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Green Gathering: Malaysians take Lynas to court

Malaysia is littered with ventures where profits are privatized and losses are socialized. If the people of Malaysia are not vigilant, the Lynas plant may very well turn out to be the next radiation disaster.

Reported in Malaysia Today, the state of Kuantan - Environmental Watch Group, Soon Jin Hou said if the scam goes as planned, the largest rare earth refinery in the world will start operating in Gebeng Industrial Zone, some 25 km away from Kuantan town, home to almost half a million people. This plant will cast a shadow over Kuantan town. Real estate price will plunge, residents who are able to relocate will flee and those who are not will be in constant fear of radiation exposure.

Lynas Corporation Ltd is an ASX 100 listed company, claims to have its strategy to create a reliable, fully integrated source of Rare Earths from mine through to market, and to become the benchmark for the security of supply and environmental standards in the global Rare Earths industry.
The foundation of this strategy is Mount Weld in Western Australia, the richest known deposit of Rare Earths in the world, and a state-of-the-art Rare Earths processing plant.

Despite the Government’s announcement to shelve the project due to public uproar last year, Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) is pushing ahead with the construction near Kuantan in Pahang, Malaysia. This fuels the speculations of a hand in high ranking official’s involvement and corruption cannot be disqualified.

If not, the authorities certainly have learnt nothing at all from the Asian Rare Earth (ARE) debacle in Bukit Merah, Perak. The ARE plant was operated by Mitsubishi Chemical and it extracted rare earth from old tin mine slag.  Unfortunately the waste contains high level of thorium, which is a perpetually radioactive substance because its half-life is 14.05 billion years! The residents there blamed the plant for birth defects and eight leukemia cases, 7 of whom have since died. As a result of strong public opposition, the ARE was finally closed in 1992 and is currently undergoing a massive RM303 million cleanup.

It is not difficult to see why the authorities have not learnt their lesson from the ARE disaster. Until this very day, the authorities refused to acknowledge that the radioactive waste was responsible for sudden escalation of health problems among the residents. On 26 April 2011, Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Fadillah Yusof claimed that the waste in Bukit Merah poses no threat to the public or the environment. This is in stark contrast with the evidence, whereby the 8 leukemia cases occurred within 5 years in a community of 11,000.  

However, the massive cleanup effort belies the government’s assertion. If the waste is safe, why would such an extensive cleanup be necessary? When the cleanup is completed, the waste will finally be buried deep inside a nearby hill under 20 feet of clay and granite. If the waste poses no threat, why the need to bury it?

Similarly, for the new rare earth refinery, the point of contention is the waste management. Since the beginning, public disclosures from the authorities and Lynas Corporation from Australia, the owner of the plant have been sparse and contradictory. Despite the huge stake Kuantan residents have, no public consultation was held prior to approval of the project. In fact, if not for a report in the New York Times on 8 March 2011, many residents would still be oblivious to the existence of this plant.

Lynas will import rare earth ores from Mount Weld in Australia to be processed in Gebeng. The finished products will be exported overseas while the radioactive waste dumped in Gebeng. From the press statements, one can surmise that the waste management is not even finalized yet.
On one hand, Lynas’ executive chairman Nicholas Curtis claims that they have permission from the government to store the waste onsite forever. On the other, AELB’s (Atomic Energy Licensing Board) director general Raja Datuk Abdul Aziz Raja refutes that claim in saying that the plant can only store waste temporarily. If the onsite storage is temporary, where will the waste be shipped to next? It will definitely not be bound for its place of origin Australia, after Western Australian minister for mines and petroleum, fisheries and electoral affairs Norman Moore flatly rejected calls to take back Lynas’ radioactive waste.

The lies, deceit and deception by the elite & corporate giants are causing an outrage to the learned Malaysians. A sign of nothing more than potential wealth looting at the expense of the people’s health.  

Raja Aziz claims that Lynas’ waste is safe enough to be scattered everywhere if Lynas can keep the thorium level in its waste to 1,600 parts per million. Then again, if the waste is safe, why is it necessary for Lynas to build storage pools for it, and why does Raja Aziz refuse permission for Lynas to store the waste permanently? The most plausible explanation is that neither Lynas nor AELB are confident that the ‘safe’ thorium level can be met. If that is the case, the authorities have betrayed the people of Kuantan by exposing them to unknown and unnecessary health risks.

