Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Truth About Hair: A Hair Rising Facts

Published on, C. Yong reports that our hair serves more than just a style and personal preferences. Contrary to the misconception that our hair is dead matter and can be clipped shorter and discarded, it is a living matter and believed the able to receive and transmit certain vibrations at a superconscious level. In other words, it’s an antenna. Just like the Dark Energy and Dark Matter where its existence in the universe is something science has yet to have a grip on but widely accepted at a metaphysical level.

Yong’s findings ignited an age long question I had; of why is that throughout time - prophets, artists, scientists, alchemist, ancient stonemasons, top physicists and/or spiritualists coincidently have long hair? Some of the mindboggling theories and findings radiated out from their “intuition” or “sixth sense” is no run off the mill either. Which again prompts me to an age long Asian thing that girls mature (intellectually) faster than boys of the same age group. Now I am willing to put my last dollar that having long hair has something to do with it.

“This information about hair has been hidden from the public since the Viet Nam War” said C. Yong, whom gave an in depth study to why Indians keep their hair long . Likewise many ancient believes was regarded as myth, mambo jumbo or hocus pocus by the west if it cannot be scientifically proven. Fortunately now, quantum physics in the last decade has been support some of these myths.

Chong reported that  “...during the Viet Nam War Special Forces in the war department had sent undercover experts to comb American Indian Reservations looking for talented scouts, for tough young men trained to move stealthily through rough terrain. They were especially looking for men with outstanding, almost supernatural, tracking abilities. Before being approached, these carefully selected men were extensively documented as experts in tracking and survival.

With the usual enticements, the well proven smooth phrases used to enroll new recruits, some of these Indian trackers were then enlisted. Once enlisted, an amazing thing happened. Whatever talents and skills they had possessed on the reservation seemed to mysteriously disappear, as recruit after recruit failed to perform as expected in the field.

Serious causalities and failures of performance led the government to contract expensive testing of these recruits, and this is what was found.

When questioned about their failure to perform as expected, the older recruits replied consistently that when they received their required military haircuts, they could no longer 'sense' the enemy, they could no longer access a 'sixth sense' , their 'intuition' no longer was reliable, they couldn't 'read' subtle signs as well or access subtle extrasensory information”.

Amazing findings indeed. I was also exploring why that is when we Muslims say our prayers, we open our palms in front our face. I suspect lost ancient understanding is that the audible prayers is supposed to be reflected off the palms and resonate with our face, forehead, hair and upper shoulder where ones aura is at intense. Working like a beacon; radiates to manifest our prayers. Provided of course, the prayers syncs with our feelings and intensions for the greater good. Our mind is very powerful. It has the ability to manifest thoughts if we can put intense feeling to it. Good or bad, it shows up.

This freaked-out theory of mine also got me thinking why is that the non-Arab speaking Muslim countries is in such a chaos. Apart from Benjamain Furfold’s theory (that the U.S. Government had a hand in it), I believe when they say their prayers in a language other than their own mother tongue, nothing happens. I think our super conscious mind need to understand (sync) with the vibrations we give out. Therefore we should translate our prayers into our own mother tongue. Good luck in trying to do something beyond the orthodox.

Back to hair, I guess the next question is - if so, why do Muslim women cover their hair and why does the Buddhist monk shave their head. Does this mean they have lesser intuition or sixth sense? To explore the first, I admit there is no Islamic scholar, Ulamas or Muftis intelligent enough to transparently perceive what was put forth by our prophets, let alone comprehend the Quran to the current time and age, even if they tried.

Conventional understanding suggests that Muslim women cover their hair for a variety of reasons, some religious and some secular whilst required to cover their bodies so that their figure is not revealed and only their faces and hands are shown. This requirement is designed to protect women and give them respect. The dress of Muslim women is similar to that of Christian nuns, who also cover their bodies and hair (Btw., Muslim women were never required to cover their faces as done in some Middle Eastern countries).

What I can make of it is that if the hair is an antenna, it surely can transmit and receive feelings outside the five senses. Muslims women's attire has always been a subject of ridicule particularly amongst the unlearned. See, we cannot deny that men and women with reproductive organ will want to "merge" and reproduce, yes? That's how we are created. No matter how religious you are, how well educated or the ego is engineered of whatever archetype we are, there is a set of DNA in our body that activates a chemical in our brain to launch a certain programme feel, desire, look, acquire and consume. This programme goes into action upon receipt of the right condition through our senses e.g. touch, smell, see, hear and feel.  Let us not be hypocrites of man made laws and beliefs; do we not have certain feelings, desires when any one of the latter senses comes to our subconscious attention of what we want, or designed to do? The thing is, in the process of learning we forgot about the sixth sense, the hair.

But don’t forget that although too much of anything is no good, it is also true that too less of anything is not good also, as you have been reading in papers often.

As for the monk, I don’t know why they shave. Perhaps they have other techniques which I will explore. With all due respect, I do take note that they have to practice meditation in the Himalayas, for years either in a monastery, cave or under a big tree. While most people with long hair have claimed astral projection effortlessly.

Therefore in conclusion, many of such secrets were lost through messengers and leaders whom know no better than the source of the so called myths. Likewise even most Islamic scholars are unable to explain why women must cover her hair, our why Muslims pray with their palms open, reasons for irritating eyelids and so on.

Strangely though, the Sumerians, Mayans and prophets had foretold that such questions and awakening will surface eventually and science will be able to prove many of this ancient myth, cultural and religious beliefs. 

I sure hope being Muslim writer having such opinion; will not result in some religious freak issuing a “Fatwa” on my head. 

Friday, December 16, 2011


David Wilcock (DW) is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.

David is also the subject and co-author of the international bestseller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, which explores the remarkable similarities between David and Edgar, features many of David's most inspiring psychic readings, and reveals documented NASA scientific proof of interplanetary climate change... and how it directly impacts our DNA.

A year ago, David was approached by one Benjamain Furfold (BF), a European journalist whom has been investigating in what most of you would have remembered of the 2008 conspiracy on the 134 billion dollars in US bonds, seized at the Italian border from two Japanese from Japan’s Ministry of Finance.

BF asked DW to run an article on how a certain group of reputable people are taking a law suit against the U.S. regarding the bond and its corresponding effects to the world economy, JFK’s assassination, Sukarno mission, the dismantling of Russia, Israelian Connection, the Credit Crunch, Middle East project, the 9/11 conspiracy and an impending plan to dismantle China into five independent countries!

On the 12th December ’11, after having painstakingly validating BF’s reports, DW published his article on his blog Divine Cosmos, titled “CONFIRMED: The Trillion-Dollar Law Suit That Could End Financial Tyranny".

Soon after, DW was informed by BF that he was contacted by two people of death threat against DW if he does not disclose everything as part two. Apparently DW had left out some facts. DW goes on live Radio about the threat and was offered protection by one anonymous white hat member in Irish accent. Having done that DW will post the continuation of his report anytime now.

The thing is the amount of information of conspiracy theories are humungous and too simple and digestible to be ruled as garbage. If true, this explains everything about the speculated EUR crash in couple of weeks. And if true, we should not be left out of the development.

So folks, read about DW report by clicking on the link below and be enlightened (or confused).

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Intention

The ministry of Human Resource Singapore recently announced that the monthly salaries of Singapore workers went up this year, for the second year in a row. “It shows full-time workers’ median income to be USD 2,283.00 (RM7, 121.85) a month against USD 2,113.00 (RM6, 593.49) last year - an 8% rise” said labor economist Dr Hui Weng Tat of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy - The Star Online.

It is a remarkable fact how Singapore time and time again beat the odds to emerge top in many areas of politics and socio-economic circumstances. After 46 years of its independence, Singapore has become an exemplary nation in this region compared to its 54 year old neighbor.

The average monthly income of Malaysian workers is about USD 961.00 (RM 3,000.00) p/month while Thailand and Indonesia is about USD 320.00 (RM 1,000.00) p/month.

“Attention thus needs to be focused on improving the wages and work opportunities of the 194,700 part-time workers, as they are increasing in number, and half of them indicate they want to work longer hours,” Dr Hui added.

