Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have heard about Dato’ Ambiga’s name now and then, here and there but paid no special attention. I thought BERSIH 2.0 was some kind of new software in the market, not until a month ago where I learned what it was all about. I have to thank BN and Perkasa to have drawn my attention from the amount of racket they caused. Having known that, I have been kicking myself on where the heck have I been virtually during the Bersih 1.0.

The Gormen must have pissed in their pants for Bersih's might. Becaused from 6th July leading up to the eve of 9th July ’11 I was amazed and intrigued by the road blocks, BN’s extra ordinary smear campaigns and massive traffic jams around the country. They even got Mosques to modify Quran to suit to their ill intended campaign. I saw for the first time how in trouble the Gormen is. They panicked and tried their best to distract attention when what they were doing was actually the opposite. They took control of major press, blogs and TV from broadcasting anything in your favor. They deployed every imaginable enforcement units to their advantage, as if they belonged to their grandfather.

Contrary to the false reporting by the local media, I saw millions show up all over Klang Valley. Where in tarnation did the media get their statistics that it was below 200,000? Well despite more than 500 arrests, several injuries and one dead - we stood the ground. Amazing that despite the Gormen play with racial kads, flash Keris, NEP, Ketuanan this and that, 80% of the turnout was Malays and 19.9% was Indians. I guess the balance was too "chicken shit" to show up.

Know this madam, that you are the second most powerful Malaysian since TAR. You shadowed AI and TDM, much to our delight. The 9/7 Rally is a tip of an ice-berg, whatever it is you are doing Dato, keep it up - “may the force be with you”. Sooner or later the uprising will get rid of the real ghosts and demons and liberate Malaysians from the dog eat dog life we have been “arm-twisted” into.

Funny though, PM said those who turned up and got trashed by Police and FRU’s are “pengkhianat” - aik apa macam ni - why the uncivil language?

Two months back 'depa' preached that “the uncivil language Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had used against him just shows that the Opposition leader is trapped in ethics-free politics”.

He added that “political differences were acceptable but they should concern issues of interest to the people and not take the form of personal attacks”
In any case, he said "This (Anwar's uncivil language) has not caused me to lose sleep because I am sure that people can judge for themselves the action of a leader like him."

Well Malaysians wont loose sleep as well for being named “pengkhianat” to fight the corrupted, ghosts and demons.

Cakap tak serupa bikin! Diamond rings anybody?



  1. Sabar bang, kata orng putih setiap anjing ada haria dia. Kerajaan yang penuh tipu fitnah. Tamak kuasa sampai gunakan agama untuk berlakon. Curi dari rakyat dan melaknatkan negara. Haram BN haram UMNO.

  2. The government’s reaction to the Bersih 2.0 rally, which the coalition for free and fair elections has called for July 9, raises important questions about the state of civil liberties in the country and its implications for our democracy.These reactions include the arrest of over 100 activists and supporters of the Bersih 2.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and other parts of the country, a raid on the Bersih 2.0 secretariat and seizure of T-shirts and paraphernalia related to the rally, banning of the rally T-shirt by Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and warnings by the Inspector General of Police and other officials against participating in the event.

    It remains to be seen at the next general election whether that gambit has worked.

    R B Bhattacharjee is an associate editor at The Edge.

  3. Kempen anti-BERSIH oleh kerajaan nampaknya sudah naik ke mimbar masjid apabila khutbah Jumaat yang disediakan Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) hari ini melarang umat Islam hadir berdemonstrasi pada 9 Julai ini.

    Dengan menggunakan gelaran yang keras seperti pengkhianat dan pelampau terhadap penganjur dan pesertanya, khutbah mendakwa perhimpunan BERSIH haram diikuti umat Islam kerana boleh “mencampakkan manusia dalam kebinasaan”.

    Dalam khutbah itu, penganjurnya Gabungan Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (BERSIH) juga didakwa memperjuangkan kepentingan individu atau fahaman tertentu tanpa mengambil kira sensitiviti dan kepentingan awam.

    “Dalam usaha mencapai matlamat perjuangan, golongan ini akan melakukan demonstrasi jalanan, perhimpunan haram, mereka berarak ke hulu-hilir, berkumpul untuk bertindak ganas, merosakkan harta awam, melanggar undang-undang negara malah sanggup mencederakan pasukan keselamatan,” khutbah itu dipetik.

    Paling malang, menurut khutbah Jakim, golongan itu berlindung atas nama hak asasi manusia serta menggunakan media dan internet untuk menekan dan mengugut pemerintah dalam memenuhi tuntutan melalui peniruan keganasan di negara asing.

