Friday, December 31, 2010

Pure Prosperity by Maggy Whitehouse

Pure Prosperity is about re-training your mind to attract abundance to you—whether it's financial, emotional or physical. It's a perfectly simple process but, to start with, it takes about as much willpower as a diet. You have to wean yourself off old habits of negative thoughts.

However, quite unlike a diet, it gets easier and more joyful with every day that passes.

A quick example of how the mind works comes from what I call 'Red Citroën Syndrome'. An old boyfriend of mine used to see red Citroëns everywhere once he had met me. That was because, at that time I was driving a red Citroën and his subconscious was looking for me. There were no more red Citroëns than there ever had been.

This world is filled to the brim with abundance. There is more than enough money around for every single person on the planet to be a millionaire. The only reason that anyone in the Western world is living in lack is because their minds have been trained to look for and expect lack. If you spend all your time looking at and reading about sadness, conflict and pain, that is what you are inviting into your life. Tough but true.

It stems from the greatest law of this universe, the Law of Attraction, also known as Karma or Isaac Newton's third Law of Motion: 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.' In a nutshell, What you put out you get back.

The Law of Attraction works for everyone all the time whether we are conscious of it or not and whether we believe in it or not. Whatever we think, say or do comes back to us. Idle words are just as powerful as conscious affirmations.

If you've ever wondered why North America is such a prosperous continent, it might be worth considering the fact that whatever else they do, the North Americans have an annual day for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a very powerful prosperity tool—done consciously or not.

The US Dollar, the most powerful currency in the world, has the phrase 'In God We Trust' written on it. The founders of the USA were all people of esoteric knowledge and faith and they knew that if you brought spirit into finance, you would prosper.

If they can do so much with such simple things, just imagine what you can do to make your life happier, more prosperous and filled with love.

If you have any problem at all over prosperity then it’s important to identify where the issue lies. Here’s a list of subconscious feelings that will block financial abundance.

If it’s any help, I’ve had to deal with every single one of the items in this list myself—which is why I teach this stuff. You are not alone, and every one of these issues can be healed.

◦Are you afraid of money?
◦Are you afraid of God?
◦Do you hate God? (both these questions are equally valid for atheists!)
◦Are your bills too high for your income?
◦Do you find people want your help but aren’t willing to pay you for it?
◦Do you resent people in the same line of work as you who are doing better?
◦Do you get fearful when the post arrives in case there’s a demand for money?
◦Do you leave bills and bank statements unopened?
◦Do you believe that Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and other spiritual teachers were poor?
◦Do you think you would lose credibility with clients if you were rich?
◦Do you tell people that purchases you’ve made were cheaper than they really were?
◦Are you afraid of trying anything new in case you fail?
◦Are you afraid of trying anything new in case you succeed?
◦Do you envy other people who are rich?
◦Do you bitch about rich and famous people or enjoy reading knocking gossip about them?
◦Do you want to punish your parents by not being prosperous?
◦Are you afraid of offending your parents by doing better than they did?
◦Do you constantly help other people but find they are never there when you need help?
◦When you do get a financial windfall do you find something breaks or a bill comes in to take it away almost at once?
You may need to ponder long and hard on these—but if you have even two or three of the issues listed above, you are very likely blocking some of your financial, emotional and mental prosperity. Just bringing the problems into consciousness is very powerful. Know yourself and the healing process has begun.

Helping hands

Check out Affirmations
Use Bach (or other) Flower Remedies to release emotional blocks; useful ones include:

◦Holly for envy and hatred
◦Willow for resentment
◦Pine for guilt
◦Elm for taking too much on yourself.
◦Chestnut Bud for when you think you’re making the same error over and over again
◦Cherry Plum for panic
◦Mimulus for general fear over money issues
◦Gentian for discouragement
◦Wild Oat if you don’t know in which direction to go.
◦Impatiens when you want it all to happen now.

The remedies are all available at your local health store and there are plenty of internet sites which will tell you more. Four drops four times a day for a week should have a significant result.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Raelian Nincompoop

I must admit that most of the content of the book Intelligent Designs was interesting and logical. Fascinated by the annual formation of complex crop circles, UFO sightings and the understanding of the infinite size of the universe that it is impossible to assume that we are alone in the universe.

