Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It has been most heart wrenching, annoying and irritating times in Malaysia as the count for the illusive 13th General Election nowhere on sight. An estimated 75% of Malaysians from all walks of life have expressed total rejection to the ruling government, the Barisan Nasional.  Messing around with Anwar Ibrahim was a big mistake. If only they knew then, they would have just assassinated him and report it that it was a bathroom accident. And they are well capable of it.

In 2008 the people send a message, despite that the arrogance of UMNO/BN doubled with careless looting in broad day light - MACC, PDRM, Religious Authorities and all Government agencies have their eyes wide shut on rampant bribery as if there is no tomorrow. As if they are all part of The Greatest Malaysia Robbery. The Prime Minister was said to be the biggest shark; putting his hands on every mega project there is.

On April 28, 2012 BERSIH assembly, represented by more than 250,000 Malaysians delivered “shock and awe” to Barisan Nasional of what we think of them.  Due to their blindness from greed, or shall I say in their obsession to squander from projects they failed to take notice of the people watching them. As usual with their stupidity, they though it was Anwar again and launched massive campaign to run him down to the lowest level possible. Launching CyberTroopers, Street Gangsters, Police intimidation and BN youth gangsters to terrorise Anwar, his associates and the oppositions. Lies after lies with a philosophy their parents taught them “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it as the truth”.

Fortunately, Malaysians expected such behaviour from typical power greedy politicians and was dodging lies on behalf of the opposition. It only helped Anwar and Pakatan Coalition to garner more support. The more lies and tyranny UMNO/BN launches, the more people jumped ship to the opposition. Malaysians are weird people; you can fool them sometimes but not all the time. In the end, UMNO/BN only hanged themselves.  To put it in a nutshell, UMNO/BN today is like standing on a stool, anchoring a rope over the Parliament ceiling beam (which they call home), and putting on the loop around their neck. The only thing left is calling to dissolve the Parliament; it will be like kicking the stool their standing on.