As far as Indonesia is concerned, it’s not that simple to yardstick this figure due to its huge population compared to its smaller neighbor. Furthermore, Filipinos living in Indonesia had earned bragging rights as they “enjoy what is probably the highest household income among Filipinos overseas.” - Jose Z. Molano, Jr., adviser on Overseas Resource Development.
The key factor of Singapore’s rapid progress is actually every damned thing. From the government to the very person on the street, to have had the intention to beat the neighbor in everything (except sports maybe). Singapore is rated #1 in the “Least Corrupted Government” index. Something our own government lack - “the intention”.

As an example, the UMNO 2011 general assembly just ended with nothing more than the same crap about party loyalty, winning elections, mudslinging and Malay rights with none whatsoever in improving the socio-economic disaster at hand. The president’s body language during the loyalty pledge speaks a thousand words, that subconsciously he knows that this is just another crap cooked by his deputy and the usual Keris dramas from the outgoing Chairman, the Negeri Sembilan Macaque and the RM20 million mansion con artists. There was not an iota of conventional wisdom put forth to raise the living standards of the people who elected them or to steer the country out of chaos.

Mainstream Malaysians still believe that the various “Government Transformation Programme”, is only their personal business continuity plan with the intention to embezzle from the people.

May god bless Malaysians, in the coming election.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


The events of the world certainly seem as the manifestation of various ancient prophecies. Climate change, credit crunch, the U.S. Navy arsenals maneuvering into Gulf of Aden, Philippine Sea and Indian Ocean, (causing false flag worries to nations), the uprising in Middle East which infected Europe, U.S. and now brewing in South East Asia, with Indonesia seemingly looking ready to pop any time; is all set - for the whole world to go to hell.

On top of these, the stress level amongst Malaysians, is also brewing from local circumstances. The average ‘makan-gaji’ populations (taking me as an example), whom apparently reside at the bottom half of the pyramid, are having tensed shoulders, short-fuse and poor state of health of the reoccurring repulsive events locally. In such times, I think only a penniless monk can have a piece of mind from juggling with the socio-economic, corrupted politics, benighted religious authorities and now verbal harassment from our very ‘serumpun’ Indonesia.

1. Socio-EconomicAfter a life long struggle to make ends meet, we thought there will arrive a time we can rest our feet and enjoy the fruits of our labor. But that thought only remained as a figment of our imagination. The things we want seem out of reach every time we long for it, getting further and further away. The average income is the same while cost of living and household debts are on the rise.

The Government in their obsession to stay in power with dear life, are busy with favorite past time - mudslinging. Turning their back on private sectors e.g. Telco’s, Banks, Highway Concessionaires, Electronic Medias and every other customer service industries under the sun from having a field day in hiking prices and rape us to kingdom come. Indirectly raising crime rates and other social ills. Despite the PDRM declaration that crime rate has dropped, I actually see an increase and even brutal crimes escalating in my neighborhood. Without any in-depth analysis, I can guesstimate a good 80% of the domestic crimes e.g. snatch-theft, robbery, break-in, rape, gangsters and murder are committed by our ‘serumpun’ guests. While the locals win hands down in white collar crimes in which money laundering and cargo thefts are the favorites.

2. PoliticsResponsibility of a Government is infinite. In a nutshell it’s a balancing act between poverty eradication, addressing unemployment and entrepreneurship for success. Success then must be defined as it varies time to time, situation and circumstances. Like father to a family, it is their responsibility to stay alert and do what it takes to protect his family. Every country in every part of the world has their respective plans to bring their country to success and share the piece of cake with their people.

Modern man on the whole seems to be in the rising, coming out from the Augustus, King Arthur, Royal Kingdom or Iron Fist type of government expecting more than that from their elected representatives. Everyone today is entitled for their opinion, more intelligent and brave to exercise their rights and explore their six senses of what is right and wrong. In fact our Government seems to have the notion that running a country is a family business. To stay elected, roll out and display all kinds of Programmes and Policies (P&P) like a Peacock’s mating dance. Whether the P&P are genuine for the countries interest is any ones guess (after all what can you expect coming from a politicians). Hence the marketing begins on how P&P can drive a countries economy. We don’t know for sure if any P&P are good for us, but we do know it will work if we want it to; ‘Kalau mahu seribu daya, tak mahu seribu daligh’.

Nevertheless, one gets a little bored after a while when the P&P’s does not produce the desired results but remains as just speeches and preaches. One begins to wonder if the P&P was studied and implemented intelligently and was it genuinely for the country. You can’t blame the people for such an assumption because people are coming out of the coconut shell and travelling abroad to learn firsthand of how things are elsewhere. What we actually see is that billions are squandered from these so called P&P and despite 50 years of NEP, the poor is still poor and ‘Desa’ is still as crap as it was 50 years ago.

The gaps between rich and poor are getting larger and the acceleration rates seem to favour the cronies of the Government. In the determination to pull the country out of bankruptcy, the Government’s P&P in investing on new Royal Palace, PKFZ cover up, the NFC scandals; the whole family “technical trip” to Disneyland doesn’t seem to ‘jive’. It seems 50% of their office time is being spent in cover-up strategies or sniffing up what the opposition is cooking.

Despite the glaringly apparent, the old school marketing that the country is in peace and harmony with a stable economy has become…boring! That the government is sensitive to people’s interest and by caring for its people has sustained a harmonious race, with abundance of opportunity. This sort of speech is probably tempting in countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Sierra, Laos, North Korea, Somalia, Congo, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan – to name a few, knowing that such ‘ceramahs’ have been the way of life for the rest of the world. So much that it need not be mentioned; they need no justification every five years or so as they are a living proof of it.

As much as I am proud of my country, geographically, historically and culturally I can’t say the same for the people steering it. My gratitude to our great grandfathers to have given us the privilege today to walk out at 2:00 am to buy milk powder. But is it not the time to get over and move on? To me, based on our current state of affairs, in the year 2011 these are basic rights and no longer need to be reminded as a privilege. Otherwise it would sound like a threat. People don’t like to be threatened, it serve no good purpose for us to elect representatives that in return threaten us. And when you bite the hand that feeds, there is no good comeback. We can now see better that despite what is being preached, there is whole lot of a different ball game in the field.

Through the monopolized print and electronic media, every day we read (and watch news) page after page of garbage. Nothing you read is true, just more deception and deceit. Like each goon from both side of the camp is asking the other to emulate them. Emulate what? Emulate donations and contributions to the poor and needy - come on, where did you get the RM 233,000 from? They spent money on pre General Election marketing like it was their grandfather’s.

It is in fact repulsive to read or hear of the political campaigns which only serve as a deception for the power greedy. Indonesia may have used ‘Every Trick in Book’ to Top SEA Games Medal, likewise Malaysia use every trick in book to rig general election. Thanks to you by defeating, suppressing and denying every initiative by Bersih 2.0, they are now going global to have their voice heard.

To me the P&P’s lare just a business continuity plan with fancy names. By the lavish lifestyle of a select few suggests the plan is not for us hence we draw our own conclusion. That greed has taken over good governance. Due to this (and their busy mudslinging schedule), they have also lost their grip on their sponsors, large cooperation’s and institutions that dictate how our life should be. Banks, Insurance companies, Telco’s, Property developers, loggers, miners, retailers, doctors, lawyers and judges join the bandwagon taking turn to rape us. We remain suppressed, powerless, naïve, money producing machines, year in year out while they go on a luxurious holiday trips, acquire fancy mansions and exotic cars and perhaps some concubines here and there. I’m not asking to be spoon fed or to live the lives they do…come on! Just that I want to taste the fruits of my labor and the “Return on Investment” that I have put on you (if I have put it on you)*.

We practice racial harmony because we want to. Not because of your half-baked P&P’s. Our cousins, nephews, niece, in-laws and outlaws are also Japanese, Kerala’s, Portuguese, Bugis, Chinese, and Indians, Pakistan’s, Thais, Singaporeans and Indonesians. I hate to justify all of your actions to my classmates, neighbors and colleagues of why you choose to differentiate us. Of why you choose to bring up May 13 issues every now and then.

