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Eid al-Adha falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah and lasts for four days. Eid al-Adha meaning "Festival of the sacrifice", also called the Feast of the Sacrifice, or Greater Eid, “Hari Raya Korban” is the second of two religious holidays celebrated by Muslims worldwide each year. This is a very sacred month in the Islamic calendar, marking the end of the year. It is also in this month in which the Dhu al-Hijjah takes place, which literally means "Possessor of the Pilgrimage."

The Hajj (as many would know is the fifth “Pillars of Islam”), a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime, when one is able and have fulfilled his obligations. The Hajj and Eid al-Adha is not related, it is two separate occasions. It is during this month that pilgrims from all around the world congregate at Mecca to visit the Kaaba. The Hajj is performed on the eighth, ninth and the tenth of this month. 

The Eid al-Adha on the other hand the "Festival of the Sacrifice", begins on the tenth day and ends on sunset of the twelfth. Eid al-Adha has no significant correlation with the Hajj. Eid al-Adha honors the willingness of Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his young first-born son Ishmael (Ismail) as an act of submission to God's command, before God then intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead. In the lunar-based Islamic calendar, Eid al-Adha falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah and lasts for four days. In the international Gregorian calendar, the dates vary from year to year, drifting approximately 11 days earlier each year. The days of Eid have also been singled out in the Hadith as "days of remembrance". 

“Days of remembrance of what?” Well it all took place some four thousand years ago in Makkah where Prophet Abraham (pbuh) faith was tested. One of the main trials of Abraham's life was to face the command of God to sacrifice his dearest possession (his only son Ishmael).

Makkah, Circa 1990

Although Abraham was ready to sacrifice his dearest for God's sake, he could not just bring his son to the place of sacrifice without his consent. Ishmael had to be consulted as to whether he was willing to give up his life in fulfillment of God's command. This consultation would be a major test of Ishmael's maturity in faith; love and commitment for God; willingness to obey his father; and readiness to sacrifice his own life for the sake of God.

Abraham presented the matter to his son and asked for his opinion about the dreams of slaughtering him. Ishmael did not show any hesitation or reservation even for a moment. He said, "Father, do what you have been commanded. You will find me, Insha'Allah (God willing), to be very patient.

His mature response, his deep insight into the nature of his father’s dreams, his commitment to God, and ultimately his willingness to sacrifice his own life for the sake of God were all unprecedented.

When Abraham attempted to cut Ishmael's throat, he was astonished to see that Ishmael was unharmed and instead, he found a dead ram which was slaughtered. Abraham had passed the test by his willingness to carry out God's command.

This is mentioned in the Quran (QS 37: 100- 112[15] as follows:
  • "O my Lord! Grant me a righteous (son)!"
  • So We gave him the good news of a boy ready to suffer and forbear.
  • Then, when (the son) reached (the age of) (serious) work with him, he said: "O my son! I see in vision that I offer thee in sacrifice: Now see what is thy view!" (The son) said: "O my father! Do as thou art commanded: thou will find me, if Allah so wills one practicing Patience and Constancy!"
  • So when they had both submitted their wills (to Allah), and he had laid him prostrate on his forehead (for sacrifice),
  • We called out to him "O Abraham!
  • "Thou hast already fulfilled the vision!" – Thus indeed do We reward those who do right.
  • For this was obviously a trial
  • And We ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice:
  •  And We left (this blessing) for him among generations (to come) in later times: "Peace and salutation to Abraham!"
  • Thus indeed do We reward those who do right.
  • For he was one of our believing Servants.
  • And We gave him the good news of Isaac – a prophet – one of the Righteous.
The morale the story is that Muslims are to remember Prophet Abraham’s faith to God in sacrificing his dearest possession. The lessons to take home is not to sacrifice ones offerings but for the sake of God spare their wealth. 4000 years ago, having live stocks was measured as wealth and possessions. It translates today to sacrifice our wealth such as those collections of exotic cars, diamond rings, that 4th million dollar mansions etc. But live stocks for the poor will do if we do not have the latter. The fact that the festival of sacrifice takes place at the end of the Dhu al-Hijjah, Hajj of the “able and have fulfilled their obligation” has been the driving concept of sacrificing ones wealth.

Today the poor don’t need a Kilogram of mutton or beef. They need opportunity, education, security and medical aid. Unfortunately religious leaders employed by politicians cover up the true learning curves by participating in the traditional ways of donating and sacrificing live stocks such as Goats, Cows or Camels all over the country.

Slaughtering Method (Islamic SOP) by Al-Sunnah.Org

Animal cruelty is against Islamic teachings and prescriptions. Islam prescribed a slaughtering method that allows for the least agony to animals. This method is by cutting the air pipe and food and water canal (esophagus) with three quick stroke with a sharp blade, with the condition that the person slaughtering is a Muslim, Christian or Jew. This method eliminates the suffering of the animal contrary to the movements of its limbs as a result of the draining of blood from its brain functions.

The animal must be laid down, kept calm and give it some water while reciting “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” (In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate) and a permission (from God and the creation) the purpose of the slaughter. Upon satisfying these conditions on an edible animal which was steadily alive, consumption of the slaughtered animal becomes permissible upon the person who is confident that these integrals were satisfied. Thus the slaughtered animal is “Halal”.

It is not to be mistaken like the ancient Roman prophets would disembowel animals in order to read the future from their entrails or any other ritual killings or like in China where they beat the dogs to death claiming the meat would be tender and taste better.

We often see livestock that are not slaughtered properly and run loose. The animal should be treated to its full recovery before another attempt (or killed) as it is no longer halal. These shoddy procedures are carried out by untrained people with incorrect knife or blades. 

Allah has willed the right of goodness upon most things. So, let the one who is slaughtering sharpen his blade and relieve his slaughter by killing it quickly.” 

This saying was related by Imam Muslim from the route of Shaddad the son of Aws.

Islam also prescribes best practice of slaughtering edible animals in what is listed below as ethical and preferred deeds, outlining to what extent Islam shows concern towards easing the animal’s pain and suffering. It is desirable:

  1. To sharpen the blade away from the sight of the animal to be slaughtered, to slash the throat (wind, food and water pipes) in one fast back and forth motion applying pressure to instantly kill and relieve the slaughter.
  2. To request of comfortable place on which to slaughter the animal, because it alleviated unnecessary stress to the animal while being slaughtered.
  3. To face the slaughter’s neck towards the direction of the Kiblah (i.e. direction of prayer-Kaaba in Makkah) and for the slaughterer to also face his body in the direction of the Kiblah when slaughtering. This practice is in the tradition of Prophet Muhammad as relayed by the two renowned scholars of Islam Al-Bukhariy and Muslim and because the Kiblah is the most honorable direction to face.
  4. To mention only the name of Allah whilst cutting the throat, as if to say: “Bismillah” or “In the name of Allah”. This is also in adherence to the tradition of Prophet Muhammad as mentioned by Imams Al-Bukhariy and Muslim.
  5. The best practice mentioned in Islam is to cut the jugular veins and carotid arteries on both sides of the neck with the air pipe and esophagus, because it is less distressing to the animal.
  6. After cutting through the jugular veins and carotid artery, the preferred conduct is to cease cutting right through, leaving the spinal cord intact and not separating the head completely, because such is an undesirable slaughtering practice.
  7. To avoid doing the following things after slaughtering the animal until the soul completely exits the body: to avoid cutting through excessively, commencing skinning the animal, breaking the spinal cord, breaking any body parts, setting alight the slaughtered animal and to not move it from its spot. Also holding down the animal in order to suppress its jerking motion in the process of its death, until the animal comes to a complete stillness.
  8. To transport the animal to its slaughter house in a kind manner that avoids distressing and harming the animal. To offer it a sip of water and lay it down kindly before slaughtering it. Also to not slaughter one animal in view of another.

