Sunday, November 27, 2011


The events of the world certainly seem as the manifestation of various ancient prophecies. Climate change, credit crunch, the U.S. Navy arsenals maneuvering into Gulf of Aden, Philippine Sea and Indian Ocean, (causing false flag worries to nations), the uprising in Middle East which infected Europe, U.S. and now brewing in South East Asia, with Indonesia seemingly looking ready to pop any time; is all set - for the whole world to go to hell.

On top of these, the stress level amongst Malaysians, is also brewing from local circumstances. The average ‘makan-gaji’ populations (taking me as an example), whom apparently reside at the bottom half of the pyramid, are having tensed shoulders, short-fuse and poor state of health of the reoccurring repulsive events locally. In such times, I think only a penniless monk can have a piece of mind from juggling with the socio-economic, corrupted politics, benighted religious authorities and now verbal harassment from our very ‘serumpun’ Indonesia.

1. Socio-EconomicAfter a life long struggle to make ends meet, we thought there will arrive a time we can rest our feet and enjoy the fruits of our labor. But that thought only remained as a figment of our imagination. The things we want seem out of reach every time we long for it, getting further and further away. The average income is the same while cost of living and household debts are on the rise.

The Government in their obsession to stay in power with dear life, are busy with favorite past time - mudslinging. Turning their back on private sectors e.g. Telco’s, Banks, Highway Concessionaires, Electronic Medias and every other customer service industries under the sun from having a field day in hiking prices and rape us to kingdom come. Indirectly raising crime rates and other social ills. Despite the PDRM declaration that crime rate has dropped, I actually see an increase and even brutal crimes escalating in my neighborhood. Without any in-depth analysis, I can guesstimate a good 80% of the domestic crimes e.g. snatch-theft, robbery, break-in, rape, gangsters and murder are committed by our ‘serumpun’ guests. While the locals win hands down in white collar crimes in which money laundering and cargo thefts are the favorites.

2. PoliticsResponsibility of a Government is infinite. In a nutshell it’s a balancing act between poverty eradication, addressing unemployment and entrepreneurship for success. Success then must be defined as it varies time to time, situation and circumstances. Like father to a family, it is their responsibility to stay alert and do what it takes to protect his family. Every country in every part of the world has their respective plans to bring their country to success and share the piece of cake with their people.

Modern man on the whole seems to be in the rising, coming out from the Augustus, King Arthur, Royal Kingdom or Iron Fist type of government expecting more than that from their elected representatives. Everyone today is entitled for their opinion, more intelligent and brave to exercise their rights and explore their six senses of what is right and wrong. In fact our Government seems to have the notion that running a country is a family business. To stay elected, roll out and display all kinds of Programmes and Policies (P&P) like a Peacock’s mating dance. Whether the P&P are genuine for the countries interest is any ones guess (after all what can you expect coming from a politicians). Hence the marketing begins on how P&P can drive a countries economy. We don’t know for sure if any P&P are good for us, but we do know it will work if we want it to; ‘Kalau mahu seribu daya, tak mahu seribu daligh’.

Nevertheless, one gets a little bored after a while when the P&P’s does not produce the desired results but remains as just speeches and preaches. One begins to wonder if the P&P was studied and implemented intelligently and was it genuinely for the country. You can’t blame the people for such an assumption because people are coming out of the coconut shell and travelling abroad to learn firsthand of how things are elsewhere. What we actually see is that billions are squandered from these so called P&P and despite 50 years of NEP, the poor is still poor and ‘Desa’ is still as crap as it was 50 years ago.

The gaps between rich and poor are getting larger and the acceleration rates seem to favour the cronies of the Government. In the determination to pull the country out of bankruptcy, the Government’s P&P in investing on new Royal Palace, PKFZ cover up, the NFC scandals; the whole family “technical trip” to Disneyland doesn’t seem to ‘jive’. It seems 50% of their office time is being spent in cover-up strategies or sniffing up what the opposition is cooking.

