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1:6 ~ Creation
Like many I’m just another amateur in this subject. Jumped into the bandwagon of Quantum Physics scouting around here and there to make sense of the many questions I have about our mind, our existence, purpose and the entire relation with the universe. In the course, I learned many things that only uncovered more questions. I have a series of issues to share and perhaps attract likeminded bloggers to comment.

It is said that we in the flesh are the creation from a speck of dust from the grand universe, manifested as beings over trillions of years. And that our brain is a micro replica of the grand universe itself. Yet we view the earth, planets and everything in it as separated, remote or foreign. We forget that in the grandest of things, through the chain of command we are all one. Just one, with the creator whomever or whatever he/it maybe. Only that we have yet to learn how to connect.

Metaphysicists are only scratching the surface that we are influenced by each other just from the thoughts we unconsciously project and receive. Through some unknown energy and matter, some beings can move in perfect formation/synchronicity e.g. flock of birds, pool of fish just from these telepathic communications. Sensing an earthquake, weather and/or an impending Tsunami. Some also say that there are no coincidence and accidents in our lives and that they are meant to be.

To humans there are more unknown then there is known. What I’m writing has not been confirmed by any scientific community - yet I speak out of my intuition. If the mind is the receiver of the greater consciousness of the universe, men certainly have not arrived to perceive even 1% of them. I guesstimate 1% because we do occasionally get hunches, gut feelings or dreams. Perhaps the 1% intuition is a trade-off with the ability to invent tools compared to other animates.

Thousands of years ago, there may have been. Science managed to ridicule them as hocus pocus or mambo jumbo that literate men of egoistic nature refuse to explore what is beyond the books. In confinement to Occam’s razor, we never explored if we human can perceive things beyond our five senses. Why the nerves of vital body organ meets at the foot, or why do we have hair but not fur and so on? Why is that all our prophets, artists of inspiration and Punjabi men have long hair? Among the common reasons given at least by the Sikhs are that it is honor, self-respect, courage, spirituality, and piety. It remains a closely guarded secret, for all we know; the truth may not be acceptable to the society just yet - a society that believes on facts and figures. Don’t ask me why the Monks shave - I don’t know (But I suspect that’s the reason in slowing them down; to master astral projection). Maybe the long hair for these men serves as an antenna of the cosmic energy. This makes me wonder - that women with long hair are more matured (and civilized) then men with short hair.

The interesting thing about it is that in the last 5 years or so, there has been a sudden surge in awareness amongst people, to intuitively accept and explore this phenomenon. The ancient Sumerians foretold this event that man in the coming Golden Age will come back to exploring beyond their five senses. Will no longer compete or suffer, have anything and share everything. Will this happen I don’t know but I can sense the signs that such myth to materialize soon. We may not have the opportunity to telepathically heal another in our lifetime, but our great grandchildren will be able to.

2:6 ~ Beliefs, thoughts & feelings
Irrespective to the two hemispheres of our mind, we have an agreement that our mind comprise of the conscious and subconscious; that operates differently in at least 4 different levels - the beta, alpha, theta and delta (from the state of fully awake to deep sleep). Though scientist/physicists/neurologists/Metaphysicists and even the Dalailama have yet to concur where exactly is ones consciousness is situated, the point where it transmits or receives. Is it at the fore head, throat, heart, abdomen (chakras) or is it just a thought outside our physical body that is amongst the invincible black energy of the universe. Interesting yet it will take many more years to understand them.

What we do know is that our mind is the greatest assets. With it we can have or do anything we want, based on how it was nurtured by our parents, teachers, friends, media, experience etc. We know now that thoughts and feelings have a lot to do with what we believe in. And what we believe in has a lot to do with our thoughts and feelings and they all are based on the ego state of mind embedded at the subconscious level from nature and nurture. If so, we are most certainly engineered beings. Engineered to accept Occam’s razor, that "the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one" as we act, talk, feel and respond to things based on these thoughts, feelings and beliefs programme in our subconscious mind.