Even we human are now inventing tools/technology to create life and travel beyond our planet. In that respect yes I do want to believe that creation on earth must have originated from higher intelligence. That higher intelligence whom created the universe is our God. Or as Quantum Physics put it, did we create it all – where we are the Gods.

However, I'm disappointed with a comment on page 208 of the book 'Intelligent Design' where the author presumably Rael wrote;

“The East has nothing to teach the West about wisdom and awakening the mind. Rather the opposite is true. How can you find wisdom amongst the people who die from hunger as they watch herds of sacred cows go by?

On the contrary, it is the West with its intellect and its science that comes to help people who, for ages, have been shackled by primitive and murderous beliefs. It is not by chance that countries in the West no longer face the same problems as those of the Third World. Where the minds rules, the body does not die of hunger. Where obscurantism prevails, the body cannot survive. Can primitive people solve the problems of femine in the world and give food to those who are starving? They already have enough difficulties trying to feed themselves, and you expect to find wisdom there?”

His opinion on the East is typical of white supremacist of demagogue mentality. Failing to appreciate that the east thousand years ago were living in balance and respect with nature, taking only what is necessary to survive. Until came the west colonizing the east in the pretext of instituting civilized culture, yet only instituted greed and ego.

Most of the things we learn from Quantum Physics today goes back to what the eastern ancestors have taught, which the west once label them as myth, hocus-pocus and mambo-jumbo.

If so, how can one regard Rael, or his movement as well as his claims to be intelligent?

Unlikely the supreme beings would elect such white supremacists that stole lands from others and wiped out the native inhabitants. Explored and colonized foreign lands for greed in the name of false exploration and institutionalizing civilized culture.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Malaysian Enlightened Beings: Count your blessings

Amazing, how twice in a year politicians become wise preachers.

I am referring to a stunning and inspiring statement issued by DPM on NST Prime News (17 Nov. '10) “Muslims must undertake self-appraisal aimed at enhancing their faith and piety to God” He added that “Muslims must strengthen ties and unity in Islam, regardless of wealth, rank, race, culture or political ideology” -
Fuyoh! Cayalah...

On the front page of the same paper, the PM said “Never reject the comforts or take for granted or responsibilities as His servants in this world. Muslims must refrain from committing destruction that can lead weaknesses, humiliation and, eventually, decadence of ummah as a whole”.

Such inspiring, jaw-dropping words that I wish is advocated on daily basis by all Malaysian Muslims. In fact it should have been five times a day. Shame on our EB’s to let politicians to do their job.

But I have this funny feeling, whilst it sounds like addressing the Malaysians in general; they seem to direct to specific group.
The group within their own group who squander on public funds for wealth and abundance, using NEP, Islam and racial sentiments as a disquise for the "latter"cause.

I pray that such good words stay intact in their own minds forever and ever and not vaporise tomorrow or else it would become the usual "cakap tak serupa bikin".

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alternative Healing - Mind over Matter

In the past week, I have read several blogs and articles about the current state of medical services. Issues from too many specialists centres, exorbitant charges, incompetent practitioners, waiting time to see a doctor and being denied of claims by medical insurance due to some fine print that we missed to read.

Irrespective to the latter, the correction and change process is unlikely to take place anytime soon and would like to draw your attention to alternatives. There is a powerful awareness emerging in the western world which I feel would be greedy of me to not to share it with you. I’m over traditional medication and now turning into alternative treatment.

It was not long ago that doctors in the west encouraged meditation to patients with depression related illnesses. They are now looking into the Chinese Acupuncture and NLP as apparently there is sufficient evidence to support that our body has energy fields than can be enhanced or rectified against blockages, simply by tapping at the right points. And the most latest and the greatest to date – “thoughts, feelings and intentions” that can change the way our genes react.

If these “new science” are conceivable to us, then it may help reduce medical costs and lead to a healthier life. I discovered these through my most resent interests in learning quantum physics. I would recommend for starters though by watching a documentary The Living Matrix. It may not be available in any video stores here, but you can order them from Amazon.Com.

Unfortunately for us in Asia, most of the experts emerging in the subject of “Mind over matter” are from the west. Many of us are yet to take a dip into the new paradigm shift. There is a lot to be learned but not difficult to. It can greatly change the way we resort to solutions and not only in health issues.

