Saturday, August 22, 2009


Crazy times it has been. Everyone is getting smarter, cunning, at peace or seeking peace, seeking wealth, good health and vitality. Competing, racing against time to achieve infinite goals that doest seem to materialize. We get trapped with promises and still struggling to see justifiable results, or something to pat ourselves at the back. We are getting tired of our routine nonsense, the intense competition. To read about the political scuffle here and around the world. Depressed with the economy and fear of what the future holds. We look forward for the next weekend just after one ends. We are all desperately seeking out for change.

But that’s it, we fear and look out for bad outcome and that’s exactly what we will get. A lot of us work hard only to protect ourselves and our families from harm. Few work to enjoy and those who do, are successful.

E-books and other self-enrichment materials have mushroomed out of proportion for these markets and yet few are benefiting from them. I started with the ‘Law of Attraction’ (LOA) madness in 2007. My brother gave me a DVD of The Secret, just on time as I was getting fed-up with my life. I had reached the tipping point of my career and desperately wanted change. The movie led me to one thing after another. I have subscribed to so many other LOA courses and Programme and although it was not at all a waste of time, it’s hard to differentiate the mediocre material and the genuine. There are indeed several authors and producers sincerely wants us to progress and enjoy the wealth we deserve. 

There are also those whom jumped into the band-wagon to make money, and take us for suckers. With their limited stock material, the 24 hours offer, and those long winded testimonies. They hardly know the subject and write points stolen from other genuine writers. I specially hate those offers that have the ‘money back guarantee’. Seems to be an American thingy. I fully trust all those names that I have mentioned on my blog. Feel free to browse and get in touch with the authors and producers therein. They are truly great men whom sincerely write for our enrichment.

The Secret was an eye opener and I appreciate Rhonda Byrne’s courage to share it with the world. There are so many books, fundamentals and theories about the secret of our subconscious mind. Dr. Joseph Murphy, Neville, Napoleon Hill, David Schwartz, Anthony Robbins, Harry Lorayne, Bob Proctor, Wallace Wattles, Michael Losier, T. Harv Eker, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, just to name a few, have all disclosed the same fact of the law of attraction. They all however have one common understanding - optimism. Which I don’t blame them as their books need to sell.

What they did not tell us is that repetitive affirmations and all other suggestions they have made has not worked all the time, for the most crucial occasion. There is something else saturated deep inside our subconscious mind where it acts by itself when given a perfect situation, good or bad. It’s the ‘ego’ - an engineered archetype of a person from nature and nurture. In fact, man today are more like hybrids, thinking and living on fundamentals not of our own desires but of our parents, society, man-made laws and so forth. The ego is so powerful that it needs only one input from any of our five senses to activate a destructive or constructive mind body programme.

From all the books I have read, I took note of the patterns and realized the process that we need to go through to rectify core belief-system. If we can change that at our subconscious level, it will be much easier to manifest our life desires. As an example, if I say you will get a million dollars by the end of this year, your Mr. Conscious mind will be happy with that thought and starts to process the info on the how. He checks with his colleague the Mr. Subconscious mind and he in return will tell Mr. Conscious, are you kidding? Mr. Sub said based on the materials he has in hand since the time of birth, there are no elements in the store to support that you deserve or know how to deal with million dollars. And that cancels out your desire to have a million dollars at the subconscious level.

Having read almost 10 top e-books and programmes, I have compiled some of the most common fundamentals in LOAQuantum Physics have revealed that though pattern (belief-system) can be changed with regular affirmation and counter actions. 

Most of you would have known by now that millionaires are often people whom have been down and out. The one secret that we can not simulate as effective as this is deep, genuine emotion. When we are depressed, completely cut off of any concerns of the world and cry in regret, the mind is relieved of everything else but one - the now. At this point, a person can only make two choices, destructive or constructive. If he/she at this point of time decides to change, the mind supported with such intense feelings will program the core belief system to manifest whatever is being thought out. The next thing is the depression disappears, you not afraid anymore and move on. Without any tool, the mind will orchestrate everything around you to suite what was programmed earlier. And before you know it, or realized what you have done, you have already achieved what you affirmed - good or bad.