Example, my perception is that just based on information overload from the number “9/11”, we the human species had consented to the U.S. in support of “War on Terror” based on feelings. Gave it a thought and almost subliminally believed in events displayed on “May 2nd, 2011” will come and it came - only through the portrayal from media, yet none of us have actually seen the said master mind. In doing so, we have been party to the deaths of more than 900,000 lives based on these beliefs, thoughts and feelings, from the work of one man. Was it Bush or was it Bin Laden, we will never know.

Secondly the same can be said, how Portugal was decided to be the World Cup champion before the final match took place. Was it really Paul the Octopus or was it a consensus in thoughts, feelings and beliefs of millions of soccer fans?

And the best; God all mighty himself whom the theists have never seen, touched, heard or spoken to, yet strongly believe in The and relentlessly institute the fundamentals. To the atheist, what made them think otherwise?
The principle is still locked in “Seeing to believe” or “Believing to see”. With beliefs, thoughts and feelings we can do or have anything we want - if we know it. And through learning, we can expand or change them - if we want to.

3:6 ~ Ego state
In the earlier post, I’ve mentioned that thoughts and feelings have a lot to do with what we believe in. And what we believe in has a lot to do with our thoughts and feelings and they all are based on what were embedded in our subconscious mind from nature and nurture. Whenever challenged, the subconscious mind responds, constructively or destructively based on how we feel about it. In a nutshell, this is known as the ego state of mind. Only with an open mind, through learning, can we change or expand them.

The ego may not be a bad thing. It’s the firewall to our emotions, a protector of the larger ice piece submerged under. It’s a signature of a person. Often these signatures at a conscious level do not “click” with another and those who do - get along just fine. It takes a while before the conflicting information settles in with the ego and stored for life in the subconscious mind. Ego can make or break a person.

Case 1: Some men practice their golf swing with an invincible golf stick while waiting outside their kid’s school.

Case 2: Some women, wear tight fit that show up like the Michelin man,

Case 3: Despite born as a Malaysian, some people can’t speak, write or read reasonable ‘Bahasa’, determined by the notion that their mother tongue is far superior and the enthusiasm to retain culture, they hog other Malaysians waiting in line at immigration counters, post office and registration office and/or any government service counters asking officers to explain everything about filling out a simple form - and instigate the ego of others waiting in line.
In retaliation what they do is their business and they don’t give a damn what others think - says the ego. Ego is so powerful that if you push it, it can get violent even physical. I have posted, read and commented on many topics here, good and bad. Come across many intelligent minds, naive as well as downright dumb. Of course these descriptions are based on my ego state of mind as I am no saint myself.

Case 4: In blogging (CB, MI, MM, MotorTrader, PaulTan.Org. etc) 80% of the names I have dialogued with speak (write) with ego, including yours truly - each with unique signatures. This is perfectly normal for the present human species (refer chapter 2:6).

The interesting part about blogging is that it’s two-way and live. You get what you give instantly and you will never know what you will get until you got it - get it? After blogging for two years, I have had an opportunity to exchange intellectual perspectives from many, improved my social skills and made new friends. In the process, I also learned how easy it is to fish out the hypocrisy from the ego state of mind. Usually when I respond, I would think through, put myself in the other shoe and explore all paradigms before making a statement. I understand that sometimes we can’t help it when once in a while an imbecile comes along - to just shoot the poor basket.

In Badminton when we serve a “bola gantung”, we must get ready with what’s coming back. Likewise in blogging, be prepared with a counter smash. Train the mind to resist being a spoilt brat when you could not return that smash - stay focused with the issue.

4:6 ~ Muslims in prayers
Since I am a Muslim, perhaps is only appropriate that I write my thoughts about my fellow Muslims in prayers, particularly Asian Muslims.

Muslims in my opinion are the only people on earth whom have more praying hours compared to any other religion. We pray 5 times a day, 7 days a week. And if one were to put himself at the outpost of the universe, he will note that the transmission of ‘Azan’ is continuous at every grid of the earth, in five directions and it never stops throughout the universe. If there are extraterrestrial beings roaming the universe, they would certainly assume that planet earth is inhabited by Muslims.