Adam Dreamhealer, believed to be a Canadian young chap has this ability to remote heal through visualization and intentions no matter where on earth the patient is. Click on Adam Dreamhealer to watch a workshop of his.

I know many of these new sciences have been laid out in Islam, in other religion and various cultures. The secret to good health was not a secret at all. It has been past down by our ancestors, prophets taht had gained little reception from the sole custodian today. Probably because it was ridiculed by the west as ancient myths, mambo-jumbo or hocus-pocus. Too bad our EB’s failed to recognize what they are teach it to the world. Leaving a void of knowledge that led the westerners to explore and capatilize on it and able to redeliver with scientific explanation, which apparently a gross lack in our EB's, both intelectually and academically.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


“For the past six decades, the Zionist regime has continuously oppressed the Palestinian people. Despite resolutions passed by the Security Council, these were ignored by Israel.” – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia. - NST, TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2010

On Monday June 8, PM had tabled in Parliament 15 motions to condemn Israel’s May 31 attack that killed nine people on convoy of vessels bearing books, cloths, toys and stuffs. This is despite the failures of more than 22 Arab countries*, whom share the same blood line and mother tongue to resolve their own problems for more than six decades.

Malaysia stands bold, against those Arab countries and the world that although it is a conflict of international waters, is firm and compelled to condemn the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu on behalf of their adopted brothers. As the Malay proverb ‘Cubit peha kiri, peha kanan sakit juga’ (pinch my left thigh, the left thigh hurts too).

Such are the determination of Malaysian Government, activists (and extremists) and the 40 plus members standing behind the PM on the above photo shoot. The 15 motions that Malaysia will use to lash Benjamin Netanyahu and United Nations where it hurts most are:

1. Strongly condemn the attack by the Zionist military regime, under the orders of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on the humanitarian aid mission vessels to Gaza which has resulted in deaths and injuries to civilians;

This statement will certainly hurt Benjamin’s reputation. Benjamin will never after this face the light of the day – padan muka hang.

2. Record profound disappointment with the United Nations Security Council on its mild statement on the violent attack by the Zionist regime on the humanitarian aid mission vessels;

Let this be a painful lesson to UN for sleeping on the job. They should take Malaysia as an example, of how steadfast we are in handling and compounding racial tensions, street protests and grafts, shame on you UN.

3. Decides to demand that the United Nations Security Council censure Israel and not merely issue a mild statement;

Yes, UN. Just look how our country handled to Cow Head and Church arsons. They were shot on sight...For God’s sake, how difficult is it to follow our example?

4. Decides that Malaysia cooperates with the member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Conference, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Arab League and other like-minded countries to uphold the principles of international law, including human rights law, international humanitarian law and the Charter of the United Nations, in dealing with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza;

OK, we will give you a year to decipher what that means, but you watch out! Our eyes are on you.

5. Urge like-minded countries to propose a motion to the United Nations Security Council to refer the situation resulting from the attack by the Israel Zionist military regime to the International Criminal Court;

In other words, this is hard hitting point to the Arab Leagues to put aside those side opening exotic cars, luxury car drifting, diamond car decoration and ice-skating. Concentrate on what’s going on here. And no more overseas trips, jeans, perfumes and pole dancing OK?

6. Urge like-minded countries to propose a motion to the United Nations General Assembly to seek an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice;

Meaning in the event we shot our mouth a little too loud, sorry ah. We are just trying to gain Malay votes for next GE. No joke no fun...he he!

7. Request that the state of Turkey consider initiating action under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court;

You @#$%^ are the neighbours, for crying out loud do something!

8. Call for a fully independent investigation to be conducted on the attack by the Zionist military regime and not merely an impartial investigation;

Ooo...this means we are not messing around, baby. You know what happened to our TBH and PKFZ conspiracy? And now the Sime Darby gate, better you don’t ask...

9. Fully support the demands by the international community, particularly the Human Rights Council through its Resolution of June 2, 2010, for an accountable and fully independent investigation to be carried out on the attack;

Yep, you got that buddy?

