Friday, December 31, 2010

Pure Prosperity by Maggy Whitehouse

Pure Prosperity is about re-training your mind to attract abundance to you—whether it's financial, emotional or physical. It's a perfectly simple process but, to start with, it takes about as much willpower as a diet. You have to wean yourself off old habits of negative thoughts.

However, quite unlike a diet, it gets easier and more joyful with every day that passes.

A quick example of how the mind works comes from what I call 'Red Citroën Syndrome'. An old boyfriend of mine used to see red Citroëns everywhere once he had met me. That was because, at that time I was driving a red Citroën and his subconscious was looking for me. There were no more red Citroëns than there ever had been.

This world is filled to the brim with abundance. There is more than enough money around for every single person on the planet to be a millionaire. The only reason that anyone in the Western world is living in lack is because their minds have been trained to look for and expect lack. If you spend all your time looking at and reading about sadness, conflict and pain, that is what you are inviting into your life. Tough but true.

It stems from the greatest law of this universe, the Law of Attraction, also known as Karma or Isaac Newton's third Law of Motion: 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.' In a nutshell, What you put out you get back.

The Law of Attraction works for everyone all the time whether we are conscious of it or not and whether we believe in it or not. Whatever we think, say or do comes back to us. Idle words are just as powerful as conscious affirmations.

If you've ever wondered why North America is such a prosperous continent, it might be worth considering the fact that whatever else they do, the North Americans have an annual day for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a very powerful prosperity tool—done consciously or not.

The US Dollar, the most powerful currency in the world, has the phrase 'In God We Trust' written on it. The founders of the USA were all people of esoteric knowledge and faith and they knew that if you brought spirit into finance, you would prosper.

If they can do so much with such simple things, just imagine what you can do to make your life happier, more prosperous and filled with love.

If you have any problem at all over prosperity then it’s important to identify where the issue lies. Here’s a list of subconscious feelings that will block financial abundance.

If it’s any help, I’ve had to deal with every single one of the items in this list myself—which is why I teach this stuff. You are not alone, and every one of these issues can be healed.

◦Are you afraid of money?
◦Are you afraid of God?
◦Do you hate God? (both these questions are equally valid for atheists!)
◦Are your bills too high for your income?
◦Do you find people want your help but aren’t willing to pay you for it?
◦Do you resent people in the same line of work as you who are doing better?
◦Do you get fearful when the post arrives in case there’s a demand for money?
◦Do you leave bills and bank statements unopened?
◦Do you believe that Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and other spiritual teachers were poor?
◦Do you think you would lose credibility with clients if you were rich?
◦Do you tell people that purchases you’ve made were cheaper than they really were?
◦Are you afraid of trying anything new in case you fail?
◦Are you afraid of trying anything new in case you succeed?
◦Do you envy other people who are rich?
◦Do you bitch about rich and famous people or enjoy reading knocking gossip about them?
◦Do you want to punish your parents by not being prosperous?
◦Are you afraid of offending your parents by doing better than they did?
◦Do you constantly help other people but find they are never there when you need help?
◦When you do get a financial windfall do you find something breaks or a bill comes in to take it away almost at once?
You may need to ponder long and hard on these—but if you have even two or three of the issues listed above, you are very likely blocking some of your financial, emotional and mental prosperity. Just bringing the problems into consciousness is very powerful. Know yourself and the healing process has begun.

Helping hands

Check out Affirmations
Use Bach (or other) Flower Remedies to release emotional blocks; useful ones include:

◦Holly for envy and hatred
◦Willow for resentment
◦Pine for guilt
◦Elm for taking too much on yourself.
◦Chestnut Bud for when you think you’re making the same error over and over again
◦Cherry Plum for panic
◦Mimulus for general fear over money issues
◦Gentian for discouragement
◦Wild Oat if you don’t know in which direction to go.
◦Impatiens when you want it all to happen now.

The remedies are all available at your local health store and there are plenty of internet sites which will tell you more. Four drops four times a day for a week should have a significant result.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Raelian Nincompoop

I must admit that most of the content of the book Intelligent Designs was interesting and logical. Fascinated by the annual formation of complex crop circles, UFO sightings and the understanding of the infinite size of the universe that it is impossible to assume that we are alone in the universe.

Even we human are now inventing tools/technology to create life and travel beyond our planet. In that respect yes I do want to believe that creation on earth must have originated from higher intelligence. That higher intelligence whom created the universe is our God. Or as Quantum Physics put it, did we create it all – where we are the Gods.

However, I'm disappointed with a comment on page 208 of the book 'Intelligent Design' where the author presumably Rael wrote;

“The East has nothing to teach the West about wisdom and awakening the mind. Rather the opposite is true. How can you find wisdom amongst the people who die from hunger as they watch herds of sacred cows go by?

On the contrary, it is the West with its intellect and its science that comes to help people who, for ages, have been shackled by primitive and murderous beliefs. It is not by chance that countries in the West no longer face the same problems as those of the Third World. Where the minds rules, the body does not die of hunger. Where obscurantism prevails, the body cannot survive. Can primitive people solve the problems of femine in the world and give food to those who are starving? They already have enough difficulties trying to feed themselves, and you expect to find wisdom there?”

His opinion on the East is typical of white supremacist of demagogue mentality. Failing to appreciate that the east thousand years ago were living in balance and respect with nature, taking only what is necessary to survive. Until came the west colonizing the east in the pretext of instituting civilized culture, yet only instituted greed and ego.

Most of the things we learn from Quantum Physics today goes back to what the eastern ancestors have taught, which the west once label them as myth, hocus-pocus and mambo-jumbo.

If so, how can one regard Rael, or his movement as well as his claims to be intelligent?

Unlikely the supreme beings would elect such white supremacists that stole lands from others and wiped out the native inhabitants. Explored and colonized foreign lands for greed in the name of false exploration and institutionalizing civilized culture.