Despite the glaringly apparent, the old school marketing that the country is in peace and harmony with a stable economy has become…boring! That the government is sensitive to people’s interest and by caring for its people has sustained a harmonious race, with abundance of opportunity. This sort of speech is probably tempting in countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Sierra, Laos, North Korea, Somalia, Congo, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan – to name a few, knowing that such ‘ceramahs’ have been the way of life for the rest of the world. So much that it need not be mentioned; they need no justification every five years or so as they are a living proof of it.

As much as I am proud of my country, geographically, historically and culturally I can’t say the same for the people steering it. My gratitude to our great grandfathers to have given us the privilege today to walk out at 2:00 am to buy milk powder. But is it not the time to get over and move on? To me, based on our current state of affairs, in the year 2011 these are basic rights and no longer need to be reminded as a privilege. Otherwise it would sound like a threat. People don’t like to be threatened, it serve no good purpose for us to elect representatives that in return threaten us. And when you bite the hand that feeds, there is no good comeback. We can now see better that despite what is being preached, there is whole lot of a different ball game in the field.

Through the monopolized print and electronic media, every day we read (and watch news) page after page of garbage. Nothing you read is true, just more deception and deceit. Like each goon from both side of the camp is asking the other to emulate them. Emulate what? Emulate donations and contributions to the poor and needy - come on, where did you get the RM 233,000 from? They spent money on pre General Election marketing like it was their grandfather’s.

It is in fact repulsive to read or hear of the political campaigns which only serve as a deception for the power greedy. Indonesia may have used ‘Every Trick in Book’ to Top SEA Games Medal, likewise Malaysia use every trick in book to rig general election. Thanks to you by defeating, suppressing and denying every initiative by Bersih 2.0, they are now going global to have their voice heard.

To me the P&P’s lare just a business continuity plan with fancy names. By the lavish lifestyle of a select few suggests the plan is not for us hence we draw our own conclusion. That greed has taken over good governance. Due to this (and their busy mudslinging schedule), they have also lost their grip on their sponsors, large cooperation’s and institutions that dictate how our life should be. Banks, Insurance companies, Telco’s, Property developers, loggers, miners, retailers, doctors, lawyers and judges join the bandwagon taking turn to rape us. We remain suppressed, powerless, naïve, money producing machines, year in year out while they go on a luxurious holiday trips, acquire fancy mansions and exotic cars and perhaps some concubines here and there. I’m not asking to be spoon fed or to live the lives they do…come on! Just that I want to taste the fruits of my labor and the “Return on Investment” that I have put on you (if I have put it on you)*.

We practice racial harmony because we want to. Not because of your half-baked P&P’s. Our cousins, nephews, niece, in-laws and outlaws are also Japanese, Kerala’s, Portuguese, Bugis, Chinese, and Indians, Pakistan’s, Thais, Singaporeans and Indonesians. I hate to justify all of your actions to my classmates, neighbors and colleagues of why you choose to differentiate us. Of why you choose to bring up May 13 issues every now and then.

3. ReligionThe stress is twice higher for a Muslim. The religion of our choice is no longer a pleasure. Our Muslim name alone poses a threat. In Malaysia we are being watch and controlled over every damn thing. I can say the religious authorities are doing one heck of a job to procure moral values. Being self-proclaimed as “Enlightened Beings”, these ‘kampong mari’ leaders apart from being the main reason for renouncements of Muslims, has done nothing at all to curb, incest, pedophile and child dumping amongst Muslim. In fact people are beginning to think that religious authorities are having fun and get paid for it. They shove laws after laws down our throat, yet apart from making our lives difficult, from their so called mission to advocate moral values amongst Muslims in Malaysia; they have accomplished absolutely nothing at all.

Religious authorities just like the media serve the politicians. Using the mosque and Quran to mislead Muslims to support them in the grandest attempt to rob us off our wealth. I am perplexed that despite being raised as a Muslim, praying five times a day, seven days a week and 52 weeks a year, reciting from the Quran, yet the majority of us failed to display any of it in our lives. How come? Should it not be that we the Muslims are the ones, with more praying hours than others, with superior wisdom, with the way of life bestowed from the heavens;

• To have superior mentality then everyone else?
• Be the best example in the world?
• The most prosperous (or moderate) people on earth?