10. Demand Israel not to block any humanitarian aid convoy to the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza, consistent with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1860;

We are serious, or we will come down and kick your @$$

11. Welcome the action by the state of Egypt to unconditionally open the Rafah border to ensure the unobstructed channelling of humanitarian aid;

In return, we promise an MM2H package for you. SPA included.

12. Appeal to the international community to continue extending humanitarian aid to the nationals of the Palestinian Territories in Gaza without being intimidated and undaunted by the threats of the Zionist regime;

Yes, so we can irritate the Israelis to kill more Palestinians when the Hamas show the middle finger from across the border.

13. Express appreciation to the states of Jordan, Turkey, Ireland, the Philippines and other countries that were involved in efforts to secure the release of Malaysian nationals who were detained by the Zionist regime;
Indeed. Thanks to the hooligans on the MyVi Marmara too.

14. Urge the Palestinian people to unite in safeguarding their inalienable rights to establish a free, independent and sovereign state of Palestine; and,

Oh course, last but not least. We can arrange MM2H for them too.

15. Express the solidarity of the people of Malaysia towards the cause of the Palestinian people in the establishment of a free, independent and sovereign state of Palestine.

It’s for the election you know...

We Malaysian stand proud over the motion passed unanimously by the Dewan Rakyat. May God bless all our intelligent, dedicated and professener Politicians and “Semoga Dipanjangkan Umur”.

We await for the announcement who will be the brave minister to hand the motion to Benjamin, and pray for his safe return.

*Arab League, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Algeria, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Oman, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, Palestine, Israel, Mauritania, Somalia, Djibouti, Comoros etc.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Malaysian Enlightened Beings: Provisions for mankind!?

In continuation to ‘The Malaysian Enlightened Beings: Duty bound!?’, I would like to share my thoughts on the duties of a Muslim during Aidul-Adha.

But first and foremost, I extend my appreciation to our Prime Minister in taking time to visit our fellow Buddhist at Mahinvara temple, in conjunction with the Wesak Day on the 28th May 2010. I honestly hope we keep the momentum in racial tolerance and harmony, not just for the sake to procure peace and prosperity in anticipation of public response when the subsidy retraction is announced.

In Islam, there are two great festivals, ‘Idul-Fitr’ (Aidil Fitri) as we all know it, falls on the first day of Shawwal, the tenth month of the Islamic year, and 'Idul-Adha’ (Aidil Adha), which falls on the tenth day of Thul-Hijjah and coincides with the Yauman-Nahr, "Day of the Sacrifices" in the Hajj Pilgrimage as we have seen.

The Aidil Adha (the "Feast of Sacrifice") is the second great festival of Islam. It is also known as Baqri-Eid (the "Cow Festival") because it’s most important feature is the sacrifice of an animal (cow, goat, sheep, or other appropriate beast) in commemoration of the ram sacrificed by Abraham in place of his son. In Muhammad's time a camel was usually the animal sacrificed. The command to perform sacrifices is given in Surah 22.36 and although no specific day is fixed in the Qur'an the sacrificing of animals was already practiced on the last day of the pilgrimage by the pre-Islamic Arabs and the institution was duly retained. A special prayer, similar to the Eid-ul-Fitr prayer, is also offered on this day before the animals are sacrificed.

Narrated Al-Bara: I heard the Prophet delivering a Khutba saying, "The first thing to be done on this day (the first day of 'Id-ul-Adha) is to pray; and after returning from the prayer we slaughter our sacrifices (in the name of Allah), and whoever does so, he acted according to our Sunna (traditions) " (Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 2, p. 37).

Every Muslim home is obliged to offer a sacrifice on this day. The meat may be eaten by the family but a distribution of a generous share to the poor should also be made. It is however a festival as food is to be eaten on this day with a cheerful heart in remembrance of God's bounty and provision for mankind.

Today, after 1430 years of the pre-Islamic Arabs, the meat (a luxury) no longer shares the same appreciation. Nutritionists, Doctors, Scientist, Biologists and even the Enlightened Beings are telling us to cut down on red meat. Can I say “haram!” to all these people? Instead they asked to increase vegetable and fruits and where possible be a vegetarian.