Source: Al-Sunnah.Org

NOTE: Having explained about the animal slaughtering, I’m pretty sure some EB’s would have this burning question about human beheading. Well it’s a whole different subject so please click here.

For EB’s whom are not satisfied, whom seek further clarification on the 72 Virgins, “Allah’u Ahkbar” or Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) marriage to a 9 year old Aisha, please click here.

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Now why in the world did I arrive to this totally untimely subject you may ask. Well I just have this funny feeling, that many “Enlightened Beings” (EB) in Facebook will have this burning question every time a Muslim tries to become an attorney to Islam. Common questions, “Why does Islam resorts to inhumane method like beheading as a punishment for murder?” I figured I will just post them here and direct a link every time an EB has a question on it.

Of course they won’t question the Japanese beheading, Hara-kiri, Seppuku or the early Christian practices in the 1st Century but will be dying to shoot down Islam.

Beheading or decapitation is the separation of the head from the body. This form of injury invariably results in death, as severing the head deprives all other organs of the involuntary functions that are essential for the body to function while the brain itself is deprived of oxygenated blood.

Beheading or decapitation is killing another human is already a basic fact today is an inhuman act. I can’t comprehend if there is a “humane” way to justify taking another human’s life. To me one human taking another human life is “inhumane” no matter what the reasons are although it has been written as mandatory punishment for murder and Islam includes “fitnah” (defamation). However some are accepted by the very humans whom made it a law and legal to do so.

If so, what difference does it make in the man-made (or God made) laws of what method is used to take one’s life, of which is acceptable? Are the EB’s referring to the humane way of Thomas Jefferson, A Life, the British punishment for treason was hanging until almost dead, lowered & disemboweled, and hanged again until dead? Whether its Jefferson style, old cowboy style shoot first ask later, push him off the cliff, disembowelment, lethal injection, firing squad, hanging, electrocution or beheading - history has shown man takes another’s life using “inhumane” method to create fear and remorse. Most of which “legalized” via Supreme Court, Appeals Court, Magistrate Court, Syariah Court either Barbaric laws, Roman, British laws, Islamic, Catholic, Hudud, California or Mississippi state whatsoever.

Contrary the ignorant EB’s, cutting the head from the body has long been used as a means of execution, whether extrajudicial or state-sanctioned. For example, in the 1st Century Biblical Apocrypha, a widow named Judith famously cuts off the head of an Assyrian general named Holofernes, who had been laying siege to her town [source: Vatican]. Civilizations throughout history have used beheadings as a means of punishment. The Romans considered it a more “honorable means” of execution and decidedly “less painful” than crucifixion, which it used to execute non-citizens [source: Clark]. In Medieval Europe, beheading was used by the ruling class to dispatch nobles and peasants alike. Eventually, most of the world abandoned beheading as a form of capital punishment, viewing it as barbaric and inhumane. That said, judicial beheading followed in the 6th century Islam is legal today in the Middle Eastern states of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iran [source: Weinberg].

The factors that have always made beheading so brutal are the tools used in beheadings and the people who use those tools. The axe and the sword have always been the favored implements of beheading, but they can go blunt and are subject to the physical force exerted by the executioner. Today, only Saudi Arabia uses the law and the headsman (executioners) are highly trained in their jobs (some historical cultures allowed unskilled workers to act as headsmen who performed beheadings). The result was that it often took a number of blows to the neck and spine to sever the head from the body, meaning a painful and torturous death.

The guillotine was introduced in the late 18th century as a humane alternative to beheading. Contrary to popular belief, the instrument doesn't get its name from its inventor; in actuality, surgeon Antoine Louis invented the guillotine. The machine's namesake, Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, was a physician who called for a humane means of dispatching the convicted and championed the device that now bears his name. With the invention of the guillotine, executions could be carried out more efficiently and post-Revolutionary France officially adopted the contraption in 1792. This major increase in efficiency led to the Reign of Terror in France, in which more than 30,000 people suffered the guillotine in one year alone [source: McCannon]. France used the guillotine for state-sanctioned executions until it removed the last head in 1977.

Saudi Arabia however uses a high strength steel curved sword. The sword is a symbol of serious craftsmanship and is owned by the headsman (executioner) himself. It is extremely sharp and the headsman makes a quick stroke from shoulder high to induce a clean swift severe. Contrary to the image of the procedure, it leaves a profound impact on others to even think about committing murder and “fitnah”. If the headsman's sword was sharp and his aim was precise, decapitation was quick it will be relatively painless form of death and suffering.

To apply a humane or inhumane method, the answer to the EB’s can best be purged out from their own ego, when their loved ones, daughters are raped and brutally murdered, would they be able to plug their head out of their @$$ of hypocrisy and arrive to a conclusion of what humane punishment would it be “justifiable” to them to choose hanging, lethal injection or beheading.
Apart from the Hudud law practiced by Saudi Arabia, two versus in the Quran does mention method of killing referring to the Battle of Batr, circa 650AD,

So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [the enemy] necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bonds, and either [confer] favor afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens. That [is the command]. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken vengeance upon them [Himself], but [He ordered armed struggle] to test some of you by means of others. And those who are killed in the cause of Allah - never will He waste their deeds”. – QS 47:4

Pro American Syrian Militant beheading a Syrian civilian watched by U.S. Soldier.

I have mentioned that in Islam that “fitnah” (defamation) is considered worse than murder and the punishment is beheading. This punishment however is not practiced in any nation today. There has been unverified reports that the ISIS was carrying beheading of Syrian militants turncoats working with U.S. in defaming Syrian military for using chemical weapons. The photos of the beheading was later circulated by Christian extremists to be the beheading of Christian Iraqis. They later changed the report to say it was the beheading of Yazidis. The reports has yet to be verified, or having heard from someone with firsthand knowledge and no evidence and no eyewitnesses or journalists have been able to corroborate the story.

“Fitnah” or defamation has become a norm nowadays with political parties and racist Malaysians like Zulkifli Nordin, Ibrahim Ali, Ridzuan Tee, Ahmad Rizal Merican,  James Narasimman Naidu, Joseph Jesudasan (Dr. Joe), Justice Thevar, Sonny Rajah, Benja Pakee, Letchumana Raman; to name a few who spew relentless vitriol against Muslims, Islam and the teachings of the Quran on Facebook that can ruin things, create racial tensions or even start up conflict. The law enforcement authorities should arrest these individuals under the Sedition Act.

It is also stated in the Quran, in reference to the same battle that;

And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.” QS 2:191

Despite having the mental faculties to look at the big picture, EB’s particularly the Malaysian “Mat Salleh celups”, racist dumb fcks continue to harp on the religion factor, as if they have a birth right having moral high ground for just being American speaking Christian to be eligible as a “moral prosecutor” of Islam. Not realizing they are the exact morons the CIA needs to propagate their agenda.

