Sunday, October 30, 2011

Self-Help E-Scams

Recently I received an e-mail amongst other junk mail about meditation. I visited the site and downloaded their sample. Next day I posted my comment and to my surprise my comment was blocked. Unfortunately my comment was omitted by their promoter. I guess because I wrote that apart from the beautiful music ever put on meditation or brainwave entrainment tracks, I felt nothing at all in those 10 minutes or even after 3 loops.

I accept the fact that brainwave entrainment works differently to each and every listener. Although its ironic and frustrating for me is that after more than 2 years of meditation (active and passive) with over 730 cumulative meditation hours, I have had only one short burst of astral projection, one remote- viewing (which I couldn’t do a darn thing about it) and one foggy past life regression. Therefore there must be something in it because something does work. Other than that my life is as miserable as it has been the last two years.

I have come to a point to give up the hundreds and thousands of LOA e-books, meditations, subliminals, Paraliminals, hypnosis, EFT, enlightenment, awakening, spiritual ascension, mental healing and all sorts of courses as just some elaborate internet scams. Be careful which ones you choose as there are several online marketers whom have been promoting armature products with fancy virtual packaging and fabricated testimonies. They incentivize their staff from more than 20 countries to fake positive comments and reviews of the product/s through forums, blogs and Facebook using various names - often by the same people.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against our doubt the credibility the products, but I can’t stand aside and watch people who really need help are being suckered into their game. The game of “
Pimps and Hos” as portrait in the documentary the “Ghetto Physics”. I have done Silva courses, Centrepointe’s Holosync (Level 2), Quantum Mind Powers, Paul Scheele, Steve G Jones, Gerald O’ Donnel’s RVRI, Om Life, Brain Salon, Quantum Jumping and listened/read of other Gurus, Tom, Dick and Harry out there whom have miles of testimony about their product/services. Yet I’m still trapped in my limited, restricted, cocooned state of mind.

So folks, careful where you put your money, get out of the game - there are too many pimps out there.


  1. WHAT would you do if you have a million bucks? A poor government clerk from Bihar, a remote and poverty-stricken region of northern India, has become the first person to win 50 million rupees (RM3mil) on the popular Indian version of the gameshow Who Wants to be a Millionaire? - The Star, Monday 31st October 2011.

    “Sushil Kumar's win is a classic case of life imitating art as the script is similar to that of the 2008 Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. According to the Associated Press, Sushil said he would spend some of his prize money to prepare for India's tough civil service examination, which could lead to a secure and prestigious lifetime job. He would also buy a new home for his wife, pay off his parents' debts, give his brothers cash to set up small businesses and build a library in Motihari so the children of his village would have access to books and knowledge”.

    Malaysia has 39,000 millionaires excluding Politicians. If only they have a drop of heart like this teenager...

  2. Hi, I understand your point of view completely. I actually got something from everybody I listened to and kind of connect the dots.
    It's hard to have your life consciously lived as our brains prefer to make habit out of everything. I believe that if you can do only one way of "calming" and refocusing, and you stick with it, and then do it by default, you can have a lot better results. Especially in the area of how you feel. Perception is everything, so if you can calm and refocus, then you can simply make better decisions regarding how you choose to feel at any moment. And thus - be less miserable, if at all. So these programs actually help but it is hard to implement them on a daily basis without first making it a habit.
    I am continuously being amazed at how fast something happens whenever there is an intense emotion attached to it. All the best to you!