3. ReligionThe stress is twice higher for a Muslim. The religion of our choice is no longer a pleasure. Our Muslim name alone poses a threat. In Malaysia we are being watch and controlled over every damn thing. I can say the religious authorities are doing one heck of a job to procure moral values. Being self-proclaimed as “Enlightened Beings”, these ‘kampong mari’ leaders apart from being the main reason for renouncements of Muslims, has done nothing at all to curb, incest, pedophile and child dumping amongst Muslim. In fact people are beginning to think that religious authorities are having fun and get paid for it. They shove laws after laws down our throat, yet apart from making our lives difficult, from their so called mission to advocate moral values amongst Muslims in Malaysia; they have accomplished absolutely nothing at all.

Religious authorities just like the media serve the politicians. Using the mosque and Quran to mislead Muslims to support them in the grandest attempt to rob us off our wealth. I am perplexed that despite being raised as a Muslim, praying five times a day, seven days a week and 52 weeks a year, reciting from the Quran, yet the majority of us failed to display any of it in our lives. How come? Should it not be that we the Muslims are the ones, with more praying hours than others, with superior wisdom, with the way of life bestowed from the heavens;

• To have superior mentality then everyone else?
• Be the best example in the world?
• The most prosperous (or moderate) people on earth?

Then how come despite all that, our elected leaders whom supposed to set an example, receive bribes in abundance, swindle, practice favoritism, utter derogatory words upon others, instigating, frame up, lopsided laws, expect us to obey their law yet make exceptions for them? Masha ’Allah, they can’t even perform their basic duty without screwing it up along the way yet have the audacity to ‘fitnah’ those who can.

Islam in Malaysia and even around the world has become so benighted that the rest of the world is suffering from Islamophobia. The so called EB’s, Muslim scholars or otherwise are trapped in a narrow perspective whom can’t speak their mind without some goons going ape $h!t about it or enforcing some ‘Fatwa’ against anyone who speaks beyond orthodox our out of the box.

4. Indonesia (Ganyang Malaysia)
In the streets of Malaysia, hardly anyone notices the growing tension. I would not have known it should I not followed the 26th SEA Games. To my shock and disgust in search of games that I have missed, my browsing was persistently intercepted with anti-Malaysia videos and remarks. Most are downright insulting with serious racist slander. The response is no less sarcastic either.

It occurred to me that either some Indonesian youths are too free to put for their creativity on YouTube or there is really an anti-Malaysia campaign in Indonesia. To my disappointment I realize it is the media playing up anti-Malaysia sentiments there. From local newspapers, radio stations, talk-shows to news media, everyone is playing up anti-Malaysia. There is a video describing us Malaysia as “Muka Babi”, I mean wow! Is our face that different from theirs? They even have top military officials challenging their government to “ganyang Malaysia”. As much as they don’t like it, they still dwell on it and fuel up their jobless youth. Childish threat of the firepower ranking, ridiculing our authorities and how great their nation is. Great nation used to be but not like this.

As if our entire internal problem is not enough, we now have to endure our ‘serumpun’ wanting to Ganyang Malaysia. I learned that Indonesia has been obsessed about this ‘ganyang’ - for more than 50 years!? Their demagogue leaders produced and their media sensationalize anything against anti-Malaysia sentiments, from historical fact, territorial, Batik, Pendet and even the use of their language has become an issue. With mainstream Indonesian’s poor academic background, not able to comprehend what goes on outside their ‘kampong’ have become gullible to the garbage their media put forth.

I believe it’s their government’s strategy to keep them preoccupied with other things while they squander and embezzle their money. Really not that much different than Malaysia, at least Malaysians can read in more than 3 languages and can have a much better perspective of life then the Indonesians. Thanks to Tun Dr. Mahathir who brought IT literacy to us, or we could have succumb to the same IQ of the Indonesians.

I’m not generalizing but agree that both side of the fence has some good portion of gullible imbeciles. What is the point of bragging the size of their GDP when 62% of Indonesians don’t have any savings in the bank? - Jakarta Globe. What is the purpose of advertising their firepower being ranked # 18 in the world when one can’t use it for any real war? This new era, even a single accidental missile launch can land the country in trouble; the whole world will be up their @$$ in no time. And you know who and their allies will be more than happy to take over their soil, confiscate the military assets and its resources.

Then again I find it strange when I visited Kompas.Com forum. A member posted a survey "Does UFO exists?". To which there were mix of responses over some possible answers. many of them gave a very fair, open minded, liberal and intelligent answers. Answers that expands qunatum physichs and metaphysics. How come then there are some who spiral down to the narrow minded zones such as in the anti-Malaysia group whom waste waste so much of their creative time on Facebook and YouTube.

Maybe just maybe the Government should encourage English that will allow them to read and understand and appreciate the world’s mentality on war and culture. Once the do, then perhaps they will understand these:

+ Can the Arabs “ganyang” Asia for aping their religion?
+ Or can the Mayan’s sue modern man for copying their calendar?
+ Can the British go to war that we ‘maling’ their English language?
+ What is Indonesia’s plan with their culture?
+ Well you claim you are culture rich, but whats the big deal?
+ Who are these Malaysians - are we some alien mercenaries?

5. The CulpritThe government and their media has been the culprit in conditioning the gullible and imbecile citizens. Being controlled or suckered by leaders of broken promises, deception and deceit. Leaders who show up in Italian Suite and teach you how to suck an egg. Sometimes they also repeat verses from the Quran to us when they themselves can comprehend a darn thing of it.

6. SolutionPress freedom. Free and independent press to report the truths like the west and Europeans whom have contributed physical and mental development of their countries. To be recognized as developed nation with 1st class mentality and 1st class services.
Diplomacy in power greedy governments is not possible. We have to follow the Middle East. Just mob them, Ganyang them and not the Malaysians. Let the natural course take effect as people now are more aware how these scumbags in suite are ripping us off. The 1% as Pimps using us the 99% as Hos.

I sure hope that 21st December 2012 stuffs are true and get over with quick. I can stop wondering around insensibly - How I wish.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


KUALA LUMPUR: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad lambasted the purveyors of war in a speech laced with heavy sarcasm simply titled "War" delivered at an international conference here today.- NST, 18 November 2011.

"War is good for business. Killing people with weapons is good for business.

So reject peace. Reject negotiations. Reject arbitration. Reject courts of law.

Go to war. Kill, kill, kill. That's the way to solve conflicts between nations," he said sarcastically.

Besides killing people, war could also bankrupt countries, he noted.

"But wars cannot be abolished or made into a crime against humanity. It's too profitable and it is what gives power to the powerful countries," Dr Mahathir said at the conference on Arab uprising organised by Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF).

Dr Mahathir, who is PGPF president, said these mass killers now called their war machines their "defence forces" but it was obvious that they were not used solely for defence.

"They are equipped to attack, invade, shock and awe their victims," said Dr Mahathir, adding that their governments and industries spent huge sums in the invention of new weapons.

"Even children's toys give ideas for better killing machines.

Remote-controlled toy planes for children lead to UAV -- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. First used for aerial photography, they're now fitted with guns, missiles and bombs," he said.

He said gases, germs and rays of all kind were studied and invariably their potential for killing people was identified and developed.

"All these research, development, tests and production cost a lot of money, running into billions each year. But for these killing machines any amount of money is worth it," he said.

Dr Mahathir said the irony was that the same people who indulged in mass killings were the ones who were critical of Malaysia's capital punishment reserved for those trafficking drugs as well as murderers. - Bernama

Read more: Mahathir raps warmongers - Top News - New Straits Times

You can vote to indict Bush by going to

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Welcome to Project Camelot Portal

Project Camelot
By Kerry Cassidy & Bill Ryan

The best place to hide is in the openProject Camelot is based on an idea generated when we first met and spent the weekend in Tintagel, England, overlooking the sea in the home of King Arthur. We named our project in tribute to the vision behind the utopian idea of the Round Table - and have structured all our efforts in this inspiring spirit.

Since its inception, Project Camelot has become a leader in the area of whistleblower testimony by providing filmed interviews, shot guerilla style, on location, with key witnesses and researchers from all around the world. We have traveled to remote corners of the globe and revealed secrets in areas previously only known to a select few from secret societies and those with high level security clearances in the secret government.