While the “Pot call the Kettle black”, numerous blogs and forums continue to disclose, alleges and sensationalize the history of UMNO/BN’s lootings sine 50 years in power, repeatedly. Listed below are compilations of trillions of loot that UMNO/BN got away with. It’s not so much about the project, programmes or the initiatives but the sheer amount of hard earned public money being squandered is.
  1. PKFZ RM12 billion
  2. Submarine Commission RM500 million
  3. Sime Darby RM964 million
  4. Paya Indah Westland RM88 million
  5. Pos Malaysia (Transmile) RM230 million lost
  6. Eurocopter deal RM1 billion wasted?
  7. Terengganu Stadium collapse RM292 million
  8. MRR2 repair cost RM70 million
  9. Maybank overpaid BII RM4 billion
  10. Tourism - NYY kickback RM10 million
  11. 3 paintings bought by MAS RM1.5 million
  12. Overpayment by Sport Ministry RM8.4 million
  13. London’s white elephant sports complex RM70 million
  14. MATRADE repairs RM120 million
  15. Cost of new plane used by PM RM200 million
  16. InventQ irrecoverable debt RM228 million
  17. Compensation for killing crooked bridge RM257 million
  18. Loss in selling Augusta RM 510 million
  19. Worth of APs given out in a year RM1.8 billion
  20. Submarines (future Muzium Negara artefacts) RM4.1 billion
  21. PSC Naval dockyard RM6.75 billion
  22. The Bank Bumiputra twin scandals in the early 1980s saw US$1 billion losses (RM3.2 billion in 2008)
  23. The Maminco attempt to corner the World Tin Market in the 1980s is believed to have cost some US$500 million (RM1.6 billion)
  24. Betting in foreign exchange futures cost Bank Negara Malaysia RM30 billion in the 1990s
  25. Perwaja Steel’s US$800 million (RM2.56 billion) losses
  26. Use of RM10 billion public funds in the Valuecap Sdn Bhd operation to shore up the stock market
  27. Banking scandal of RM700 million losses in Bank Islam
  28.  The sale of M.V. Augusta by Proton for one Euro making a loss of €75.99 million (RM348 million) Same as No.20?
  29. Wang Ehsan from oil royalty on Terengganu RM7.4 billion from 2004 – 2007
  30. For the past 10 years since Philharmonic Orchestra was established, this orchestra has swallowed a total of RM500 million. Hiring a Kwai-Lo CEO with a salary of more than RM1 million per annum!
  31. In Advisors Fees, Mahathir was paid RM180,000, Shahrizat Abdul RM404,726 and Abdul Hamid Othman (religious) RM549,675 per annum
  32. The government has spent a total of RM3.2 billion in teaching Maths and Science in English over the past five years. Of the amount, the government paid a whopping RM2.21 billion for the purchase of information and computer technology (ICT) equipment which it is unable to give a breakdown. Government paid more than RM6, 000 per notebook vs. per market price of less than RM3, 000 through some new consortiums that was setup just to transact the notebook deal. There was no Maths & Science Content for the teachers and the notebooks are all with the teachers' children now.
  33. The commission paid for purchase of jets and submarines to two private companies - Perimeker Sdn Bhd and IMT Defence Sdn Bhd amounted to RM910 million. Expanding on No. 2?
  34. RM300 million to compensate Gerbang Perdana for the RM1.1 billion "Crooked Scenic Half-Bridge"
  35. RM1.3 billion has been wasted building the white elephant Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) facilities on cancellation of the Malaysia-Singapore Scenic Bridge
  36. RM100 million on renovation of Parliament building which leaks
  37. National Astronaut (actually tourist) Programme – RM40 million
  38. National Service Training Programme – yearly an estimate of RM 500 million
  39. Eye of Malaysia - RM30 million and another RM5.7 million of free tickets
  40. RM2.4 million on indelible ink
  41. Samy Vellu announced in September 2006 that the government paid compensation amounting to RM38.5 billion to 20 highway companies. RM380 million windfalls for 9 toll concessionaires earned solely from the toll hike in 2008 alone
  42. RM32 million timber export kickbacks involving companies connected to Sarawak Chief Minister and his family.
  43. Two bailouts of Malaysia Airline System RM7.9 billion. At a time when MAS is incurring losses every year, RM1.55 million used to buy three paintings to decorate its Chairman’s (Munir) office. Expanding on No.11
  44. Putra transport system bailout which cost RM4.486 billion.
  45. STAR-LRT bailout costing RM3.256 billion.
  46. National Sewerage System bailout costing RM192.54 million.
  47. Seremban-Port Dickson Highway bailout costing RM142 million
  48. Kuching Prison bailout costing RM135 million
  49. Kajian Makanan dan Gunaan Orang Islam bailout costing RM8.3 million
  50. Le Tour de Langkawi bailout costing RM3.5 Million
  51. Wholesale distribution of tens of millions of shares in Bursa Malaysia under the guise of NEP to cronies, children and relatives of BN leaders and ministers worth billions of ringgit.
  52. Alienation of tens of thousands of hectares of commercial lands and forestry concessions to children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth tens of billions of ringgits.
  53. Since 1997, Petronas has handed out a staggering RM30 billion in natural gas subsidies to IPPs who were reaping huge profits. In addition, there were much wastages and forward trading of Petronas oil in the 1990s based on the low price of oil then. Since the accounts of Petronas are for the eyes of the Prime Minister only, we have absolutely no idea of the amount.
  54. RM5,700 for a car jack worth only RM50
  55. Government-owned vehicle consumed a tank of petrol worth RM113 within a few minutes
  56. A pole platform that cost RM990 was bought for RM30,000
  57. A thumb drive that cost RM90 was bought for RM480
  58. A cabinet that cost RM1,500 was bought for RM13,500
  59. A flashlight that cost RM35 was bought for RM143
  60. Expenses for 1Malaysia campaign paid to APCO?
  61. RM17 billion subsidy to IPP
  62. US$24 million Diamond Ring for Ro$mah - Cancellation of Order - how much compensation?
  63. Cowgate ... RM250 million
  64. Monsoon Cup . . . RM800 million per year
  65. Illicit Fund Transfers out of Malaysia (2000 - 2009): RM 1,077,000,000,000!
  66. Tajudin-Danaharta settlement to cover up for Dr M and Daim
  67. Billions of ringgit toll concessions that disadvantage the government and taxpayers
  68. RM 30 billion favours with Talam
  69. Billions Embezzled from SYABAS Water distribution
  70. 40 years of NEP that did not see the liberation of the poor and needy Malays
It seems like there is not a single projects that UMNO/BN have not put a hand in it. But the funniest of all scandal, the one that really pissed Malaysians was the NFC (National Feedlot Corporation). Even the Scorpene and the murder of Mongolian model could have got way but this is classic. Our Police (PDRM), whom has yet to arrest the murderer of Nurin Jazrin for years, mysteriously finds bone fragments of Mongolian women 22-18-28 in a jungle near Shah Alam. I mean is our Police damn good or wot?