The flippant attitude of the authorities is on full display in a town hall style meeting with Kuantan residents, where Raja Aziz said that Lynas will only be told to cease operation if they breach the threshold thorium concentration limit. Yet, he admitted that there were no fixed safety requirements for radiation, and that the concentration is just an indicator. How can such a project be approved without due consideration to the health and safety of the residents? To allay fears of radiation exposure, Lynas harp on a Radiological Impact Assessment report that claims that the waste is safe. However, until this day, this report has not been disclosed to the public for scrutiny. It would not be difficult to imagine that if Lynas is willing to incur substantial transportation cost to ship the ores all the way from Australia to be processed in Gebeng, the waste is probably something nobody wants in their backyard. This explains Lynas’ rather secretive modus operandi. Despite the claim of low thorium levels, Lynas will be processing 10 times the amount of ores compared to the ARE.

Environmentalists contends that the much larger volume causes thorium levels to build up over time, to which Lynas has yet to provide any reply. Lynas also conveniently skipped the issue of radon gas, another potent carcinogen, which is discharged when the ores are cracked. Finally, Lynas refuses to disclose whether they will process uranium bearing ores in Gebeng from their newly acquired Malawian mine in Gebeng.

An East Malaysia political party PKR is joining force with resident and NGO's on a nationwide campaign to stop the greedy political imbeciles in their suicide mission for wealth.  

Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) group urges the authorities to exercise restraint to allow citizens their democratic rights and to give them the space to peacefully express themselves in the forthcoming Sunday’s Himpunan Hijau 2.0 rally in Kuantan.

Chairperson of SMSL, Mr Tan Bun Teet explained, “The people have fought hard to stop Lynas and a number of other environmental problems. It is our duty as responsible and caring citizens to keep our country and our family safe.”

Earlier this month, a temporary operating license was issued to Lynas Malaysia, a wholly owned operation of Australia’s Lynas Corporation, for its controversial rare earth refinery plant in Gebeng, an industrial estate about 20 km from Kuantan.

“We have tried every possible avenue and yet the Government has gone ahead with its bad decision which threatens our future. It is understandable that this will spark outrage and anger amongst people.” Said Haji Ismail Abu Bakar, Vice-Chairperson of SMSL.

He added, “Many families living in kampongs along the coast in Pahang will be directly affected once Lynas starts to dump its waste water into the South China Sea. These families depend on the seafood and tourism industry. They run small businesses to sustain their livelihoods. Who will want to buy contaminated seafood? Who will want to holiday next to a toxic plant?” SMSL is disappointed that the Government has not taken on board grave concerns of the public which leave the people no choice but to take to the street to protest. The injustice is felt everywhere, not just in Kuantan but the whole of Malaysia. The good reputation of Malaysia is at stake over the handling of this issue.

The Lynas issue is a problem for ALL Malaysians. The pollution will spread over a wide area, even into our ASEAN neighbors through the South China Sea. Contaminated seafood and agricultural produce can create serious food safety issue not just for the people of Kuantan but to all the consumers of agriculture and seafood and seafood products. Air pollution from the Lynas plant can be carried far and wide by the north eastern monsoon wind. Where will Lynas find a permanent location for its waste? Which state in Malaysia or which town in Pahang will be the next target?

Having a polluting industry will deter investment from clean technology and ethical companies which is the way of the future. Rare earth oxides are crucial raw materials but locating it in an ecologically sensitive area so close to so many families is a bad and regressive move.

“SMSL has engaged a strong team of experts to prepare for our legal action with the help of the Pahang Bar. We have strong grounds and we want to leave no stone unturned to present the strongest possible case. Letting Lynas operate is NOT an option.”

Malaysia is littered with ventures where profits are privatized and losses are socialized. If the people of Malaysia are not vigilant, the Lynas plant may very well turn out to be the next radiation disaster.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Alex Collier an ET abductee said that during one of his meet with the ET’s, he was asked about the use of money currency on earth. Having heard of Alex explanation, the ET asked “why do you need to pay to live on the planet you were born”? A bloody good question don’t you think so?

