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I thought chemtrails are only experienced in the U.S., Europe, Japan and/or everywhere else except Malaysia. To my surprise I found out that it is taking place here in Malaysia too, right under the nose of our Government. Ironic as I understood it, chemtrails occur over any (other) country that has any type of nuclear installation. Considering the scam on Lynas rare earth project approval, I suspect our good Government is “in-on- it” as well.

The term chemtrails is derived from "chemical trail"; in the similar fashion that contrail is a portmanteau of condensation trail. The term specifically refers to aerial trails of systematic high-altitude release of chemical substances not found in ordinary contrails, resulting in the appearance of characteristic sky tracks. A normal contrail (condensation trails) are usually vapor trails left behind by high altitude aircrafts. It leaves visible trails of condensed water vapor made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. Chemtrails however has a larger spread in the surrounding air that precipitates a cloud of microscopic droplets of something but water or ice crystals.

The purpose of which has only been speculated to be some form of aerial spraying such as crop dusting, cloud seeding, skywriting, repairing the ozone layer, aerial firefighting or something to cool down the planet and or urgently fix some undisclosed contamination. Logically, it could be something to do with nuclear radiation leak from the nuclear plants of the world.

One would expect that the best and truthful opinion will come from an expert. An “expert”, a person who specializes on the given subject and tied by an institution of the government. The problem is that the so called experts today are the very government. We have come to point where the elected governments are no longer telling us the truth. We have lost all confidence in our politicians that they are regarded as the corrupted power greedy men in Italian suit out to rob the wealth of the world.

In Malaysia however, cloud-seeding exercise and airplane contrails are often misunderstood and sensationalized as Chemtrails. Malaysia, believed to have engaged a company called Etheric Rain Pte. Ltd to induce rain.

“Rain engineering operations herein exemplify practical results achieved since 1968. Successful operations have been mounted in several countries, on the high seas, and latterly, in airborne applications. U.S. projects were advance-notified to the U.S. authorities (NOAA) on the prescribed Federal forms. Projects were then executed successfully.

For forty years, billions have been expended on the uncertainties of cloud-seeding. This crude chemical insult has proved futile in defeating drought, now an advancing planetary menace. Tons of cloud-seeding chemicals are injected annually into the atmosphere, descending to contaminate the life chain. Environmental cleanup must simultaneously be pursued environmental cleanup”. - Etheric Rain Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Unfortunately in Malaysia these cloud-seeding often result in short burst of heavy rain with strong winds. Causing trees to be uprooted and flash floods in the city not to mention property damages and loss of lives from flood, falling trees and/or lightning.

I recall a story where a senior citizen died from a falling tree. Months later his grandson tried to clear the insurance papers and was denied of claim. The insurer sends him home saying “natural disaster / act of god” was not covered in the policy.

The guy (grandson) got a lawyer and sued the government with just a newspaper cutting that said cloud-seeding exercise was conducted
the night before at the state where his grandfather lives. Thus proving the incident was “NOT Natural disaster / act of God” but "act of the Government". Of course he won the case and lived happily ever after, but subsequently the papers stop all mentions of cloud seeding exercises.

Denial, disinformation and lies are the governments of today. The chemtrails conspiracy theory holds that some trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials. As usual the government’s disinformation through their institution of scientific community and media states that they are just normal contrails, and that there is no scientific evidence supporting the chemtrails theory or simply there is nothing to worry about.

Therefore, one have to think and do a little of research to appreciate issues first hand. Gone are the days where you take everything the politicians say are true and correct. If we do so today, we are only submitting our intelligence, power as a human being and our rights to it.  And we the 99% will continue to live their “engineered life” of getting up every day, go to work, pay the bills, watch TV go to sleep and do it all over again, again and again - as money producing machines for the 1% goons.

Those, whom have broken out of this mental prison, I trying to identify the purpose of these chemical releases for the benefit of humanity - for those reading this article now. If these are used against us, for solar radiation management, population control, weather control, or biological warfare/chemical warfare; that these trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems.


A Finnish physicist Arto Lauri put a theory linking HARP with the Fukushima plant and the subsequent reason for the chemtrails, at least to the non-nuclear physicist. Prior to which I have read somewhere that Nuclear plants all over the world has been experiencing some premature corrosion in the reactor cooling system.  

