Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Malaysian Enlightened Beings: Count your blessings

Amazing, how twice in a year politicians become wise preachers.

I am referring to a stunning and inspiring statement issued by DPM on NST Prime News (17 Nov. '10) “Muslims must undertake self-appraisal aimed at enhancing their faith and piety to God” He added that “Muslims must strengthen ties and unity in Islam, regardless of wealth, rank, race, culture or political ideology” -
Fuyoh! Cayalah...

On the front page of the same paper, the PM said “Never reject the comforts or take for granted or responsibilities as His servants in this world. Muslims must refrain from committing destruction that can lead weaknesses, humiliation and, eventually, decadence of ummah as a whole”.

Such inspiring, jaw-dropping words that I wish is advocated on daily basis by all Malaysian Muslims. In fact it should have been five times a day. Shame on our EB’s to let politicians to do their job.

But I have this funny feeling, whilst it sounds like addressing the Malaysians in general; they seem to direct to specific group.
The group within their own group who squander on public funds for wealth and abundance, using NEP, Islam and racial sentiments as a disquise for the "latter"cause.

I pray that such good words stay intact in their own minds forever and ever and not vaporise tomorrow or else it would become the usual "cakap tak serupa bikin".

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alternative Healing - Mind over Matter

In the past week, I have read several blogs and articles about the current state of medical services. Issues from too many specialists centres, exorbitant charges, incompetent practitioners, waiting time to see a doctor and being denied of claims by medical insurance due to some fine print that we missed to read.

Irrespective to the latter, the correction and change process is unlikely to take place anytime soon and would like to draw your attention to alternatives. There is a powerful awareness emerging in the western world which I feel would be greedy of me to not to share it with you. I’m over traditional medication and now turning into alternative treatment.

It was not long ago that doctors in the west encouraged meditation to patients with depression related illnesses. They are now looking into the Chinese Acupuncture and NLP as apparently there is sufficient evidence to support that our body has energy fields than can be enhanced or rectified against blockages, simply by tapping at the right points. And the most latest and the greatest to date – “thoughts, feelings and intentions” that can change the way our genes react.

If these “new science” are conceivable to us, then it may help reduce medical costs and lead to a healthier life. I discovered these through my most resent interests in learning quantum physics. I would recommend for starters though by watching a documentary The Living Matrix. It may not be available in any video stores here, but you can order them from Amazon.Com.

Unfortunately for us in Asia, most of the experts emerging in the subject of “Mind over matter” are from the west. Many of us are yet to take a dip into the new paradigm shift. There is a lot to be learned but not difficult to. It can greatly change the way we resort to solutions and not only in health issues.

Adam Dreamhealer, believed to be a Canadian young chap has this ability to remote heal through visualization and intentions no matter where on earth the patient is. Click on Adam Dreamhealer to watch a workshop of his.

I know many of these new sciences have been laid out in Islam, in other religion and various cultures. The secret to good health was not a secret at all. It has been past down by our ancestors, prophets taht had gained little reception from the sole custodian today. Probably because it was ridiculed by the west as ancient myths, mambo-jumbo or hocus-pocus. Too bad our EB’s failed to recognize what they are teach it to the world. Leaving a void of knowledge that led the westerners to explore and capatilize on it and able to redeliver with scientific explanation, which apparently a gross lack in our EB's, both intelectually and academically.