On the flip side in Malaysia, a kilo of meat or the lack of it is not what cause unhappiness, lack of gratitude, depression, hunger, anger, frustration, famine and/or suffering etc. Here the latter are caused by the lack of jobs, poor health – unaffordable medical aid, physical disability, roof over the head, education opportunity, water, electricity, etc.

If so, what is the point in celebrating Aidil Adha (i.e.: thanks giving) by sacrificing cows, sheep’s and even imported Camels and distribute a kilo of meat (once a year) to the poor?

It looks more of a feasts, and compliance that I have followed the Sunnah. Yet today it only displays the stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, greed of the so called Enlightened Beings and the wealthy – for thinking that their wealth will be blessed by doing those sacrifices in serving God’s bounty and provision for mankind. They may as well ‘shove-it-up’ and stop making a fool of us. I mean what else can we the younger generations make of the concept - “God's bounty and provision for mankind”?

If I’m making baseless assumptions or uneducated guess then I must apologize. Because would it not be that Malaysia being an exemplary Muslim nation thus far, with more religious experts than any other Muslim country, added with their vast experience in NEP policy in place the last 52 years, should be an example country of ‘0’ poverty?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away there was a planet called Fatheren. The planet one day was bombarded with solar flares that disturbed the system and imploded. About 500 million life-forms on this planet suddenly became homeless. They have only one option to survive, to find a planet that has water, air and gravity.

All of them had an instinct that there is such a planet somewhere in the Milky Way system. They immediately chart a course to this system, which will endeavour many challenges.

Unfortunately, about 250 million of them perished during the gruelling journey. As the other half got closer to the Milky-Way system, more died manoeuvring through the system, leaving only 1 million of them to get a glimpse of the faintly emerging planet earth. As they entered the earth’s atmosphere at tremendous speed, 786,000 beings burnt up and died. 176,000 of them died on impact on the surface of the earth. Only 38,000 survived the impact.

But to the surprise of the surviving beings, earth was dry and turbulent with constant volcanic activities. They had to find water quickly to survive. Exhausted and hungry, 31,280 died looking for water. The 6,720 did find water and got a chance to live. But out of exhaustion and inability to adapt to a new environment, another 6,719 gave up and died within the next 7 days. The 1 that survived pushed on.

Without any knowledge and help, with sheer determination and hope that one being started life on earth. 6 billion years later, it created the planet earth as we know now.

That one life-form that survived is YOU! From your fathers Spermatozoon to your mother’s Ovary. If you can beat 499,999,999 of your brothers and sisters to be here and read this, it only means one thing, you can do it again. – David Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big.

I dedicate this video to all readers.


Taking the baton from Mr. Pierre Lewis’s excellent post “Life Is but a Journey”. A journey indeed, on a path to learn and appreciate what we have an in store.

I watched a documentary about the dynamic communication capabilities of various species and got my thoughts straying. That it is only after more than 200,000 years that modern men have learned that all animate beings can and has been communicating with each other, all along. Sea creatures communicate via various tones, frequencies and pitch, unique to land animals and those in airs and in the forest. Engineered by billions of years to suite each environment.

It seem if Mother Nature would have made everything the same, communicate on the same field of spectrum, earth would be one noisy planet. It was only more recently did scientists discovered the reasons for the mass beaching of whales, dolphins and the reason for polar bears to attack humans etc., are caused by man’s own activities.

It took man 200,000 years (or more) to learn, appreciate and admit it. To accept the fact in the more resent 2000 years we have stepped into the animal kingdom and violated their livelihood. That the species mentioned can’t take it anymore with the noise and pollution we created, through oil drilling, shipping traffic, Nuclear Submarine’s 24/7 sonar pounding, radio and telecommunication broadcasts, experiments/soil testing’s, overfishing, deforestation, pollution etc., which is distorting the species’ field of communication and reducing their coverage area to scavenge for food, mate and play.

See it is ironic, puzzling that despite man having an edge in communication and brain power managed to perceive only a glimpse of what life is all about. It took earth 6 billion years to manifest us and this is what we have got? (Speaking of intelligent, civilized species).