Yet there seems to be something wrong. Despite reciting all the verses from Quran five times a day, we are not any wiser than the rest. I think most Muslims pray five times a day consciously because it is one of the 5 pillars in Islam (a requirement rather than an opportunity), yet do not understand what we are praying about subconsciously. The majority (‘Ulamas’ and ‘Imams’ included) have practically memorized the verses in Arabic and may not really appreciate the meaning of each of those verses. I am in the opinion that when we can’t associate feelings with what we affirm, we won’t understand it and hence will not be able to manifest them. Would our politicians conduct themselves the way they do if they understood it? I’m not saint myself and one can understand to a certain degree of failing to confine to everything.

“God knoweth all” maybe but how could God awards us something that we ourselves can’t comprehend with what we affirm? We need to be conversing Arabic with the Arabs at least for a year to subconsciously comprehend the verses. As an example, if I were to say to a friend “Hang ni mangkok betul lah”. A direct translation in English to a foreigner would be “You are a real plate”. Yet that is not what we locals understand them to be.

My best bet is, translate all our prayers in our mother tongue to appreciate and manifest our thoughts and feelings. This I believe has been a gross oversight by our so called Enlightened Beings. Perhaps this may have been the reasons why the Arabs live in abundance of wealth and we don’t. I guess the same apply to fellow Christians as well, how many actually understand the Bible, really understand it? I have read some, there’s one in almost every hotel room. I can read English too, yet I can’t comprehend many of them.

The same to a Buddhist, with a car sticker that says “Namo Amitabha” and various ornaments hanging on the rear view mirror; weave in and out of traffic recklessly instigating other’s feelings.

My point is, beliefs, thoughts and feelings have to be in sync, to do or have anything. Otherwise it would end up doing the right thing at the wrong time or doing the wrong thing at the right time.

5:6 ~ Smoke & Drive
My ramblings of the mind continuous. While we dwell and try to understand the mega perspective, allow me share my understanding about conscious and subconscious mind through basic things. Between driving while smoking cigarette and driving while on the mobile phone. Many people have said that both are equally dangerous and should be banned altogether. I think not.

To most if not all, driving a vehicle to any given destination has become a subconscious activity. Because when we are driving, our conscious mind is engaged with other things like listening to the radio, watching out for abnormalities, thinking about certain routines, work or simply daydreaming. During which time the subconscious mind handles the technicality of the driving like turning on the ignition, steering the car, braking, accelerating, changing gears, respond to traffic lights or nudging back to stay on route etc. The same is with smoking while driving where the activity of smoking is actually a subconscious activity. Let’s call this ‘normal’ driving.

However, ‘abnormal’ driving would be like talking on the phone (hands free or otherwise) because these are not a subconscious activity. Including being engrossed with conversation with a passenger of trying to tune in into a specific dialogue from the radio DJ. It involves a two way reception (the source and our concentration) and worse of all will be texting while driving or checking the makeup. These are conscious activity and it elevates the need for full concentration. Taking away the subconscious activity described in the latter ‘normal driving’.

Hence creating risk of accidents and road rages to other motorists. Take note that those whom are in the abnormal driving usually drive slow on the fast lane, never within the dotted lines and seldom use the signal to turn. They hog the traffic and assume others are tail gaiting and misunderstand when the middle finger is shown.

I have also noted that in most fatal accidents, there is usually more than one person in a car. Seldom is a single driver involved in an accident (unless they have been texting or simply fatigued). This suggests conversations while driving is also a hindrance to the driver to enjoy the conscious mind engaged in pleasurable or risk free thoughts.

Recommendation? Drive alone, no hand phones (hands-free or not) and switch off the radio.

6:6 ~ Remote influencing & healing
Again I must warn readers that my recommendations, statements and opinions have not been confirmed by scientists. I’m compelled to express my intuition anyway.

Having understood about the mind is perhaps the very basic to learning beyond it. At the age of 47 I feel sad not learning about this phenomenon much earlier. Although I had an instinct, I was too obsessed with work, family, financial security, job etc. Yet what I know now is just the tip of an iceberg.