NOTE: For EB’s whom are not satisfied, whom seek further clarification on the 72 Virgins, “Allah’u Ahkbar” or Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) marriage to a 9 year old Aisha, please click here.

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The world acknowledge (including Muslims) that the atrocities against the innocents taking place in the Middle East and in any other part of the world is utterly wrong, irrespective if they were initiated by the Arab League, U.S. or Israel, for territory, land, oil, power or whatever and to use religion is a sick excuse to achieve their objectives. The scriptures and versus of killings in the 1st Century Christianity of the “Old Testament” and the 6th Century Quran “The Spoils of War”, “Their Repentance” remains only as history and has no weight in today’s circumstances. We in most parts of the world are literally in peace time and come to live in respect of each other’s beliefs and do not subscribe to any of the deceptions by ISIS, ISIL, Syiah, Zionist, Al-Qaeda, Mossad, Illuminati, CIA, United States, Israel or whatever.

Leaders (of third world especially) have been a great example in using religion as a tool to cling on to power and to loot all there is. Deceptive institutions and Medias are setup, procure false “fatwas” (ruling) to keep the gullible masses in toe, generating more control to themselves. The loss of lives seems negligible to them either shot point blank, firing squad, electrocuted, hanged, gassed, burnt, bombed, mutilated or beheaded does not seem to stop them from their ultimate goal. They have no feelings when they see people like James Foley being killed, throat slit. 

Al-Qaeda militant beheading an Iraqi POW, observed by U.S. Military personnel.

Apart from that, we are aware of the stained hands of the U.S. and Israel’s relentless attempts in destabilizing Middle East (and Islam) since ages. Sending agents (e.g. John McCain, Dick Cheney) into Middle East to search and resurface ancient, dead and gone cults, beliefs, brands and giving them a new lease of life. Funding, supplying them with artilleries (rather than education), training them, initiating Coupe D’état and False Flags to dismantle the Islamic countries. 

This video of Carol Rosin’s disclosure has been the single most compelling evidence to support the latter theory.

In the resent killing of an American journalist by ISIS, it’s a Déjà vu. Shortly after the "world premier" video of the killing aired in HD via multiple camera angle (just like the Twin Towers), Obama (just like Bush) calls for world support and vows to fight IS 'cancer' to the end. I have listened to the comments of that terrorist, his English is superb, I could swear he sounded ... British. Then again, ISIS members are multi-national right? What is difficult to comprehend is that what in tar-nation are these ISIS thinking? A small rag tag army wants to threaten the United States? The U.S. thrives on war, why didn’t the ISIS and Al-Qaeda take sides with HAMAS and go after Israel?

In Malaysia (and Turkey) however, “the regime” uses religious institutions, NGO and Mosques to push their agenda, with selective quotes and verse to shift people’s perspectives, create racial or religious tension, or both. Divide and rule for eternity. They won’t let us die and they won’t let us live. Because they need us to sustain an equilibrium as a money producing machines.

However, despite all that, Islam in Europe and Asia is growing from 22%, at the rate of 1.23% a year, whilst Christianity in the west is dropping from 33% at the rate of 3.01% a year. Islam growth is not because of ISIS “convert or die” method but through Europe and Asia observation and self-education. Whereas the drop in Christianity in the west are not because of the Twin Towers, but as result of the increasing atheism, that breaks the barrier to free sex, same gender marriage – for an unlimited social freedom. Note that the U.S. has the highest report on rape (followed by India). Where a rape takes place every 30 seconds in the U.S. whilst in India rape takes place every 25 minutes. Therefore, people should pipe down from being a moral Prosecutor or expect the Muslims to be the Defendant (although the Islamic countries should get loud). “It's no longer about religion... it's madness hiding behind the veil of religion” ~ Jason Lee.

Wars procured in the name of a religion or Genocide are just a convenient deception created by power greedy leaders to amaze wealth. I urge people to utilize all of their mental faculties, leave behind their ego and religious hypocrisy and instead focus the energy and attention to procure peace and the betterment of humanity. The more we share and dwell on these images and reports, the more our thoughts manifests. 

Work the inner world and the outer world will fix itself.

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Statement by Prime Minister of Malaysia on ISIS/IS/ISIL

Najib Razak
27 August 2014 

Muslims around the world have watched in horror as a new conflict tears into Syria and Iraq. As reports of mass executions and killing of civilians surface, and graphic evidence of brutality emerges, we have been appalled.

When states fail, or are broken by war, extremists see opportunity. They prey on the differences between people, using faith as a cover for atrocities. But they do not speak for us.

The actions of the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq are counter to our faith, our culture, and our common humanity. They are against the teachings of the Prophet, a man of peace and moderation; and against Islamic law, which prizes the protection of life above all.

Around the world, the majority of Muslims seek to live their lives free from violence. We do not recognise the vision of our faith being forced on innocent civilians – whether Sunni, Shia, or Christian – over the barrel of a gun.
Malaysia strongly condemns the actions of the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq. We are deeply saddened by the crimes committed in the name of Islam, a religion of peace. We deplore those responsible, and call on the international community to act in concert to prevent further violence. We must fight extremism with moderation, and work to rebuild the bonds between communities shattered by war.

Islamic countries need to take a stand to clean-up Middle East of the twisted, fabricated teachings and stop the trolling’s and vitriol’s against Islam. We can’t depend on Superpowers to clean up on our behalf, we have to do it ourselves.

Keynote: Muslims all over the world condemn spinning, twisting, flipping, any political violence, killings or terrorism of any kind whatsoever under false pretext of oil, land, religion, politics, power and greed against innocent people of all ages, gender, culture or religion.

1.       Shaykh Yusuf Qaradawi, Qatar; Tariq Bishri, Egypt; Muhammad S. Awwa, Egypt; Fahmi Huwaydi, Egypt; Haytham Khayyat, Syria; Shaykh Taha Jabir al-Alwani, U.S.:

“All Muslims ought to be united against all those who terrorize the innocents, and those who permit the killing of non-combatants without a justifiable reason. Islam has declared the spilling of blood and the destruction of property as absolute prohibitions until the Day of Judgment. … [It is] necessary to apprehend the true perpetrators of these crimes, as well as those who aid and abet them through incitement, financing or other support. They must be brought to justice in an impartial court of law and [punished] appropriately. … [It is] a duty of Muslims to participate in this effort with all possible means.”

Statement of September 27, 2001.

2.       Shaykh Muhammed Sayyid al-Tantawi, imam of al-Azhar mosque in Cairo, Egypt:

“Attacking innocent people is not courageous, it is stupid and will be punished on the day of judgement. … It’s not courageous to attack innocent children, women and civilians. It is courageous to protect freedom, it is courageous to defend oneself and not to attack.”

Agence France Presse, September 14, 2001

3.       Abdel-Mo’tei Bayyoumi, al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy, Cairo, Egypt:

“There is no terrorism or a threat to civilians in jihad [religious struggle].”