Ever since our launch in 2006 we have been financing Project Camelot solely out of our own pockets and with the generous help of donations from visitors to our site. We thank you sincerely all for your help and support, without which we could not do what we do. We will continue as long as our funds and contributions make this all possible.

Note: for those who are wondering about the Cheetah logo and now the Snow Leopard used here on Kerry's site, Project Camelot Productions, and also on Bill's site Project Avalon. It is a nod to the famous MGM Lion... A nod to the power of film (and video) in making manifest the amazing facets of worlds and realities, to display for scrutiny and analysis and wonder what it means to be human.

Camelot interviews are shot in a guerilla style that captures the interpersonal dynamic as well as enables the viewer to determine whether the truth is being told, some facsimile thereof, or a lie.. The camera reveals this in the facial expression, voice, tone and body language of the subject, and gives us added insight into what resonates and what does not. It gives us a candid picture of not only the person but also reveals the more subtle layers underneath. We pick up subliminal cues and as viewers can come to our own conclusions, without being limited or misled by edited sound bytes, canned commentaries or misdirects by the interviewer that interfere with a determination of what is truth and what is fantasy or simply a lie.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Self-Help E-Scams

Recently I received an e-mail amongst other junk mail about meditation. I visited the site and downloaded their sample. Next day I posted my comment and to my surprise my comment was blocked. Unfortunately my comment was omitted by their promoter. I guess because I wrote that apart from the beautiful music ever put on meditation or brainwave entrainment tracks, I felt nothing at all in those 10 minutes or even after 3 loops.

I accept the fact that brainwave entrainment works differently to each and every listener. Although its ironic and frustrating for me is that after more than 2 years of meditation (active and passive) with over 730 cumulative meditation hours, I have had only one short burst of astral projection, one remote- viewing (which I couldn’t do a darn thing about it) and one foggy past life regression. Therefore there must be something in it because something does work. Other than that my life is as miserable as it has been the last two years.

I have come to a point to give up the hundreds and thousands of LOA e-books, meditations, subliminals, Paraliminals, hypnosis, EFT, enlightenment, awakening, spiritual ascension, mental healing and all sorts of courses as just some elaborate internet scams. Be careful which ones you choose as there are several online marketers whom have been promoting armature products with fancy virtual packaging and fabricated testimonies. They incentivize their staff from more than 20 countries to fake positive comments and reviews of the product/s through forums, blogs and Facebook using various names - often by the same people.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against our doubt the credibility the products, but I can’t stand aside and watch people who really need help are being suckered into their game. The game of “
Pimps and Hos” as portrait in the documentary the “Ghetto Physics”. I have done Silva courses, Centrepointe’s Holosync (Level 2), Quantum Mind Powers, Paul Scheele, Steve G Jones, Gerald O’ Donnel’s RVRI, Om Life, Brain Salon, Quantum Jumping and listened/read of other Gurus, Tom, Dick and Harry out there whom have miles of testimony about their product/services. Yet I’m still trapped in my limited, restricted, cocooned state of mind.

So folks, careful where you put your money, get out of the game - there are too many pimps out there.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Budget 2012: A Mayan Prophecy!?

During the pre-budget campaign, the rakyat were taken to speed of the coming announcement that it would be for us - the rakyat. Major papers were told to run teasers and we were almost subliminally made to believe that what’s coming is for us. In wondering how in the bloody hell our good government is going to ‘jack’ us to reelect them, we were anticipating major shift. Such us;

  • reduction in income tax,

  • abolish the abundance of Tol plazas,

  • drop fuel prices,

  • sack the Minister of Consumer Goods,

  • arrest diamond ring thieves,

  • arrest all the corrupted leaders

  • subsidies each home with RM 200.00 p/month for any green initiatives,

  • free medical insurance for retirees earning below RM5,000.00,

  • surrender 100% EPF fund at the age of 50.
Unfortunately - WTF, with an exception to the retirement age extension (which is history for most developed countries), the Malaysian Budget 2012 sounds more like Mayan prophecies!

On the flip side however, it only confirms our delightful dreams, the end of age for the ruling party. Aren’t we a bunch of positive Rakyat?

On Saturday (8th October ’11) we get to read garbage on major newspapers, page after page. That in the budget, a total of RM232.8 billion was allocated to implement all Government development plans, which include the projects and programs under various plans, claimed on focusing on the well-being of the rakyat. It was cold water on hot plate especially for the poor when only a one-off RM 500.00 was allocated - hardly one month groceries. This new budget seems to be the same old $h!t with a false twist “for the Rakyat”. Again allocation of billions is more of an opportunity for a select few to squander for another diamond ring, another luxury bungalow, exotic cars and fancy travelling.

In the meantime the government of vision 2020, with 50 plus years of NEP is still deliberating on high cost of living. For urban areas, while blaming the world economy the Government proposed “some” relieves like subsidies on some of the basic food items; yet concurrent raised the already filthy rich MP’s allowance. BN must have thought that Malaysians are a bunch of imbeciles to believe that this budget is Rakyat centric. If PKR, DAP or PAS was in power, they would have long ago subsidized the poor by giving RM 1,000.00 p/home, p/month and give them education and training to get them back on their feet - instead of robbing from them time and time again.

For this I shall now fully support Bersih 3.0 and PAS for HUDUT law. Because just like the Pagoh and Pekan assembly members who had the same red ‘Baju Melayu’, they and the rest of the officials will be walking without arms and hands. We the Rakyat wearing yellow; will then applaud them for their “uniformity”.

The Rakyat have also not forgotten the “Petrol Conspiracy”. That despite the drop in crude oil prices, the BN Government is still swindling in broad day light.

Therefore, are we to believe that the Budget 2012 is for the Rakyat? I’m amazed, stunned, dumbfounded how the Mayan’s could have predicted thousands of years ago that such would be the coming of age. Were 2012 will mark as the age of changes, the dawn of governments and leaders of broken promises, deception and deceit?

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have heard about Dato’ Ambiga’s name now and then, here and there but paid no special attention. I thought BERSIH 2.0 was some kind of new software in the market, not until a month ago where I learned what it was all about. I have to thank BN and Perkasa to have drawn my attention from the amount of racket they caused. Having known that, I have been kicking myself on where the heck have I been virtually during the Bersih 1.0.

The Gormen must have pissed in their pants for Bersih's might. Becaused from 6th July leading up to the eve of 9th July ’11 I was amazed and intrigued by the road blocks, BN’s extra ordinary smear campaigns and massive traffic jams around the country. They even got Mosques to modify Quran to suit to their ill intended campaign. I saw for the first time how in trouble the Gormen is. They panicked and tried their best to distract attention when what they were doing was actually the opposite. They took control of major press, blogs and TV from broadcasting anything in your favor. They deployed every imaginable enforcement units to their advantage, as if they belonged to their grandfather.

Contrary to the false reporting by the local media, I saw millions show up all over Klang Valley. Where in tarnation did the media get their statistics that it was below 200,000? Well despite more than 500 arrests, several injuries and one dead - we stood the ground. Amazing that despite the Gormen play with racial kads, flash Keris, NEP, Ketuanan this and that, 80% of the turnout was Malays and 19.9% was Indians. I guess the balance was too "chicken shit" to show up.

Know this madam, that you are the second most powerful Malaysian since TAR. You shadowed AI and TDM, much to our delight. The 9/7 Rally is a tip of an ice-berg, whatever it is you are doing Dato, keep it up - “may the force be with you”. Sooner or later the uprising will get rid of the real ghosts and demons and liberate Malaysians from the dog eat dog life we have been “arm-twisted” into.

Funny though, PM said those who turned up and got trashed by Police and FRU’s are “pengkhianat” - aik apa macam ni - why the uncivil language?

Two months back 'depa' preached that “the uncivil language Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had used against him just shows that the Opposition leader is trapped in ethics-free politics”.

He added that “political differences were acceptable but they should concern issues of interest to the people and not take the form of personal attacks”
In any case, he said "This (Anwar's uncivil language) has not caused me to lose sleep because I am sure that people can judge for themselves the action of a leader like him."

Well Malaysians wont loose sleep as well for being named “pengkhianat” to fight the corrupted, ghosts and demons.

