Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away there was a planet called Fatheren. The planet one day was bombarded with solar flares that disturbed the system and imploded. About 500 million life-forms on this planet suddenly became homeless. They have only one option to survive, to find a planet that has water, air and gravity.

All of them had an instinct that there is such a planet somewhere in the Milky Way system. They immediately chart a course to this system, which will endeavour many challenges.

Unfortunately, about 250 million of them perished during the gruelling journey. As the other half got closer to the Milky-Way system, more died manoeuvring through the system, leaving only 1 million of them to get a glimpse of the faintly emerging planet earth. As they entered the earth’s atmosphere at tremendous speed, 786,000 beings burnt up and died. 176,000 of them died on impact on the surface of the earth. Only 38,000 survived the impact.

But to the surprise of the surviving beings, earth was dry and turbulent with constant volcanic activities. They had to find water quickly to survive. Exhausted and hungry, 31,280 died looking for water. The 6,720 did find water and got a chance to live. But out of exhaustion and inability to adapt to a new environment, another 6,719 gave up and died within the next 7 days. The 1 that survived pushed on.

Without any knowledge and help, with sheer determination and hope that one being started life on earth. 6 billion years later, it created the planet earth as we know now.

That one life-form that survived is YOU! From your fathers Spermatozoon to your mother’s Ovary. If you can beat 499,999,999 of your brothers and sisters to be here and read this, it only means one thing, you can do it again. – David Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big.

I dedicate this video to all readers.


Taking the baton from Mr. Pierre Lewis’s excellent post “Life Is but a Journey”. A journey indeed, on a path to learn and appreciate what we have an in store.

I watched a documentary about the dynamic communication capabilities of various species and got my thoughts straying. That it is only after more than 200,000 years that modern men have learned that all animate beings can and has been communicating with each other, all along. Sea creatures communicate via various tones, frequencies and pitch, unique to land animals and those in airs and in the forest. Engineered by billions of years to suite each environment.

It seem if Mother Nature would have made everything the same, communicate on the same field of spectrum, earth would be one noisy planet. It was only more recently did scientists discovered the reasons for the mass beaching of whales, dolphins and the reason for polar bears to attack humans etc., are caused by man’s own activities.

It took man 200,000 years (or more) to learn, appreciate and admit it. To accept the fact in the more resent 2000 years we have stepped into the animal kingdom and violated their livelihood. That the species mentioned can’t take it anymore with the noise and pollution we created, through oil drilling, shipping traffic, Nuclear Submarine’s 24/7 sonar pounding, radio and telecommunication broadcasts, experiments/soil testing’s, overfishing, deforestation, pollution etc., which is distorting the species’ field of communication and reducing their coverage area to scavenge for food, mate and play.

See it is ironic, puzzling that despite man having an edge in communication and brain power managed to perceive only a glimpse of what life is all about. It took earth 6 billion years to manifest us and this is what we have got? (Speaking of intelligent, civilized species).

Here comes the “chicken poop for the soil”. If the latter is the case, then how come some men, took it upon them that they are superior than us, that despite having known practically nothing about life on earth; to decide and institute law to what they think is right for us in the name of “instituting moral values”. Sure, we can understand the necessity for law and order, but with cultures and religions...
Aren’t religion is something of man’s our own choice? Who choose to embrace any based on what it can do for them and humanity. If so (putting God’s message aside) who are these religious leaders to punish us for things we do or don’t do from the belief that we voluntarily choose from? What made men, any men, individual or group to be any greater than the other (considering the circumstances we are in now).

I know this, that the one who holds a gun has the power. Does this also mean that when one knows the equation to E=MC2, have the right to Quantum Physics? Or does one who have memorized the Quran/Bible/Encyclopedia Britannica/Revelation of Nostradamus/etc. is an ‘Enlightened Being’?

As much as it may sound nonsense, it is interesting and thought provoking to put it that way. Well folks, like Mr. Pierre Lewis puts it, life is but a journey, enjoy the trip.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Subconscious Mind of A Muslim Leader

I can’t help to notice religious conflicts multiplying here and around the word. If religion is not the issue than someone implicates it in. I feel I have read somewhere, of some spooky charec predicting this will happen in this decade. Don’t know if it was the Mayan, Sumerians or Nostradamus. Anyway, I see a resemblance in something. The mind. One of the most important factor in human development and the most neglected.

See our subconscious mind begins its prime evolution while we are still in our mother’s womb. The data gathering takes place between the age of 0 ~ 10 where the mind is at its highest need for input. A child’s brain at which time resonates at an Alpha level a brainwave state capable of postponing logic processing and focus on learning. A critical time that decides the faith of the child based on the input he/she is given by the parent, immediate family members, teachers and surrounding, which sticks like a magnet.

Give them a rule (without option to explore outside) at this point of time and it will be embedded as a platform for future actions. This is not contrary to religions teaching that god decides faith. God does decide our faith, and as far as you and I are concerned in this physical time, our parents are our gods, isn’t it? Think about it for a moment.
Once over the period and into the adulthood, the subconscious mind orchestrates the actions; provide tools and information’s at lightning speed before even we can finish processing. I have illustrated this point on my earlier CB post titled ‘Are you man enough’.

The believe the person who understands the most about how the mind works in our society is the demagogue (Hitler, Mussolini, Kim Il Sung of North Korea, Castro, Arab extremists, etc. and hell, fire and damnation religionists like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker or Osama Bin Laden). They know you can get people to do ridiculous things, like part with their money or give their lives, for ideas that make no sense at all. They do this in two ways: REPETITION and AROUSING EMOTION. THEY AROUSE FEELINGS OF PRIDE, GLORY, FEAR, GREED, LUST! And they can do this with little effort to like minded people, hence the word ‘like attracts like’, birds of a feather flock together, etc.

