Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Researchers Picked Ch'Ch Earthquake

Researchers Picked Ch'Ch Earthquake

Dec 2012 is just 18 months away. Consequently I’ve ramped things up a notch. This blog now has a new design that helps new visitors find important topics more easily. And, I think, it looks nicer as well. Only took me a few months to find the best design (if such things interest you, I am documenting my blogging experiences at

Lately I have been posting 2012 information roughly every second day. Going forward I expect to be closer to once per day. Maybe it is just me getting nervous, but it seems that more and more pertinent 2012 information is turning up. Please keep in mind that while most of my readers have a particular 2012 angle they are more concerned with, I’m pretty much following every possible aspect.

BTW, the book Survive 2012, is almost finished. It has been a bizarre experience writing it, with my opinions and focus changing like the seasons. I’ve decided to leave out the bigger picture aspects (evolution, mysterious elders, pyramids are bunkers, we live in a simulation), and concentrate on the two factors that are most pertinent:

- what might happen?
- where will I be safe?

This will be the first time I have charged for something I have written. In a roundabout way it serves an altruistic aim. Ultimately I wish to get any 2012 information I have out to as many people as possible. Online that means several thousand people per day – but many of those visitors will be casual and skeptical. The ultimate plan is to sell enough ebooks to convince a major publisher that there is a market for what I have learned. People who invest in physical books will, in my opinion, treat the content more seriously and are more likely to take recommended actions.

While I don’t want to be inundated, I figure I’ve spent more time looking at safe spots globally than just about anyone, and if anyone needs advice for their specific situations, just ask.

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