HAARP was developed by and for the Oil and Gas industry. Many believe it was used for more than that as Dr. Nick Begich explains (click here). Arto Lauri however informed that in the 30 years of employment with Finland’s Olkiluoto Nuclear Facility, he had lost tens and tents of colleagues from various types of cancer.  In Arto’s YouTube disclosure on August 14, 2011 six months after the Fukushima earthquake, he explained his theory of what transpired.

“In 2008 the production of uranium turned to be negative in terms of energy efficiency. In the earlier year, Putin announced that Russia will stop producing Uranium, as it is unprofitable. At the end of 2008, Russia cut off the supply of Uranium, thus 70% of global supply was lost”.

“Europe hadn’t prepared for this, so there was a need to fill the gap in production. Areva announced that they have excess Uranium from the exploded facilities of Sellafied (UK) and Superphenix (Japan). This Uranium however contained 3.5% Uranium-235 and 6% of lethal Plutonium. Ann Lauvergeon stated that this was fine and it was approved by the IEA”.

“Then a massive cargo of this Plutonium was exported to Japan. During the first year everything was fine, until in 2010 - 2011 they started doing revisions to the reactors. When the reactors were opened they found out, that there was three time more afterheat and steam than normal. It couldn’t fit the drivers or ‘vetvel space’ where it supposed to normally vanish”.

“So they opened the reactors and started blowing the air to the atmosphere. This continued, they opened more reactors and started releasing the air, this caused ionization levels over Japan to skyrocket”.

“Then NATO and IEA which monitor the ionization levels were alarmed over the rising levels over Japan. First they tried to push the ionization down with chemtrails so that the nitrogensphere wouldn’t explode. 

It didn’t help. Then they started pushing the ionization cloud with HAARP for 2.5 days according to Russian and Chinese sources. With this 1000 megawatt device they pushed massive amounts of energy to the atmosphere. They didn’t understand was that this ionization cloud acts as an iron nail grounding all energy to the soil. This energy then reached the rock foundation and piezoactive quartz crystals in the ground started vibrating. These vibrations caused the rock bed to become unstable. So this tectonic boundary under Japan started moving. This caused the tectonic boundary to release its energy leading to earthquake that caused a Tsunami. When the Tsunami came, it cut off the electricity. This prevented the afterheat from the reactors to be pumped to the sea. They had to push it straight to the ether”.

“When the hot steam was pushed upwards it started “breathing”. It took in oxygen which led to hydrogen explosion. First the reactor #1 exploded. After a few days reactor #3 exploded”.

“At this point, as the rock foundation was tectonically active, the energy from the explosion went to the rock bed.  Under Japan, about 2 kilometers deep, there is methane-gas-cluster which is methane in the form of ice. It is based on the sensitive balance of pressure; the temperature has to be about 2 degrees Celsius. The impact hit there. Under the reactors the leakage of Neutron had drilled deep holes or pipes into the rock foundation. The methane-clutter under reactor #4 increased 168 times in volume. This is the theory of Nils-Axel Mourner. And it exploded in a second, coming up through the pipe with huge speed. It hit the reactor #4, which was stopped and contained no Uranium, thus everyone wondered why it even exploded”.

“Pictures were never shown anywhere and the public was not told about this. I’ve seen a picture where 14 meter thick concrete wall had exploded because of the massive impact. The methane-clutter came at a cosmic speed creating a blue one kilometer high flame trough the reactor. It made a lane of half a kilometer under the reactors. 15 minutes after the reactor #3 exploded, the reactor #2 damaged exploding. The whole chain of reactors exploded like this”.

“Everywhere on earth, starting in 600 meters there is a layer of methane-clutter which is about 1 kilometer thick. Germany that realized this, gave a panic-alarm to shut down the inextinguishable reactors, 9 reactors was shut down immediately. They realized that these reactors couldn’t be used in any circumstances because of the methane-clutter causing the reactors to explode”.

“In America they have lost about 10 reactors, also in France they have 2 reactors releasing smoke at the moment. This is happening all over the world”.

In the YouTube footage, Arto Lauri also elaborated the principle behind HAARP, who else has them and what else is it being used for. Whilst most developed nations are quietly rewriting the self-proclaimed “Safe” Nuclear plant programs, the third world countries oblivious to the IEA ‘cover-ups’ continue to ape the west for a share of the technology for themselves.

Many of the people who stepped forward in disclosure work are experts, scholars, ex-military personnel’s and scientists. Who broke themselves out of mental prison to tell the world what they know, because the Government and the media as we know it are no longer for the people. They bombard us with irrelevant subliminal programming, to keep us conditioned to do only one thing, work for them.



