Sunday, April 10, 2011


Responsibility of a Government is infinite. In a nutshell it’s a balancing act between poverty eradication and success. Success then must be defined as it varies time to time, situation and circumstances. Like father to a family, it is their responsibility to stay alert and do what it takes to protect his family. Every country in every part of the world has their respective plans to bring their country to success and share the piece of cake with their people.

Modern man on the whole seems to be in the rising, coming out from the Augustus, King Arthur, Royal Kingdom or Iron Fist type of government expecting more than that from their elected representatives. Everyone today is entitled for their opinion, more intelligent and brave to exercise their rights and explore their six senses of what is right and wrong.

To stay elected, Governments all over the world roll out and display all kinds of programmes and policies (P&P) like a Peacock’s mating dance. Whether the P&P are genuine for the countries interest is any ones guess (after all what can you expect coming from a politicians). Hence the marketing begins on how P&P can drive a countries economy. We don’t know for sure if any P&P are good for us, but we do know it will work if we want it to; ‘Kalau mahu seribu daya, tak mahu seribu daligh’.
Nevertheless, one gets a little bored after a while when the P&P’s does not produce the desired results but remains as just speeches and preaches. One begins to wonder if the P&P was studied and implemented intelligently and was it genuinely for the country. You can’t blame the people for such an assumption because people are coming out of the coconut shell and travelling abroad to learn firsthand of how things are elsewhere.

Despite the obvious, old school marketing that the country is in peace and harmony with a stable economy, has become…boring. That their government is sensitive to people’s interest and by caring for its people has sustained a harmonious race, with abundance of opportunity. This sort of speech is probably tempting in countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Sierra, Laos, Myanmar, North Korea, Somalia, Congo, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan – to name a few, knowing that those ‘ceramahs’ have been the way of life for the rest of the world. So much that it need not be mentioned; they need no justification every five years or so as they are a living proof of it.

As much as I am proud of my country, geographically, historically and culturally I can’t say the same for the people steering it. My gratitude to our great grandfathers to have given us the privilege today to walk out at 2:00am to buy milk powder. But is it not the time to get over and move on? To me, based on our current state of affairs, in the year 2011 these are basic rights and no longer need to be reminded as a privilege. Otherwise it would sound like a threat. People don’t like to be threatened, it serve no good purpose for us to elect representatives that in return threaten us. And when you bite the hand that feeds, there is no good comeback. We can now see better that despite what is being preached, there is whole lot of a different ball game in the field.

We can see that our feelings are being aroused, instigated every now and then to support their P&P, through monopolized print and electronic media. And when the plans are in action, they squander on it and I am left standing the way I was last year, the year before and before that. I am getting tired of broken promises, false gifts and deceptions. Something my religion teaches me to refrain from and if I’m not mistaken…everyone elses too.

To me the P&P’s looks just like a business continuity plan. The lavish lifestyle of a select few suggests the plan is not for us hence we draw our own conclusion. That greed has taken over good governance. Due to this (and their busy mudslinging schedule), they have also lost their grip on their sponsors, large cooperation’s and institutions that dictate how our life should be. Banks, Insurance companies, Telco’s, Property developers, loggers, miners, retailers, doctors, lawyers and judges join the bandwagon taking turn to rape us. We remain suppressed, powerless, naïve, money producing machines, year in year out while they go on a luxurious holiday trips, acquire fancy mansions and exotic cars and perhaps some concubines here and there. I’m not asking to be spoon fed or to live the lives they do…come on! just that I want to be a taste of the fruits of my labor and the “Return on Investment” that I have put on you (if I have put it on you)*.

We know that it was all just a marketing campaign when you show up at kampongs and estates with TV crews and sweet talks. We knew it was cheap marketing because you came only before the election. After which we only see you on TV, laid back, sleepy eyes with all kind of excuses. There is only one thing I can think of how a leader can afford to be arrogant to his people. *Because in his subconscious mind, he cant deny that he got there not because of the peoples votes, but he had a hand in it. Why/how else?

You don’t have to preach that this soil is mine and mine only to fuel your plans. In fact, we know it’s ours and we have nowhere to go even if you chased us out (if you have the b…). Forget the roots of who came from where or how we came about; it does not make sense to what we are today and where to we are heading. It does not add value to your P&P (if it was meant for us).

We practice racial harmony because we want to. Not because of your half-baked P&P’s. Our cousins, nephews, niece, in-laws and outlaws are also Kerala’s, Portuguese, Bugis, Chinese, and Indians, Pakistans and thanks to you even Indonesians. I hate to justify all of your actions to my classmates, neighbors and colleagues of why you choose to differentiate us. Of why you choose to bring up May 13 issues every now and then.

You have been so long in power that you are beginning to think that the Parliament belongs to your grandfather. As if it is your birthright to shove policy down the throat of the very people who put you there. It’s lame and cheap to cloud us with what YOU did for this country many years ago, as if we don’t know. What we do know is that the YOU now are not the YOU our great grandfathers build. Shame upon those who leverage on what our great grandfather sacrificed for, they are beyond comparable “sik’kit pun tara malu” for you to have a free ride at their expenses. Or can I say “lembu punya susu, sapi mau nama”?

Talk about religous upbringing, I am perplexed that despite being raised as a Muslim, praying five times a day, seven days a week and 52 weeks a year, reciting from the Quran, you failed to display any of it in your life. How come? Should it not be that we the Muslims are the ones, with more praying hours than others, with superior wisdom, with the way of life bestowed from the heavens;

• To have superior mentality then everyone else?
• Be the best example in the world?
• The most prosperous (or moderate) people on earth?

Then how come despite all that, you utter derogatory words upon others, instigating, frame up, lopsided laws, expect us to obey your law yet make exceptions to yourself? Masha ’Allah, you can’t even perform you basic duty without screwing it up along the way yet you ‘fitnah’ those who can?

While the rich get richer (which we actually don’t mind), the poor get poorer (that we do mind very much). We don’t know what happened to your policy because ‘Desa’ is still as crap as it was 50 years ago; average income is the same while cost of living and household debts are on the rise. With an added bonus in the correspondingly increasing problems from poor socio-economic environment i.e. theft, robbery, break-in, drugs, teen sex, incest’s, child abuse, corruption, accidents, Ah Long, Kak Long, Mak Long and Kangkong are not getting any better - if not worse during your reign. To overcome it, you just add one law after another so you can sit comfortably in your office. So you see as I figure, it is you whom have been the ghosts and demons all along.

Your performance in the last six months has been rather outstanding. I am amazed and proud to see the actions. But I am also not the type to fall into recency effect and I hope the rest of my fellow Malaysians are too. If so, perhaps it’s time we ‘korban’ you this time and Insha’Allah, we see you again in the next election. Until then please keep up the good job and cooperate with whoever might take your place. We might change our mind.


  1. Indignados: Global Uprising

    Several months back I wrote an article about the ‘Middle East Uprising’ in CB. Well the uprising now had reached New York - USA, Roma - Italia, London - U.K., Berlin - Germany, Paris - France and Athens - Greece.

    Yeah baby! I can’t wait for Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia. I’m tired of working like a dog to make ends meet. Now is the time to take a break, release stress!

    The end of ages for the religion, banking world and politicians - culprits of broken promises, deceit and deception. ‘Time for Korban’ - enough of the drama’s.

  2. Well Alitstar, your prediction had taken place on the 28th April '12.