Tuesday, June 5, 2012


While American Kabuki has been keeping records of the ‘Mass Resignations’ of banksters, I figure is best I start compiling information and mass arrest as well. Through the comments page, I welcome anyone who wish to report or disclose global arrests of 2012 onwards.

This is referring to the much speculated, much anticipated of the impending mass arrests of the political Illuminati, Cabals and Banksters hereinafter will be referred to as ‘Governments’ or  ‘Scums’. There has been abundance of disclosure from whistleblowers all over the world and the Government controlled media has been doing a great job in keeping this information from getting out to the average Joe on the streets. Receptive only to a few millions, these information’s had overflowed through alternative Medias such as YouTube, social forums, blogs , Facebook’s and independent news portals.

The year 2012 had started off pretty well as observed by these “few millions” of the awakened, receptive to metaphysical phenomenon, conspiracy theorist and the critical thinking.  One author David Wilcock thoroughly investigated his suspicions and revealed that these deceptive, corrupted governments of the world hereinafter referred to as the cabal, has for more than 50 years orchestrated a New World Order by messing with the economy, creating war, limiting technologies and medical advancements as well as plotting civil unrests - only to loot the wealth off the people, enslaving the 99% of the population as their money producing machines - for the rest of our God forsaken life.

Ironically, every country on the map has a fair share of these cabals whom apparently have been so long in power, beginning to think that it’s their birth right to play God. “Ireland has taken the first step to banish the tyranny of the Vatican from the island of Ireland. The Vatican is responsible for criminal conspiracy and the most heinous crimes against humanity” - Kauilapele.

As prophesied by many ancient cultures, this New World Order that the Cabals planned out so well will come to an end. We are talking in mass, with mass awakening of the people that will follow with mass arrests of these Cabals. We have seen and will be seeing more of NGO events and assembly such as Occupy Wall Street, Spanish Indignados, the uprising in Middle East , Occupy Bilderberg 2012BERSIH in Malaysia and similar protests in Thailand and Indonesia.

Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, has been the first to be charged his role in killing protesters that sets a precedent for holding Middle East autocrats to account. Figures don't lie, but liars sure figure, where following very closely to be arrested is the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his cabals, in connection with:

1.       USD 1 billion in  bribery from the purchase a Scorpene-Class submarine
2.       The Murder of a Mongolian translator of the latter French/Malaysia transaction
5.       Declining CPI (Corruption Perception Index).

Next, the world is waiting for the arrest of the master of all cabals, the War Crime hero, False Flag mastermind, various ‘coup d'état’ and the ring leader - Mr. George W. Bush (both Sr. and Jr.) and their associates. For making lives in Middle East in particular as hard as possible; to control oil, loot their gold, confiscate some very valuable ancient/extraterrestrial artifacts. In his (their) campaign - the father son regime has taken millions of lives, women and children abroad and at home, all for power of their envisioned New World Order.

Until then, we wish all the cabals of the world absolutely nothing at all. Top Website/Blogs on information on Mass Arrests and/or disclosure of the cabal’s game (local & abroad):
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NOTE: Arrests to be updated in the ‘Comments’ column with the hope that the feedbacks and reports to this blog remains consistent.