  2. Here's another

    A brief analysis of a BBC propaganda piece that attempts to explain away the 'Chemtrail phenomenon' as harmless Contrails, describing them as natural, pretty and helpful in combatting global warming... nothing could be further from the truth.

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  4. What's with the extremely heavy chemtrails in upstate NY? I hope they will be stopping soon or the damage to life here will be severe. They haven't let up all day and as white as the the cloudless day sky was, they just kept adding to it over and over. I feel like an insect in a garbage can and have no defense. Someone send the ET to NY and chase these crazy pilots out of here.

  5. Apa pendapat En. Ali pasal chemtrail. Saya sendiri pernah lihat bentuk sebegini pada 11 March 2011 semasa bercuti di pantai cherating. Saya dan rakan2 rasa tak mungkin k/terbang sebab banyak sangat.

  6. Hi Saliza. Sebenarnya saya sendiri tidak percaya Chemtrail digunakan untuk sesuatu yang tak baik, malah satu usaha untuk membetulkan keadaan/kesilapn. Dalam hal Malaysia, kita juga ada chemtrail untuk menurunkan hujan bila kemarau. Tapi hujan yang turun dari chemtrail (cloud seeding) biasanya lebat dan ganas - menyebabkan banjir kilat, kersosakkan harta benda, orang mati ditimpa pokok dsb. Namun niat mereka cuma untuk mengurangkan kesan kemarau. Oleh sebab ada kematian, maka kerja ini dirahsiakan demi untuk kebaikkan ramai.
    Begitu juga dengan negara lain, berusaha untuk menurunkan suhu dunia dengan pelbagai cara dan chemtrail adalah salah satu cara yang paling berkesan. Beberapa negara maju pada 11 March lalu melakukan chemtrail besar besaran untuk mengatasi pencemaran radioaktif dari Fukushima. Ia masih dijalankan sehingga hari ini dan salah satu kesan ialah hujan lebat dan banjir sperti di Thailand dan baru baru ini di Malaysia. Banyak kerugian dan kematian namun kerajaan samada disedari atau tidak terpaksa merahsiakanya untuk mengelak tuntutan ganti rugi yang mampu meniningkat ke RM jutaan.
    Beberapa pertubuhan NGO barat telah mengkaji kesan jangka panjang chemtrail dan berpendapat ianya boleh membantut kesihatan kita. Namun dakwaan ini rata rata dinafikan oleh kerajaan masing masing.
    Baik atau tidak, sama sama lah kita fikirkan dan buat apa yang perlu untuk diri kita dan keluarga.

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  8. You have proof to your claim as to your reply to Saliza?

  9. No Hisyam, I dont have.

    I only have historical recollection and hindsight common sense. I have a full time job on dont (never occured) to keep an archive. But it wont be difficult to compile if I put my mind to it.

  10. NOTE:

    The comment I made on Mar 10, 2012 07:55 PM was removed due to duplication of the latter.

    Below please find a link to an explanation of Chemtrail in Poland. I do not however subscribe to the reporter's disclosure nor disqualify her reports. Readers discretion advised

  11. Rain engineering operations herein exemplify practical results achieved since 1968. Successful operations have been mounted in several countries, on the high seas, and latterly, in airborne applications. U.S. projects were advance-notified to the U.S. authorities (NOAA) on the prescribed Federal forms. Projects were then executed successfully.

    For forty years, billions have been expended on the uncertainties of cloud-seeding. This crude chemical insult has proved futile in defeating drought, now an advancing planetary menace. Tons of cloud-seeding chemicals are injected annually into the atmosphere, descending to contaminate the life chain. Environental cleanup must simultaneously be pursued environmental cleanup. - Etheric Rain Engineering Pte. Ltd.

    Read more here:

  12. Chemtrails is true and it's been quite apparent now in Malaysia. I've been researching a few topics for couple of years already and the issue about chemtrails is quite real.

    Problem with malaysians is that they don't really do their homework and take everything which the western people say as absolute truth.
    things liks Gardasil vaccination or rather known as (HPV), chemtrails and also the latest mosquitoes release into certain areas of KL. All these is known to have effects to humans and it's done for the purpose of population control.

    I'm sure most of you are quite educated enough to go do some research on yourself based on the above and see how far the rabbit hole goes..
    good place to start getting real news which the world media would not want us to know..

    listen to world radio shows from people like lindsey williams, john moore, donny gillson.

  13. We are looking for more people or victim of mind control or victim of neurology weapon in Malaysia.


    global campaign against chemtrail