Al-Ahram Weekly Online, 20 – 26 September 2001 (via

4.       Muslim Brotherhood, an opposition Islamist group in Egypt, said it was “horrified” by the attack and expressed “condolences and sadness”:

“[We] strongly condemn such activities that are against all humanist and Islamic morals. … [We] condemn and oppose all aggression on human life, freedom and dignity anywhere in the world.”
Al-Ahram Weekly Online, 13 – 19 September 2001 (via

5.       Shaykh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah, spiritual guide of the Hizbullah movement in Lebanon, said he was “horrified” by these “barbaric … crimes”:

“Beside the fact that they are forbidden by Islam, these acts do not serve those who carried them out but their victims, who will reap the sympathy of the whole world. … Islamists who live according to the human values of Islam could not commit such crimes.”

Agence France Presse, September 14, 2001

6.       ‘Abdulaziz bin ‘Abdallah Al-Ashaykh, chief mufti of Saudi Arabia:

“Firstly: the recent developments in the United States including hijacking planes, terrorizing innocent people and shedding blood, constitute a form of injustice that cannot be tolerated by Islam, which views them as gross crimes and sinful acts. Secondly: any Muslim who is aware of the teachings of his religion and who adheres to the directives of the Holy Qur’an and the sunnah (the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad) will never involve himself in such acts, because they will invoke the anger of God Almighty and lead to harm and corruption on earth.”

Statement of September 15, 2001 (via

7.       ‘Abdulaziz bin ‘Abdallah Al-Ashaykh, chief mufti of Saudi Arabia:
“You must know Islam’s firm position against all these terrible crimes. The world must know that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy and goodness; it is a religion of justice and guidance…Islam has forbidden violence in all its forms. It forbids the hijacking airplanes, ships and other means of transport, and it forbids all acts that undermine the security of the innocent.”
Hajj sermon of February 2, 2004, in “Public Statements by Senior Saudi Officials Condemning Extremism and Promoting Moderation,” May 2004, page 10 (via

8.       Shaikh Saleh Al-Luheidan, Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Saudi Arabia:

“As a human community we must be vigilant and careful to oppose these pernicious and shameless evils, which are not justified by any sane logic, nor by the religion of Islam.”
Statement of September 14, 2001, in “Public Statements by Senior Saudi Officials Condemning Extremism and Promoting Moderation,” May 2004, page 6 (via

9.       Shaikh Saleh Al-Luheidan, Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Saudi Arabia:

“And I repeat once again: that this act that the United States was afflicted with, with this vulgarity and barbarism, and which is even more barbaric than terrorist acts, I say that these acts are from the depths of depravity and the worst of evils.”

Televised statement of September 2001, in Muhammad ibn Hussin Al-Qahtani, editor, The Position of Saudi Muslim Scholars Regarding Terrorism in the Name of Islam (Saudi Arabia, 2004), pages 27-28.

10.   Shaykh Muhammad bin ‘Abdallah al-Sabil, member of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars, Saudi Arabia:

“Any attack on innocent people is unlawful and contrary to shari’a (Islamic law). … Muslims must safeguard the lives, honor and property of Christians and Jews. Attacking them contradicts shari’a.”
Agence France Presse, December 4, 2001

11.   Council of Saudi ‘Ulama, fatwa of February 2003:

“What is happening in some countries from the shedding of the innocent blood and the bombing of buildings and ships and the destruction of public and private installations is a criminal act against Islam. … Those who carry out such acts have the deviant beliefs and misleading ideologies and are responsible for the crime. Islam and Muslims should not be held responsible for such actions.”

The Dawn newspaper, Karachi, Pakistan, February 8, 2003 (via; also in “Public Statements by Senior Saudi Officials Condemning Extremism and Promoting Moderation,” May 2004, page 10 (via

12.   Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, chairman of the Sunna and Sira Council, Qatar:

“Our hearts bleed for the attacks that has targeted the World Trade Center [WTC], as well as other institutions in the United States despite our strong oppositions to the American biased policy towards Israel on the military, political and economic fronts. Islam, the religion of tolerance, holds the human soul in high esteem, and considers the attack against innocent human beings a grave sin, this is backed by the Qur’anic verse which reads: ‘Who so ever kills a human being [as punishment] for [crimes] other than manslaughter or [sowing] corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and who so ever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind’ (Al-Ma’idah:32).”

Statement of September 13, 2001 (via

13.   Tahirul Qadri, head of the Awami Tehrik Party, Pakistan:

“Bombing embassies or destroying non-military installations like the World Trade Center is no jihad. … “[T]hose who launched the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks not only killed thousands of innocent people in the United States but also put the lives of millions of Muslims across the world at risk. … Bin Laden is not a prophet that we should put thousands of lives at risk for.”

United Press International, October 18, 2001.

14.   Ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, supreme jurist-ruler of Iran:

“Killing of people, in any place and with any kind of weapons, including atomic bombs, long-range missiles, biological or chemical weopons, passenger or war planes, carried out by any organization, country or individuals is condemned. … It makes no difference whether such massacres happen in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Qana, Sabra, Shatila, Deir Yassin, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq or in New York and Washington.”

Islamic Republic News Agency, September 16, 2001 (via

15.   President Muhammad Khatami of Iran:

“[T]he September 11 terrorist blasts in America can only be the job of a group that have voluntarily severed their own ears and tongues, so that the only language with which they could communicate would be destroying and spreading death.”

Address to the United Nations General Assembly, November 9, 2001 (via

16.   League of Arab States:

“The General-Secretariat of the League of Arab States shares with the people and government of the United States of America the feelings of revulsion, horror and shock over the terrorist attacks that ripped through the World Trade Centre and Pentagon, inflicting heavy damage and killing and wounding thousands of many nationalities. These terrorist crimes have been viewed by the League as inadmissible and deserving all condemnation. Divergence of views between the Arabs and the United States over the latter’s foreign policy on the Middle East crisis does in no way adversely affect the common Arab attitude of compassion with the people and government of the United States at such moments of facing the menace and ruthlessness of international terrorism. In more than one statement released since the horrendous attacks, the League has also expressed deep sympathy with the families of the victims. In remarks to newsmen immediately following the tragic events, Arab League Secretary-General Amre Moussa described the feelings of the Arab world as demonstrably sympathetic with the American people, particularly with families and individuals who lost their loved ones. “It is indeed tormenting that any country or people or city anywhere in the world be the scene of such disastrous attacks,” he added. While convinced that it is both inconceivable and lamentable that such a large-scale, organised terrorist campaign take place anywhere, anytime, the League believes that the dreadful attacks against WTC and the Pentagon unveil, time and again, that the cancer of terrorism can be extensively damaging if left unchecked. It follows that there is a pressing and urgent need to combat world terrorism. In this context, an earlier call by [Egyptian] President Hosni Mubarak for convening an international conference to draw up universal accord on ways and means to eradicate this phenomenon and demonstrate international solidarity is worthy of active consideration. The Arabs have walked a large distance in the fight against cross-border terrorism by concluding in April 1998 the Arab Agreement on Combating Terrorism.”

September 17, 2001.

17.   Dr. Abdelouahed Belkeziz, Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference:

“Following the bloody attacks against major buildings and installations in the United States yesterday, Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Dr. Abdelouahed Belkeziz, secretary-general of the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), stated that he was shocked and deeply saddened when he heard of those attacks which led to the death and injury of a very large number of innocent American citizens. Dr. Belkeziz said he was denouncing and condemning those criminal and brutal acts that ran counter to all covenants, humanitarian values and divine religions foremost among which was Islam.”