Still, back to NFC; Malaysia’s top Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC), the CIA of Malaysia acted on Auditor General’s report of misappropriation of public funds worth RM 250 million by NFC. In the time when UMNO/BN was giving speech and sermons with ‘hadith’ about Malay rights, serving the poor and needy and helping Bumiputra agricultural industry, while they casually handed RM 250 million without condition to the spouse of a Minister. In the investigation, MACC found the politician not guilty and that the politician is not responsible for the company but her husband. She was acquitted and her husband was charged lighter sentence than someone who steals a bread and case closed. The public is “LCOLROTF” (laughing and crying out loud rolling on the floor) just what kind of an imbecile would stop at this kind of conclusion? Don’t the Government, MACC or PDRM has an iota of intelligence to ask – why NEP fund of RM250 mil is given to the spouse of a politician who knows a darn thing about cattle. Why didn’t our good government offer it to the Bumiputra Cattle Breeders, who have the knowledge and experience to manifest the idea, or was that, the intention? Unless, the top man have a hand in it (the money).

And the drama goes on with disclosure after disclosure popping up on a weekly basis. UMNO/BN seems exhausted in dodging these disclosures and running out of ideas in their tyranny to stay in power. Latest being, that communist had intercepted the opposition political. I mean, what kind of imbecile does the government think of their people?

Up next is the latest drama series “Janji Ditepati” (promise delivered). The very person who spearheaded the mass looting by a single person serving less than 3 years is trying to salvage the situation with another lie his ancestors taught him. But Malaysians regard this as “angkat bakul sendiri”, expressed in FMT it is a blackmail being employed by UMNO/BN to warrant obligation on the part of the rakyat to support their leadership.
In this coming Hari Raya, I wonder what our leaders are going to preach on the eve of AidilFitri celebration, not more crap we hope.

Other related contributions by UMNO/BN to the nation’s development speculated via social media and e-mails are the obstruction and manipulation into Malaysian Judiciary System to function as a defence mechanism for any cases involving UMNO/BN members. Amongst others hot on the list are;
  • Case discharged prematurely of former minister of international trade and industry for awarding shares to her son in law, CBT and conflict of interest.
  • Case discharged prematurely of a former Chief Minister of Melaka for raping an under aged girl and for his rampant bribery
  • Obstruction of investigation by the then BPR against former Governor of Bank Negara for bribery despite a statutory declaration made by the Director of BPR then of compelling evidence
  • Obstruction and manipulation of evidence to delay and acquit case against BN crony the late Eric Chua in the Perwaja Steel mass looting.
  • Obstruction and manipulation of evidence and eyewitness to delay and acquit the case against BN former minister of transport in the PKFZ scandal
  • Obstruction and manipulation of evidence and eyewitness to delay and acquit the case against BN’s crony in the BMF scandal
  • Obstruction and manipulation of evidence and eyewitness to delay and acquit the case against former minister in the Ministry of The Prime minister in the misappropriation of Tabung Haji funds worth RM 200 million
  • Cover up, obstruction and/or manipulation of evidence against former minister of works and former president of MIC in misappropriation of MAIKA Holding shares
  • Cover up, obstruction and/or manipulation of evidence against former minister of community development & national unity in smuggling in a Mercedes Benz S320.
  • Cover up, obstruction and/or manipulation of numerous cases of bribery reported to MACC against the former chief minister of Selangor where he was charged on only one of the many impending cases with a lighter sentence.
  • Looting Terengganu’s oil & gas royalty when PAS was in power between 1999 to 2004
  • And many many more…

