Thursday, April 30, 2009


Many of us have heard about The Secret and The Law of Attraction. It has been sensationalized by Rhonda Byrne, which in fact was a follow up from the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know?". Since than hundreds of names just appeared from nowhere promissing success, wealth and happiness. Up to now nothing more than just sucessful publishing of more such DVD's, Books and E-Books. The general consumer have yet to truly understand what is it all about. Its not like believing and visualizing so intensly about what you want untill your brain freezes out. The 5 million ringgit that you just asked is not going to drop on your lap.

But Mr. Alitstar said LOA is not a total con job. There is some truth in it and there is a way to pratice to start giving the subconcious mind proof enough for the belief system to work.

If we can become better, discard greed, illiminate pain, etc with just our thoughts, would'nt then this vital information is undisclosed, free for mankind to develop and create a better world?

Alot of people have jumped into the band wagon to make money out this phenomenon. I believe we should not pay for this knowledge. Everyone deserve to have it, and you can. Comb through my site, there plenty of information and guidance. Download all the e-books (free) from my Alitstar page.

My Allien buddy (top right), Mr. Alistar said before you spend anymore on this and other self-help, LOA or health subjects, click on him. You might find what you are looking for and its all legal and free. Beamed up from all over the world.

See, its legal if I give it away to my friends and relatives. Whats in it for me is "What goes around comes around". If you make it, I make it, be well.