Then how come despite all that, our elected leaders whom supposed to set an example, receive bribes in abundance, swindle, practice favoritism, utter derogatory words upon others, instigating, frame up, lopsided laws, expect us to obey their law yet make exceptions for them? Masha ’Allah, they can’t even perform their basic duty without screwing it up along the way yet have the audacity to ‘fitnah’ those who can.

Islam in Malaysia and even around the world has become so benighted that the rest of the world is suffering from Islamophobia. The so called EB’s, Muslim scholars or otherwise are trapped in a narrow perspective whom can’t speak their mind without some goons going ape $h!t about it or enforcing some ‘Fatwa’ against anyone who speaks beyond orthodox our out of the box.

4. Indonesia (Ganyang Malaysia)
In the streets of Malaysia, hardly anyone notices the growing tension. I would not have known it should I not followed the 26th SEA Games. To my shock and disgust in search of games that I have missed, my browsing was persistently intercepted with anti-Malaysia videos and remarks. Most are downright insulting with serious racist slander. The response is no less sarcastic either.

It occurred to me that either some Indonesian youths are too free to put for their creativity on YouTube or there is really an anti-Malaysia campaign in Indonesia. To my disappointment I realize it is the media playing up anti-Malaysia sentiments there. From local newspapers, radio stations, talk-shows to news media, everyone is playing up anti-Malaysia. There is a video describing us Malaysia as “Muka Babi”, I mean wow! Is our face that different from theirs? They even have top military officials challenging their government to “ganyang Malaysia”. As much as they don’t like it, they still dwell on it and fuel up their jobless youth. Childish threat of the firepower ranking, ridiculing our authorities and how great their nation is. Great nation used to be but not like this.

As if our entire internal problem is not enough, we now have to endure our ‘serumpun’ wanting to Ganyang Malaysia. I learned that Indonesia has been obsessed about this ‘ganyang’ - for more than 50 years!? Their demagogue leaders produced and their media sensationalize anything against anti-Malaysia sentiments, from historical fact, territorial, Batik, Pendet and even the use of their language has become an issue. With mainstream Indonesian’s poor academic background, not able to comprehend what goes on outside their ‘kampong’ have become gullible to the garbage their media put forth.

I believe it’s their government’s strategy to keep them preoccupied with other things while they squander and embezzle their money. Really not that much different than Malaysia, at least Malaysians can read in more than 3 languages and can have a much better perspective of life then the Indonesians. Thanks to Tun Dr. Mahathir who brought IT literacy to us, or we could have succumb to the same IQ of the Indonesians.

I’m not generalizing but agree that both side of the fence has some good portion of gullible imbeciles. What is the point of bragging the size of their GDP when 62% of Indonesians don’t have any savings in the bank? - Jakarta Globe. What is the purpose of advertising their firepower being ranked # 18 in the world when one can’t use it for any real war? This new era, even a single accidental missile launch can land the country in trouble; the whole world will be up their @$$ in no time. And you know who and their allies will be more than happy to take over their soil, confiscate the military assets and its resources.

Then again I find it strange when I visited Kompas.Com forum. A member posted a survey "Does UFO exists?". To which there were mix of responses over some possible answers. many of them gave a very fair, open minded, liberal and intelligent answers. Answers that expands qunatum physichs and metaphysics. How come then there are some who spiral down to the narrow minded zones such as in the anti-Malaysia group whom waste waste so much of their creative time on Facebook and YouTube.

Maybe just maybe the Government should encourage English that will allow them to read and understand and appreciate the world’s mentality on war and culture. Once the do, then perhaps they will understand these:

+ Can the Arabs “ganyang” Asia for aping their religion?
+ Or can the Mayan’s sue modern man for copying their calendar?
+ Can the British go to war that we ‘maling’ their English language?
+ What is Indonesia’s plan with their culture?
+ Well you claim you are culture rich, but whats the big deal?
+ Who are these Malaysians - are we some alien mercenaries?