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Serpo: Zeta Reticuli

It has been an amazing read, mind-numbing, riveting, and jaw dropping disclosure of travelling to a distance planet. Such was the detailed report released by an ex U.S. Government agent working on special project – revealed undisputable evidence, logs and interviews compiled and posted on SERPO.Org website by two brilliant men; Bill Ryan and Victor Martinez.

It began in 1947 with two UFO crash in New Mexico. The ones we knew about - the Roswell crash. Whilst the army brush off the media with a cover story the crash being a weather balloon, in the background they have been hard at work in nursing a surviving alien and repairing the damage crafts.
Since J.F.K (with an exception to Jimmy Carter) all other presidents have been thoroughly briefed by the U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) about the Extra-terrestrial (ET) beings. I don’t think Bush Jr. required a briefing since Bush Sr. was on top of it when he was the head of CIA back then, may have been the chairman of the Majestic 12.

The world was kept out of this information simply because the DIA thought the world would not be able to handle the consequence of such a disclosure. Panic, collapse of religious schools, law and order would simply fall apart. Worse still, if Muslims found out of a certain “Yellow Book” (a gift from the aliens) which claims that 2000 years ago, they (aliens) came in human form as Jesus Christ, by God it will be …Jaysus Christ!

Between 1952 ~ 1964, United States Government (USG) through DIA had established communication with the planet Zeta Reticuli. A binary star system of the Reticulum constellation, some 39 light-years from the Earth; with an estimated population of 650,000 beings named Eben. The Ebens were not the first visitors of earth. There have been others going back to 200 million years ago. You will find in Project SERPO (Release 30) that back in 1968 a group of archaeologist in southern Norway stumbled upon a crash UFO embedded in rocks. USG secretly acquired the craft (in exchange with Naval support) and had it shipped to Area 51. Amazing discovery, an advanced craft crashed during the Dinosaur era? Where or who are they today? But what we can be sure of is neither did the craft occupant or the archaeologists who found it lived long.

Anyway, the long standing relationship with the Ebens of the planet Zeta Reticuli aka Serpo supposedly began after rescue mission of a downed UFO (No evidence to support it was deliberately shot down although the notion cannot be dismissed). In their communications, an agreement was reached for an exchange programme. U.S will send 12 of the best to study their planet and 1 of them (Eben) stay back on earth - for a period of 10 years. And so the plot begins with a very interesting arrangement, departure, 9 month journey, arrival at planet Serpo and the 13 year ordeal in an another planet.

I discovered in Project Serpo and always had my suspicion that some top Hollywood directors have some heads-up on this. People like Robert Earl Wise, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Scott Dericksson and maybe a couple other big names in Hollywood had received some information from DIA, as part of a gradual information/disinformation convenience of USG. The directors went on producing several movies like Close Encounter of The Third Kind, Contact starring Jodie Foster and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

The Pope's chief astronomer once said that “life on Mars cannot be ruled out”. Writing in the Vatican newspaper, the astronomer, Father Gabriel Funes, said “intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space”.  – BBC NEWS. The cunning announcement was not a surprise for many as the Pope had first-hand knowledge of Roswell. The Pope had also an opportunity to meet the alien in the flesh, in November 2009 at Akau Island, Honolulu. Hence explains the Vatican’s quick change of mind about religion and science.

Islam? Well they have known about it since 1500 years, at about the same time but refrained from dwelling into the creator’s magic hat. We know there is One and only One, and there are good travellers and bad travellers; move on.

A big relief was that the Ebens and other known ET’s have so far not claimed to be our God. One specie however claimed they have a hand in it, but did not create us. They don’t know who did but they themselves believe in God and they agree – there is only One.

