Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Kill Shot

The Kill Shot, coined by Ed Dames was uploaded on YouTube by 'Rbaz1981', is an interview that took place many years ago. There are 3 known specialists in remote viewing, Jose Silva Senior, Ed Dames and Gerald O’Donnell. Only Ed Dames viewed the events that we do not want to experience while Jose and Gerald says the opposite. The problem is Ed Dames have been right most of the time while the Jose and Gerald (in my opinion) have been wrong - most of the time.

Despite the depressing revelation from Ed Dames, there other source of information which are current that suggests event can and will be changed by a larger force. I’m referring to the Extraterrestrial intervention. Surfaced by abductees and contactees like Alex Collier, Miriam Delicado, Bob Dean, Tolec, John Kettler and many more are saying that these ET's will prevent total annihilation of life on earth.

The sightings in the first quarter of this year has increased in phenomenal rate compared to past statistics with physisit, scientists and astronomists discovering new things around our planet.

Unidentified object taking off from the Sun

Secrets to the Universe

The Mayan glyph

Physicist Nassim Haramein was presented with an ancient Mayan artifact. He explained the symbolism therein made some 26,000 years ago to be telling the exact thing we are witnessing now.

Look at the dark triangle on the Sun (on the left of the artifact) and check this video.

I’m beginning to love metaphysics, it keeps getting interesting. I have also been following the development from 4 most active and informative blogs. The Former White Hat, Kauilapele’s Blog, Tolec’s Andromeda Council and John Kettler Investigates. The development of ET intervention has not been in its highest climax now than before, only to get more intense in the coming months. This cyber community reckons that the end is not going to be as bad as what Ed Dames or Nostradamus prophesied. Quite to the contrary many believe that it is going to be an awakening and a peaceful, abundance and loving times. We will ascend to a greater being physically, mentally and spiritually.

To the beginners, this subject can give a migraine. Take slow and contact me for “2012 Ascension for Dummies”. Not I’m not selling a book, just post your questions and I will try to keep it as simple and edible as possible.

What is my take on all of this? We are the luckiest bunch to live through it, enjoy the ride.


  1. Hi Karim, great stuff. i think this one deserve some attentions... check the vid from dutch and the not normal light USE THIS VIDEO as Main Dutchsinse comment page '' u&context=G2020e9aFAAAAAAAAIAA

  2. Sememanya satu perkembangan yang amat menarik. Tapi saya tidak dapat lihat sebarang perubahan fisikal dalam hidup harian. Yang ketara cuma kenaikkan harga barangan dan masalah politik.

    Panas bila panas dan banjir bila hujan dikatakan kerana peralihan cuaca dan dari pencemaran. bagaimana pendapat tuan?


  4. Hi Mastura:

    Ada sesuatu berkenaan minda kita, "tak kenal maka tak cinta". Justeru itu, kita tidak akan nampak sehingga dah terlambat. Yang dikatakan "perubahan fisikal" sudah pun bermula. Tiada bukti kukuh selain ceramah panjang ahli politik yang nengatakan bencana alam yang kita alami adalah sebab peralihan cuaca dan pencemaran alam. Depa ni ahli politik mana tahu pasal sains. Janji dia dapat buat kita terus buat kerja untuk mereka.

    Perubahan cuaca yang kita alami sekarang pada hemat saya adalah activity matahari dan pelarasan sistem cakera (galaxy alignment). Kita masih belum pulih sepenuhnya dari zaman ais dan kini memasuki klimaks penutupan zaman tersebut. Bukti kukoh cuma boleh dihayati sepertimana tersebut dalam ayat Quran, matahari akan terbit dari barat dan turun di sebelah timur.

  5. 2012 Mayan prophecy taking place. But is nothing to worry, all will be well.


  7. James Maniam Ingram KarupiahTuesday, May 8, 2012 at 9:21:00 PM GMT+8

    Last few days our skyline for some reason looks different. It looked vast and peaceful. I had a feeling that something is going on.

  8. “Somebody is taking care of us” - Nassim Haramein (Aug. 2011)