Based on that, I have gathered since 2007, the following steps to undertake the road to success as an alternative to the latter circumstances. I don’t know exactly the science behind each steps has on your mind, but it does work if followed religously. Success depends on your definition of it, of what ever it may be to you. Put your definition in front of the steps listed below; take this as your training program. Do it with faith and religiously.

Step 1 Get Fed-upExplore you life now and get fed up with it. Declare that enough is enough and you want change. Write down all those negative things in your life. What do you fear? Do this for one full day. Get to the tipping point.

Step 2 Put fears in perspective
Dissect the fears and put it in place. What can the worse happen if the things you fear do really happen? Can you deal with it? If you can than there is nothing to fear. Face it, confront fear.

Step 3 Set GoalsDraw out, clear and specific goals. Do several goals e.g. Financial, Personal, Material and/or Health. State 3 more target time for each of your goals. Set a time frame that you are comfortable with. Six months, a year or five year goal. It must be believable to you. At this point of time, do not worry at all about the how. It will come to you.

But I advise not to create one beyond what you actually need for now. Remember, you need to convince Mr. Sub that you can. Play with small stuff first, like your job, a raise, your love life or a certain problem you are in. Once you have manifested these, then Mr. Sub will trust you. He will say “OK, so you can…what else can we do?” And then, go for the kill…

Step 4 Stop ComplainingStop complaining about everything. Stop complaining about the traffic, your party freak neighbor or the dumb drivers, your boss or customers. Just stop it. Observe them and accept that’s how they are and that they can not control your feelings. Instead compliment them and wish them well. This will be hard in the beginning, but you will get over it.

Discard the misconception of the rich being bad, self-centered or greedy. In fact they are not at all like that. The are very much the opposite. They are just like us, only the do these steps subconsciously. Programmed through their upbringing.

Step 5 Work on your feelingStart accumulating things that make you feel good (what you can afford). If you want the 1 million, what will you use it for, where will you keep it, invest it, buy with. Start accumulating the things and feeling towards this.
If you are planning to buy a house, where will it be. What colour, how many rooms. Whom will live in it and see how happy they will be. Where will you put your favorite plants, your pet area, garden. Take a drive to that place, get the brochure, talk to the banker, property manager, movers, furniture shops to pick out your favorites. Involve as many people as possible whom you think will be happy from your wealth or will now get the business you are about to offer. Keep the fact the money is not yet with you a secret, have fun feel the universe coming to you.

Step 6 Self-EsteemGive yourself some credit. You could not have come this far without some creativity, hard work, dedication and sacrifices in your life. Look back at your accomplishments and list them down. Pat yourself at the back “job well done”. Build gratitude with what ever you have.

Many of the things you learn here require you to follow through with writing. Keep a journal of everything you write. Writing makes your thoughts become embedded in you mind. The activation of muscles in our body (hands, tongue, ear, nose, etc) changes brain pathways by re designating neuron from old pathways to new ones. Thus exploring uncharted possibilities of our minds.

Step 7 FocusKeep a constant, persistent focus on the objective. Do some of the following.
  • Visualize the end result for 5 minutes a day. Make it so real as if you are already living in it.
  • Meditate for another 5 ~ 10 minutes a day. It need not be a religious thing. Just you and your mind being in the sate of now. Google some basic meditation technique, there are plenty of them.
  • Write down daily affirmation
  • Write down with your left hand (if you are right handed) of your goals
  • Talk about your goals with absolute certainty with your friends. Brag at will!
  • Describe your visualization, while visualizing with eyes open. Then repeat with eyes closed. Imagine that the universe/god/your higher self is listening to you and matching your visions to your voice vibration. Imagine that god do not speak English and he only understands visions, sound vibrations and feelings that you are generating.
Step 8 AffirmationDesign a proactive, positive affirmation in present tense. As if you already have them. Don’t forget to also affirm that you know exactly how to get it. That you are enthusiastic and dynamic to get out of the comfort zone to get it. Because incomplete affirmation may end up assuming a million dollars to drop on your lap from the sky. Sorry, Mr. Sub doesn’t acknowledge that. Physical action will later be required.

Step 9 Eliminate greed, serve othersWhat I mean is, share your talent and energy. Serve others unconditionally. Tithe your earnings as gratitude. And more will come to you. Stop envying others who are doing well. Bless them and tell yourself you shall have the same.