In this article, I share my thoughts about the existence and/or involvement of extraterrestrial beings (ET) on planet earth and its relationship to the coming golden age - 21st December 2012 as far I can comprehend as an outsider of the ET encountered community.

But first, why is that that while people like me are obsessed with ET, and there are those whom are totally unaware of the event and are just fine going about their daily routine of “life maintenance” work? Simple, it takes a little awareness, some interests and a drop of intuition in the cocktail of things to shift ones paradigm of the given subject. The rest will be taken care of by the mind. It will draw all information required like a magnet to fulfill the intuition, complete the picture, point the route and set out the solutions to manifest it. Come to think of it, is that not how life should be?

My obsession to cosmology and aeronautics was intercepted by my parents and the society at a very early age. I was reminded to seek out something else, something more “tangible” to make it in life. Society programmed me to believe that I will not mount to anything significant from the latter subjects. Therefore for over 30 years I pursued exactly the opposite of my intuition, while keeping to myself of the probability that the universe is infinitely large and that it would be impossible for life to not exist elsewhere.

Extraterrestrial phenomenon

The used to be “mysterious phenomenon” is no longer a mystery for me and to many who have been following the development. Crop circles and strange sighting has been occurring even before 815 AD, evident from cave drawings and ancient artifacts. Speaking for myself, I now disqualify that these phenomenon are hoax and any “debunk” stories to incriminate it. I have personally experienced vivid astral projection to an outpost of the universe. I have read many articles and experiences of others that to consider it as a hoax or fake is absolutely not comprehendible. An ignorant trapped in a narrow minded perspective of how things should be. Contrary to some 40/50 years ago where considering them as true/genuine had the same reaction.

Names like Miriam Delicado, Alex Collier, David Wilcock, Phil Schneider, Bob Lazar, Bill Birnes, Travis Walton, David M. Jacobs, Susan Clancy and many more have been my inspiration with abundance of information from close encounters of the first kind right up to the seventh kind - that when we put the pieces together it made sense. The final blow to a skeptic is the Disclosure Project. Where hundreds of reputable witnesses stepped forward ready to testify under oath if they were call for by the congress. The UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) after witnessing this project is now an IFO (Identified Flying Object).

Except for one, Claude Vorilhon (now known as “Rael”). His version was exceptionally different with the rest and there are some downright stupid remarks he made, typical of a white supremacist that discredited his claims and exposed his scams.

It is said and I believe so that there are more than 20 species of ET within our galaxy. The Supreme Being is from the Andromeda constellation and we human do look very much like them. They have been exploring our planet for millions of years. I have come to appreciate that their presence is more intense now than it was 50 years ago. Apparent from increased sightings in the last few years including Australia, China, Indonesia, India and even in Malaysia. It is a matter of time for everyone to see.

I have come to understand, from abductees testimony, Einstein’s view of the universe, quantum physics, the timely surge in awareness of metaphysics and spirituality in the world today, prophecies of ancient cultures, science and cosmology and their resemblance with various religious symbols - that life on earth had a hand from the ET’s. The survival of planet earth now is in crucial balance for the wellbeing of other races in the universe, in this dimension or higher.

Why now?

The advanced ET’s have been able to move in and out of their system though a portal. A wormhole that is apparent all over our galaxy. Whether these wormholes are natural existence or made by ET’s remains a question but they exist endorsed by scientists and astronomists. Each species uses different portal to travel, depending on which ones available in their system. The portals are not permanent. New ones emerge and old one collapse from time to time depending to the universal activities. Expansion, compression or alignment. The Mayan’s foretold that the current calendar ends in December 2012, based on their observation of galactic alignment when our sun aligns at the center of the galaxy. A time when new opportunity opens for humans to transcend to a new dimension, said the Mayans. But it may also mean, a new portal opens up for other beings to come through as well. If so, this may be the much anticipated great gathering. The gathering of all conscious awakening from various dimensions.

At the same time, many crop circles have been emerging all over the world. More frequent are in the UK as the fields there huge, suitable for aerial view, the designs last longer there and it draws more attention than anywhere else in the world. The ones that appeared in Kalimantan Indonesia and Kedah Malaysia was disturbed. The farmers could not wait to cultivate their field, lack of appreciation and probably thought it was an omen, leaving no chance for researchers to arrive and photograph them.

