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“For the past six decades, the Zionist regime has continuously oppressed the Palestinian people. Despite resolutions passed by the Security Council, these were ignored by Israel.” – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia. - NST, TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2010

On Monday June 8, PM had tabled in Parliament 15 motions to condemn Israel’s May 31 attack that killed nine people on convoy of vessels bearing books, cloths, toys and stuffs. This is despite the failures of more than 22 Arab countries*, whom share the same blood line and mother tongue to resolve their own problems for more than six decades.

Malaysia stands bold, against those Arab countries and the world that although it is a conflict of international waters, is firm and compelled to condemn the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu on behalf of their adopted brothers. As the Malay proverb ‘Cubit peha kiri, peha kanan sakit juga’ (pinch my left thigh, the left thigh hurts too).

Such are the determination of Malaysian Government, activists (and extremists) and the 40 plus members standing behind the PM on the above photo shoot. The 15 motions that Malaysia will use to lash Benjamin Netanyahu and United Nations where it hurts most are:

1. Strongly condemn the attack by the Zionist military regime, under the orders of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on the humanitarian aid mission vessels to Gaza which has resulted in deaths and injuries to civilians;

This statement will certainly hurt Benjamin’s reputation. Benjamin will never after this face the light of the day – padan muka hang.

2. Record profound disappointment with the United Nations Security Council on its mild statement on the violent attack by the Zionist regime on the humanitarian aid mission vessels;

Let this be a painful lesson to UN for sleeping on the job. They should take Malaysia as an example, of how steadfast we are in handling and compounding racial tensions, street protests and grafts, shame on you UN.

3. Decides to demand that the United Nations Security Council censure Israel and not merely issue a mild statement;

Yes, UN. Just look how our country handled to Cow Head and Church arsons. They were shot on sight...For God’s sake, how difficult is it to follow our example?

4. Decides that Malaysia cooperates with the member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Conference, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Arab League and other like-minded countries to uphold the principles of international law, including human rights law, international humanitarian law and the Charter of the United Nations, in dealing with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza;

OK, we will give you a year to decipher what that means, but you watch out! Our eyes are on you.

5. Urge like-minded countries to propose a motion to the United Nations Security Council to refer the situation resulting from the attack by the Israel Zionist military regime to the International Criminal Court;

In other words, this is hard hitting point to the Arab Leagues to put aside those side opening exotic cars, luxury car drifting, diamond car decoration and ice-skating. Concentrate on what’s going on here. And no more overseas trips, jeans, perfumes and pole dancing OK?

6. Urge like-minded countries to propose a motion to the United Nations General Assembly to seek an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice;

Meaning in the event we shot our mouth a little too loud, sorry ah. We are just trying to gain Malay votes for next GE. No joke no fun...he he!

7. Request that the state of Turkey consider initiating action under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court;

You @#$%^ are the neighbours, for crying out loud do something!

8. Call for a fully independent investigation to be conducted on the attack by the Zionist military regime and not merely an impartial investigation;

Ooo...this means we are not messing around, baby. You know what happened to our TBH and PKFZ conspiracy? And now the Sime Darby gate, better you don’t ask...

9. Fully support the demands by the international community, particularly the Human Rights Council through its Resolution of June 2, 2010, for an accountable and fully independent investigation to be carried out on the attack;

Yep, you got that buddy?

10. Demand Israel not to block any humanitarian aid convoy to the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza, consistent with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1860;

We are serious, or we will come down and kick your @$$

11. Welcome the action by the state of Egypt to unconditionally open the Rafah border to ensure the unobstructed channelling of humanitarian aid;

In return, we promise an MM2H package for you. SPA included.

12. Appeal to the international community to continue extending humanitarian aid to the nationals of the Palestinian Territories in Gaza without being intimidated and undaunted by the threats of the Zionist regime;

Yes, so we can irritate the Israelis to kill more Palestinians when the Hamas show the middle finger from across the border.

13. Express appreciation to the states of Jordan, Turkey, Ireland, the Philippines and other countries that were involved in efforts to secure the release of Malaysian nationals who were detained by the Zionist regime;
Indeed. Thanks to the hooligans on the MyVi Marmara too.

14. Urge the Palestinian people to unite in safeguarding their inalienable rights to establish a free, independent and sovereign state of Palestine; and,

Oh course, last but not least. We can arrange MM2H for them too.

15. Express the solidarity of the people of Malaysia towards the cause of the Palestinian people in the establishment of a free, independent and sovereign state of Palestine.

It’s for the election you know...

We Malaysian stand proud over the motion passed unanimously by the Dewan Rakyat. May God bless all our intelligent, dedicated and professener Politicians and “Semoga Dipanjangkan Umur”.

We await for the announcement who will be the brave minister to hand the motion to Benjamin, and pray for his safe return.

*Arab League, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Algeria, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Oman, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, Palestine, Israel, Mauritania, Somalia, Djibouti, Comoros etc.

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  1. You sure have the nerve to write this. But anyway, I like it. Its the truth!