Here comes the “chicken poop for the soil”. If the latter is the case, then how come some men, took it upon them that they are superior than us, that despite having known practically nothing about life on earth; to decide and institute law to what they think is right for us in the name of “instituting moral values”. Sure, we can understand the necessity for law and order, but with cultures and religions...
Aren’t religion is something of man’s our own choice? Who choose to embrace any based on what it can do for them and humanity. If so (putting God’s message aside) who are these religious leaders to punish us for things we do or don’t do from the belief that we voluntarily choose from? What made men, any men, individual or group to be any greater than the other (considering the circumstances we are in now).

I know this, that the one who holds a gun has the power. Does this also mean that when one knows the equation to E=MC2, have the right to Quantum Physics? Or does one who have memorized the Quran/Bible/Encyclopedia Britannica/Revelation of Nostradamus/etc. is an ‘Enlightened Being’?

As much as it may sound nonsense, it is interesting and thought provoking to put it that way. Well folks, like Mr. Pierre Lewis puts it, life is but a journey, enjoy the trip.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Subconscious Mind of A Muslim Leader

I can’t help to notice religious conflicts multiplying here and around the word. If religion is not the issue than someone implicates it in. I feel I have read somewhere, of some spooky charec predicting this will happen in this decade. Don’t know if it was the Mayan, Sumerians or Nostradamus. Anyway, I see a resemblance in something. The mind. One of the most important factor in human development and the most neglected.

See our subconscious mind begins its prime evolution while we are still in our mother’s womb. The data gathering takes place between the age of 0 ~ 10 where the mind is at its highest need for input. A child’s brain at which time resonates at an Alpha level a brainwave state capable of postponing logic processing and focus on learning. A critical time that decides the faith of the child based on the input he/she is given by the parent, immediate family members, teachers and surrounding, which sticks like a magnet.

Give them a rule (without option to explore outside) at this point of time and it will be embedded as a platform for future actions. This is not contrary to religions teaching that god decides faith. God does decide our faith, and as far as you and I are concerned in this physical time, our parents are our gods, isn’t it? Think about it for a moment.
Once over the period and into the adulthood, the subconscious mind orchestrates the actions; provide tools and information’s at lightning speed before even we can finish processing. I have illustrated this point on my earlier CB post titled ‘Are you man enough’.

The believe the person who understands the most about how the mind works in our society is the demagogue (Hitler, Mussolini, Kim Il Sung of North Korea, Castro, Arab extremists, etc. and hell, fire and damnation religionists like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker or Osama Bin Laden). They know you can get people to do ridiculous things, like part with their money or give their lives, for ideas that make no sense at all. They do this in two ways: REPETITION and AROUSING EMOTION. THEY AROUSE FEELINGS OF PRIDE, GLORY, FEAR, GREED, LUST! And they can do this with little effort to like minded people, hence the word ‘like attracts like’, birds of a feather flock together, etc.

Imagine a child growing up with parents whom insisted that religion, heaven and hell are the only thing is important in afterlife, that life here and now is only to serve god, and I dont mean taking it in its true context. Based on their twisted ideology, the child will grow (without a life – on earth) only learning and embracing more of the same. Never getting an opportunity to decide himself of what is best for him. They devices ways to attract more like minded people to feel assured. They draw out recitals, revelations from Bible/Quran; draw out their own theory / ‘stages of life’, in the hope to attract endorsement for their own dilemma. The names mentioned above will become their hero, an inspiration as they have the spitting image of themselves.

I have taken the examples to the extreme but in many other ways, the subconscious mind has been leading our lives the way it is, without our conscious permission. I feel sorry for all of us, as we do not realize what our subconscious mind is doing to us. In the line of their pre-programmed life, some will become millionaires and some will go the death rows.

The Malaysian Enlightened Beings: Duty bound !?

Reading the recent take by Hafidz Baharom that “PAS maybe losing the confidence of all Malaysians in its entirety due to its insistence on trying to save the souls of everyone with ridiculous limitations to privacy and individual liberties”. I am compelled to add my take of the same, that it is also due to years of persistence by not only PAS but also other benighted religious leaders I call the Enlightened Beings (EB), to humiliate Muslims publicly in the pretext of instituting Islamic values.

Ironic because contrary to the various initiatives of our religious leaders in keeping up to their so called mission of trying to procure a more moral society based on the framework of Islam, religion renouncement amongst Muslims and criticism of their actions, is escalating. In my opinion, our leaders lack the knowledge/wisdom to institute value through teaching and being an example. They have over indulged with the most convenient method known to them; implement law, a dual track law.