All crop circles are of complex geometric designs, done invisibly using microwave frequency and sometimes in plain daylight. Most of them display complex geometric cosmic, solar and planetary symbols. Crop circles researchers believe and so do I that these are symbols of coded messages to help us. It is made complex to enable only the select few, the intelligent and intuitive to decipher. If it was made in plain English, it would have been ridiculed as a hoax or the whole world would go to hell with it or misuse it. Some believe the designs contained “free energy” formulas, but it could not be comprehended at our current knowledge in physics.

The Arecibo Formation

In in August 2001, two crop formations were reported near Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK. Both were very impressive looking and consisted of a large number of small 'pixels', which when viewed from the air formed a recognizable shape - unlike many other crop formations.

Paul Vigay a researcher at that time reported that prior to this event, in 1974 NASA took the crop circle matter and shot a message to the outer space. It contained some details of our existence, location, our DNA and spoken language in binary codes etc. The message was apparent captured by someone/something and reproduced in the Chilbolton formations in 2001. It entailed their existence, their DNA and location in the universe where the message was sent from. This message could only be understood by NASA as the original message was created by them in 1974. Paul stated compelling evidence that the ET’s has responded as acknowledgement to the 1974 message, with the 2001 formations.

Crabwood Formation

On the 18th of August the following year, another formation appeared. An updated version of the Arecibo formation in which researchers believe that they are now responding with a reply. Carl Sagan and 3 other reputable researchers deciphered the message as stated below.

Beware of the bearers of FALSE gift & their BROKEN PROMISES. MUCH PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. CONDUIT CLOSING.

Although I find it rather humorous when I think that they are referring to our political leaders, what strike my attention is the word “conduit closing”. To me it means the portal or the wormhole that they are using to contact us is closing and that we may not be able to hear again from this specific ET.

Nevertheless, as explained by Alex Collier, there are more waiting at the outpost of our galaxy. The gathering somehow had increased and they are waiting for the greatest event to take place. The opening of new wormhole and closing of old ones as we transcend from the current dimension to the next, in conjunction with the coming galactic alignment between December 2012 to December 2013. I’m hoping for DNA upgrade for better superconscious activities through better utilization of our mental faculties.

The race for world dominance

No offence to the general Americans, you guys are great. In fact many if not all of the studies and research on the above was initiated by Americans, who busted the lid wide open how their government has got into some serious shit the last 40 years. When I use the word U.S. or America I am refering to the secret government, the elite corrupt political layers, military industrial complexes, and tyrant financial CEO's, the 1% that control the 99%. So the complex disguised as the world Police, have been in league with Israel over numerous ‘Coup d’état’ and false flag initiatives on Arab spring and few other countries of their interest. Of late, to loot black gold to fund their military complex and star wars programme and/or for some spooky development off the coast of Yemen.

“Since 9/11, Americans and much of the Western world have been led to believe that the biggest enemy they face is from Islamic extremists. Nonetheless, there is now overwhelming, undeniable evidence that the true enemy... is within.” said David Wilcock, DevineCosmos.Com.

When the 9/11 dust cleared the world realized the biggest threat for peace is no other but the US Complexes - the 40 layers of the government from CIA, Pharmaceutical giants, the U.S. Treasury and their cronies in the financial institutions.  The President is in no control of the government, the 40 layers are. They have masterminded many Coup D’état in the Middle East including the assassination of JFK, Bhutto, Gaddafi, and many more. During which time, the U.S. soldiers and their allies sacrifice their lives fighting a war thinking they are doing justice to humanity.

The United States of America is the single most powerful country that controls everything in our galaxy. Yes, the galaxy. Literally no other country has any VETO against them. NATO / United Nations are puppets who can do a darn thing once the U.S. had made up their mind. The mind of 40 plus layers of clearance above the president himself.

