILLING, RAPING, STEALING, whatever. So, what's s BAD about not fasting?"

    He replied:"Then we don't CONSIDER those people as TRUE MUSLIMS, they are IMPOSTERS"


  2. Sad but true. These are the people who disregard the Quran, let alone Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) last sermon.

  3. They can do all they want now. Soon and very soon they will pay the price for their hypocrisy dearly

  4. Who's the guy seen opening his fly? Hahahahaha!