Cakap tak serupa bikin! Diamond rings anybody?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Creator : The One and Only

Allah, the Creator of everything, is the sole possessor of all beings. It is Allah Who heaps up the heavy clouds, heats and brightens the Earth, varies the direction of the winds, holds birds suspended up in the sky, splits the seed, makes a man's heart beat, ordains photosynthesis in plants, and keeps planets in their separate orbits. People generally surmise that such phenomena occur according to "the laws of physics," "gravity," "aerodynamics," or other physical factors; however, there is one significant truth these people ignore: all such physical laws were created by Allah. In fact, the only possessor of power in the universe is Allah.

Allah rules all the systems at any moment in the universe, regardless of whether we are aware of them, or if we are asleep, sitting, walking. Each of the myriad of processes in the universe, all essential to our existence, is under Allah's control. Even our ability to just take a small step forward depends on Allah's Creation in countless minute details, including Earth's force of gravity, the structure of the human skeleton, the nervous system and muscular system, the brain, the heart, and even the rotation speed of the Earth.

Attributing the existence of the world and of the entire universe to sheer coincidence is complete delusion. The exquisite order of the Earth and the universe completely contradicts the possibility of formation through coincidence, and is, rather, a clear sign of Allah's infinite might. For instance, the Earth's orbit around the Sun deviates only 2.8 mm in every 29 kms from the right path. If this deviation were 0.3 mm longer or shorter, then living beings all over the Earth would either freeze or be scorched. While it is virtually impossible for even a marble to revolve in the same orbit without any deviation, the Earth accomplishes such a course despite its gigantic mass. As stated in the Qur'an, "...Allah has appointed a measure for all things..." (Surat at-Talaq: 3). In effect, the splendid order in the universe is maintained as a result of fantastic systems that depend on highly delicate equilibriums.

Some people hold the perverted belief that Allah "created everything and then left them on their own." However, any event, taking place in any area of the universe, occurs solely by Allah's Will, and under His control. It is stated in the Qur'an:

Do you not know that Allah knows everything in heaven and Earth? That is in a Book. That is easy for Allah. (Surat al-Hajj: 70)

It is very important to grasp this fact for someone who strives to come near to Allah. The prayer of Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) quoted below is a very good example of this:

O Allah: All the Praises are for You: You are the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth. All the Praises are for You; You are the Maintainer of the Heaven and the Earth and whatever is in them. All the Praises are for You; You are the Light of the Heavens and the Earth. Your Word is the Truth, and Your Promise is the Truth, and the Meeting with You is the Truth, and Paradise is the Truth, and the (Hell) Fire is the Truth, and the Hour is the Truth. O Allah! I surrender myself to You, and I believe in You and I depend upon You, and I repent to You and with You (Your evidences) I stand against my opponents, and to you I leave the judgment (for those who refuse my message). O Allah! Forgive me my sins that I did in the past or will do in the future, and also the sins I did in secret or in public. You are my only God (Whom I worship) and there is no other God for me (i.e. I worship none but You). (Al-Bukhari)

Elaborate processes taking place in the bodies of living things are impressive examples that help us to grasp Allah's might. For instance, at every moment, your kidneys filter your blood and extricate those harmful molecules to be excreted from the body. This screening and elimination process, which can be carried out by a single kidney cell, can only be accomplished by a giant haemodialyser (artificial kidney). A haemodialyser was consciously designed by scientists. A kidney, however, does not sense, or have a decision-making centre, nor the faculty of thought. In other words, an unconscious kidney cell can accomplish tasks that otherwise demand an elaborate thinking process.

It is possible to encounter millions of such examples in living beings. Molecules, composed of unconscious matter, perform tasks so remarkable they would otherwise suggest consciousness. The consciousness apparent in these cases though is, of course, of Allah's infinite wisdom and knowledge. It is Allah Who created the kidney cells, as well as the molecules discussed, and Who orders them to accomplish their respective tasks. In the Qur'an, Allah informs us that He constantly sends down "commands" to the beings He created:

It is Allah Who created the seven heavens and of the Earth the same number, the Command descending down through all of them, so that you might know that Allah has power over all things and that Allah encompasses all things in His knowledge. (Surat at-Talaq: 12)

Clearly, Allah, Who created everything in the universe, is surely able to bring the dead to life. Of this fact, Allah states the following:

Do they not see that Allah-He Who created the heavens and the Earth and was not wearied by creating them-has the power to bring the dead to life? Yes indeed! He has power over all things. (Surat al-Ahqaf: 33)

By Harun Yahya, Mar 09, 2011

Could Earthquakes Cause a Pole Shift?

Could Earthquakes Cause a Pole Shift?

It has become a common feature when the media reports major earthquakes these days – our planet slowed down and was knocked off its axis. While it sounds dramatic, the numbers are minuscule and make no difference in the greater scheme of things:

NASA geophysicist Richard Gross said that the recent Chilean earthquake “sped up the rotation of the earth enough to shorten the day by an estimated 1.26 millionths of a second”, and moved the Earth’s axis by 8 centimetres. And that the 2004 Sumatra quake, which generated the Boxing Day tsunami, would have shortened every day by 6.8 microseconds, with a 5 or 6 centimetre movement.

Submitted by Robert Bast on March 24, 2011

Researchers Picked Ch'Ch Earthquake

Researchers Picked Ch'Ch Earthquake

Dec 2012 is just 18 months away. Consequently I’ve ramped things up a notch. This blog now has a new design that helps new visitors find important topics more easily. And, I think, it looks nicer as well. Only took me a few months to find the best design (if such things interest you, I am documenting my blogging experiences at

Lately I have been posting 2012 information roughly every second day. Going forward I expect to be closer to once per day. Maybe it is just me getting nervous, but it seems that more and more pertinent 2012 information is turning up. Please keep in mind that while most of my readers have a particular 2012 angle they are more concerned with, I’m pretty much following every possible aspect.

BTW, the book Survive 2012, is almost finished. It has been a bizarre experience writing it, with my opinions and focus changing like the seasons. I’ve decided to leave out the bigger picture aspects (evolution, mysterious elders, pyramids are bunkers, we live in a simulation), and concentrate on the two factors that are most pertinent:

- what might happen?
- where will I be safe?

This will be the first time I have charged for something I have written. In a roundabout way it serves an altruistic aim. Ultimately I wish to get any 2012 information I have out to as many people as possible. Online that means several thousand people per day – but many of those visitors will be casual and skeptical. The ultimate plan is to sell enough ebooks to convince a major publisher that there is a market for what I have learned. People who invest in physical books will, in my opinion, treat the content more seriously and are more likely to take recommended actions.

While I don’t want to be inundated, I figure I’ve spent more time looking at safe spots globally than just about anyone, and if anyone needs advice for their specific situations, just ask.

Monday, May 30, 2011


1:6 ~ Creation
Like many I’m just another amateur in this subject. Jumped into the bandwagon of Quantum Physics scouting around here and there to make sense of the many questions I have about our mind, our existence, purpose and the entire relation with the universe. In the course, I learned many things that only uncovered more questions. I have a series of issues to share and perhaps attract likeminded bloggers to comment.

It is said that we in the flesh are the creation from a speck of dust from the grand universe, manifested as beings over trillions of years. And that our brain is a micro replica of the grand universe itself. Yet we view the earth, planets and everything in it as separated, remote or foreign. We forget that in the grandest of things, through the chain of command we are all one. Just one, with the creator whomever or whatever he/it maybe. Only that we have yet to learn how to connect.

Metaphysicists are only scratching the surface that we are influenced by each other just from the thoughts we unconsciously project and receive. Through some unknown energy and matter, some beings can move in perfect formation/synchronicity e.g. flock of birds, pool of fish just from these telepathic communications. Sensing an earthquake, weather and/or an impending Tsunami. Some also say that there are no coincidence and accidents in our lives and that they are meant to be.

To humans there are more unknown then there is known. What I’m writing has not been confirmed by any scientific community - yet I speak out of my intuition. If the mind is the receiver of the greater consciousness of the universe, men certainly have not arrived to perceive even 1% of them. I guesstimate 1% because we do occasionally get hunches, gut feelings or dreams. Perhaps the 1% intuition is a trade-off with the ability to invent tools compared to other animates.