  4. BN bangsat, goblok, penipu, perompak, pelakon haram akan mampos tak lama lagi.

    Mengunakan Islam dan hak Melayu untuk melagakan kaum, fitnah dan tipu helah dah tak boleh pakai.

  5. Malaysia's capital, in recent weeks, the country's opposition has been hoping to add a note of jasmine—of the political, not floral variety—to the air by calling for nationwide electoral reform. On Saturday, however, another scent was added to Kuala Lumpur's mix: the acrid smell of tear gas fired at protesters in a crackdown by security forces that ended with more than 1,600 people detained. Two political bigwigs, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and one of the heads of the country's largest Islamic political party, were among those taken into custody.

  6. For weeks now, Bersih, a collective of 60-odd NGOs that goes by the Malay word for “clean,” has been agitating for a change in the way Malaysia conducts politics. The Southeast Asian nation regularly holds elections, and Prime Minister Najib Razak's governing alliance actually faced an unprecedented onslaught by the political opposition in the last general balloting in 2008. But Bersih contends that Malaysia's polls are still prone to irregularities, ranging from vote buying to unfair access to the media by the ruling coalition. Malaysia's next elections are supposed to take place before mid-2013. Despite the opposition's record gains three years ago, Razak's National Front coalition and a previous political incarnation have ruled multiethnic Malaysia since it gained independence from the British.

    The government says that Bersih's decision to hold a protest was illegal because it had not received official permits to congregate. “They had only one objective, to make the international community have a negative perception of Malaysia,” said Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein in a statement released to state news agency Bernama. “The opposition wants Malaysia to be seen as an unstable country, upset the economy and topple the government which has been elected democratically.”

  7. But human-rights groups decried the firing of water cannons and tear-gas at the protesters. “The Malaysian government must immediately release these demonstrators and respect their right to peaceful protest,” said Donna Guest, deputy Asia/Pacific director of Amnesty International. “As a current member of the U.N. Human Rights Council, the Malaysian government should be setting an example to other nations and promoting human rights. Instead they appear to be suppressing them, in the worst campaign of repression we've seen in the country for years.” Human Rights Watch was equally blunt. “This is a maelstrom of the Malaysian authorities' own making,” said Asia deputy director Phil Robertson in a statement. “The failure of the top levels of the Malaysian government to engage in good faith dialogue with citizens demanding basic electoral reforms is the heart of the matter.”

  8. Corruption, denial and unfairness underlies the stubborn BN. Not to mention, the Information Minister with his shallow views and in-comprehensive command of English single handedly embarrassed the entire nation with his Al-Jazeera interview.

  9. Hannah; the Malaysian Home Minister is an @$$-hole, whom does not have a mind of own...

    The Piglet is controlled by his wife and the idiot who goes by the name Muhyiddin is nothing but a lier, manipulator and scum.

  10. Malaysians regardless our race, has achieved unity through this memorable event. Us youth especially has came to realization that our parents and ancestors had enough with suppression by the government for over few decades. I strive to complete my education on law in UK and come back to my country to serve, vote and make a change for a better future.

  11. Si penipu BN dgn sgala taktik tipu helah masih tak berjaya tahan tunjuk-prasan di KL. kami bangsa Malaysia dah tahu sangat, fitnah BN mengunakan hak Melayu, Islam dan macam2 lagi untuk rembat duit rakyat. Kita sama2 hantar BN ke neraka ye?

  12. 'What is the necessity for a show of might against right? No matter what, right will always prevail.'—Ambiga Sreenavasan, civic opposition leader

    Demonstrators of about 300,000 marched in defiance of Najib's corrupted administration, which instead declared the rally as illegal and warned people repeatedly to avoid it.

  13. Malays are lovely folk. You will never be lost, thirsty or lonely in Malaysia because they make it a point to take care of strangers. It once took me an entire day to walk a block in Melaka because of all the pots of tea and conversations I encountered with everyone I met.

    The government must have done something really bad or absolutely nothing for them to be really pissed. I wish them a speedy development to real democracy...

  14. Every Islamic Dictatorships appear to be coming apart at the seams. These Two Bit Thugs, Fake Kings, Fake Princes, Datuk T’s, Piglets, Scums have had their day. The sooner they are kicked to the curb the better!

  15. PM said today those who participated in the rally despite his advise are 'pengkhianat'.

    Does this mean also the UMNO Youth Head whom got "tangkap basah"?

    Kettle calling the Pot black noh? First he said can do it at Stadium than he told Police not to issue permit. I wonder who is the "pengkhianat"?

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