Press Release, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, September 12, 2001.

18.   Organization of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers:

“The Conference strongly condemned the brutal terror acts that befell the United States, caused huge losses in human lives from various nationalities and wreaked tremendous destruction and damage in New York and Washington. It further reaffirmed that these terror acts ran counter to the teachings of the divine religions as well as ethical and human values, stressed the necessity of tracking down the perpetrators of these acts in the light of the results of investigations and bringing them to justice to inflict on them the penalty they deserve, and underscored its support of this effort. In this respect, the Conference expressed its condolences to and sympathy with the people and government of the United States and the families of the victims in these mournful and tragic circumstances.”

Final Communique of the Ninth Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, October 10, 2001.

19.   Organization of the Islamic Conference, Summit Conference:

“We are determined to fight terrorism in all its forms. … Islam is the religion of moderation. It rejects extremism and isolation. There is a need to confront deviant ideology where it appears, including in school curricula. Islam is the religion of diversity and tolerance.”

Daily Star (Beirut, Lebanon), December 9, 2005.

20.   Mehmet Nuri Yilmaz, Head of the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey:

“Any human being, regardless of his ethnic and religious origin, will never think of carrying out such a violent, evil attack. Whatever its purpose is, this action cannot be justified and tolerated.”

Mehmet Nuri Yilmaz, “A Message on Ragaib Night and Terrorism,” September 21, 2001 (via

21.   Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar), Turkish author:

“The religion of Islam can by no means countenance terrorism. On the contrary, terror (i.e. murder of innocent people) in Islam is a great sin, and Muslims are responsible for preventing these acts and bringing peace and justice to the world.”

Harun Yahya, Islam Denounces Terrorism.

22.   Shaikh Muhammad Yusuf Islahi, Pakistani-American Muslim leader:

“The sudden barbaric attack on innocent citizens living in peace is extremely distressing and deplorable. Every gentle human heart goes out to the victims of this attack and as humans we are ashamed at the barbarism perpetrated by a few people. Islam, which is a religion of peace and tolerance, condemns this act and sees this is as a wounding scar on the face of humanity. I appeal to Muslims to strongly condemn this act, express unity with the victims’ relatives, donate blood, money and do whatever it takes to help the affected people.”

“Messages From Shaikh Muhammad Yusuf Islahi” (via

23.   Abdal-Hakim Murad, British Muslim author:

“Targeting civilians is a negation of every possible school of Sunni Islam. Suicide bombing is so foreign to the Quranic ethos that the Prophet Samson is entirely absent from our scriptures.”
“The Hijackers Were Not Muslims After All: Recapturing Islam From the Terrorists” (via

24.   Syed Mumtaz Ali, President of the Canadian Society of Muslims:

“We condemn in the strongest terms possible what are apparently vicious and cowardly acts of terrorism against innocent civilians. We join with all Canadians in calling for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators. No political cause could ever be assisted by such immoral acts.”
Canadian Society of Muslims, Media Release, September 12, 2001 (via

25.   American Muslim organizations:

“We reiterate our unequivocal condemnation of the crime committed on September 11, 2001 and join our fellow Americans in mourning the loss of up to 6000 innocent civilians.”

Muslim American Society (MAS), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA), Muslim Student Association (MSA), Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), Solidarity International, American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice (AMGPJ), American Muslim Alliance (AMA), United Muslim Americans Association (UMAA), Islamic Media Foundation (IMF), American Muslim Foundation (AMF), Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations (CCMO), American Muslims for Jerusalem (AMJ), Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA), October 22, 2001 (via

26.   57 leaders of North American Islamic organizations, 77 intellectuals, and dozens of concerned citizens:

“As American Muslims and scholars of Islam, we wish to restate our conviction that peace and justice constitute the basic principles of the Muslim faith. We wish again to state unequivocally that neither the al-Qaeda organization nor Usama bin Laden represents Islam or reflects Muslim beliefs and practice. Rather, groups like al-Qaeda have misused and abused Islam in order to fit their own radical and indeed anti-Islamic agenda. Usama bin Laden and al-Qaeda’s actions are criminal, misguided and counter to the true teachings of Islam.”

Statement Rejecting Terrorism, September 9, 2002 (via

27.   American Muslim Political Coordination Council:

“American Muslims utterly condemn what are apparently vicious and cowardly acts of terrorism against innocent civilians. We join with all Americans in calling for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators. No political cause could ever be assisted by such immoral acts.”

Full-page ad in The Washington Post, September 16, 2001.

28.   Dr. Agha Saeed, National Chair of the American Muslim Alliance:

“These attacks are against both divine and human laws and we condemn them in the strongest terms. The Muslim Americans join the nation in calling for swift apprehension and stiff punishment of the perpetrators, and offer our sympathies to the victims and their families.”

September 11, 2001 (via

29.   Hamza Yusuf, American Muslim leader:

“Religious zealots of any creed are defeated people who lash out in desperation, and they often do horrific things. And if these people [who committed murder on September 11] indeed are Arabs, Muslims, they’re obviously very sick people and I can’t even look at it in religious terms. It’s politics, tragic politics. There’s no Islamic justification for any of it. … You can’t kill innocent people. There’s no Islamic declaration of war against the United States. I think every Muslim country except Afghanistan has an embassy in this country. And in Islam, a country where you have embassies is not considered a belligerent country. In Islam, the only wars that are permitted are between armies and they should engage on battlefields and engage nobly. The Prophet Muhammad said, “Do not kill women or children or non-combatants and do not kill old people or religious people,” and he mentioned priests, nuns and rabbis. And he said, “Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees and do not poison the wells of your enemies.” The Hadith, the sayings of the Prophet, say that no one can punish with fire except the lord of fire. It’s prohibited to burn anyone in Islam as a punishment. No one can grant these attackers any legitimacy. It was evil.”

San Jose Mercury News, September 15, 2001 (via

30.   Nuh Ha Mim Keller, American Muslim author:

“Muslims have nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to hide, and should simply tell people what their scholars and religious leaders have always said: first, that the Wahhabi sect has nothing to do with orthodox Islam, for its lack of tolerance is a perversion of traditional values; and second, that killing civilians is wrong and immoral.”

“Making the World Safe for Terrorism,” September 30, 2001 (via

31.   Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens), prominent British Muslim:

“I wish to express my heartfelt horror at the indiscriminate terrorist attacks committed against innocent people of the United States yesterday. While it is still not clear who carried out the attack, it must be stated that no right thinking follower of Islam could possibly condone such an action: the Qur’an equates the murder of one innocent person with the murder of the whole of humanity. We pray for the families of all those who lost their lives in this unthinkable act of violence as well as all those injured; I hope to reflect the feelings of all Muslims and people around the world whose sympathies go out to the victims at this sorrowful moment.”
[On singing an a cappella version of "Peace Train" for the Concert for New York City:] “After the tragedy, my heart was heavy with sadness and shock, and I was determined to help in some way. Organizers asked me to take part in a message for tolerance and sing ‘Peace Train.’ Of course, I agreed. … As a Muslim from the West, it is important to me to let people know that these acts of mass murder have nothing to do with Islam and the beliefs of Muslims.”

