Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away there was a planet called Fatheren. The planet one day was bombarded with solar flares that disturbed the system and imploded. About 500 million life-forms on this planet suddenly became homeless. They have only one option to survive, to find a planet that has water, air and gravity.

All of them had an instinct that there is such a planet somewhere in the Milky Way system. They immediately chart a course to this system, which will endeavour many challenges.

Unfortunately, about 250 million of them perished during the gruelling journey. As the other half got closer to the Milky-Way system, more died manoeuvring through the system, leaving only 1 million of them to get a glimpse of the faintly emerging planet earth. As they entered the earth’s atmosphere at tremendous speed, 786,000 beings burnt up and died. 176,000 of them died on impact on the surface of the earth. Only 38,000 survived the impact.

But to the surprise of the surviving beings, earth was dry and turbulent with constant volcanic activities. They had to find water quickly to survive. Exhausted and hungry, 31,280 died looking for water. The 6,720 did find water and got a chance to live. But out of exhaustion and inability to adapt to a new environment, another 6,719 gave up and died within the next 7 days. The 1 that survived pushed on.

Without any knowledge and help, with sheer determination and hope that one being started life on earth. 6 billion years later, it created the planet earth as we know now.

That one life-form that survived is YOU! From your fathers Spermatozoon to your mother’s Ovary. If you can beat 499,999,999 of your brothers and sisters to be here and read this, it only means one thing, you can do it again. – David Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big.

I dedicate this video to all readers.

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