Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Taking the baton from Mr. Pierre Lewis’s excellent post “Life Is but a Journey”. A journey indeed, on a path to learn and appreciate what we have an in store.

I watched a documentary about the dynamic communication capabilities of various species and got my thoughts straying. That it is only after more than 200,000 years that modern men have learned that all animate beings can and has been communicating with each other, all along. Sea creatures communicate via various tones, frequencies and pitch, unique to land animals and those in airs and in the forest. Engineered by billions of years to suite each environment.

It seem if Mother Nature would have made everything the same, communicate on the same field of spectrum, earth would be one noisy planet. It was only more recently did scientists discovered the reasons for the mass beaching of whales, dolphins and the reason for polar bears to attack humans etc., are caused by man’s own activities.

It took man 200,000 years (or more) to learn, appreciate and admit it. To accept the fact in the more resent 2000 years we have stepped into the animal kingdom and violated their livelihood. That the species mentioned can’t take it anymore with the noise and pollution we created, through oil drilling, shipping traffic, Nuclear Submarine’s 24/7 sonar pounding, radio and telecommunication broadcasts, experiments/soil testing’s, overfishing, deforestation, pollution etc., which is distorting the species’ field of communication and reducing their coverage area to scavenge for food, mate and play.

See it is ironic, puzzling that despite man having an edge in communication and brain power managed to perceive only a glimpse of what life is all about. It took earth 6 billion years to manifest us and this is what we have got? (Speaking of intelligent, civilized species).

Here comes the “chicken poop for the soil”. If the latter is the case, then how come some men, took it upon them that they are superior than us, that despite having known practically nothing about life on earth; to decide and institute law to what they think is right for us in the name of “instituting moral values”. Sure, we can understand the necessity for law and order, but with cultures and religions...
Aren’t religion is something of man’s our own choice? Who choose to embrace any based on what it can do for them and humanity. If so (putting God’s message aside) who are these religious leaders to punish us for things we do or don’t do from the belief that we voluntarily choose from? What made men, any men, individual or group to be any greater than the other (considering the circumstances we are in now).

I know this, that the one who holds a gun has the power. Does this also mean that when one knows the equation to E=MC2, have the right to Quantum Physics? Or does one who have memorized the Quran/Bible/Encyclopedia Britannica/Revelation of Nostradamus/etc. is an ‘Enlightened Being’?

As much as it may sound nonsense, it is interesting and thought provoking to put it that way. Well folks, like Mr. Pierre Lewis puts it, life is but a journey, enjoy the trip.

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