Press release of September 13, 2001 (via, and interview of October 22, 2001 (via

32.   Muslims Against Terrorism, a U.S.-based organization:

“As Muslims, we condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Ours is a religion of peace. We are sick and tired of extremists dictating the public face of Islam.”
“About us” (via This statement was replaced by a new statement in favor of peace by the group’s successor organization, Muslim Voices for Peace.

33.   Abdulaziz Sachedina, professor of religious studies, University of Virginia:

“New York was grieving. Sorrow covered the horizons. The pain of separation and of missing family members, neighbors, citizens, humans could be felt in every corner of the country. That day was my personal day of “jihad” (“struggle”) — jihad with my pride and my identity as a Muslim. This is the true meaning of jihad — “struggle with one’s own ego and false pride.” I don’t ever recall that I had prayed so earnestly to God to spare attribution of such madness that was unleashed upon New York and Washington to the Muslims. I felt the pain and, perhaps for the first time in my entire life, I felt embarrassed at the thought that it could very well be my fellow Muslims who had committed this horrendous act of terrorism. How could these terrorists invoke God’s mercifulness and compassion when they had, through their evil act, put to shame the entire history of this great religion and its culture of toleration?”

“Where Was God on September 11?” (via

34.   Ali Khan, professor of law, Washburn University School of Law, Topeka, Kansas:

“To the most learned in the text of the Quran, these verses must be read in the context of many other verses that stipulate the Islamic law of war—a war that the Islamic leader must declare after due consultation with advisers. For the less learned, however, these verses may provide the motivation and even the plot for a merciless strike against a self-chosen enemy.”

“Attack on America: An Islamic Perspective,” September 17, 2001.

35.   Muqtedar Khan, then an assistant professor of political science, Adrian College, Michigan:

“What happened on September 11th in New York and Washington DC will forever remain a horrible scar on the history of Islam and humanity. No matter how much we condemn it, and point to the Quran and the Sunnah to argue that Islam forbids the killing of innocent people, the fact remains that the perpetrators of this crime against humanity have indicated that their actions are sanctioned by Islamic values. The fact that even now several Muslim scholars and thousands of Muslims defend the accused is indicative that not all Muslims believe that the attacks are unIslamic. This is truly sad. … If anywhere in your hearts there is any sympathy or understanding with those who committed this act, I invite you to ask yourself this question, would Muhammad (pbuh) sanction such an act? While encouraging Muslims to struggle against injustice (Al Quran 4:135), Allah also imposes strict rules of engagement. He says in unequivocal terms that to kill an innocent being is like killing entire humanity (Al Quran 5:32). He also encourages Muslims to forgive Jews and Christians if they have committed injustices against us (Al Quran 2:109, 3:159, 5:85).”

“A Memo to American Muslims,” October 5, 2001.

36.   Dr. Alaa Al-Yousuf, Bahraini economist and political activist:

“On Friday, 14 September [the first Friday prayers after 11 September], almost the whole world expressed its condemnation of the crime and its grief for the bereaved families of the victims. Those who abstained or, even worse, rejoiced, will have joined the terrorists, not in the murder, but in adding to the incalculable damage on the other victims of the atrocity, namely, Islam as a faith, Muslims and Arabs as peoples, and possibly the Palestinian cause. The terrorists and their apologists managed to sully Islam as a faith both in the eyes of many Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”

Interview with the International Forum for Islamic Dialogue, London (via

37.   Dr. S. Parvez Manzoor, Swedish-based Muslim author:

“If these acts of terror indeed have been perpetrated by Muslim radicals or fundamentalists, they have reaped nothing but eternal damnation, shame and ignominy. For nothing, absolutely nothing, could remotely be advanced as an excuse for these barbaric acts. They represent a total negation of Islamic values, an utter disregard of our fiqhi tradition, and a slap in the face of the Ummah. They are in total contrast to what Islamic reason, compassion and faith stand for. Even from the more mundane criteria of common good, the maslaha of the jurists, these acts are treasonous and suicidal. Islamic faith has been so callously and casually sacrificed at the altar of politics, a home-grown politics of parochial causes, primeval passions, self-endorsing piety and messianic terror.”

Interview with the International Forum for Islamic Dialogue, London (via

38.   Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysian Islamic activist and former deputy prime minister:

“Never in Islam’s entire history has the action of so few of its followers caused the religion and its community of believers to be such an abomination in the eyes of others. Millions of Muslims who fled to North America and Europe to escape poverty and persecution at home have become the object of hatred and are now profiled as potential terrorists. And the nascent democratic movements in Muslim countries will regress for a few decades as ruling autocrats use their participation in the global war against terrorism to terrorize their critics and dissenters. This is what Mohammed Atta and his fellow terrorists and sponsors have done to Islam and its community worldwide by their murder of innocents at the World Trade Center in New York and the Defense Depart-ment in Washington. The attack must be condemned, and the condemnation must be without reservation.”

Anwar Ibrahim, “Growth of Democracy Is the Answer to Terrorism,” International Herald Tribune, October 11, 2001 (via

39.   Ziauddin Sardar, British Muslim author:

“The failure of Islamic movements is their inability to come to terms with modernity, to give modernity a sustainable home-grown expression. Instead of engaging with the abundant problems that bedevil Muslim lives, the Islamic prescription consists of blind following of narrow pieties and slavish submission to inept obscurantists. Instead of engagement with the wider world, they have made Islam into an ethic of separation, separate under-development, and negation of the rest of the world.”

Ziauddin Sardar, “Islam has become its own enemy,” The Observer, October 21, 2001.

40.   Khaled Abou El Fadl, Kuwaiti-Egyptian-American legal scholar:

“It would be disingenuous to deny that the Qur’an and other Islamic sources offer possibilities of intolerant interpretation. Clearly these possibilities are exploited by the contemporary puritans and supremacists. But the text does not command such intolerant readings. Historically, Islamic civilization has displayed a remarkable ability to recognize possibilities of tolerance, and to act upon these possibilities.”
Khaled Abou El Fadl, “The Place of Tolerance in Islam: On Reading the Qur’an — and Misreading It,” 

Boston Review, December 2001/January 2002 (via

41.   Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Hanooti, Palestinian-American mufti and member of the North American Fiqh Council:

“The people who attacked the WTC and Pentagon and hijacked the forth plane that crashed in Pennsylvania are criminal who deserve the severest punishment as the Quran elaborates. They are murderers and terrorists. If there were any person who felt happy for that incident we would not be able to equate them with those criminals, but we can say no one with faith and ethics would accept anything of that murder and targeting of innocent people.”

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Hanooti, “Fatwa Session on Latest Tragic Events,” IslamOnline, September 20, 2001 (via

42.   Syed Shahabuddin, Indian Muslim author:

“Islam prohibits terrorism as well as suicide. Jihad is neither and has no place for taking innocent lives or one’s own life. No cause, howsoever noble or just, can justify terrorism. So while one may sympathize with the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people and support their claim to a state of their own, while one may appreciate the democratic awakening among the people of many Muslim states and uphold their demand for withdrawal of foreign presence from their soil and support their struggle for revision of the terms of trade for their natural resources, no thinking Muslim can go along with the use of terrorism for securing political goals.”