Of late, the cyberspace of metaphysics community is actively speculating that more than 50 ET colonies are around our planet observing us. Headed by the supreme Andromeda Council of the Galactic Federation, are waiting to intervene to free earthlings from a rapidly declining quality of life. If so, well ...they are late. Best get the show started.

Click on the below link to read the detailed report.

1.     Project SERPO (1947 ~ 2008)
2.     Andromeda Council (2009 ~ 2012)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


While American Kabuki has been keeping records of the ‘Mass Resignations’ of banksters, I figure is best I start compiling information and mass arrest as well. Through the comments page, I welcome anyone who wish to report or disclose global arrests of 2012 onwards.

This is referring to the much speculated, much anticipated of the impending mass arrests of the political Illuminati, Cabals and Banksters hereinafter will be referred to as ‘Governments’ or  ‘Scums’. There has been abundance of disclosure from whistleblowers all over the world and the Government controlled media has been doing a great job in keeping this information from getting out to the average Joe on the streets. Receptive only to a few millions, these information’s had overflowed through alternative Medias such as YouTube, social forums, blogs , Facebook’s and independent news portals.

The year 2012 had started off pretty well as observed by these “few millions” of the awakened, receptive to metaphysical phenomenon, conspiracy theorist and the critical thinking.  One author David Wilcock thoroughly investigated his suspicions and revealed that these deceptive, corrupted governments of the world hereinafter referred to as the cabal, has for more than 50 years orchestrated a New World Order by messing with the economy, creating war, limiting technologies and medical advancements as well as plotting civil unrests - only to loot the wealth off the people, enslaving the 99% of the population as their money producing machines - for the rest of our God forsaken life.

Ironically, every country on the map has a fair share of these cabals whom apparently have been so long in power, beginning to think that it’s their birth right to play God. “Ireland has taken the first step to banish the tyranny of the Vatican from the island of Ireland. The Vatican is responsible for criminal conspiracy and the most heinous crimes against humanity” - Kauilapele.

As prophesied by many ancient cultures, this New World Order that the Cabals planned out so well will come to an end. We are talking in mass, with mass awakening of the people that will follow with mass arrests of these Cabals. We have seen and will be seeing more of NGO events and assembly such as Occupy Wall Street, Spanish Indignados, the uprising in Middle East , Occupy Bilderberg 2012BERSIH in Malaysia and similar protests in Thailand and Indonesia.

Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, has been the first to be charged his role in killing protesters that sets a precedent for holding Middle East autocrats to account. Figures don't lie, but liars sure figure, where following very closely to be arrested is the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his cabals, in connection with:

1.       USD 1 billion in  bribery from the purchase a Scorpene-Class submarine
2.       The Murder of a Mongolian translator of the latter French/Malaysia transaction
5.       Declining CPI (Corruption Perception Index).

Next, the world is waiting for the arrest of the master of all cabals, the War Crime hero, False Flag mastermind, various ‘coup d'état’ and the ring leader - Mr. George W. Bush (both Sr. and Jr.) and their associates. For making lives in Middle East in particular as hard as possible; to control oil, loot their gold, confiscate some very valuable ancient/extraterrestrial artifacts. In his (their) campaign - the father son regime has taken millions of lives, women and children abroad and at home, all for power of their envisioned New World Order.

Until then, we wish all the cabals of the world absolutely nothing at all. Top Website/Blogs on information on Mass Arrests and/or disclosure of the cabal’s game (local & abroad):
  1. Aliran
  2. American Kabuki
  3. Anak Bangsa Malaysia
  4. Andromeda Council
  5. Benjamain Furfold
  6. Colleen (PAO)
  7. Devine Cosmos
  8. Former White Hats
  9. Free Malaysia Today News
  10. Ghetto Physics
  11. John Kettler Investigates
  12. Lim Kit Siang
  13. MalaysiaKini
  14. Malaysian Digest
  15. Red Dragon Leo
  16. Ron Paul
  17. SaLuSa
  18. Ready for the Shift
  19. The 2012 Scenario

NOTE: Arrests to be updated in the ‘Comments’ column with the hope that the feedbacks and reports to this blog remains consistent.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I was an UMNO/BN die-hard fan. Dr. Mahathir was my idol and if I was not a Muslim, I would have had his portrait up in my room conduct daily ritual praising him for the shock and awe he created in my life back then. It all changed in 2006, a neuron in my brain must have popped and lead a rush of electricity to some uncharted faculties of my mind where I started to see the dark side of things.

