Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Malaysian Enlightened Beings: Count your blessings

Amazing, how twice in a year politicians become wise preachers.

I am referring to a stunning and inspiring statement issued by DPM on NST Prime News (17 Nov. '10) “Muslims must undertake self-appraisal aimed at enhancing their faith and piety to God” He added that “Muslims must strengthen ties and unity in Islam, regardless of wealth, rank, race, culture or political ideology” -
Fuyoh! Cayalah...

On the front page of the same paper, the PM said “Never reject the comforts or take for granted or responsibilities as His servants in this world. Muslims must refrain from committing destruction that can lead weaknesses, humiliation and, eventually, decadence of ummah as a whole”.

Such inspiring, jaw-dropping words that I wish is advocated on daily basis by all Malaysian Muslims. In fact it should have been five times a day. Shame on our EB’s to let politicians to do their job.

But I have this funny feeling, whilst it sounds like addressing the Malaysians in general; they seem to direct to specific group.
The group within their own group who squander on public funds for wealth and abundance, using NEP, Islam and racial sentiments as a disquise for the "latter"cause.

I pray that such good words stay intact in their own minds forever and ever and not vaporise tomorrow or else it would become the usual "cakap tak serupa bikin".


  1. Bro, all these are hypes for coming election. These are the taikos of cakap tak serupa bikin.

    Ask them to go preach at Putrajaya, and call Khir Toyo, his wife and Muhamad Taib along.

  2. You are right, anonymous.

    Such inspiring words should come from the EB's, advocated on a daily basis.

    If they (the EB's) have been doing their job properly, politicians need not remind us about our fundamentals. Referring to the Aidil Adha, I think the first thing to be done on this day is to pray in gratitude to God’s bounty; and after returning from the prayer we slaughter our sacrifices (in the name of Allah), and whoever does so, had acted according to the Sunnah (traditions), right?

    But what I don’t understand is, after 1432 years of progress, the Sunnah is still followed as a tradition but not to share God’s bounty - by sacrificing wealth. We wait for once or twice a year and hardly sacrifice 1% of our wealth to the poor and needy, and rejoice with them.

    What about sacrificing that 10th or 11th Exotic car, the 4th holiday trip to Disneyland or downsize that RM 20 mil mansion and convert them to aid the poor and needy? Do we need politicians to break it down to our EB’s? Then at least they will be no necessity to squander on the NEP allocation every year, yes?

    I pray that such good words stay intact in their minds forever and ever and not vaporise tomorrow or else it would become like what you said "cakap tak serupa bikin".