Syed Shahabuddin, “Global war against terrorism – the Islamic dimension,” Milli Gazette newspaper (New Delhi, India), November 1, 2001.

43.   Dr. M. A. Zaki Badawi, principal of the Muslim College, London, England:

“Neither the law of Islam nor its ethical system justify such a crime.”

Dr. M. A. Zaki Badawi, “Terrorism has no place in Islam,” Arab News (Jiddah-Riyadh-Dhahran, Saudi Arabia), September 28, 2001.

44.   Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai, head mufti at Jamiat-ul-Uloom-ul-Islamia seminary, Binori Town, Pakistan and a leader of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) party, Pakistan:

“It’s wrong to kill innocent people. … It’s also wrong to praise those who kill innocent people.”

The New York Times, September 28, 2001, p. B3.

45.   Shaykh Omar Bakri, leader of al-Muhajirun, a radical Islamist movement then based in London, England:

“If Islamists did it — and most likely it is Islamists, because of the nature of what happened — then they have fully misunderstood the teachings of Islam. … Even the most radical of us have condemned this. I am always considered to be a radical in the Islamic world and even I condemn it.”

The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), September 13, 2001, p. B6.

46.   Zuhair Qudah, a preacher at al-Lawzieen mosque, Amman, Jordan:

“We stand by our Palestinian brothers in their struggle to end the occupation, but we don’t condone violence, ugly crimes and the killing of innocent people.”

Associated Press, September 14, 2001.

47.   Salih bin Muhammad Lahidan, chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Saudi Arabia:

“Killing the weak, infants, women, and the elderly, and destroying property, are considered serious crimes in Islam. . . . Viewing on the TV networks what happened to the twin towers . . . was like watching doomsday. Those who commit such crimes are the worst of people. Anyone who thinks that any Islamic scholar will condone such acts is totally wrong. . . . This barbaric act is not justified by any sane mind-set. . . . This act is pernicious and shameless and evil in the extreme.”

The Washington Post, October 13, 2001, p. B9.

48.   Shaykh Rached Ghannouchi, chairman of Tunisia’s an-Nahda Movement, in exile in London, England:

“Such destruction can only be condemned by any Muslim, however resentful one may be of America’s biased policies supporting occupation in Palestine, as an unacceptable attack on thousands of innocent people having no relation to American policies. Anyone familiar with Islam has no doubt about its rejection of collective punishment, based on the well-known Quranic principle that ‘no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another.’”

The Washington Post, October 13, 2001, p. B9

49.   Shaykh Salih al-Suhaymi, religious scholar, Saudi Arabia:

“Based upon what has preceded, then we say that that which we believe and hold as our religion concerning what happened to the World Trade Centre in America – and in Allaah lies success – that the terrorist attacks that took place and what occurred of general (mass) killing, then it is not permissible and Islaam does not allow it in any form whatsoever.”

“Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee speaks about current affairs…,” October 18, 2001, translated by Abu ‘Iyaad.

50.   Dr. Sayed G. Safavi, Iranian religious scholar and director of the Institute of Islamic Studies, London, England:

“The targeting of innocent persons cannot be allowed. Islam is against any form of terrorism, whether it be carried out by an individual, a group or a state. … For Muslims to kill civilians unconnected with any attack on them is a crime. The principal law of Islam is: don’t attack civilians. This includes civilians of any faith, whether Jewish, Muslim or Christian. According to Islam, all people are the family of God. The target of religion is peace.”

“United against terrorism,” The Daily Telegraph, London, England, June 30, 2003.

51.   Iqbal Siddiqui, editor of Crescent International, London, England:

“History also teaches us that the only effective way of challenging oppression and the only effective way of fighting injustice is through force; that is simply the way of the world. Pacifism is all too often a weapon of the status quo…. When Islamic movements in the world do need to resort to the use of force, that force must be used morally. When extreme fringes of those movements are pushed to use force indiscriminately, immorally, wrongly against illegitimate targets, and using illegitimate weapons (such [as] hijacked jumbo jets), those are crimes for which the people who share their cause, who share their view of the world, their understanding of the need to use force, must also criticise them, turn against them, isolate them. Our standards must be higher than those of the people whom we are fighting, because if we descend to their standards then there is no difference between us.”

Iqbal Siddiqui, “Terrorism and political violence in contemporary history,” Conference on Terrorism, Institute of Islamic Studies, London, England, November 13, 2001, published in Muslimedia International, February 16-28, 2002 (via Earlier version also on-line via

52.   Islamway website:

“The message of the Quran is clear as we have seen, that the sanctity of any human life is to be respected and any violation in that regard is paramount to the worst crime. Mercy is at the heart of the Islamic call, “We sent thee (O Muhammad) not save as a mercy for the peoples” (21:107); a totally different message to what the terrorists are sadly imparting to humanity.”

“What Does Islam Say About Terrorism?“

53.   Islamic Commission of Spain:

“Muslims, therefore, are not only forbidden from committing crimes against innocent people, but are responsible before God to stop those people who have the intention to do so, since these people ‘are planting the seeds of corruption on Earth’…. The perpetration of terrorist acts supposes a rupture of such magnitude with Islamic teaching that it allows to affirm that the individuals or groups who have perpetrated them have stopped being Muslim and have put themselves outside the sphere of Islam.”

“Text of the Fatwa Declared Against Osama Bin Laden by the Islamic Commission of Spain,” March 17, 2005; original Spanish version: “La Comisión Islámica de España emite una fatua condenando el terrorismo y al grupo Al Qaida,” March 10, 2005.

54.   The Amman Message, proclaimed by 200 Islamic scholars from 50 countries at a conference in Amman, Jordan, and later endorsed by hundreds of other Islamic scholars and the Organization of the Islamic Conference:

“Islam recognizes the noble station of [human] life, so there is to be no fighting against non-combatants, and no assault upon civilians and their properties, children at their mothers’ bosom, students in their schools, nor upon elderly men and women. Assault upon the life of a human being, be it murder, injury or threat, is an assault upon the right to life among all human beings. It is among the gravest of sins; for human life is the basis for the prosperity of humanity: Whoever kills a soul for other than slaying a soul or corruption upon the earth it is as if he has killed the whole of humanity, and whoever saves a life, it is as if has revived the whole of humanity. (5:32)”

The Official Website of the Amman Message, July 2005

55.   Fatwa signed by more than 500 British Muslim scholars, clerics, and imams:

“Islam strictly, strongly and severely condemns the use of violence and the destruction of innocent lives. There is neither place nor justification in Islam for extremism, fanaticism or terrorism. Suicide bombings, which killed and injured innocent people in London, are HARAAM – vehemently prohibited in Islam, and those who committed these barbaric acts in London [on July 7, 2005] are criminals not martyrs. Such acts, as perpetrated in London, are crimes against all of humanity and contrary to the teachings of Islam. … The Holy Quran declares: ‘Whoever kills a human being… then it is as though he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a human life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.’ (Quran, Surah al-Maidah (5), verse 32) Islam’s position is clear and unequivocal: Murder of one soul is the murder of the whole of humanity; he who shows no respect for human life is an enemy of humanity.”