Imagine a child growing up with parents whom insisted that religion, heaven and hell are the only thing is important in afterlife, that life here and now is only to serve god, and I dont mean taking it in its true context. Based on their twisted ideology, the child will grow (without a life – on earth) only learning and embracing more of the same. Never getting an opportunity to decide himself of what is best for him. They devices ways to attract more like minded people to feel assured. They draw out recitals, revelations from Bible/Quran; draw out their own theory / ‘stages of life’, in the hope to attract endorsement for their own dilemma. The names mentioned above will become their hero, an inspiration as they have the spitting image of themselves.

I have taken the examples to the extreme but in many other ways, the subconscious mind has been leading our lives the way it is, without our conscious permission. I feel sorry for all of us, as we do not realize what our subconscious mind is doing to us. In the line of their pre-programmed life, some will become millionaires and some will go the death rows.

The Malaysian Enlightened Beings: Duty bound !?

Reading the recent take by Hafidz Baharom that “PAS maybe losing the confidence of all Malaysians in its entirety due to its insistence on trying to save the souls of everyone with ridiculous limitations to privacy and individual liberties”. I am compelled to add my take of the same, that it is also due to years of persistence by not only PAS but also other benighted religious leaders I call the Enlightened Beings (EB), to humiliate Muslims publicly in the pretext of instituting Islamic values.

Ironic because contrary to the various initiatives of our religious leaders in keeping up to their so called mission of trying to procure a more moral society based on the framework of Islam, religion renouncement amongst Muslims and criticism of their actions, is escalating. In my opinion, our leaders lack the knowledge/wisdom to institute value through teaching and being an example. They have over indulged with the most convenient method known to them; implement law, a dual track law.

The unofficial estimation reported in MalaysiaKini in 2005 is 50,000 applications. Another source indicated this number to have increased to 250,000 applications in 2009.
Official statistics and reports on ‘murtad’ cases however fall in our governments ‘Official Secrets Act’ and (if any) are not available for the general public. A study made by University of Technology Malaysia made on 3 states (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor), however confirms the increase, although their findings are of the processed application from the 3 states.
The UTM report highlighted that authorities reasoned for the causes of Muslims renouncing their faith to be;

  • incapable to fast during the month of Ramadan,
  • ignorant to perform regular prayers,
  • against every teachings of Islam
This form of feedback is no surprise to come out from the subconscious mind of a demagogue. Instead they speculate that Christians are behind it, instigating Muslims to denounce or due to interracial marriages. This is despite the outcry of mainstream Muslim whom expressed through blogs i.e. Growing list of don’ts, Myth of Malay Muslim, close proximity, Lina Joy, punishment for not fasting, snoop squads, Cow head, Kartika, Muslim vs. Muslim, ban movies/concerts, mix-marriage, sexual offences, terrorism, religious authorities continue to ignore the facts staring them in the face and continue to fence the problem with laws, new laws, old laws and more laws to punish their own people. What is getting on our nerves are the fact, that Kelantan being the Mecca of Syariah (and Hudud) Law of PAS, showed highest cases of HIV and incest sexual intercourse. Do our enlightened beings have the skill to analyze the issue, to institute Islamic values? How can they even show a straight face and ramble how great they are.
Talking of which, many times I have heard that for those whom regard that “laws are being shoved down their throat” are encouraged to seek audience with a certain Majlis. Don’t get me wrong, I admit to have no diploma or degree in Islamic law, or have I spent my entire life on Islamic studies but will I not be walking straight into a Lion’s den? (I do have other interests you know, like collecting stamps and teaching people how to park their cars).
No thank you sir, forget seeking audience with them, fear of being misconstrued and arrested for “speaking up”...even for a person like the Mufti of Perlis.

Coming back to the post, that despite the genius mentality of our ‘enlightened beings’, religion renouncement (and Malaysians giving up their citizenship) is escalating. What could they be doing wrong or what exactly are they doing right?
The 250,000 and I can’t help to suspect that PAS, EB’s and scholars alike are not competent to teach or capable of setting an example. Their benighted wisdom had formed a demagogue subconscious mind , that in the past 52 years, they have wasted more than 2,704 valuable opportunities (through Friday ‘Khutbah’/Sermons) to reach out and enlighten millions of Muslims from thousand of Mosques in this country, to inspire, raise our faith, motivate, work hard, think positive, have gratitude, progress in life, live in abundance (or moderacy), avoid greed, love the neighbour, stop complaining, don’t criticize other’s beliefs, trust, respect and tolerance, in the life here and now.

Because if they did, I don’t think there would be a single renouncement, accusations on extremism, racism, corruption, trash-talk, ‘immigrant-nism’, and certainly no Murtad-nism. And most of all, Malaysia would had set an excellent example of an Islamic country. PAS would have no need to worry at all about others attempting to wipe out Islam from the face of the earth (come to think of it, they don’t need others; as they are doing perfectly well among themselves).

If the ‘enlightened beings’ are allowed to reign supreme (non-receptive) in implementing laws over insignificant issues, religious renouncement’s amongst Muslims here looks great in next 50 years, if life on earth lasts that long.

With this in mind, i agree that perhaps PR should reconsider their next electoral candidates in Malaysia who insists that this should be the way to run a country.
In conclusion, I only pray In the name of Allah the beneficent, the merciful, to seek forgiveness for my ill perception of my leaders as I have no confidence in them and not that of my faith in the. Praise be to the Lord of the Universe who has created us and made us into tribes and nations that we may know each other, not that we may despise each other. If the enemy incline towards peace, do thou also incline towards peace, and trust God, for the Lord is the one that heareth and knoweth all things. And the servants of God, most Gracious are those who walk on the Earth in humility, and when we address them, we say "PEACE". - Amin.