Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My comment in one of Lion Girl Blog post inspired me to write this. That our unnoticed master of our mind and body of whom/what/which has been in absolute control of our lives has been and always be the one and only ego.

Ego from my own definition is a conscious energy that lingers at the center of our being, not attached to any specific organ but has the ability to control thoughts and feelings from above the subconscious, conscious and superconsciously level. It uses the thoughts and feelings to activate our DNA to do or have anything it deems appropriate, even without our consent.

What the ego does is based on what the “you”, “me” and “I” have programmed it to be, through nature and nurture. How we respond to news, instructions from parents, boss, a religious figure, doctor, medicine man or Feng Shui master are predetermined way in advance by the ego before even the mind have a chance process them.
I noticed people like MD Doctors, PhD Doctors, Scientists, Tan Sri, Dato etc. live their lives with high ego (HE) and someone who lets say never got proper education and/or limited interaction with people of various social level to live by low ego (LE). I don’t know where to put religious leaders yet but bear with me. In a way, the ego ranks our self-esteem and put us where we are now. Over the years, it would have developed great power to defeat any other ideas not in its favor. This concept, as simple as it is, sometimes a stumbling block or effortless success in anything they do. Most often, egos points us to some unhappy or even tragic event in our lives and make us refuse to believe that we have created is with our own thoughts. Such power of deception, which all of us poses yet unable to control.

But if you examine your thoughts closely, you're likely to discover negative ego competing with positive ones. In one breath the ego says, "I want to achieve happiness." But in the next breath it gives yourself a thousand and one reasons to be unhappy: your job is stressful; the weather is unpleasant; bills are piling up; you're overweight; the neighbors are noisy; you are late for an appointment; and on and on. So while your stated goal is happiness, your ego is working overtime to create just the opposite.

It is not a bad thing to have ego, only that we hope it’s on the positive side that generates positive thoughts and attitudes, which in turn manifests healthy body and mind. It gives a person the drive to do or have anything.
As an example, every New Year, many Feng Shui masters emerge in forecasting what the near future holds. They arouse the ego of people by forecasting which horoscope group of people has the chance to manifest wealth, love, peace or whatever. Subjects (people other than the Feng Shui masters) will process the information differently from each premise (positive or negative) based on their ego level.

To me there is no magic that comes out from a Feng Shui master, just that his/her clever optimism and positive thoughts projection that they implant in our mind that matters most. If we can suppress the ego and walk away with that thought, the mind will work on an auto mode to make it happen. Bring to us the images and incidents of likeminded things so that we can act on it and say “hay it works” or until it manifest and job completed.

Unfortunately for some, the invincible ego that is always down under ready to serve or counter the thoughts. Too much knowledge and experience may not necessarily be a good thing for our ego. For such person/s, when a Feng Shui master tell them that by this October you are going to be a millionaire, their ego state of being will say “yeah right!” because based on their knowledge, acquiring millions of dollars requires time, effort and a systematic trade of products or service, which are reserved to a select few. But it would mean entirely something else to an e.g. illiterate under experienced person where the ego not having any former knowledge of this will look for the answer how to, in the background while you go about complaining about life.

The same can be compared when and what our parents tell us, our teachers, banker, boss, or a spiritual leader. Each of their statements will be evaluated by our ego and then passed on to the subconscious mind to transmit feelings and thoughts whether it is achievable or not.
What would be most interesting for the high ego person is to understand how did that Feng Shui master arrived to his foresight. Does the facts and figures produced by the master is in sync with the HE person? If it does not sync, then it will be sent to the garbage bin.

I don’t know about other religion but in Islam it is so easy to train or rehabilitate the ego. It’s within the 5 prayers in a day, every day. All we have to know is what is the meaning to those things we say in prayer.

1. To really understand them ourselves instead of leaving it as “God all mighty knows everything and anything”. I would recommend translating them to any of our mother tongue so that we can subconsciously, consciously or superconsciously understand, feel and visualize it.

2. At the end of the prayer repeat what is it that we want changed
The problem with most of us (not all of us) is to only ask to be placed in heaven in the afterlife, good health and peace. Yet our intention of life on earth itself has not been clearly defined, taught and thought out. Where Mansions, Mercedes Benz, Artist wife and exotic holidays supersedes anything else and all other teachings are useless.

Either way, whatever or whoever teaches, preach, institute or tell us anything, we decide (or have decided) of the outcome. Therefore, what we have now is what we created. We can say thanks to our ego or just face it that we have been its victim/ally.

As a matter of fact, my ego is so powerful, that it had convinced me that it was all the Government’s fault.

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