Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Intention

The ministry of Human Resource Singapore recently announced that the monthly salaries of Singapore workers went up this year, for the second year in a row. “It shows full-time workers’ median income to be USD 2,283.00 (RM7, 121.85) a month against USD 2,113.00 (RM6, 593.49) last year - an 8% rise” said labor economist Dr Hui Weng Tat of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy - The Star Online.

It is a remarkable fact how Singapore time and time again beat the odds to emerge top in many areas of politics and socio-economic circumstances. After 46 years of its independence, Singapore has become an exemplary nation in this region compared to its 54 year old neighbor.

The average monthly income of Malaysian workers is about USD 961.00 (RM 3,000.00) p/month while Thailand and Indonesia is about USD 320.00 (RM 1,000.00) p/month.

“Attention thus needs to be focused on improving the wages and work opportunities of the 194,700 part-time workers, as they are increasing in number, and half of them indicate they want to work longer hours,” Dr Hui added.

As far as Indonesia is concerned, it’s not that simple to yardstick this figure due to its huge population compared to its smaller neighbor. Furthermore, Filipinos living in Indonesia had earned bragging rights as they “enjoy what is probably the highest household income among Filipinos overseas.” - Jose Z. Molano, Jr., adviser on Overseas Resource Development.
The key factor of Singapore’s rapid progress is actually every damned thing. From the government to the very person on the street, to have had the intention to beat the neighbor in everything (except sports maybe). Singapore is rated #1 in the “Least Corrupted Government” index. Something our own government lack - “the intention”.

As an example, the UMNO 2011 general assembly just ended with nothing more than the same crap about party loyalty, winning elections, mudslinging and Malay rights with none whatsoever in improving the socio-economic disaster at hand. The president’s body language during the loyalty pledge speaks a thousand words, that subconsciously he knows that this is just another crap cooked by his deputy and the usual Keris dramas from the outgoing Chairman, the Negeri Sembilan Macaque and the RM20 million mansion con artists. There was not an iota of conventional wisdom put forth to raise the living standards of the people who elected them or to steer the country out of chaos.

Mainstream Malaysians still believe that the various “Government Transformation Programme”, is only their personal business continuity plan with the intention to embezzle from the people.

May god bless Malaysians, in the coming election.


  1. This is an assembly for themselves, they can talk all the garbage they want. We are not interested.

  2. NST and The Star Facebook is blocking all anti UMNO comments