Thousands of years ago, there may have been. Science managed to ridicule them as hocus pocus or mambo jumbo that literate men of egoistic nature refuse to explore what is beyond the books. In confinement to Occam’s razor, we never explored if we human can perceive things beyond our five senses. Why the nerves of vital body organ meets at the foot, or why do we have hair but not fur and so on? Why is that all our prophets, artists of inspiration and Punjabi men have long hair? Among the common reasons given at least by the Sikhs are that it is honor, self-respect, courage, spirituality, and piety. It remains a closely guarded secret, for all we know; the truth may not be acceptable to the society just yet - a society that believes on facts and figures. Don’t ask me why the Monks shave - I don’t know (But I suspect that’s the reason in slowing them down; to master astral projection). Maybe the long hair for these men serves as an antenna of the cosmic energy. This makes me wonder - that women with long hair are more matured (and civilized) then men with short hair.

The interesting thing about it is that in the last 5 years or so, there has been a sudden surge in awareness amongst people, to intuitively accept and explore this phenomenon. The ancient Sumerians foretold this event that man in the coming Golden Age will come back to exploring beyond their five senses. Will no longer compete or suffer, have anything and share everything. Will this happen I don’t know but I can sense the signs that such myth to materialize soon. We may not have the opportunity to telepathically heal another in our lifetime, but our great grandchildren will be able to.

2:6 ~ Beliefs, thoughts & feelings
Irrespective to the two hemispheres of our mind, we have an agreement that our mind comprise of the conscious and subconscious; that operates differently in at least 4 different levels - the beta, alpha, theta and delta (from the state of fully awake to deep sleep). Though scientist/physicists/neurologists/Metaphysicists and even the Dalailama have yet to concur where exactly is ones consciousness is situated, the point where it transmits or receives. Is it at the fore head, throat, heart, abdomen (chakras) or is it just a thought outside our physical body that is amongst the invincible black energy of the universe. Interesting yet it will take many more years to understand them.

What we do know is that our mind is the greatest assets. With it we can have or do anything we want, based on how it was nurtured by our parents, teachers, friends, media, experience etc. We know now that thoughts and feelings have a lot to do with what we believe in. And what we believe in has a lot to do with our thoughts and feelings and they all are based on the ego state of mind embedded at the subconscious level from nature and nurture. If so, we are most certainly engineered beings. Engineered to accept Occam’s razor, that "the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one" as we act, talk, feel and respond to things based on these thoughts, feelings and beliefs programme in our subconscious mind.

Example, my perception is that just based on information overload from the number “9/11”, we the human species had consented to the U.S. in support of “War on Terror” based on feelings. Gave it a thought and almost subliminally believed in events displayed on “May 2nd, 2011” will come and it came - only through the portrayal from media, yet none of us have actually seen the said master mind. In doing so, we have been party to the deaths of more than 900,000 lives based on these beliefs, thoughts and feelings, from the work of one man. Was it Bush or was it Bin Laden, we will never know.

Secondly the same can be said, how Portugal was decided to be the World Cup champion before the final match took place. Was it really Paul the Octopus or was it a consensus in thoughts, feelings and beliefs of millions of soccer fans?

And the best; God all mighty himself whom the theists have never seen, touched, heard or spoken to, yet strongly believe in The and relentlessly institute the fundamentals. To the atheist, what made them think otherwise?
The principle is still locked in “Seeing to believe” or “Believing to see”. With beliefs, thoughts and feelings we can do or have anything we want - if we know it. And through learning, we can expand or change them - if we want to.

3:6 ~ Ego state
In the earlier post, I’ve mentioned that thoughts and feelings have a lot to do with what we believe in. And what we believe in has a lot to do with our thoughts and feelings and they all are based on what were embedded in our subconscious mind from nature and nurture. Whenever challenged, the subconscious mind responds, constructively or destructively based on how we feel about it. In a nutshell, this is known as the ego state of mind. Only with an open mind, through learning, can we change or expand them.

The ego may not be a bad thing. It’s the firewall to our emotions, a protector of the larger ice piece submerged under. It’s a signature of a person. Often these signatures at a conscious level do not “click” with another and those who do - get along just fine. It takes a while before the conflicting information settles in with the ego and stored for life in the subconscious mind. Ego can make or break a person.

Case 1: Some men practice their golf swing with an invincible golf stick while waiting outside their kid’s school.

Case 2: Some women, wear tight fit that show up like the Michelin man,

Case 3: Despite born as a Malaysian, some people can’t speak, write or read reasonable ‘Bahasa’, determined by the notion that their mother tongue is far superior and the enthusiasm to retain culture, they hog other Malaysians waiting in line at immigration counters, post office and registration office and/or any government service counters asking officers to explain everything about filling out a simple form - and instigate the ego of others waiting in line.
In retaliation what they do is their business and they don’t give a damn what others think - says the ego. Ego is so powerful that if you push it, it can get violent even physical. I have posted, read and commented on many topics here, good and bad. Come across many intelligent minds, naive as well as downright dumb. Of course these descriptions are based on my ego state of mind as I am no saint myself.

Case 4: In blogging (CB, MI, MM, MotorTrader, PaulTan.Org. etc) 80% of the names I have dialogued with speak (write) with ego, including yours truly - each with unique signatures. This is perfectly normal for the present human species (refer chapter 2:6).

The interesting part about blogging is that it’s two-way and live. You get what you give instantly and you will never know what you will get until you got it - get it? After blogging for two years, I have had an opportunity to exchange intellectual perspectives from many, improved my social skills and made new friends. In the process, I also learned how easy it is to fish out the hypocrisy from the ego state of mind. Usually when I respond, I would think through, put myself in the other shoe and explore all paradigms before making a statement. I understand that sometimes we can’t help it when once in a while an imbecile comes along - to just shoot the poor basket.

In Badminton when we serve a “bola gantung”, we must get ready with what’s coming back. Likewise in blogging, be prepared with a counter smash. Train the mind to resist being a spoilt brat when you could not return that smash - stay focused with the issue.

4:6 ~ Muslims in prayers
Since I am a Muslim, perhaps is only appropriate that I write my thoughts about my fellow Muslims in prayers, particularly Asian Muslims.

Muslims in my opinion are the only people on earth whom have more praying hours compared to any other religion. We pray 5 times a day, 7 days a week. And if one were to put himself at the outpost of the universe, he will note that the transmission of ‘Azan’ is continuous at every grid of the earth, in five directions and it never stops throughout the universe. If there are extraterrestrial beings roaming the universe, they would certainly assume that planet earth is inhabited by Muslims.

Yet there seems to be something wrong. Despite reciting all the verses from Quran five times a day, we are not any wiser than the rest. I think most Muslims pray five times a day consciously because it is one of the 5 pillars in Islam (a requirement rather than an opportunity), yet do not understand what we are praying about subconsciously. The majority (‘Ulamas’ and ‘Imams’ included) have practically memorized the verses in Arabic and may not really appreciate the meaning of each of those verses. I am in the opinion that when we can’t associate feelings with what we affirm, we won’t understand it and hence will not be able to manifest them. Would our politicians conduct themselves the way they do if they understood it? I’m not saint myself and one can understand to a certain degree of failing to confine to everything.

“God knoweth all” maybe but how could God awards us something that we ourselves can’t comprehend with what we affirm? We need to be conversing Arabic with the Arabs at least for a year to subconsciously comprehend the verses. As an example, if I were to say to a friend “Hang ni mangkok betul lah”. A direct translation in English to a foreigner would be “You are a real plate”. Yet that is not what we locals understand them to be.

My best bet is, translate all our prayers in our mother tongue to appreciate and manifest our thoughts and feelings. This I believe has been a gross oversight by our so called Enlightened Beings. Perhaps this may have been the reasons why the Arabs live in abundance of wealth and we don’t. I guess the same apply to fellow Christians as well, how many actually understand the Bible, really understand it? I have read some, there’s one in almost every hotel room. I can read English too, yet I can’t comprehend many of them.

The same to a Buddhist, with a car sticker that says “Namo Amitabha” and various ornaments hanging on the rear view mirror; weave in and out of traffic recklessly instigating other’s feelings.

My point is, beliefs, thoughts and feelings have to be in sync, to do or have anything. Otherwise it would end up doing the right thing at the wrong time or doing the wrong thing at the right time.