The unofficial estimation reported in MalaysiaKini in 2005 is 50,000 applications. Another source indicated this number to have increased to 250,000 applications in 2009.
Official statistics and reports on ‘murtad’ cases however fall in our governments ‘Official Secrets Act’ and (if any) are not available for the general public. A study made by University of Technology Malaysia made on 3 states (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor), however confirms the increase, although their findings are of the processed application from the 3 states.
The UTM report highlighted that authorities reasoned for the causes of Muslims renouncing their faith to be;

  • incapable to fast during the month of Ramadan,
  • ignorant to perform regular prayers,
  • against every teachings of Islam
This form of feedback is no surprise to come out from the subconscious mind of a demagogue. Instead they speculate that Christians are behind it, instigating Muslims to denounce or due to interracial marriages. This is despite the outcry of mainstream Muslim whom expressed through blogs i.e. Growing list of don’ts, Myth of Malay Muslim, close proximity, Lina Joy, punishment for not fasting, snoop squads, Cow head, Kartika, Muslim vs. Muslim, ban movies/concerts, mix-marriage, sexual offences, terrorism, religious authorities continue to ignore the facts staring them in the face and continue to fence the problem with laws, new laws, old laws and more laws to punish their own people. What is getting on our nerves are the fact, that Kelantan being the Mecca of Syariah (and Hudud) Law of PAS, showed highest cases of HIV and incest sexual intercourse. Do our enlightened beings have the skill to analyze the issue, to institute Islamic values? How can they even show a straight face and ramble how great they are.
Talking of which, many times I have heard that for those whom regard that “laws are being shoved down their throat” are encouraged to seek audience with a certain Majlis. Don’t get me wrong, I admit to have no diploma or degree in Islamic law, or have I spent my entire life on Islamic studies but will I not be walking straight into a Lion’s den? (I do have other interests you know, like collecting stamps and teaching people how to park their cars).
No thank you sir, forget seeking audience with them, fear of being misconstrued and arrested for “speaking up”...even for a person like the Mufti of Perlis.

Coming back to the post, that despite the genius mentality of our ‘enlightened beings’, religion renouncement (and Malaysians giving up their citizenship) is escalating. What could they be doing wrong or what exactly are they doing right?
The 250,000 and I can’t help to suspect that PAS, EB’s and scholars alike are not competent to teach or capable of setting an example. Their benighted wisdom had formed a demagogue subconscious mind , that in the past 52 years, they have wasted more than 2,704 valuable opportunities (through Friday ‘Khutbah’/Sermons) to reach out and enlighten millions of Muslims from thousand of Mosques in this country, to inspire, raise our faith, motivate, work hard, think positive, have gratitude, progress in life, live in abundance (or moderacy), avoid greed, love the neighbour, stop complaining, don’t criticize other’s beliefs, trust, respect and tolerance, in the life here and now.

Because if they did, I don’t think there would be a single renouncement, accusations on extremism, racism, corruption, trash-talk, ‘immigrant-nism’, and certainly no Murtad-nism. And most of all, Malaysia would had set an excellent example of an Islamic country. PAS would have no need to worry at all about others attempting to wipe out Islam from the face of the earth (come to think of it, they don’t need others; as they are doing perfectly well among themselves).

If the ‘enlightened beings’ are allowed to reign supreme (non-receptive) in implementing laws over insignificant issues, religious renouncement’s amongst Muslims here looks great in next 50 years, if life on earth lasts that long.

With this in mind, i agree that perhaps PR should reconsider their next electoral candidates in Malaysia who insists that this should be the way to run a country.
In conclusion, I only pray In the name of Allah the beneficent, the merciful, to seek forgiveness for my ill perception of my leaders as I have no confidence in them and not that of my faith in the. Praise be to the Lord of the Universe who has created us and made us into tribes and nations that we may know each other, not that we may despise each other. If the enemy incline towards peace, do thou also incline towards peace, and trust God, for the Lord is the one that heareth and knoweth all things. And the servants of God, most Gracious are those who walk on the Earth in humility, and when we address them, we say "PEACE". - Amin.