However, since a strange disturbance in the Gulf of Aden, where a mysterious vortex off the coast of Aden is said to be causing a global weather catastrophe. The US moved its army to Middle East; just after the 9/11. More false flag operation was conducted in Yemen and India. It was learned that almost the entire world navy is camping out at these waters. The Somalia pirates are part of the plan to keep away the hundreds of commercial ships from coming near to this area. If that was the case, then the US may be in a plot to save the planet after all - from whom/what?. Damn; it’s confusing.

America is indeed a great nation. They have the ‘razzmatazz’, the golden hand in much area including showmanship, to have directed the history of the whole world as their grand stage for the most elaborate show on earth, ‘The New World Order’.

It is believed craving for world dominance came just before World War 1. After losing out in the race to outer space with USSR and a good "@$$ whuppin" in Vietnam, US were worried about their reputation in the world. Added with the threat that Russia and Germany got their hands on some UFO technology, they were not about to be left behind again. The US strived various coup d’état on Russia and any country that had knowledge of ET or economic benefits. They launched various overt and covert activities deep into German territory during the war to extract by force some ET researchers and rocket scientists there, whilst the world was under the impression that the U.S. was taking heroic measures to stop the war.

The U.S. later managed to utilize some of the technologies and setup a based in Area 51 Arizona. After the war, the place became a curiosity to not only the American public but also some UFO’s. When a UFO crashed near Roswell in 1947, US managed to establish direct contact with the gray ET’s. The problem is US befriended the wrong specie (the Grey Dows). Although much advance than humans, the grays are said to be parasites amongst other ET colony. The grays are deceptive, clumsy and not in control - otherwise they would not have crashed at Roswell in the first place, wouldn’t they?

In exposing this, Phil Schneider a geologist and explosives expert with US Military paid with his life (R.I.P.). "Phil Schneider was working in the construction of some 129 deep underground facilities for these grays. Schneider believed the US government had constructed it since World War II, and have worked on 13 of them. Two of these bases were major, including the much rumored bioengineering facility at Dulce, New Mexico. At Dulce, Schneider maintained, "gray" humanoid extraterrestrials worked side by side with American technicians" - Project Camelot.

"In 1979, a misunderstanding arose (expected with the dumb grays). In the ensuing shootout, 66 Secret Service, FBI and Black Berets were killed along with an unspecified number of "grays". It was here he received a beam-weapon blast to the chest which caused his later cancer; many have confirmed that a large scar indeed existed.

Phil Schneider died on January 17, 1996, reportedly strangled with a piano string - found wrapped around his neck. The circumstances of his death was highly controversial, which coincides over his public disclosure shortly before his death and that in one of his talk Schneider did openly state attempts on his life and there is no telling when he will be killed.

Schneider’s father Oscar Schneider was a Captain in the United States Navy worked in nuclear medicine and helped design the first nuclear submarines. Captain Schneider was also part of OPERATION CROSSROADS, which was responsible for the testing of nuclear weapons in the Pacific AT Bikini Island. In a lecture videotaped in May 1996, Philip Schneider claimed that his father, Captain Oscar Schneider, was also involved with the infamous "Philadelphia Experiment." In addition, Philip claimed to be an ex-government structural engineer who was involved in building underground military bases around the country, and to be one of only three people to survive the 1979 incident between the alien Grays and U .S. Military forces at the Dulce underground base. Philip Schneider's ex-wife, Cynthia Drayer believes that Philip was murdered because he publicly revealed the truth about the U.S. government's involvement with UFOs" - Project Camelot.

Where does religious institution fit into this?

My best guess is absolutely nowhere. Every country is emulating the U.S. Asia is no exception where the elite 1% controls the 99% of the population, enslaving them as money producing machines and pays a premium price to live on this planet. When there is no legislation and weapons at their disposal, they use religion as a tool instead.

David Wilcock reported that 2012 begun as a year of rampant paranoia. Globally the economy appears to be in a dire predicament; ready to go over a cliff into an abyss. The Euro is on the brink of collapse. A bailout of the European Union had failed. Simultaneously, blatant moves are being made to start World War III in the Middle East with the U.S. posturing to attack Iran.

Locally, politicians are holding on to deer life to stay in power to loot the nation’s wealth will little regard to the escalating cost of living and socio-economic deterioration. The religious institution stand nowhere to address the issue if not jumped into the bandwagon themselves - expected as most of them are elected by politicians anyway.

