Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Malaysia

I'm not into politics, or do I like them or will I ever be in. It’s just that the reputation of politicians around the world has rather, been a bad example to peace and unity, with an exception to Dr. M. Even the extraterrestrial being is advising us to stay away from them.

“…beware of men of broken promises and false gift…”
The Chilbolton Crop Formation
21st August 2001, Hampshire U.K.

But this time I am compelled to express support for Malaysia's sixth Prime Minister and his vision of One Malaysia. I don’t know exactly what he meant. Or whether or not it’s old news or taken from someone else’s idea, but his slogan in some other way has a profound impact to me. That it is the awakening of people in the coming new age. His intentions are pure, probably local to unite all Malaysians to have one common sense and purpose. To stop the bickering and ‘get-a-life’.

However, what many will soon realize is that the slogan is paramount in the manifestation of dreams and vision; it can be achieved better and faster with the entire population affirming what they want and acting on it, with one voice, one though and one desire. I don’t mean start another riot, but the opposite.

Leaving the PM’s good intension aside, in the coming Aquarian age (if not already here), which is said to be on December 2012, earth and all living things will get an upgrade. Humans will have matured to new heights with greater consciousness. Which has already begun in most part of the world. So far only the Asian’s are seemed to be left out from what the rest of the population is anticipating.

Spiritualism, hocus-pocus, mambo-jumbo which was once myths of the Asians are now being embraced by the westerns. The merger of Church and Science is becoming an interesting arena. Opening door ways to our mind’s limitation, reformatting our belief system. Thanks to Quantum physicians, many now is beginning to believe that there are other dimensions of consciousness. That our schooling on earth is funded by these dimensions (gods).

Earth can be healed within a fraction of a time if only we ask. Ask with the same intense feeling, with love. Without a single bit of greed, hatred, jealousy. Can we pull that off?

As many spiritual masters foresee, we are in the right direction. We can have it all if we can think, talk, walk, feel and ask for the same thing, just as stated in the law of attraction.


I hereby, sincerely, with all intentions bless our PM and Malaysians, with abundance of love, that we shall live in happiness, peace, healthy, wealthy and full of vitality from now to the next 26,000 years in this heavenly soil and so be it.

Back to One Malaysia, the PM may have some other agenda in his mind. But this will help drive Malaysian’s and the world to prosperity. I truly hope the PM will lead a new leadership with a new paradigm. He can not replace Dr. M, but we certainly hope he will take it from there.


  1. 1 Malaysia??? Will we unite???
    We all have different agendas....

  2. I will. Believe and it will, what ever the agenda it is...Be well!

  3. We need to define our objectives first!
    Malay with Bumiputras... Chinesse with the economy... Indians with the words...
    How about corruptions?

  4. Easy actually. Remove all those things you have mentioned, completely out of your belief system. What do you have?

    Our objective is to live in peace, wealthy, happy, healthy and full of vitality. There is more than enough out there. Do we want it? How bad do we want it?

  5. Come to think of it, Malaysia is far better than Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philipines, Argentina, Mexico, U.S. and many European if you put a % to corruption.

    Like Alitstar said, how do you look at it. Do you want to dwell into it? If you do you only help manifest it again and again.

  6. Objectives! We all have one. If I'm planning to drive up to Penang for holiday, my objective will be to have maximum fun. Unlikely I will be interested with the guy who overtake me from the left, or then one flashed or honked at me or that accident I saw on the left.

    I might saw a 'Wow' to the BMW that overtook me but ultimately, I'm looking forward that fun up ahead.

  7. Focus on the good it brings, constantly, persistently and religously.