Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MIND POWER FORUM: Seven Steps to achieve your goals in 2009


  1. There is something about "new" that keeps our thoughts occupied with new resolutions, new dreams, new hopes, new plans and new wishes. New Year gives a perfect starting point for opening the next chapter of our life and making it better and brighter than the previous one.

    Unfortunately not all of our dreams and desires become reality. Keeping the initial enthusiasm and motivation over the long period of time is often tough. If you have made resolutions last year you probably know how difficult it is to stay committed to them.

    The reason why so many people give up on their New Year's resolutions almost as quickly as they make them is simple.

    While resolutions for the New Year give us a wonderful sense of positive intent, they are extremely hard to stick with unless we turn them into clear, well-defined goals.

    Here are some goal setting tips that will help you to stay on track with your resolutions and make the upcoming year unforgettable:

    1. Get It Right The First Time

    2. Pick Your Goal!

    3. Concentrate Your Efforts On JUST ONE Goal

    4. Create Your Mantra

    5. Decide On An Action Plan

    6. Make Your Success Inevitable

    7. Build On Your Success

    January 1st is a great starting point to change your life for the better. Make no excuses next year! Do something that will take you closer to your goal every single day. Even a tiny step towards your goal creates momentum and boosts motivation. And it is a step that you will never have to take again.

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