Although the world’s top 10 intellectuals are Muslims; the fact is it did not inspire the ‘ummah’ (Muslims) to progress intellectually and physically in making the world a better place to live and to serve. There are millions of scholars, Ulamas, Muftis and so on, but only a handful names like Ahmad Deedat, Harun Yahya, Fethullah Gulen, Sheikh Imran Husein, Harun Din, Nik Aziz (to name the few), whom seem to have the extraterrestrial intelligence to inspire Muslims in its true essence. The Arab league to roll over and play dead over the western atrocities’ is not good enough a measure, speak up. Demonstration and flag burning are only being misinterpreted by their media to fuel their soldiers and the western population.

The rest, the so called self-proclaimed “enlightened beings”, elected by politicians are just as demagogues as the 1%, creating deception in the pretext of procuring moral values. The Ummah are not interested with preaches and sermons. Or learn the correct pronunciation of the hadith, or the correct posture during solat. We are done learning about the consequence of not following the 5 pillars, or for not fasting during Ramadan or having a child out of wedlock. These stuffs we can find in the $2.50 booklet at the book stores. What we want is how does the hadith/versus/surah/chapters/spasm/ entrusted to you can be translated to shift our paradigm to improve life here on earth to the current circumstances. To live harmoniously with others and appreciate nature.

Evolution or climate change?

It was said that the cycle of climate change, whether initiated by ET, galactic alignment, pollution or evolution got a kick start in 1998 in conjunction with El-Nino. Earth since 4.6 billion year ago has been subjected to evolution. We are still in the recovery cycle from the last ice age.

There has not been solid proof that pollution from carbon emission has been the contributor to current climate change. At all it may have a least speed up the cycle. Furthermore, this circumstance was foretold by ancient Mayans 26,000 years ago. It does seem so because since 1998, the occurrence of natural disasters is escalating both in its frequency and intensity. The cycle will peak out on December of 2012 and in the following 13 years we will see the climate settling to a new system. Provided of course the world agree now with the following terms.

  • Ditch oil based energy source
  • Stop war
  • Fix carbon pollution
  • Stop fooling with the ET's
  • Stop messing with atomic bombs
  • Limit material wealth


Therefore I have come to establish a firm appreciation than life beyond our system exists. Which answered my question when at the age of 11; I saw a bright star moving at great speed (not a shooting star) and made a sharp turn to another direction.

Their existence provided the only logical reason for the mysteries of the world. The missing link of DNA strand from monkey to a modern human being. To the ideology proposed by our prophets and the sheer logic of the vast space of the universe.

They may have had a hand in our making, but hell they sure not our Gods. If they were, I have a few bones to pick with them about my very being. There are some design flaws with our spine.

They would have an interest now to intervene, as the workings of empire are not in favour of humanity and how our greed is destroying the world. Not to mention they have become friends to the scum of the universe.  How can it be, that a small group of 1% is in control of 99% by just using some fancy notes? How did we get suckered into this scam, to pay to live on the very planet we were born on?

I do however believe in God. That despite the numerous intelligent species scouting the galaxy, there must be a single most powerful, the one and only energy that created them all. It has to be, or there is no meaning to the purpose of this universe, that life is an accident or a coincidence. It serves no purpose of any man made religions instituted since time - to guide, coarse, threaten and insinuate that something awaits us in the afterlife that would seem as a lie. I hope that I will not be disappointed in 2013 should I discover that everything I know about ET, religion, politics, rules and regulations has been nothing but an elaborate hoax.

Until then, my prayers to planet earth. May God all mighty save us the imbecile beings for putting our faith on the 1% - leaders of broken promises and false gifts, deception and deceit.  That we turn to you to free us from this mistake. Mistake of paying to live in the very planet we were created on. Forgive our sins as we were not guided by true leaders. Forgive us for not using your guide (Quran/Bible/Etc) as we lost our creativity to comprehend the poetry and symbolism of them. We want to live only a peaceful, loving life with everyone and everything in this planet and beyond. No we do not want the Rolex watch, or the Lamborghini or a castle. A simple roof over the head, food, good health and plenty of sleep.

Ali Karim