5:6 ~ Smoke & Drive
My ramblings of the mind continuous. While we dwell and try to understand the mega perspective, allow me share my understanding about conscious and subconscious mind through basic things. Between driving while smoking cigarette and driving while on the mobile phone. Many people have said that both are equally dangerous and should be banned altogether. I think not.

To most if not all, driving a vehicle to any given destination has become a subconscious activity. Because when we are driving, our conscious mind is engaged with other things like listening to the radio, watching out for abnormalities, thinking about certain routines, work or simply daydreaming. During which time the subconscious mind handles the technicality of the driving like turning on the ignition, steering the car, braking, accelerating, changing gears, respond to traffic lights or nudging back to stay on route etc. The same is with smoking while driving where the activity of smoking is actually a subconscious activity. Let’s call this ‘normal’ driving.

However, ‘abnormal’ driving would be like talking on the phone (hands free or otherwise) because these are not a subconscious activity. Including being engrossed with conversation with a passenger of trying to tune in into a specific dialogue from the radio DJ. It involves a two way reception (the source and our concentration) and worse of all will be texting while driving or checking the makeup. These are conscious activity and it elevates the need for full concentration. Taking away the subconscious activity described in the latter ‘normal driving’.

Hence creating risk of accidents and road rages to other motorists. Take note that those whom are in the abnormal driving usually drive slow on the fast lane, never within the dotted lines and seldom use the signal to turn. They hog the traffic and assume others are tail gaiting and misunderstand when the middle finger is shown.

I have also noted that in most fatal accidents, there is usually more than one person in a car. Seldom is a single driver involved in an accident (unless they have been texting or simply fatigued). This suggests conversations while driving is also a hindrance to the driver to enjoy the conscious mind engaged in pleasurable or risk free thoughts.

Recommendation? Drive alone, no hand phones (hands-free or not) and switch off the radio.

6:6 ~ Remote influencing & healing
Again I must warn readers that my recommendations, statements and opinions have not been confirmed by scientists. I’m compelled to express my intuition anyway.

Having understood about the mind is perhaps the very basic to learning beyond it. At the age of 47 I feel sad not learning about this phenomenon much earlier. Although I had an instinct, I was too obsessed with work, family, financial security, job etc. Yet what I know now is just the tip of an iceberg.

The next step to healing and/or remote influencing is the ability of being one, one with our self, body and universe. In Islam it starts with “niat” and “kusyuk” during the prayers. The facing of Kiblah, Ihram, Ruku, Iktidal, Sujud and Tahiyyat has an added neurological healing, if done in “kusyuk” - not a ritual that our religous leaders assume.

Alternatively, is to spare a good 30 ~ 60 minutes a day just for ourselves. While sitting or lying down in a comfortable posture, take several deep breath and block off the mind chattering. Difficult at first but usually can be overcome with “niat” or intention/affirmation that you are going into quietness, just before you start. Concentrate on the air flowing in and out of your body. Without moving a muscle, feel the breath and every part of the body. Imagine some flow of energy throughout and healing the specific area you want healed. Imagine the DNA’s are unwinding and rewinding energetically, glowing and sparkling. As simple as that - the end.

Once we are out of it, it feels great. Like we just had a good 7 hour sleep. More visualization techniques can be deployed to heal specific chronic illnesses. Just search Mental Healing on your browser and you will find more than enough detailed tutorial on this subject.

Remote influencing on the other hand is easy compared to healing. It’s just that we don’t believe in such nonsense and hardly play around with it. But once in a while when we do, it happens. When it does people label us as “mulut masin” and our ego refuse to believe it.

Maybe I can better explain it through my experience. Many moons ago when I used to travel and stay in Hotels, I don’t rely on alarm clock or the Hotel’s wake-up call. Just before I knock off, I repeat 3 times mentally that I will wake up at say 6:00am. 99.999% of the time I will wake up exactly on the dot. My colleagues, bosses and clients hate me for this when I’m always first at the hotel lobby. Likewise with appointments and travel time. If I say I will reach the place at 6:00pm, I will arrive at 6:00pm (give or take 5 minutes) - G’Frenz can confirm this.

Another thing I would do like before meeting a difficult client, or boss or a lawyer. The night before I will affirm “I’m going to sleep now. When my mind is connected to Mr. XYZ, I will wake up and I will know exactly why I woke up”. I’ll repeat this several times and go to bed. True enough at about 3:00am to 5:00am I will wake up and I know exactly why. I then sit on the bed and visualize meeting Mr. XYZ and having the kind of conversation I expect it to be. The next day when I meet Mr. XYZ 50% of the time it will proceed the way I visualized it. Why only 50% is because during the other half of the attempt, the comeback was not good for the other person. Meaning I have a preprogrammed subconscious mind that it has to be a win-win situation or this technique should not work.

In healing, I had a slip-disc some 10 years ago. After going through regimen of medications and tests from SJMC the pain never stopped. Six months later I felt numbness on the right side of my body. I feared the worst is to come and dreaded turning into a vegetable.

At the age of 36 with two young children, “no way in hell I’m going to fall for this”. I put a stop to my thoughts and changed it. I got up, brushed off the notion and took a walk to a shop, just to put off the negativity and continued my days as if I never had a split disc.

A week later I took my daughter to MPH book store. While she was busy looking for her stuff, my eye caught on a book - Mental Healing. I picked it up and the book was all about overcoming back problem. I was surprised of the event as I don’t like reading. Bought and finished it in two days. Completed the exercises in one week and after another few months I forgot about the pain and the tingling sensations I had from the right side.

Last year I went to KSA and managed to climb a 300 meter hill (Jabal Nur). Out of 60 people, only 12 made it to the summit and I was 12th. Occasionally today I join some friends with badminton, although they beat the crap out of me in the match, I’m happy that I can play it.

Lastly, I conclude the chapter with this. Why is that that everyone whom have won the Toto, Lottery or Magnum said they will give away half of their wins to the orphanage, poor and needy, help their relatives or expand their business? Could this be the very reason they win it in the first place? We all can promise the same thing, but it would not be an affirmation from the subconscious mind - and our ego knows it is a fake.

Therefore folks, we are all born with a gift. A remote control in our head. It’s only that we should play with it often. Have faith, think positive, believe in it and be happy with it.

Search Remote Influencing in your browser for more information.

Reference: Alitstar Resources

Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 5 Steps to Experiencing Bliss by Jafree Ozwald

The key to complete liberation in your lifetime boils down to one simple thing. Learning how to keep your mind's attention on what you want, and keeping it off of what you don't want. The longer you can hold your attention on the feeling of bliss, the more often bliss-filed experiences manifest into your world. Bliss is always found in the last place you'd think to look, and for that reason very few discover it. The greatest thing of all is that this awesome experience can be found within you now, and you don't have to do anything or go anywhere else to find it.

The greatest bliss within you now is found in that place which has no boundaries, no rules, no fears, personal agendas or agreements with anyone. It simply appreciates everyone and everything exactly as it is. It unconditionally loves and accepts life as it is. It is always in a state of total appreciation. This bliss comes from a love that is always abundant, generous, giving of itself and effortlessly feeling the natural positivity of life. It is a selfless love that is not perpetually desiring this or that, but rather is perpetually giving itself away. With all that said, the intrinsic value you'll receive through tasting even just a few seconds of bliss is soooo amazing, that it's not something you can even put into words.

If the state of ecstatic bliss feels too intangible and other worldly to grasp because you have too many "real life" issues in the way such as paying off your debt, bills, health issues, car problems, childhood trauma, or just showing up on time for work, please do not be concerned. There are steps you can take to uncover this divinely magical energy inside you! Bliss is a state of mind that is instantly found when we've fully released what was once tight or heavy inside ourselves and shift into a constant state of expansion and joy.