British Muslim Forum, press release of July 18, 2005 (via

56.   Fiqh Council of North America, an association of 18 Muslim legal scholars, fatwa endorsed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS), the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS), the Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers (AMSE), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), and more than 130 Muslim organizations, mosques and leaders in the United States:

“We have consistently condemned terrorism and extremism in all forms and under all circumstances, and we reiterate this unequivocal position. Islam strictly condemns religious extremism and the use of violence against innocent lives. There is no justification in Islam for extremism or terrorism. Targeting civilians’ life and property through suicide bombings or any other method of attack is haram – prohibited in Islam – and those who commit these barbaric acts are criminals, not ‘martyrs.’”

“Fatwa by U.S. Muslims Against Religious Extremism,” July 25, 2005 (via

57.   Islamic Society of North America, Anti-Terrrorism Anti-Extremism Committee:

“Humanity lives today in an interdependent and interconnected world where peaceful and fair interaction, including interfaith and intra-faith dialogue, is imperative. A grave threat to all of us nowadays is the scourge of religious and political extremism that manifests itself in various forms of violence, including terrorism. In the absence of a universally agreed upon definition of terrorism, it may be defined as any act of indiscriminate violence that targets innocent people, whether committed by individuals, groups or states. As Muslims, we must face up to our responsibility to clarify and advocate a faith-based, righteous and moral position with regard to this problem, especially when terrorist acts are perpetrated in the name of Islam. The purpose of this brochure is to clarify a few key issues relating to this topic, not because of external pressures or for the sake of “political correctness”, but out of our sincere conviction of what Islam stands for.”
Islamic Society of North America, “Against Terrorism and Religious Extremism: Muslim Position and 

Responsibilities,” 2005 (via

58.   Shaykh Abdulaziz Al-Asheikh, chief mufti of Saudi Arabia:

The London attacks, “targeting peaceful people, are not condoned by Islam, and are indeed prohibited by our religion. … Attributing to Islam acts of individual or collective killings, bombings, destruction of properties and the terrorizing of peaceful people is unfair, because they are alien to the divine religion.”

Fatwa-Online, July 9, 2005.

59.   Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhaab al-’Aqeel, professor of creed (‘aqeedah) at the College of Proselytising (da’wah), Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia:

“Terrorism is the terror that is caused by those groups or individuals who resort to killing and wreaking havoc and destruction. Terrorism is therefore, according to the contemporary compilers of modern Arabic dictionaries, killing akin to the riotous killing that is mentioned within the texts of Shar’eeah. As the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wassallam) mentioned with regards to the signs of the end of time, the spread of ‘al-Harj’ (riotous killing). The meaning of ‘al-Harj’ is killing and the increase of the spilling blood, which is all from the signs of the end of time. To the extent that the one killing will not know why he is killing and the one that was killed will not know why he/she was killed. Islam is free from this riotous killing, free from this terrorism and free from this kind of corruption. Terrorism is established upon destruction of properties such as factories, farms, places of worship, train stations, airports and the likes; Islam is clearly free from such actions that are based upon corruption and not upon rectification. Terrorists usually say that they are going against the state in which they are based within. This is like the mafia or other criminal organisations that are based on killing people, causing fear and taking their monies. Such criminal organisations have leaders, deputies and individuals that are responsible for establishing regulations for the organisation and individuals responsible for carrying out attacks, and all of them are terrorists causing corruption on the earth. However the ugliest face of terrorism is that which is established in the name of religion, all of the religions from the Prophets (peace be upon them) are free from such terrorism, even if some of the followers of the Prophets participated in such terrorist activities, but the Prophets are free from such corruptions.”

Lecture on “The Evils of Terrorism,” August 20, 2005, translated in Islam Against Terrorism – v1.20, September 17, 2005.

60.   Shaykh Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti, Malaysian Muslim scholar and research fellow in Islamic philosophy and theology, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, U.K.:

“If you still insist that your [religious or civil] authority should declare war with the non-Muslim state upon which you wish war to be declared, then the most you could do in this capacity is to lobby your authority for it. However, if your anger is so unrestrained that its fire brings out the worst in you to the point that your disagreement with your Muslim authority leads you to declare war on those you want your authority to declare war on, and you end up resorting to violence, then know with certainty that you have violated our own religious Laws. For then you will have taken the Shari’a into your own hands.”

Shaykh Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti, Defending the Transgressed by Censuring the Reckless against the Killing of Civilians, Germany: Warda Publications, and United Kingdom: Aqsa Press, 2005, p.49.

61.   Abd al-Hakim Murad, British Muslim scholar:

“This is a decadence that is profound. And that it happens in the holy land is particularly worrying. Near the muqadsāt, where we are particularly required to conform entirely to the adāb of the Shari’ah. This is a deep subversion. And as for those who think that for reasons of masfahah that the door can be opened there, but somehow that door will remain closed elsewhere in the world, that this door can be opened because the Palestinians are so oppressed and somehow it’s going to help them, but of course we keep it closed in Chechnya and Kahsmir and certainly in London, that logic doesn’t seem to have worked too well. That rage, that desire to self annihilation, to lash out and the men, women and children, whoever in the vicinity, is now becoming a global epidemic. And the ‘ulama who opened the little door now see these legions rushing through it in every place don’t know what to do about it. That door has to be closed. Islam is too good for such practices, for such baseness, for such wild expression of futility and despair and vindictiveness.”

Interview, December 16-18, 2005, London-Leeds-Manchester (via

62.   Islamic Society of North America:

“The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) condemns in the strongest terms the recent acts of terrorism in Glasgow, London and Yemen. We reaffirm our long-standing, unqualified condemnation of all acts of terrorism and all acts of violence committed against the innocent, and our denunciation of religious extremism and particularly the use of Islam to justify terrorism in any of its forms. We sympathize with the victims of these senseless attacks and offer our heart-felt condolences to the families who have lost their dear ones.”

“Islamic Society of North America Statement in Response to Recent Bombings,” July 10, 2007 (via

63.   Maulana Marghubur Rahman, organizer of “Anti-Terrorism Convention” and rector of the Dar ul-Ulum Deoband madrasa, India:

“We condemn all forms of terrorism … and in this we make no distinction. Terrorism is completely wrong, no matter who engages in it, and no matter what religion he follows or community he belongs to.”

February 2008, translated by Yoginder Sikand.

64.   Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, founding leader of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, Pakistan:

“[T]he killing of Muslims and the perpetration of terrorism are not only unlawful and forbidden in Islam but also represent the rejection of faith.”

Fatwa on Suicide Bombings and Terrorism, March 2, 2010.

65.   New Mardin Declaration, Turkey:

“Ibn Taymiyya’s fatwa concerning Mardin can under no circumstances be appropriated and used as evidence for leveling the charge of kufr (unbelief) against fellow Muslims, rebelling against rulers, deeming game their lives and property, terrorizing those who enjoy safety and security, acting treacherously towards those who live (in harmony) with fellow Muslims or with whom fellow Muslims live (in harmony) via the bond of citizenship and peace.”

The New Mardin Declaration, March 28, 2010 (Arabic version).

More statements are released by Muslim organizations and religious scholars on a regular basis, but multiplying the examples may not persuade those who dismiss these dozens of examples.


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