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A Malaysian Muslim woman has dismissed as slander a claim of her having embraced Christianity contained in an article that had gone viral on social media.

Adila Hussin McGhee said: "I'm still a Muslim; I still believe in Allah, the one and only God, and Prophet Muhammad. I know what is good and bad in Islam. Don't believe lies."
News of the 43-year-old Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia graduate from Ipoh allegedly having become an apostate spread on the internet after the article was published by a charity organization following a talk she had given.

The article was about Adila's purported willingness to share her "story from the heart" of how she allegedly embraced Christianity when she was still in Malaysia after her first marriage, to a Malaysian, had failed. Adila moved to Virginia after her second marriage, to an American citizen, and now resides in a small town in the district of Richmond.

When Bernama contacted her from New York, the former student of the Klang Islamic College in Selangor denied having embraced Christianity. "I am very sad that my name has been tarnished, and this article on me is a lie. I did not meet nor was I interviewed by the writer of that article.

"In fact, when I gave a talk on Malaysia, it was only attended by women," said Adila, who now teaches the Malay language at the Diplomat Language Center in Washington DC.
Adila, who has three children from her first marriage, said she was saddened when informed that the article had been widely circulated in Malaysia. "It saddens me not having anyone to talk to about it. Everyone believes what they hear without checking if it is the truth.
"I have told my parents what really happened, but I am concerned about whether the matter would reach my children. They could possibly be ostracized," she said.

Adila said she was sad that her charity work had been misunderstood. It all started when she needed to find markets for her hand-made soap. "I went to the district office near where I stay and was introduced to an officer there," she said.

She opened a stall to sell her wares during the harvest festival at Bowling Green and after that the stalls were confined to a gymnasium at a church there.
It was then that she got to know the local people who invited her to give talks on Malaysia for the members of a women's association there.

"I have given talks on Malaysia, from the pre-Merdeka to the post-Merdeka period, on the country's geography, climate, economy, people, food, culture, religion and others, and was surprised to know that many did not know where Malaysia is.

"Besides introducing them to Malaysia, I also explained to them the success and achievements of Malaysian women, how they held high positions in the government and private sectors. I told them that Malaysian women could also drive.

Adila and her husband, F. McGhee, have contacted the management of the church which invited her to give the talks on Malaysia to help clear her name. She said the meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, after which she would decide on the next course of action.
She also claimed that pictures on her Facebook account, including of her student days at the Klang Islamic College, had been downloaded and posted on other social websites.

Adila said she was also harassed with various accusations through email, text messages and telephone calls. "I am also sad because the names of a few of my friends at the Klang Islamic College have also been linked to the allegation, when they know nothing about it," she added. – Bernama

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Islamophobia or Hypocrites?

Islamophobia is a neologism used generally to refer to prejudice against, hatred towards, or fear of Muslims or of ethnic groups perceived to be Muslim. The causes and characteristics of Islamophobia and the validity of the term itself are still debated.

In 1997, the British Runnymede Trust defined Islamophobia as the "dread or hatred of Islam and therefore, [the] fear and dislike of all Muslims," stating that it also refers to the practice of discriminating against Muslims by excluding them from the economic, social, and public life of the nation. The concept also encompasses the opinions that Islam has no values in common with other cultures, is inferior to the West and is a violent political ideology rather than a religion.

A perceived trend of increasing Islamophobic attitudes and incidents during the 2000s has been attributed by commentators to the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, while others associate it with the increased presence of Muslims in the Western world. In May 2002, the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), a European Union watchdog, released a report entitled "Summary report on Islamophobia in the EU after 11 September 2001", which described an increase in Islamophobia-related incidents in European member states post-9/11.

While the term is widely recognized and used, both the term and the underlying concept have been criticized. Although scholars have defined it as a type of racism, this has been contested. - Wikipedia

Racism, sex, hypocrisy, egoistic and opinions is like an ass hole, everyone has one. The fact remains that 9/11 has been the main event to drive the fear/hatred against Islam and Muslims. More than the event, the mega coverage of the media played a key role to drive hatred that gave birth to new segment of people - Muslim haters. 10 years after 9/11, about 60% of American and the rest of the world is convinced that the plane crash is an elaborate conspiracy orchestrated by the top layers of American Government, controlled by their own Military Complex to gain the world’s and congress consent to launch a campaign to wipe out Middle East from the face of earth.

It is believed, that oil is not the only reason – just one of it.  Going back 30 years when the U.S. was using Israel as their Blue Eye nation to execute “False Flags”, it irate many Muslim nations. The absolute silence of Arab League led to formation of many Anti-Western extremist groups whom later was identified as Muslim Terrorists, just as planned by the U.S. Cabals. The west never gave the chance for Middle East to have a peaceful life, funding and sponsoring some countries to go against each other. Contrary to the common misconception, the real terrorists are not the ones we are made to believe. One Middle East has been flattened, the U.S. will move to another slogan to drive their economy, maybe “War against Asteroid” or “Alien Invasion” some sorts.

These whole obsession for the U.S. to take a piss with Middle East is very likely originated from a book “The Valor of Ignorance” written by Homer Lea, an American General born in Denver, Colorado. Lea during his active military career in late 1800 – wrote “the world menace to worry about is not going to be the Japanese, Nazis, Chinese, Russians or the United States. The next people to fear will be the Islamic people”. The super power that would be; as their believes was driven by one law that will be gradually accepted by the masses, with a less harmful weapon called the “Quran”.