The spiritual path is the path of lightness, where your main job is to welcome each experience of life, then go beyond every thought, desire, judgment, sensation and experience that passes through you. Believe it or not but you signed up to have major blissful feelings in this lifetime. You wouldn't be reading this article if you weren't ready for it either. It's as if you've been in training, carrying a load of rocks in your backpack up a treacherous mountain, and now you get to unload them all and enjoy the journey back home. The heavy negative life experiences you've had in the past were JUST so that it could have the experience of letting them go and feel the pure lightness, weightlessness and joy that comes when they are gone.
Your inner bliss can be revealed in a matter of minutes if you're willing to do some deep self-exploration and let go of everything that is weighing heavy on your mind. When you deeply let go of any lofty or lowly ideas about your life's purpose or personal agenda, and have released that all too critical mindset about yourself, the mind instantly becomes lighter and more free. This expansive spacious mind is the only welcome mat that can handle this infinitely expanding happy loving feeling. When your mind is truly empty, the Universe takes this as a sign that you're ready to receive this divine experience and graces you with bliss.

Below are the 5 secret steps that will empower you to find bliss wherever you are, no matter who you think you are, or what life situation you may be in.

Step #1 Accept Yourself As You Are.
If you want to find the greatest divine bliss inside you tonight, the first and perhaps most important step is to start with accepting yourself and your life exactly the way it is right now. Don't think about what you need to change, improve and get rid of to make you or your life better. Just start with accepting everything inside you exactly the way it is, and know that within this feeling of self-acceptance is self-love, which is the greatest gift you can give YOU!

By deeply accepting yourself it becomes easy to slip into appreciating yourself, and you soon begin to see all your opportunities for growth (problems) as exciting adventures to explore! Flipping on the self-acceptance switch as often as you can will light the pathway to bliss as the love you let in will advance your soul "light years" on your inner world. Self-acceptance is the first essential key to get your happy engines spinning and start blasting open the door to bliss inside.

Step #2 Release your Addiction to Suffering.
Whether you want to admit it or not, on some unconscious level some part of you is addicted to suffering. Now addiction may be a strong word here, yet it is essential to see the repetitive patterns you've created within you that create perpetual struggle, strife and mental/emotional challenges on your inner world. The thoughts that your mind constantly thinks about and can never find peace with are your biggest addictions to suffering. Worries, fears, insecurities and judgments create a majority of the internal battles and self-sabotaging patterns that people can experience hourly. These suffering habits tend to be very sneaky, and are often the main reason why most people believe they cannot enter this ideal state of bliss. Once you've looked inside yourself, come to know yourself and identified what your hab it is, you can transcend it. The moment you do you'll find yourself slipping down the slope of joy...and ohh what a ride it is!

Something you may find interesting is that 99% of our worries never come true, and the ones that did manifest were karmically unavoidable. They say worrying is praying for what you don't want, and basically its just negative thinking about the future. The worrying habit is often the hardest habit to overcome, yet can be easily transcended once the mind stops believing that holding onto these vital concerns are key ingredients to maintaining a successful life. Once you are conscious in each moment that each one of your thoughts manifest into your life, you can only think positively about yourself, the future, and you start to feel like a living breathing success! As you realize how this habit is merely an unconscious addiction that keeps you powerless and irresponsible for your divine manifesting power within, you will completely release this pattern of suffering and try ou t something new.

Step #3 Release your Attachment to Being Happy.
You may not realize how much suffering is created by being attached to having to always be happy, and doing things that make you happy. What would happen if no action, event, person, or thing in your outer world created happiness for you anymore? Where would you find happiness? The key to finding real joy is never in anything "out there", especially all your ideas about how your life should unfold. The greatest secret to finding happiness is diving into your inner world and finding total peace with the real YOU! When you are no longer attached to anything or anyone in the outer world making you happy, you take the reigns back on your life and can find pure joy inside your soul wherever you are.

One key element to unleashing the immense joy inside you is learning how to relax your body deeply and completely while maintaining present moment awareness. This means your body is relaxed, yet your mind is vigilantly alert and watching what is showing up without getting identified. Simply take a few minutes to stop doing those things you think will one day make you happy, and just practice relaxing your body completely. Try it! Rest fully into the very center of your heart, letting go into the very center of your being, and you'll find total equanimity in your mind.
It is a law of nature that you cannot live in worry, negativity or fear when your body is physically at peace. When every tiny muscle is relaxed and completely still, every concern, fear, worry and negative thought will have disappeared from your mind. The mind and body behave as one unit, and when your body is at peace, you'll instantly drop any attachment you have to how your life should be, or how your friends, family, work, money, and all those things which are "responsible" for making you happy.

The more you can master the experience of living in a relaxed body 24 hours a day, the more impossible it becomes to getting attached to anything in the outer world for making you happy. When you start to abide in this divine infinite realm of loving energy inside you, you'll wonder why were you ever searching for it out there. The day you discover this profound inner peace in the most stressful, boring or ordinary situations in your life, you'll become a HUGE ball of peace, love, joy and bliss!

Step #4 Let Go of The Mind's Perpetual Efforting.
When you have completely stopped making any effort to resist negative thinking, and released that unending push towards positive thinking, that is the same day that bliss will find you. When you can sit back and watch the mind without being involved, eventually in time it will give up its perpetual struggle. By making the simple choice to back off from your inner "thinker" and step back, below or behind these thoughts, you become the overriding master of your mind.

It's ironic, yet the bliss we are all seeking is first initiated through the mind's imagination, yet is truly discovered when you let go of the mind completely. The lightest and highest feeling of bliss cannot be found through forming any one thought or belief with your mind. That would narrow and squeeze your mind's experience of life even tighter (like caffeine does) and not allow these cosmic blissful sensations the room they need to enter. True bliss is only found through divine openness and receptivity. When you are 100% free from all the ridiculous efforting of the mind, having no attachments to any agenda it forms, no attachment to any desires or disposition, you will fall into a deeply relaxed and sweet heavenly trusting space with life and bliss will take over you.

There are moments in everyone's life where we get a glimpse of this succulent, spacious, peaceful place inside our mind. Yet, you'll notice that in this space the mind is no where to be found and you feel even more conscious, alive, aware, and awake. This is the experience of your very essence, your innermost nature... the soul that you are! The feeling is sooo pleasant that you don't want to form any desire or agenda for that would create too much pain. This spacious place is where your real freedom abides. It allows you to be free of the mind moving backwards or forwards in time, because when you're in bliss you have no fear, no worries or memories to deal with. When this grounded spaciousness finds you, you will be arriving in the beloved land of bliss. It is an experience that is meant for those who are ready and will ing to be touched by the Divine.

Step #5 Quiet your Mind and Completely Be Still.
When you have fully emptied your inner container of plans, agendas, fears, worries, concerns, and positive thinking your brain may not know what to do with itself. It will most likely try to reform some random idea to hold onto to give it some stability. When your body is deeply relaxed and your mind is truly empty, make the golden pillar of your life total silence and stillness. When you reach the mountain peak of consciousness everything is divinely still. These profoundly quiet moments within instantly pave fresh new neuronal pathways in your brain for having many more blissed-out experiences of life.

To arrive at complete stillness, it takes outrageous courage. You must have vigilance with the mind, the strength to hold on to stillness when you cannot, and the trust to let go of the process all at the same time. By deeply trusting everything that shows up when you venture into the unknown empty zone of no-mind, this totally quiet and profound stillness will pour into you. The more time you spend in stillness, then bliss has to become your ordinary mode of operation. The first time it happens you may be able to handle it for a few minutes, yet with practice you'll get better at it. When you can hang for a few hours in this cosmic space it will totally alter your life (and everybody else's life that you know) forever in the most positive ways.

As you discover that your real work here on Earth is not "out there" yet finding the pathway to bliss within, all 5 of these steps will naturally unfold for you. The greatest experience of your lifetime is being filled with bliss all day and night long. Just open your mind to this possibility, follow the 5 steps above and you'll soon find it start seeping in. .The experience of complete bliss is your soul's destiny. Why make up some ridiculous reason that you don't deserve it? You are a mixture of both human and divine, and so it is your divine right to own this joyous sensation. You'll see, keep pondering over these 5 steps and you will disco ver total bliss sooner than later. If you'd like more tools, techniques and personal assistance in shifting into a higher vibration and consciousness, instantly download The Super Manifesting Program!! Simply follow the program for 90 days and you'll begin experiencing the most magical, unstoppable and blissful life! We guarantee it! Enjoy your journey, it's meant to be a bliss-filled adventure!

Jafree Ozwald