The next step to healing and/or remote influencing is the ability of being one, one with our self, body and universe. In Islam it starts with “niat” and “kusyuk” during the prayers. The facing of Kiblah, Ihram, Ruku, Iktidal, Sujud and Tahiyyat has an added neurological healing, if done in “kusyuk” - not a ritual that our religous leaders assume.

Alternatively, is to spare a good 30 ~ 60 minutes a day just for ourselves. While sitting or lying down in a comfortable posture, take several deep breath and block off the mind chattering. Difficult at first but usually can be overcome with “niat” or intention/affirmation that you are going into quietness, just before you start. Concentrate on the air flowing in and out of your body. Without moving a muscle, feel the breath and every part of the body. Imagine some flow of energy throughout and healing the specific area you want healed. Imagine the DNA’s are unwinding and rewinding energetically, glowing and sparkling. As simple as that - the end.

Once we are out of it, it feels great. Like we just had a good 7 hour sleep. More visualization techniques can be deployed to heal specific chronic illnesses. Just search Mental Healing on your browser and you will find more than enough detailed tutorial on this subject.

Remote influencing on the other hand is easy compared to healing. It’s just that we don’t believe in such nonsense and hardly play around with it. But once in a while when we do, it happens. When it does people label us as “mulut masin” and our ego refuse to believe it.

Maybe I can better explain it through my experience. Many moons ago when I used to travel and stay in Hotels, I don’t rely on alarm clock or the Hotel’s wake-up call. Just before I knock off, I repeat 3 times mentally that I will wake up at say 6:00am. 99.999% of the time I will wake up exactly on the dot. My colleagues, bosses and clients hate me for this when I’m always first at the hotel lobby. Likewise with appointments and travel time. If I say I will reach the place at 6:00pm, I will arrive at 6:00pm (give or take 5 minutes) - G’Frenz can confirm this.

Another thing I would do like before meeting a difficult client, or boss or a lawyer. The night before I will affirm “I’m going to sleep now. When my mind is connected to Mr. XYZ, I will wake up and I will know exactly why I woke up”. I’ll repeat this several times and go to bed. True enough at about 3:00am to 5:00am I will wake up and I know exactly why. I then sit on the bed and visualize meeting Mr. XYZ and having the kind of conversation I expect it to be. The next day when I meet Mr. XYZ 50% of the time it will proceed the way I visualized it. Why only 50% is because during the other half of the attempt, the comeback was not good for the other person. Meaning I have a preprogrammed subconscious mind that it has to be a win-win situation or this technique should not work.

In healing, I had a slip-disc some 10 years ago. After going through regimen of medications and tests from SJMC the pain never stopped. Six months later I felt numbness on the right side of my body. I feared the worst is to come and dreaded turning into a vegetable.

At the age of 36 with two young children, “no way in hell I’m going to fall for this”. I put a stop to my thoughts and changed it. I got up, brushed off the notion and took a walk to a shop, just to put off the negativity and continued my days as if I never had a split disc.

A week later I took my daughter to MPH book store. While she was busy looking for her stuff, my eye caught on a book - Mental Healing. I picked it up and the book was all about overcoming back problem. I was surprised of the event as I don’t like reading. Bought and finished it in two days. Completed the exercises in one week and after another few months I forgot about the pain and the tingling sensations I had from the right side.

Last year I went to KSA and managed to climb a 300 meter hill (Jabal Nur). Out of 60 people, only 12 made it to the summit and I was 12th. Occasionally today I join some friends with badminton, although they beat the crap out of me in the match, I’m happy that I can play it.

Lastly, I conclude the chapter with this. Why is that that everyone whom have won the Toto, Lottery or Magnum said they will give away half of their wins to the orphanage, poor and needy, help their relatives or expand their business? Could this be the very reason they win it in the first place? We all can promise the same thing, but it would not be an affirmation from the subconscious mind - and our ego knows it is a fake.

Therefore folks, we are all born with a gift. A remote control in our head. It’s only that we should play with it often. Have faith, think positive, believe in it and be happy with it.

Search Remote Influencing in your browser for more information.

Reference: Alitstar Resources

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