Wednesday, November 23, 2011


KUALA LUMPUR: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad lambasted the purveyors of war in a speech laced with heavy sarcasm simply titled "War" delivered at an international conference here today.- NST, 18 November 2011.

"War is good for business. Killing people with weapons is good for business.

So reject peace. Reject negotiations. Reject arbitration. Reject courts of law.

Go to war. Kill, kill, kill. That's the way to solve conflicts between nations," he said sarcastically.

Besides killing people, war could also bankrupt countries, he noted.

"But wars cannot be abolished or made into a crime against humanity. It's too profitable and it is what gives power to the powerful countries," Dr Mahathir said at the conference on Arab uprising organised by Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF).

Dr Mahathir, who is PGPF president, said these mass killers now called their war machines their "defence forces" but it was obvious that they were not used solely for defence.

"They are equipped to attack, invade, shock and awe their victims," said Dr Mahathir, adding that their governments and industries spent huge sums in the invention of new weapons.

"Even children's toys give ideas for better killing machines.

Remote-controlled toy planes for children lead to UAV -- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. First used for aerial photography, they're now fitted with guns, missiles and bombs," he said.

He said gases, germs and rays of all kind were studied and invariably their potential for killing people was identified and developed.

"All these research, development, tests and production cost a lot of money, running into billions each year. But for these killing machines any amount of money is worth it," he said.

Dr Mahathir said the irony was that the same people who indulged in mass killings were the ones who were critical of Malaysia's capital punishment reserved for those trafficking drugs as well as murderers. - Bernama

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  1. Actually, this is more of a testament to what may happen over the course of the next four years. Absolute power absolutely corrupts. Bush and Co. had control over most of the American government, giving them the freedom to run things through our system that is supposed to be made of checks and balances. In short Bush had no restrictions other than the media. The same is true with this upcoming presidency. It doesn’t matter who is in the king’s chair, it matters how the castle is built.

  2. 911 was a conspiracy by the ZioNazi & specific USA special groups in the top administration... The building toppled b/c of explosives in the building possibly in the basement... YES!!! Demolition brought the building down...
    I say we convict the culprits starting with BUsh & Cheney.

  3. Btw. Watch this.

    After 9 years, many Americans are now opening up that the Bush administration framed things for their convenience at the expense of the 99% of the American people.

  4. Thanks for the link William. I checked it and is was interesting. In fact on the side bar I found another interesting video.

  5. Finding balance peacefully, forgiveness, a world-wide plan for amnesty, compassion, and love. Visioning a soution the washes away evil with the cleansing pure running waters. Our freedom is not dependent on punishment of others but upon our self enlightenment.

  6. Ja, Rich Buckley, its easy to talk of forgiveness compassion etc
    while you ponder on your safe couch lovely theories of perfection.
    But if you would ever be struck with true evil & feel the worst pain
    endurable you would cry another story.
    Bush sr. & Kissinger are the worst dracons on earth right now, they
    even blackmail many rich elites into compliance of their war mongering & deadly agendas. Look how old they are they have terrorized us since the 60's. They might be around for the next
    hundred years, unless the vibrations of the sun get so powerful as
    to melt this evil soon. These clonings must stop. They could be
    so easily disintegraded with the right vibration zapper (laser) from
    a distance without hurting the dozens of security agents protecting
    We all got this laser power in our pineal gland. All we have to do is, clearing out our pineal gland & unleashing it by drinking a gallon of 'Distilled ' WATER daily. They have intoxicated us into
    slaves with their poisonous water, air & food. But mother nature can
    heal us with her pure water. (that simple) & flush out all the toxins. Only 'distilled water' works, cause it has the negative pull
    to zap all the toxins in our body, thus freeing the pineal gland &
    boost our emotions. Then when a creature from hell gives a speech
    from hell right on TV, if thousands of people with cleared pineal
    glands put out their vibes of 'Kill' we all can watch this creature
    (clone) fold & disintegrade.
    OK, that's my story & i stick with it. I hope the right people will read this.
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