The days of the Cabals created by Dr. Mahathir has come to an end. Brought down by one woman, Dato Ambiga. Her intentions were pure, to clean-up electoral system. Unintentionally, like a domino it brought down the Malaysian Illuminati aka UMNO/BN as a bonus. Little did I realize that for more than 40 years, these illuminati planned and orchestrated ways to take control of the country, through 12 rigged General Elections.

The irony is, when Dr. Mahathir became the prime minister in 1981, he started the looting. Enticed the Malaysians with virtual progress and modernization, he intelligently orchestrated ethnic segregation, transferring ultimate power to the Malay Illuminati and recruiting more members through his list of cronies - whom later came to serve as loyal subjects to the Cabal.

By the time he left office in 2003, the illuminati had taken its wings. But without a leader, they went off on a looting spree, each trying to secure mass amount of wealth, to out match the other for the highest loot. Following the foot step of Dr. Mahathir, Daim Zainudin, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Abdul Taib Mahmud, Ling Leong Sik, Samy Vellu, Rafidah Aziz, etc (to name a few), new leaders emerged like Najib Tun Razak, Hishamuddin, Muhyiddin Yassin, Rosmah Mansor, Sharizat, Khir Toyo and many more. Bankers became Banksters and private sectors jumped into the band-wagon in the uncontrolled legalized looting in what Malaysians regard the mother of scandal in the name of “privatization” and development.

“Are thinking Malays willing to be regrouped in the same category as the illustrious Ibrahim Ali?” - Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz

The nation hitched a ride on the waves of progress along with the rest of the world and was made to believe it was so due to the intelligent management of the Malaysian Illuminati. By 2010, the people were getting tired as household debts were not getting better, rising cost of living, escalating socio-economic problems, sloppy civil and enforcement authorities, the frequent racial card game setup by the illuminati contradictory to their lavish life style. To a point they had the audacity to occasionally appear as Islamic leaders and were reciting verses from the Quran to the people to camouflage themselves as compassionate beings.
People begin to suspect that the illuminati themselves were not true Muslims; if not “alien reptilian” in disguise - or sort. They were displaying themselves as Muslims with verses, gifts and promises because they thought us the Malays are gullible imbeciles. Not until we found out that they are leaders of broken promises, deception and deceit all this time.

“Malays today unite for causes and for ideals that are beyond what our prime minister and Umno can muster” - Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz.

God sent Dato Ambiga to speak on behalf of the general population. To an extend awakened everyone from the hypnotized circumstances. In 2007 her Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections launched a peaceful assembly named ‘BERSIH’ where some 10,000 awakened citizens participated, mostly Malays in support of her call. In 2011 Bersih 2.0 was organized and the number of the awakened increased to 50,000 and this year (2012) Bersih 3.0 had awakened a staggering 300,000 people worldwide comprise of mostly Malay and Chinese with small number of Indians and others.

It rattled the illuminati so bad that they deployed all cabals in their arsenal to terrorize and spread disinformation locally and abroad. The workings/assaults staged by the Cabal’s appointed provocateurs here in Malaysia seem to be far more effective than with what is going on in Indonesia and even in the United States. They seem to have a common understanding, agreement and several plans well laid out how to continue to screw the people for the next 50 years.

It is disgusting to witness the circus of these illuminati to hold on to power with their life. That it translates to fear of mass disclosure of their lootings and/or greedy to loot more, as Malaysia has a much larger potential of growth. Truly they have no genuine interest to liberate Malaysians into a 1st World Country. The deputy chairman once mentioned that “Malaysians are not matured enough to have freedom”. Who the F do they think they are to play God?