Step 10 Keep on open mind, listen.Keep an opened mind to new things. Don’t let Mr. Sub to decide what is right and wrong. Ask questions, challenge the issue and look for alternative solution that can contribute to you achieving your goals.

Step 11 Take ActionFrom time to time, flashes of ideas will come. Your friends, customer, bosses or just strangers will say something that triggers your mind. Listen and if it’s interesting to you, feels nice, doable and fun, act on it. Don’t wait.

The mind, based on nature & nurture, find it difficult to trust people. Therefore it is only correct to hear them out, pause, process and respond. Who knows, that ugly looking stranger might have a piece of the puzzle that you have, to complete your goal. The next time you see a driver cutting in front of you, let him through.

Step 12 ExerciseI mean with your body & health. Go outdoor, spare a moment a day to take a long walk, go to the gym or jog. Walk in the part or stretching by the lake. Do what you want to improve your health. Prepare it to enjoy the goals that you are about to receive. Dance to discharge all the positive energy in you to the universe. So that the universe can recognize you, your location and what you are like a GPS tracker. Shout out, “Here I am...the new millionaire”.

Practice makes perfect they say, try the following tests and play around with it.

Test 1    Mental Alarm
Before going to bed, say mentally several times that you will wake up at 6:00am or 5:00am.

Test 2    Mind Control
Let’s say you are going to meet someone tomorrow. Say the person is a bank manager where you want to apply for a loan (provided you recognize this bank manager, have seen him or spoken to). Before going to sleep, tell yourself mentally that when you are fast asleep, you will be connected to him. And you are connected to him, you will wake up and you will know why you woke up.

When you do wake up, you will remember why. Sit up; with eyes close visualize meeting him. State your interest and why he (the bank manager) should help you. State the interest that will benefit both or at least no loss or harm will come to the other. Basically, good win win circumstances. Shake hands in agreement and thank him. And go to sleep.

You can do this also if you are having a meeting and nervous about your presentation.  As long as your motive is for the better good of all parties. Never try this to impose loss or harm to another person, it will back-fire.

I have not made my millions yet. But I can feel it getting stronger everyday. I have a good job, in a good organization with good bosses and enjoy everyday of every minute of my work. I have a beautiful wife - caring, understanding, intelligent and my coach. My kids are amazing and it is still hard to grasp how I achieved what I have in such a short time, by just understanding all the above. I also live my life under the principal “Every storm has sunshine” by my ex-boss the late Mr. Michael Werner, BMW AG.

All the best.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have read so many books, subscribed to on-line self-help programmes, watch the movie The Secret, What The Bleep Do We Know !? and so on. But I have yet to come across one particular fool proof program about manifesting success.

The one I got real close was with Sasha Xarian's 'Outrageous Mastery trilogy. Her Playguide takes you back to school on how to change our belief system and take control of our destiny. It does help in a certain way if we just leave aside some old beliefs and completely embrace her 'Hour of Power'. I'm not writing-off this book, its good and one can rebuild broken self-esteem and start the change process.
But I discovered now that in Creating Power, Karim practically takes you by the hand throughout the program. His systematic approach really makes sense. Quantum Physics is broken down to simple english. From cleaning up our corrupted hard disk to laying out new programs that we deserve. I started to experience change before even the week one ended.
His ability to categorize and prioritize the law makes it easy to understand. He can take you back back to your pure state and reprogramme your mind to the new you. That's it, a new you. It certainly helped me discard my limiting beliefs, raised self-esteem and the best of all, I see my wishes getting closer, realistic and achievable.
The Creating Power comes with 4 CD that explains each week's exercises. If you don't like reading than you can choose listening. The package comes with a neat executive size journal to pen down some work. A no nonsense, straight to the point journal.

Karim also offer two bonus CD, which takes you through

1. Creating confidence
2. Creating romance: attracting the right relationship
3. Creating success
4. Eliminating fear and anxiety
5. Visualization technique (this is very good)
6. Meditation
7. Creating wealth

These are bonus program that can be used at other times. The main program by itself is more than enough. Karim's approach is detailed but simple to understand. The only work we have to do is stop kidding ourselves. Take a good look in the mirror and follow everything he says. He restored my self-esteem in two days. What other e-books failed to do.

I have recommended 'The Magic of Thinking Big' to many of my friends. I now recommend Creating Power as a part two as the most effective self-enrichment program there is today. Click here to learn more about Creating Power.