5. The CulpritThe government and their media has been the culprit in conditioning the gullible and imbecile citizens. Being controlled or suckered by leaders of broken promises, deception and deceit. Leaders who show up in Italian Suite and teach you how to suck an egg. Sometimes they also repeat verses from the Quran to us when they themselves can comprehend a darn thing of it.

6. SolutionPress freedom. Free and independent press to report the truths like the west and Europeans whom have contributed physical and mental development of their countries. To be recognized as developed nation with 1st class mentality and 1st class services.
Diplomacy in power greedy governments is not possible. We have to follow the Middle East. Just mob them, Ganyang them and not the Malaysians. Let the natural course take effect as people now are more aware how these scumbags in suite are ripping us off. The 1% as Pimps using us the 99% as Hos.

I sure hope that 21st December 2012 stuffs are true and get over with quick. I can stop wondering around insensibly - How I wish.


  1. KUALA LUMPUR: The concept of “Malaysian Malaysia” goes against the principles of moderation, 1Malaysia Foundation chairman Prof Dr Chandra Muzaffar said.

    Dr Chandra said some of today’s politicians were still promoting the concept which was mooted by former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew back in 1964.

    Personal touch: Muhyiddin handing over a gift to Dr Chandra during the launch of the ‘Understanding of Wasatiyyah and 1Malaysia’ seminar at Putra World Trade Centre yesterday.
    “The Malaysian Malaysia idea is a concept that is unfair and it goes against the principles of wasatiyyah, or moderation,” said Dr Chandra, when speaking at the “Understanding of Wasatiyyah and 1Malaysia” seminar at PWTC here yesterday.

    The seminar was organised by Umno in conjunction with its general assembly next week.

    He said the concept rejected and denied the basic rights of Malays and bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak, as provided for in the Federal Constitution.

    He also warned the 500-strong audience, mostly delegates of the coming Umno general assembly, of politicians who were prepared to go against the Federal Constitution just to please people of certain races so that they could win votes.

    He said the concept of a middle ground, which was often likened to the concept of wasatiyyah, should not be confused for allowing mismanagement and bribery provided it did not involve large sums of money.

    “This concept cannot be abused to allow practices that are clearly prohibited by the religion. This concept makes it clear what is right and what is wrong,” he added.

    Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, when closing the seminar, said Malaysia had remained peaceful because the majority of the people believed in the moderate approach in their daily lives rather than being extreme when practising their culture and religion.

    This, coupled with good understanding of the culture and religion of others, had ensured that the people continued to enjoy progress and lived in harmony, he said.

    “Through wasatiyyah, we have learned to think and act wisely without being extreme, too rigid or overly liberal. We are taught not to be a fanatic or to be so obsessed that we close our minds to other views, thoughts and opinions,” he said.

    Explaining the concept of wasatiyyah in the Government system, Muhyiddin who is also Umno deputy president, said it had helped spur development in an effective manner because the people’s wellbeing was always top priority when implementing policies.

  2. I'm not kidding! I think there is the beginning of a wave of Muslims all around the world deciding they've had enough of Islam's brutality and lies.
    The transparency afforded by the Internet and other methods of fast, global communication can not be combated by the usual litany of lies put out by apologists for Islam. The result is that people are putting distance between themselves and Islam.

  3. Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin once accused religious authorities of using a colonial system to restrict Islam, saying this could further provoke apostasy.

    The former Perlis Mufti was responding to the Selangor Islamic Religious Department’s (Jais) decision to charge PAS MP Khalid Samad over delivering an unauthorised sermon and for revoking Selangor PAS chief Dr Rani Osman’s religious credentials.