The various trick pulled out by the illuminati in response to the 28th April ’12 gave Malaysians a crystal clear of who and what they are. Their actions are just evidence of the inevitable collapse of the dark cabal. They try every possible ruse and disinformation to make a last attempt to create doubt and fear.

Despite that, the Malaysians are gearing up to bring down the illuminati through the Bersih 4.0 assembly where more than 1 million people expected to brave Police brutality and their provocateurs to put an end to the 40 plus years of atrocities. With faith, our beloved Malaysia will be cleaned out of the “ghost & demons”, life will be much better, better living conditions, rapid drop in household debts, influx of talent and skill, reduction in socio-economic problems, rapid growth, peace and harmony - a pleasure to wake up every morning.

Some gratitude must be acknowledged to Dr. Mahathir that he did after all fast forward the development. None the less many think others could have done the same. These are the compilations of feelings radiated by 75% of Malaysian citizen. Worked on a simple ratio, where more than 300,000 turned up “against” the illuminati on 28th April 2012 while only less than 100,000 turned up “for” the illuminati assembly on 11th May 2012.

Stand up now for the final blow.

Hidup Rakyat!


Sunday, May 13, 2012


The play dirty, look clean and all legal - a group of imbeciles willing to risk the reputation of their kind for money. Right now, actively involved in a multi-million dollar business for various “Coupe D’état” activities in Penang.

I had a nightmare, that these gangs with members from Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and even India, originally formed between 2004 ~ 2008 was well-known for hijacking luxurious vehicles and robbing people who had just withdrawn money from banks. 

About 150 robberies, including cargo hijackings and warehouse break-ins, are attributed to them. In 2007, the gang tried to steal a Porsche 911 Targa 4 from the Auto City showroom in Seberang Jaya and later at the Bukit Mertajam police headquarters.

The nightmare was so vivid that it seems these thugs, arrested and charged in 2008, they are now back on the streets. Only this time - paid gangsters for anyone with money - speculated for UMNO Youth Movement and Perkasa and their target - Penang.

The ring leader Mohd Ghani aka Ghani Komtar and his members was last spotted during a PKR rally, LYNAS and most recently terrorizing Penang CM,  Lim Guan Eng, DAP members and their families.

In the following video, of another terrorism staged last year, Ghani in his lauding slipped his tongue and mentioned “bomb”, old habits die hard they say - from his past terrorist acts.

Whatever it is, the Mamak Gang have evolved, from monkey to hired gangsters for various political Coupe D’état, and these scum-bags are cheap enough to side any party to stir things up


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Occupy Dataran; The Malaysian 'Tahrir Square'

April 28th 2012 will go down in history as Malaysia’s first uprising since UMNO/BN helmed the country. An all time event for Malaysia, the largest turn-out any ocassion. An estimated 300,000 people (600,000 worldwide) took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to pass the power crazy government a message; that their time is up.

I enjoyed the march with thousands from KTM KL station to Lebuh Ampang. It was a festive atmosphere, like it was ‘Independence Day’ all over again. Police helicopters were flying low and every road leading to the ‘Dataran’ was blocked by Police in armed chain.

I surveyed the crowed samples after samples from Lebuh Pasar, J. Medan Pasar, Lebuh Ampang, Jalan Benteng, J. Tun Perak was filled with thousands of people, as if a World Cup  soccer match is about to kick-off at “Stadium Dataran”. Each time I got an estimated 300,000 people in just these areas. The real reason why everyone was there is to “kick-off” Barisan Nasional from power.

I did not get to take crowd samples at J. Melaka, J. Melayu, J. Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Lorong Gombak, J. Raja Laut, Lebuh Pudu, J. Tun Tan Cheng Lock and J. Sultan Hishamuddin - where easily there could be another 300,000 people gathered there. Still this does not include the gatherings in other towns and states which when totaled should be around 600,000.