Of course these were an opinion of a military commander and whom was regarded at that time a genius far superior than Napoleon by the military complexes then. The American Cabals swallowed the book in whole. They and their likeminded military complexes (including Israel) whom rely on wars to fund their lofty dreams, was so paranoid about the contents of this book, of the fact that the second largest industry will become useless and would diminish America’s chance of global dominance (and Israel’s hold on Arab countries), bought out more than 40,000 copies of this book that swiftly disappeared from all over the world. Probably used as the Quran of War by the CIA. United States did not give it a second though to embark on what would be a lifetime obsession (with Israel) to irate and dismantle Islamic countries, intelligence and/or institutions in any way they can. Israel’s location in there was perfect for this, just like old times with once Osama Bin Laden.

Homer Lea after WW II took up an offer as the Supreme Command of all land forces by the Chinese revolutionary leader Dr. Sun Yat-sen, emperor of China. He was involved in several failed conspiracies and Coupe D’état in China at the expense of his health and the lives of thousands of Chinese. And as a result of his book, indirectly millions more of women and children die in Middle East until today. Lea returned to California in May 1912 and died of stroke in late October 1912. In short, Lea was a master of “False Flags” and “Coupe D’état” which both Bush Senior and Bush Junior well procured.

What Lea have done, is put the Christian populated Western world in fear. Since then they have been spinning, twisting, summersaulting about Islam in any way they can. For many years we were made to wonder; what in the world is the Middle East hiding that had the entire Western Military Complexes so obsessed about; in relentless efforts to control it, slow down its development or just reduce their entire population to zero. And we have so often (via western media mastery) have been misled to believe it was Islam, Human Rights Violation shit, Oil, Terrorism, Chemical Weapon, Weapons of Mass Destruction so on and so forth.

Despite all consideration to put on a tin foil over my head, I still would like to say that he US and entire Western Cabals will not and cannot rest until the entire Muslim population is annihilated. There will be excuses after excuses cooked up to bomb us to Stone Age. I don’t think it’s the oil, Star Gate or some artifact that they want to get hold of. Its Islam's "way of life" is a threat to the Cabal's world dominance, so they have to paint the ugliest picture possible to complete their mission, and they are late.

The secondary irony is hypocrites of other faith whom have jumped into this “Muslim Hater’s” bandwagon (convinced by CNN and Chuck Norris movies), relentlessly search out and sensationalize any bit of bad news committed by any dog that goes by a Muslim name and associate them with Islam. Contrary to the fact that earth is populated with more than 7 billion people, where every country, culture and religion have a fair share of scumbags, ranging from Governments, CIA, Military Complex, Drug Lords, Terrorists (including the legal terrorist @ world bully), Bankers, Politicians, Prime Ministers, Extremist, Supremist, Sexist, Racist, Human Traffickers, Thieves, Thugs, Rogue Police, Security Personnel, Tow Truck operators, House Wives, Maids, Taxi Drivers, Illegal Workers, etc.; are involved in violent, heartless crimes, sexual abuse, scandals and murders. But no, they will hand pick, dust off, add some ketchup and present it to the world if he/she is a Muslim – never mind if these scums are Christians, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu or whatever.

The third irony is within Islamic countries itself. Religious faith are rapidly declining all over the world. The greedy, power crazy and demagogue political leaders have abused the principles beyond the limit; to keep their citizen (voters) remain as imbeciles and zombies for their political mileage. They find spiritual advancement of their people a threat to their deceptive agenda to amass wealth.

In Malaysia, or fondly called “Malingsial” by Indonesians is not spared from Islamophobia. There are more Western worshippers here than there is in the U.S. itself. But the hatred is also fueled by the politicians and their handpicked demagogue religious leaders. These self-proclaimed “Enlightened Beings” sitting in half-a-dozen religious department procure benighted, erroneous teachings and “fatwas” on behalf of the corrupted political front. Otherwise how is it so a country hailing to be a Muslim nation failed to institute moral values in their own backyard for the past 50 years in power, and hope to restore the confidence of the non-Muslims or make made any effort to defeat Islamophobia? Even the Mosques are used as political arena with twisted translations of the hadith.

The formation of these religious department and the highly acclaimed PERKASA are doing more damage to Muslim’s integrity and to Islam as a religion of peace. Damn they even fabricated Malaysia’s history! Muslims in Malaysia will risk extinction (renouncement) if our self-proclaimed "Enlightened Beings" sitting in half-a-dozen religious department continues to procure deceptive preaching and erroneous "fatwas" on behalf of the corrupted front.

In conclusion, the fate of Islam as a religion of peace is going down the drain, as a result of the mastery of western media spinning, made effortless with the governments of Islamic nation’s lack of interest to dissolve Islamophobia through education in exchange for the greed to stay in power and loot all the wealth there is. Thanks to them, the non-Muslims are having a field day of Hypocrisy.

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Typical western hypocrites will portrait any issue to their liking. Following are some Case in point. If this crime/violence/offence/accident/incident was committed by an individual with a Muslim name, then they (Westerns/Muslim Haters) would sensationalize it in the following manner.

Wag The Dog #1

“Cruel Muslim Leader Forces his Penis into Innocent Christian girl’s mouth”

Wag The Dog #2

“Quran Procures Sexual Assault”

Wag The Dog #3

“Muslim lunatic rapes mother while innocent child watches in horror”

Wag The Dog #4

Wag The Dog #5

“Siskening Islamic Sharia Ritual, man rapes an innocent pregnant woman in front of her mom”

Wag The Dog #6

“Muslim father watches his daughter being raped while reciting Allahuakhbar”,0,

Wag The Dog #7

“Pakistani terrorist kidnapped and Impregnated A 37-Year-Old Mental Age Church staff”

The status quo of our western government establishment has been to "protect the people" (so they claim) from knowledge of any matter threatening to their social decease. In fact, the only protection afforded by ignorance and secrecy is to hide the private agenda of those in power to enslave others. And, by doing so, to disarm every perceived enemy, and ally, through superstition, deception, deceit and stupidity.