    You are right, we Muslims have to speak up and not let the what you call self proclaimed EB's to make a mockery of the religion

  4. In their discussion of Edward Said’s concept of “Orientalism,” Appelrouth and Edles make this observation:

    "The source of the West’s superiority lies not in its own “advanced” civilization but, rather, in constructing non-Western cultures through negative terms that project onto the colonized all those traits that the West cannot possess if it is to legitimate its position as the center of progress and the beacon of humanity….Thus, when a politician remarks that Muslims “hate us for our freedom,” this claim is dependent on a purified notion of what Western freedom has promoted around the world, in turn justifying an ennobled aggression against those who are “against freedom.” (Appelrouth and Edles, 2007, p. 616)

    The kind of dualism and cultural chauvinism described in the above passage is the hallmark of the ideological and rhetorical framework utilized by Western, particularly American, imperialism in its efforts towards the political, economic, and military conquest of the Islamic world. According to this paradigm, the Islamic nations are plagued by political repression, anti-intellectualism, retrograde cultural values, and severe social underdevelopment. By contrast, the Western nations are believed to bemanifestations of higher levels of enlightenment, progress, prosperity, “freedom,” “democracy,” and cultural evolution. Caricatures of this type dominate depictions of East-West relations. Such caricatures can be found both in the American media and in the statements of American officials. Numerous case studies involving examinations of the actual inner workings of Islamic societies show this to be a false dichotomy. Among the most compelling of these examples are Lebanon’s Hezbollah, contemporary Iran, and Ba’athist Iraq.

    The case studies examined on my article “The Enlightened West versus Benighted Islam; A False Dichotomy” indicate that Islamic societies, and particularly the politics of Islamic nations, are far more complex that what is typically depicted in the Western media. These biases and misconceptions can also be found in the mainstream of Western academic scholarship. The evidence indicates that Edward Said is correct in arguing that the treatment of the Islamic world by Western thinkers reflects a rather profound cultural chauvinism and unjustified attitude of moral and cultural superiority. Specifically, the common perception of Western societies as centers of enlightenment and progress, and Islamic societies as centers of reaction and obscurantism is rooted in demonstrably false assumptions.

  5. During a rift of the word "Indon", Malaysian media respectfully listened and changed all reference to "Indonesia". In a same time, when a singapore malay media prints on its front page "PRESIDEN INDON ....", the indonesians were just quite.

    we have been addressing Indonesian as INDON as long as I can remember. The sudden brouhaha by Indonesian people is still a fishy affair to me.

  6. About US Navy, it isn't logical! The biggest parts of US naval forces in Asia are in Japan and S.Korea and they are the most important factor against China or in the easters seas. A fleet or troops in Australia are not a bigger threat to China and they have no interest in that area anyway.

    Also India would not join with Indonesia, but with Singapore to keep control of the straight of malacca, especially with US influence, not to mention that Sindonesian forces are stronger.
    For India, any increase of US troops in Australia has no meaning, especially not against China, because the important area to keep China busy would be a direct threat to their borders, be it with Russian or Vietnamese help, or with US and Japanese navy in the south Chinese sea.

  7. Backwards classically Indonesian mentality is always an entertaining cabaret of imbeciles to behold

  8. I tend to agree with you. Mankind’s history repeats itself year by year, century by century - humans will always envy the neighbour for something it does not have.

    This is a story that has existed since biblical times. Two sons of Adam and Eve, Cain (Kabil) and Abel (Habil) fought each other because of jealousy. In the end Cain murdered Abel. This story existed since the time man was created and it will never end.

    From the Quran : The (selfish) soul of the other led him to the murder of his brother: he murdered him, and became (himself) one of the lost ones.

    Envy is a SIN. Pride is also a SIN. Both of us brothers (Malaysia & Indonesia) have sinned. Let us both now repent!

  9. I recently posted the chapter on Ganyang Malaysia on Indonesia's top blog Kompas.Com. I thought I will received tonnes of critism. To my suprise my article was well received and responded very liberally.

    There are afterall the greater part of Indonesia, alive and kicking.

  10. Jeez, this a damned good article. Well written.