We heard news that some 25,000 young brave youth had breached the barricade, received assaults tear-gas trying to occupy Dataran. I could not see as I was blocked out amongst some 100,000 supporters along Lebuh Ampang.

In another area, a Police car rammed down 3 people. Angered supporters was reported to have damaged and turned turtle the Police car. They (the Police) can only intimidate us so much. When we retaliate (if we want to), we could have hand-cuffed them with their own %^&* cable-ties.

All in all, it was the greatest showing. Well done Malaysians, with the exception of “Occupy Dataran” it was near “Tahrir Square”. But be prepared, the government controlled media will report something else, more lies and deception.

Related YouTube links:

2nd Edition

On Sunday April 29th 2012, HBO Malaysia airs two programmes back to back. The first was the “Inside Job” and followed by “Too Big to Fail”. A day after an uprising in the city capital, someone decides to leak the deceptions of governments. As the saying goes, if United States sneezes, the rest of the world will catch a cold and the timing to air these were just perfect. Unfortunately I can’t subscribe to the theme of the second movie that portrait the banksters as heroes in saving the economy. As a matter of fact, they should be arrested and charged for fooling around with people’s lives.

Likewise, with the election around the corner the lootings of the likely outgoing government need to be exposed. Contracts after contracts are being signed out in a hurry with corporate cronies that will take care of the livelihood of the 1% for the next 10 years. Setting up yet another trap with sweet talks to suppress the 99% to bare the debts.

The much anticipated mass arrest speculated in cyberspace better come now, before things are signed and sealed amongst these goons. During the ‘Occupy Dataran’ rally on Saturday, a guesstimated 600,000 people took to the streets nationwide. The crowed from 12 main roads leading to ‘Dataran’ (Lebuh Pasar, J. Medan Pasar, Lebuh Ampang, Jalan Benteng, J. Tun Perak, J. Melaka, J. Melayu, J. Tuanku Abdul Rahman,  Lorong Gombak, J. Raja Laut, Lebuh Pudu, J. Tun Tan Cheng Lock and J. Sultan Hishamuddin) alone could have totaled 300,000. 

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Occupy Dataran

Occupy Dataran is an autonomous grassroots movement based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that aims to create a platform to experiment participatory democracy based on the popular assembly model. The Malaysian Insider reported that Occupy Dataran were an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street. The online news portal also reported that the Malaysian protesters were expressing solidarity with the New York protest movement as part of the 15 October 2011 global protests. However, it is widely acknowledged that the first Occupy Dataran assembly was held on 30 July 2011, seven weeks before Occupy Wall Street. - Wikipedia

The movement says that it aims to "redefine democratic participation beyond representative democracy, and imagine a new political culture beyond race, ideology and political affiliation". Besides this, it is also for people to get together, hang out, organize activities & spend the night at Dataran Merdeka. Participants of Occupy Dataran have gathered every Saturday from 8pm - 6am at Dataran Merdeka. Part of Occupy Dataran is the "KL People's Assembly" where participants gather to share ideas, address problems, explore alternatives, propose solutions and make decisions. It is also open to other activities. - Wikipedia

Since October 2011, the movement has spread to Penang with Occupy Penang and other new occupations in Kota Bharu, Johor Bahru, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Dungun and Batu Pahat.  - Wikipedia

An imbecile royal bloodline once said that the ‘Tahrir Square’ like uprising will never happen in Malaysia. Well it already has on the 9th of July last year. The ‘Occupy Dataran” and the upcoming Bersih 3.0 will be another kick below the belt, at least to this imbecile. All the buying and dealing of the corrupted ruling leaders are coming to end, not only in Malaysia but all over the world.

It is no different than ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ where the main issues are social and economic inequality, greed, corruption and the undue influence of corporations on government—particularly from the financial services sector. The slogan, we are the 99%, addresses the growing income inequality and wealth distribution in the U.S. between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population. Protesters engage in "direct action" with consensus-based decisions through a general assembly of participants instead of petitioning authorities. - Wikipedia

Democracy as we know it has gone absolutely bonkers, taken over by demagogue leaders into Ghetto Physics.

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